Star Traks: Boldly Gone... was created by Alan Decker and Anthony Butler. It's based on Star Traks, which in turn is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek is owned by CBS, Paramount and Viacom. If you're offended by mildly disturbing language, situations, and the utter disregard of some of Star Trek's greatest premises, not to mention a huge jump 120 years into Star Trek's future, better hit the 'Back' button on your browser right now. If not, welcome aboard!

Author: Alan Decker, Anthony Butler
Copyright: 2023


“Consequences You Otherwise Avoid”

By Alan Decker & Anthony Butler


You know something is wrong before you even open your eyes. This is not the bed that you fell asleep in. This is not the smell of the quarters that you share with your husband, Captain Reginald Bain, on the USS Anomaly. And the thrum of the engines, that constant sound that vibrates all throughout the ship, is gone.

Where the hell are you?

Years of Section 31 training kick in. You lay still, listening and hoping not to alert anyone else who might be there that you are awake.

There is only silence.

No. Wait. You can hear a muffled intermittent beeping.

That is a sound you know.

Taking the chance that you are actually alone, you open your eyes and leap out of bed. Sunlight shines behind curtains covering a window giving you a good look around. It is a bedroom, but not one you recognize. The furniture, though, is familiar. The bedframe has been in your family for years, as has the nearby dresser that is the source of the noise.

You open a couple of drawers and search through various women’s clothes until you dig out your Section 31 comm unit, which is signaling an incoming message.

You quickly activate it, and the image of Oscar Gunton, your superior at the agency before your retirement appears. But instead of his usual calm smile, Oscar looks panicked.

“Rosalyn! Thank the Great Bird! We were wrong! We shouldn’t have messed with it! I’m sorry, Ros. We never should have gone back.”

“I don’t understand,” you say. “What are you talking about? Gone back where? What did you do?”

“The Hobus Supernova. The Section Chiefs couldn’t accept that you went against that Order 88 from The Vault. They let you retire, but then they sent an agent back to make sure Hobus destroyed Romulus.”

Horror washes over you as the true import of where you are and why strikes. If someone went back and undid everything you and Reginald did to save Romulus, you are in another timeline. “Oscar, how much has changed?”

“Everything. We thought we would be protected because of our tachyon treatments.” That is standard protocol for Section 31 agents. You have undergone treatments for decades with the goal of ensuring that you and every other Section 31 agent would know if the timeline has changed. Apparently, it worked.

Gunton continues, “But our people are scattered and forgetting the original timeline quicker than we expected. And this timeline…it’s so much worse. I know I’m asking you to clean up our mess, but you may be the only one who can fix it. You have to try!”

“The Chiefs won’t try to stop me?” you ask.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. Even they have to realize that this is wrong.”

“I will take care of it,” you say. “But if I fail, the Chiefs had better hope that I died trying because I will come for them for this.” You slam the comm unit closed and toss it onto the bed.

Your mother used to say that you had to jump into the morning you woke up to. She meant that you should deal with whatever life brought you on a particular day. But you don’t think your mom ever expected her daughter to wake up in an unfamiliar timeline created because her former employer couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Your anger at the Section Chiefs will have to be put aside, though.

You don’t know how much time you have until you lose your memory of the original timeline, so there’s absolutely none of it to waste!

You rummage through the drawers of the dresser, tossing aside clothes that are presumably yours in this timeline, until you find your black Section 31 uniform. Fortunately, you still must be a Section 31 agent in this timeline, or else the uniform would be there and you’d be a few steps farther back than you already are.

The real question is what to do next. Yes, go back in time and get events back on track. Obviously! But how are you going to get there? You don’t have a time machine laying around…

…or do you?

A quick search of the house reveals that no, you don’t. Lovely house, though. It’s a small, one bedroom on a hill overlooking a beautiful green landscape of more rolling…

You do not have time to admire the landscape! Your entire timeline is at stake! Pull it together, Rosalyn!

If Oscar came to you, Section 31 must not be able to help. But what about Kristen Larkin? The android was built long before the Hobus supernova and was already in Starfleet before it happened. She might be an admiral in this timeline too and able to get you a ship to use to go back in time.

Of course, that could mean a lot of questions and Starfleet bureaucracy, after which there is no guarantee that Larkin or Starfleet will agree to help. However, there is one person you know who hates bureaucracy and would risk everything to save the timeline: Reginald Bain. It doesn’t look you’re married to him in this timeline. He might not even exist. But, if he does and he’s anything like the love of your life, he will do anything and everything he can to help you.

If you are going to contact this timeline’s Kristen Larkin, go to Section 21.

If you are going to track down this timeline’s Reginald Bain, go to Section 8.

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