Switching to Blue-Ray

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Switching to Blue-Ray

Postby b-guy » Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:50 pm

I built myself a new computer this fall, as a reward for finishing CAP this summer and getting FYOP staff. I decided to include a blue-ray drive and a 1080p monitor. I wanted to try it out, see if things were any better.

Getting things working was a pain, as I'm running Windows 7. The software they supplied, WinDVD 8, kept crashing. Sadly, you can't use just any software to play blue-ray, something about the copy-protection. Anyway, I got my paws on CyberDVD 9, which works fine.

Anyway, it's not as big a transition as the VHS-to-DVD move was. DVD gave us better picture & sound quality, but it also gave us menus, subtitles, multiple language tracks and NO REWINDING! Blue-ray just gives us better picture and, if you like 7.1, somewhat better sound.

That being said, the picture quality is way, way better.

I picked up The Dark Knight on blue-ray, along with the Stargate Atlantis Fan's Choice. (First and last episode of the series). The difference from DVD is amazing! Everything is so sharp, the colours are so crisp...I can see every drop of sweat on the actors' faces! Surface textures are far more visible, along with reflections in windows and glass. A lot of little details you'd probably miss on DVD suddenly stand out.

The only downside is that only my desktop has the blue-ray player, my laptop doesn't. But what I've found is that I rarely watch discs on the laptop anyway due to battery drain and just watched digital files instead.

End point is, I'm going to be buying blue-ray whenever I can going forward. Currently, I have my eyes on the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series box set.
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