Revised: 11/18/00 (Too Long Ago!)

Welcome one, welcome all to the Star Traks Encyclopedia. This is a semi-complete guide to the characters, ships, races, planets, foods and just about anything else we could find that remotely pertained to Star Traks, Star Traks: Waystation, Star Traks: The Vexed Generation, Star Traks: Banshee and Star Traks: BorgSpace.

This is Awkward

The Star Traks Encyclopedia was created many years ago, through the dedicated effort of one of our former authors. Although it sadly has not been updated in a very long time, it remains a detailed look at the early years of Traks. (One of these days we’re going to figure out how to fix the Wiki!)

A Word of Thanks

It took a lot of effort from all of the Traks authors to help me put this thing together. I started the encyclopedia project with one goal in mind: to chronical the information of Star Traks into one complete online reference source and to keep it current with Traks.

It has been a long, grueling experience writing all these articles, and undoubtably more grueling for those such as Anthony Butler, who’s Vexed Generation series was probably the most difficult to put into relatively short and concise entries. So I would first like to thank all of the Traks authors, Alan Decker, Anthony Butler and Maija Meneks, who all sportingly went along with me on this idea. And if they can help me keep this current, I would be even more thankful (hint to Alan, Anthony and Maija).

-Brad Dusen

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