In what may be a Star Traks Nexus record for ‘Longest Pause Between Stories’, we bring you Star Traks: Howlers #6 - Pieces!

Another day, another mission, another bad-guy to brutally eviscerate, and another brutal attack by a cute but angry kitty-cat. But when Lt Commander Travs’ ‘happy’ little surprise turns out to be a ticking time-bomb, it’s a race to figure out just what to do with the darned thing.

I (meaning Brendan) should probably say something about just how long it’s been since Howlers #5 posted. Nearly eight years, in fact. The short version is that it was mostly writer’s block. The medium version throws in excuses about going back for a master’s degree and assorted IRL business. Oh, and being distracted by Silverado Season 6. For the longest version (or if you’re really bored), check out my post a month or two ago about how my thoughts and feelings about comedy and writing have changed over the years.

Whatever the reason, it was not my intention for so many years to pass before coming back to this mini-series, and I very much hope to finish it off soon. Howlers #7 is already written and will be posted in two weeks, and I have started on Howlers #8, which should be the finale. At the latest, #8 may come after Anthony’s next run of TVG.

Fingers crossed.