While Kirk and Spock are off galavanting through the galaxy on their five year mission, other folks are out there just trying to make a living. Folks like Mike Harper and his small crew on the SS Clydesdale. It may be an old Tellarite freighter. It may not have any weapons or fancy Starfleet technology. It may not be very fast. But it can…well…it can get your cargo from here to there…most of the time.

TOSsed is a six-story mini-series chronicling the Clydesdale’s crew’s efforts to find jobs, stay on Starfleet’s good side, and, if they’re very lucky, not get killed in the process.

First up - In exchange for repairs to the SS Clydesdale, Mike Harper agrees to transport a passenger, but said passenger’s choice of destination is a spatial anomaly that sane captains won’t go near. Why can’t people just pick Risa instead? Find out in “Back to the Well.”