Series 4

1 - What Color Is Your Borg?

Communication has been lost with a far-flung outpost, and the Borg appear to be to blame. The only question is, ‘Which Borg?’

2 - The Face of Things That Went

The plague! The plague! Is Dr. Fred Nooney the only hope for a disease-ravaged society? Are his worst enemies his own colleagues in the medical profession? It’s going to take a heck of a lot more than an apple to keep Doctor Nooney away.

3 - Diplomatic Immunity

With more and more planets leaving the Federation to join the Vulcans, Captain Bain and the USS Anomaly are more than happy to visit a world interested in joining the Federation? But is possible that they want in a little too badly?

4 - Scrap Metal of the Gods

Nothing makes the brass at Starfleet more nervous than to have a large hunk of technology lost on an impressionable, primitive world. In this case, Lieutenant Marsden lost the technology in question, so she gets to clean up her mess. Lucky her. Join the search for the ‘Scrap Metal Of The Gods.’

5 - Illusions of Grandeur - Part One

In the 23rd Century, James T. Kirk was the epitome of what a Starfleet captain should be. In the 26th century, he’s a psychotically demented hologram. But even holograms have desires and ambitions. Find out what the holographic James T. Kirk really wants as we delve into his Illusions of Grandeur.