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LAST UPDATE: December 25, 2012

Space, the indefinite frontier. These are the seemingly neverending voyages of the Starship Explorer. Her crew's incessant mission: To explore brave new frontiers of boredom and incompetence, to seek out new neuroses and new cheap parodies, insanely going, and going, and going where no spin-off has gone before (again)...


Star Traks: The Vexed Generation is a series of stories spun off from Alan Decker's Star Traks that follows one crew between two quadrants and two ships, and various states of dementia. Confused? Then click the "Series Information" link to the left and learn about the Aerostar, the Explorer, and the crew that straddles (figuratively) those two ships. Then dive into Year One's stories and follow the trials and tribulations of Captain Baxter and company as they try to get out of the Delta Quadrant. The crew's continuing mission takes them to all four quadrants, deep, deep space, and alternate times and universes. The only question is how long they can go before their incompetencies and emotional baggage finally catch up with them.

New to Year 11!

It's been three years since we last checked in on Captain Baxter and friends. This story finds them getting ready to celebrate the holidays, only not everyone can make it. Then again, uninvited guests are also the most fun. Find out what I'm talking about, or if I've just had too much egg-nog, in "Presents of Mind!"

Archive this!

Guaranteed to be in numerical, chronological, epistomological order! Download the series, a year at a time, by clicking to:

or going through the menu bar to the left. Enjoy!

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Questions? Comments? Want to write your own Star Traks: The Next Vexed Thing story, or tell me you think this whole relaunch thing is lunacy? E-mail me at, or I will cry like a baby.

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