Author: Alan Decker, Anthony Butler
Copyright: 2023


“Tell her that I’m a friend of Reginald Bain,” you say.

The desk guard’s eyes widen with terror. She leaps up out of her seat, scrambling for her phaser.

“Bain! BAIN! The Orion Envions are here! Lock down the building!”

This was not exactly the response you were hoping for.

The guard uses her free hand to smack a control on the console in front of her as she keeps her phaser trained on you. Immediately, alert klaxons blare throughout the building.

“Did I say ‘friend of Reginald Bain’?” you ask, trying to sound as sweet as possible. “Dearie me. I meant that I have information about Reginald Bain.” You smile, hoping the kindly older woman in a nice cardigan look will help diffuse the situation.

Based on the guard’s unwavering look and the sounds for shouting voices approaching, it hasn’t.

You’ve got to get out of here. If you’re quick, you might be able to get back through the security checkpoint and out of the building before everything is sealed.

You do a quick dive roll to your left, much to the surprise of the desk guard who isn’t used to seeing women in their seventies engage in those kinds of acrobatics. Before she can recover her wits and start firing, you’re back on your feet and dashing toward the checkpoint.

The checkpoint guard is equally surprised that you’re heading his way. You don’t have time to fight him, though. Instead, you run past, hoping to get out the door before he can shoot. All you have to do is use the universal lock override built into your Section 31 uniform and easily accessed from the controls built into your sleeve…

…your sleeve that you can’t get to because it’s covered by the lovely knit fabric of your cardigan that you’re wearing on top of your Section 31 outfit.

These are seconds that you don’t have, but you do your best to pull the cardigan sleeve up to reveal the controls and…


A very confused Rosalyn Davies wakes up in a cell at Starfleet Headquarters several hours later, but it’s not you. In the time you were unconscious, your tachyon protection wore off and you fully merged into this timeline.

Don’t worry too much, though. She’s a trained Section 31 agent and will surely be able to clear all of this up and get back to her life. As for your life, though, it’s…


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