Series 1

1 - If I Only Had a Brain

2380ish…the U.S.S. Secondprize and U.S.S. Explorer discover seemingly unrelated pieces of technology. One hundred twenty years later, a Starfleet engineer is testing a hybrid Federation-Romulan engine in a prototype starship named Hermes. The prototype ships, which have an annoying way of exploding, seem impossible to operate…that is until the engineer comes across some of that technology. Soon, the finished prototype is commissioned for duty. One problem–the only thing keeping her operational is that oddball alien technology. The ship’s designer, Shelly Marsden, could live with that, but she soon discovers that her unauthorized addition to the ship’s systems has attracted some unwanted attention. Boldly Go to the Series Premiere of Star Traks: Boldly Gone… ‘If I Only Had a Brain.’

2 - One Track Mind

Starfleet is rushing the U.S.S. Anomaly into service, which means that the ship needs a permanent crew. Will Dr. Natalia Kasyov leave her lab of disembodied brains for Cabral? If she does, will one of her former test subjects decide to show her the error of her ways…even if he has to kill her to get his point across? Have we just given away too much of the plot? Find out the dangers of a ‘One Track Mind.’

3 - Let's Get Physical

It’s physical time, but Tovar is not going without a fight. Witness the ultra-suspenseful game of cat and mouse that results when Tovar tries to avoid the probing hands of Dr. Nooney. Prepare to turn your head and cough in ‘Let’s Get Physical.’

4 - The Ears Have It

During the much-touted arrival of the Anomaly at Romulus, some certain Romulans arrive to crash the party. Will Prosak be able to decide between her newfound friends on the Anomaly and her old schooltime chums? And what other freak splinter group is waiting in the wings to make even more trouble? Watch the sideshow in ‘The Ears Have It.’

5 - Mrs. Bain, You're Needed

Somewhere on Breen an assassin waits for the chance to kill Captain Bain. The cards are stacked against Bain; enemies lurk behind every door; and the only one who can save him is…his wife? Let the subterfuge begin in ‘Mrs. Bain, You’re Needed.’

6 - Do You Have Anything to Declare?

It’s time to put the Anti-Sing drive to the test as Starfleet sends the USS Anomaly as the first Federation vessel to visit the Andromeda Galaxy…assuming they can survive the trip. Have your passport ready for ‘Do You Have Anything to Declare?’