Series 2

1 - Yes, We Do Indeed Have Something to Declare!

So far, the Andromeda Galaxy has been less than hospitable to the crew of the USS Anomaly. But there’s nothing like a good old shopping trip to lift their spirits…or make the situation even worse. Time to max out those credit cards in ‘Yes, We Do Indeed Have Something to Declare!’

2 - Domestic Tranquility

A beautiful house. A good job. A safe neighborhood. Sounds great, huh? Then why are Kasyov and Tovar so anxious to leave? And just how high is Marsden’s credit limit anyway?

3 - Respect Your Elders

As Bain’s 70th birthday approaches, he and the Anomaly crew find out the hard way that age is relative.

4 - Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

So just what’s been happening to Cabral since his capture by the Associates? And what is this mysterious Department Five he was dunped into? These questions just might be addressed in ‘Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…’

5 - Transparent Motives

While Bain and Kasyov head off aboard the Navigator to rescue Balpar from the Associates, Commander Prosak is faced with a mutinous crew desparate for results, and is forced to find a…creative solution to her problem. Meanwhile, will Bain ever make it back to the Anomaly? And if he does, will he be able to get command back? Only time, and a certain special guest, will tell!

6 - Disassociation

The search for Cabral leads Bain and the Anomaly crew into a direct confrontation with the Associates. Can Bain rescue Cabral and save his ship? Will Kasyov cast Cabral aside for Balpar? Can Prosak redeem herself? Will Tovar ever give birth? And will the Anomaly escape or spend another series trapped in the Andromeda Galaxy? Find out this and more than you ever dreamed of in the Series Two finale!