Series 7

1 - Uncomfortably Close

Tovar ran off on a Romulan ship to get away from his troubles. But those troubles were nothing compared to the outright calamities facing him now. The fate of the Romulan Empire and the Federation hangs in the balance. The person Tovar needs is Bain. Unfortunately, the one he has is Audrey rather than Reginald.

2 - Devastating Logic

Tovar is trapped on a Romulan ship overrun by heavily-armed Vulcans. Does he have a hope of overcoming their ‘Devastating Logic’?

3 - Scratching the Surface

A Vulcan strike team is on its way to Dr. Natalia Kasyov’s house, leaving us with two important questions. Can the Anomaly get there in time to stop them? And, more importantly, why the heck are they going there in the first place?

4 - In One Door, Out the Other

While Vulcan forces continue to build up in the Neutral Zone, Captain Bain, Tovar, Prosak, and Nortal are sent on a seemingly impossibly mission to divert a war. Will they be successful? And, back on the Anomaly, will Commander Vioxx be able to settle the personal problems of Doctor Kasyov, while Admiral Larkin attempts to head off the escalating conflict on the front lines. Find out why everybody’s ‘In One Door, Out the Other!’

5 - Behind the Curtain

One minute, Prosak was with Bain and the others, cornered by Vulcan troops. Then, she found herself somewhere else altogether. Find out who captured Prosak, and why she’s being forced to take a trip into her past, and who she’ll find ‘Behind the Curtain.’

6 - Live Long and Conquer

As the Vulcans and Romulans spring forward into Federation space, and the battle comes to a head, Prosak goes head to head with Sh’rak, the High Chancellor of Vulcan. She fights him the only way she knows how: By going out on a date with him. Will the Anomaly fall in fiery combat as Bain marshals the troops in one last courageous onslaught? Will Sh’rak and Prosak end up going dutch? And who will make the first move?