Series 8

1 - What A Ripper!

They say good things come in small packages. That is unless the small package comes from a strange man in a dark alley and contains something that even Reginald Bain is going to need help to handle. Let the devastation begin in ‘What A Ripper!’

2 - Hard Sell

The USS Anomaly is called away from their patrol duties in the Romulan Empire to answer a call for help from an unlikely source: the Green Borg. What problem could be so bad that Borg requires Federation help? Find out as we make use of the ‘Hard Sell.’

3 - Living Off the Land

Crashed on a barren world, the crew of USS Anomaly must find a way to get their ship off the ground if they’re ever to have a hope of returning home. Until then, they will find themselves ‘Living Off The Land.’

4 - Just Desserts

It’s time for the Anomaly crew to kick back and have some fun. Although one man’s fun is another man’s torture, as Captain Bain soon finds out when he and the Anomaly crew travel back to Earth to recognize ‘Barnum Dax Day’ with a banquet in the Trill Captain’s honor. And if you think that’s bad, wait until you see who’s serving the ‘Just Desserts.’

5 - A Hawk in Hand

It’s a happy day for the Romulan members of the Anomaly crew, at least the ones not named Prosak, when they visit Romulan space to pick up their new ship, the Allegra. Before the shakedown cruise can even start, a Warhawk goes missing, and Vioxx and company are asked to lend a hand tracking it down. Will Marsden and Prosak survive the confrontation, much less Vioxx’s crew? And what connection does the Warhawk theft have to Prosak’s past? Answers to these questions, plus Andy Rooney….whoops, this isn’t 60 Minutes. Never mind.

6 - Hollow Threats

Reginald Bain is targeted for revenge, when Thot Phul unleashes a secret weapon on him: A Starfleet Captain almost as smart as Bain is! Will the holographic James T. Kirk stand a chance against Bain’s intellect? Will Prosak survive Romulan scheming? And what is Grad Norm planning for the Anomaly crew? Find out in the Series 8 finale!