Space...a LOT later.

These are the voyages of the Starship Anomaly...

Her futuristic mission: To blend Federation and Romulan technology. To survive the modern problems of the year 2500. To show that 120 years is nowhere near enough to completely clean up the gene pool.

Star Traks: Boldly Gone... is the story of the U.S.S. Anomaly and her crew, 120 years after the current Star Traks universe. The Anomaly is a barely tested hybrid of Romulan technology piloted by a somewhat unbalanced living brain, crewed by a somewhat unbalanced crew. Equipped with state-of-the-not-yet-quite-tested "anti-singularity" engines, the Anomaly is rigged for speed and not too shabby in the weapons department either. With enemies like the Breen prowling around, and Admiral Kristen Larkin looking over their shoulder, the Anomaly crew has their work cut out for them.

The past is past...and this crew is BOLDLY GONE...

TIMELINE NOTE: We started writing Boldly Gone before J.J. Abrams went and blew up Romulus (We addressed this in Series Nine. Or at least we thought we did until Star Trek: Picard went and confirmed that it happened.). But you're sci-fi fans. You can handle that this series happens in a different timeline without batting an eye, right? (If that's a thing you do. I'm not sure that I've ever actually batted either of my eyes.).


Boldly Gone... Series Ten Story #4!

Consequences You Otherwise Avoid

This week we bring you a Star Traks story unlike any we’ve ever written before. Have you ever woken up in a different bed…and timeline than the one where you went to sleep? It’s time to face some “Consequences You Otherwise Avoid” on the Star Traks: Boldly Gone Series Ten Page, accessible through this very link RIGHT HERE! [Read More]
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Boldly Gone... Series Ten Story #3!

Welcome to the Party

In honor of Star Trek Day (Although, they might not think of it as an honor), we’re back a day early with the third story of Series Ten! After the calamatous events of the preceding story, Captain Bain has some things to answer for, which, if we’re honest, isn’t exactly what he’d call a party. But when the Dillion Consortium crashes the festivities, things quickly go from deadly-dull to just plain deadly. “Welcome to the... [Read More]
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Boldly Gone... Series Ten Story #2!

Primary Sources

We’re back with the second story of Series Ten. A momentous discovery deep in the Beta Quadrant has the USS Anomaly traveling very far from home. Pasts will be confronted! Relatives will be met! Relationships will be tested! And a toilet will be repaired! (But we won’t say whose!) All of that and lots more awaits in “Primary Sources,” available now on the Star Traks: Boldly Gone Series Ten Page accessible through this very link... [Read More]
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Boldly Gone... Series Ten Is Here!

Legend of the Bain

It may have been over a decade in the real world, but for the crew of the USS Anomaly, only a few days have passed since the Series Nine finale. The ship is docked at Waystation Prime after saving the Multek Enclave from the Dillon Consortium, and the Consortium is none too pleased with Captain Reginald Bain. But they’re going to have their hands full if they want to take down the man, the myth,... [Read More]
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