When we announced that Star Traks: Boldly Gone… Series Ten (Which is the FINAL Series, by the way) will start posting on August 12th, we suggested that these next few weeks would be a great time to refresh your memory by rereading Series Nine RIGHT HERE!

However, we understand that not everyone has that kind of time…or maybe you just don’t want to. Either way, here’s a list of a few key things to know from Series Nine as we head into Series Ten:

  • In order to avert a war, Captain Reginald Bain turned himself over to the Breen for trial and probably a lifetime of torture, but the whole thing was a hoax on the part of the Breen. Bain escaped, and Thot Phul, who was partially behind the whole thing, was demoted to Dobt Phul and lost his command.

  • Romulus blew up in a major motion picture (Series One through Eight of Boldly were posted well before this happened), and both the USS Anomaly and Rosalyn Bain went back in time] to try and prevent it. They were successful and shunted Nero and Spock off to a different timeline. Little did the writers know that Star Trek: Picard would bring the problem back again.

  • The Anomaly accidentally stumbled into Multek space, which had been in hiding out of phase from the rest of the galaxy for a couple of decades. Bain learned, after destroying the phasing equipment and bringing the Multeks back into normal space, that they were hiding from the Dillion Consortium, which was attempting a hostile financial takeover. The Consortium had gone so far as to take over Edgeworld and leave one of their employees, Tori Burke, there in stasis twenty years earlier to wait for Consortium construction crews to arrive. Commander Vioxx woke up Burke, and Bain was able to hold off a Consortium acquisition fleet while Lieutenant Marsden got the Multeks’ phasing system back online. The Dillion Consortium was not happy that Bain damaged so many of their ships and helped the Multeks escape being acquired.

  • After all of that, the USS Anomaly docked at Waystation Prime for repairs, and Lieutenant Commander Tovar and Lieutenant Marsden got married.

We’ll be picking things up a few days after the Series Nine finale when Series Ten premieres next Saturday, August 12, 2023 with “Legend of the Bain”!