Series 5

1 - The Bain of Our Existence

You don’t spend as much time in the captain’s chair as Reginald Bain has without making a few enemies. Needless to say, their feelings toward him aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy.

2 - Breaking in is Hard to Do

Starfleet wants to know what the Vulcans are up to, so who better to send than a Romulan who really wants to be a Vulcan? Umm…do you get the feeling someone should have thought this plan through a bit better?

3 - Past Due

They say elephants never forget. Well, neither do collections agencies. Lieutenant Shelly Marsden thought that when she and the USS Anomaly escaped from their problems with the Associates. Not quite. She’s about to discover that one particular problem is ‘Past Due.’

4 - Vacation Thirty-One

It’s Reginald and Rosalyn Bain’s anniversary, and they’re about to take a lovely trip courtesy of Section 31. Anyone here REALLY believe this is going to go smoothly? We didn’t think so. Romance and carnage go hand in hand in ‘Vacation 31.’

5 - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors - Part One

FOBBER is back, and this time they even have a plan. Even more frightening, it’s actually a plan that could work. And if you don’t know who FOBBER is, go back and read ‘The Bain Of Our Existence’ again. Jeeze. We have to do everything around here.

6 - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors - Part Two

FOBBER’s plan is in full-swing, leaving the Anomaly crew trapped smack-dab in the middle of much unpleasantness. We’d tell you more, but why spoil the nice cliff-hanger we set up in Part One?