Aside from a new look and feel, you may notice a few differences in some of our stories. In particular, older stories.

As a website dedicated to stories, the Star Traks Nexus had a HELL of a lot of story files for the authors to go through as we worked to update the site. Long-time readers are of course familiar with our wonderful collection of .txt files, with their locked format, lack of scaling, plaintext limitations and so forth. Which is why we invested a bit of technical know-how (and a lot of time) to modernize and convert everything to newer, more modern formats. And it’s entirely possible we missed a couple of things, so be sure to let us know if you find a story with a glaring formatting problem.

Technical points aside, going back and revisiting these old files (much like binge-watching 90s sitcoms on Netflix or looking in the mirror) showed us that a few things haven’t aged very well. Most of this had to do with consistency. As our different series and the characters in them developed and progressed, the authors became increasingly familiar with who they wanted them to be. And looking back, some of the events and character behavior in earlier stories just doesn’t fit the rest of the series. But that can be easily fixed with a few minor tweaks that, frankly, we don’t think anyone will notice anyway.

We also found some issues with things that were funny in the past, but just aren’t that funny today. Or even acceptable. Even so, we had to decide if it was worth making changes on a case-by-case basis. Would it impact the plot or create more problems than it solved? Would leaving it as-is really be an issue? Does anybody even care? We did our best to make as few noticeable changes as possible, while still adjusting anything that really bothered us. We hope you’ll agree that we’ve brought Star Traks into the 2020s, while still keeping what made it special.