In honor of Star Trek Day (Although, they might not think of it as an honor), we’re back a day early with the third story of Series Ten! After the calamatous events of the preceding story, Captain Bain has some things to answer for, which, if we’re honest, isn’t exactly what he’d call a party. But when the Dillion Consortium crashes the festivities, things quickly go from deadly-dull to just plain deadly. “Welcome to the Party” is available now on the Star Traks: Boldly Gone Series Ten Page, accessible through this very link RIGHT HERE!

And next week, we will be posting authors’ notes from this story over on the Star Traks Forum

Then the week after that, join us for a story unlike any Traks tale we’ve ever written. Be here in two weeks for the fourth story of the final run of Star Traks: Boldly Gone…!