Author: Alan Decker, Anthony Butler
Copyright: 2023


You decide that if you are going to have a chance at saving your timeline, the best person to help you is Reginald Bain. Larkin would probably just get you tied up in a bunch of Starfleet regulations and meetings, if she believed you at all.

But Reginald has always been a man of action. Surely he can’t be that different in this new timeline.

A quick search of his name on the terminal in your living room proves that you’re correct. He’s a man of action, all right. And most of that action seems to involve terrorizing the quadrant in the name of protecting the galactic ecosystem.

You can’t imagine the equivalent Orion Environmental Movement being led by a human in your timeline, but here Reginald seems to be the man in charge. Or at the very least he’s the face of the movement. You find a vid clip that was sent out just a couple of days ago.

“…development of the tidal regions on Leodalis Four does not stop, I will stop it for you! Those wild lilies are under my protection! I don’t think any of you want another Yridia on your hands! That development…stops…NOW! So says Reginald Bain!”

He looks like much the same man, only the sparkle that’s usually in his eyes has been replaced by a hardness that surprises you. Your Reginald had certainly seen some things in his life and been in more firefights than he could probably count, but he never lost the joviality that was one of the things you loved about him. This Reginald, though, looks to be entirely different. Or maybe not. It’s hard to tell from one clip.

Perhaps this was a bad idea, and you should go talk to Admiral Larkin instead. Or you could stay the course. At the very least, it seems like this Reginald is still someone who can get things done. You might still be able to convince him to help you.

If you change your mind and go see Admiral Larkin instead, go to Section 21.

If you go ahead with your plan to find Reginald Bain, go to Section 17.