Series 10

1 - Legend of the Bain

While the USS Anomaly is docked at Waystation Prime for repairs, nefarious forces have set their sites on destroying the man, the myth, the legend that is Captain Reginald Bain. We hope they’ve paid their life insurance premiums.

2 - Primary Sources

A momentous discovery deep in the Beta Quadrant has the USS Anomaly traveling very far from home. Pasts will be confronted! Relatives will be met! Relationships will be tested! And a toilet will be repaired! (But we won’t say whose!)

3 - Welcome to the Party

Answering a never-ending barrage of questions about everything that happened in the last story is not Captain Reginald Bain’s idea of a party, but when the Dillion Consortium crashes the festivities, things quickly go from deadly-dull to just plain deadly.