Series 6

1 - The Future of Starfleet

The Anomaly has returned to Earth with its new Romulan crewmembers ready to start its next mission. For the Romulans that means showing Starfleet what they’re made of. For Captain Reginald Bain, that means facing a foe he’d sooner avoid: teenagers.

2 - Music of the Spheres

A mysterious call leads Cabral and the USS Anomaly to an out of the way world in the Romulan Empire, and what he finds there could very well be the end of him. Is that ‘Taps’ we hear or just the ‘Music of the Spheres’?

3 - Rumor Control

It’s amazing how fast word of something you don’t want known gets around on a ship the size of the Anomaly. But it’s word of something from the Romulan Empire that may be the bigger issue in the end. Find out what we mean as the Anomaly crew practices a little ‘Rumor Control.’

4 - God Complex

It’s crisis time for the Romulan Empire as the Vulcans make a long-awaited move. But the Anomaly may not be in a position to help, because there are bigger issues at hand. How much bigger? How about an insane goddess trying to destroy the Flarn Empire, deep in the Delta Quadrant? It’s funny who you run into out in space, and Reginald Bain is about to find that out in ‘God Complex.’

5 - Once More, with Feelings

The Anomaly returns to Federation space to find the Vulcans up to no good. Will they be able to get to Romulus in time to (a) reveal the Vulcan’s plans and (b) avert a major war? And what does Prosak’s father, Rorshak have to do with all this? And why on earth would he want a part in a small-time Romulan theatre production? All will be revealed in ‘Once More, with Feelings.’

6 - Strategic Retreat

Things couldn’t seem to get much worse. Tovar’s love life is on the rocks, the Vulcans are preparing for a massive offensive, and Reginald Bain’s day just keeps getting worse. But when a Romulan starship shows up on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone claiming to come in peace, it may just be a life changing event for one member of the Anomaly crew. Don’t miss the Series Six Finale!