Author: Alan Decker, Anthony Butler
Copyright: 2023


Acting without thinking is dangerous, so you let Audrey advance on the past version of you. Surely past you is going to notice soon.

But you…well…she is too focused on what’s happening at Spock’s ship. Audrey is able to get in behind past you and quickly inject you…her with something. Past you slumps to the floor unconscious. Audrey pulls past you away from that spot and then places a small device on top of past you’s body, which instantly vanishes.

A cloak? Or possibly a temporal retrieval device? Either way, past you is out of action, and that definitely didn’t happen the last time around…at least not until Captain Lornstrum from the 29th Century showed up and knocked you out.

Speaking of, shouldn’t she be appearing soon?

And if she does, what about Audrey?

Never mind about Audrey. She is currently skulking along the opposite side of the cavern toward Spock’s ship, where Commander Prosak from the USS Anomaly is engaged in conversation with Spock himself.

Spock leaves Prosak and climbs a nearby set of metal stairs toward the construction supervisor’s office, and soon after that two Romulans emerge from the ship: Commander Vioxx and Sub-Commander Remax. They head off with Prosak.

Your attention is drawn away by the lights of a transporter beam off to your right. It’s the unmistakable swirl of a 29th Century transporter. You duck down as Captain Bridget Lornstrum appears. She moves stealthily over to where past you was hiding and looks around confused. A moment later, she disappears in another transporter beam.

Seconds after that, you see several Vulcans moving at a logically rapid pace toward the stairs. Something has happened up there. You’ve lost track of Audrey. Did she attack Spock? Did she go after the Romulans from the Anomaly? With past you unconscious, are things already unsalvageable? You need to find her if you’re going to fix this.

No. Wait. Spock’s ship! It’s sitting right there unguarded. You could take it and stop the Hobus supernova yourself!

So what is it going to be?

If you try to track down Audrey, go to Section 12.

If you steal Spock’s ship and stop Hobus yourself, go to Section 22.