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Star Traks has grown far beyond Alan Decker's original website. With hundreds, maybe thousands of readers and four spinoffs, Star Traks is becoming a growing Internet phenomena.

This encyclopedia is designed to organize the massive amount of information, from ships, to species, to characters, created for Star Traks. This information is not only meant for the enjoyment of the general public, but to also serve as a reference point both for the Star Traks authors or anyone wishing to write a story themselves. This information is canon (well, as much as Star Traks can be) and comes directly from either the stories or the authors who write them.

You will see several abbreviations in this encyclopedia. References relating to Original Star Traks have the abbreviation [TRK], Waystation sources are [WAY], Vexed Generation sources are [VEX], Banshee sources are [BAN] and BorgSpace sources are [BRG], and those few sources for the Reject's Table are [REJ]. Keep these in mind to keep track of what goes where. "Behind the Scenes Notes", which tell of how a ship, character, or name came to be, are put in italics and are located at the end of an entry.


The following articles contain spoiler information on what happens in various stories. If you have not read all of the stories, you may encounter information that ruins the impact of various plot twists and such. Please read the stories before venturing into this encyclopedia.


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AA6: Apartment that the 20th century Travis Dillon and Alexander Rydell lived in at Old Dominion University. ("Sensitivity 101," "Star Traks 6" [TRK]) (NOTE: Alan Decker actually lived in this apartment as well while attending ODU.)

ADAMS, LAURA: The unfortunate Secondprize lieutenant who was the object of Dillon's affections. She requested a transfer as soon as she found out. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK])

ADVERSARY, USS: Prometheus Class Section 31 starship used as the personal flagship of the late Admiral Jared Newman. The Adversary was destroyed during an attack by a Section 31 task force on the Voran homeworld, and Newman went with it. ("Dark Horizon" [BAN]).

AEROSTAR, USS: Registry NCC-83835, first ship to bear the name. USS Aerostar was launched in 2374 to investigate disturbances inside the unstable gravitic disturbance known as the Bermuda Expanse. Since then, its record speaks for itself. It spent a year raising hell in the Delta Quadrant, then returned to the Alpha Quadrant and promptly blew up ("Confrontations" [VEX]).

AFTERLIFE, THE: Realm entered after death. Many different religions speculate what the Afterlife is or like. In 2374, the command crew of the U.S.S. Banshee found out when the ship's bridge was struck by a torpedo from a Voran warship. After days of enduring "The Waiting Room," the Banshee crewmembers were sent back after the Afterlife deemed that "Their lives were cut too short" for them to enter. ("The Dark Fleet, Part II" [BAN]).

AKIRA CLASS STARSHIP: Medium sized Federation spacecraft put into service in the mid 24th century used into the late 24th century. The third Starship Banshee (NCC-9561-B), was an Akira Class vessel, as was the USS Hoboken ("Quid Pro Q" [VEX]).

ALDRIDGE, ELIZABETH: Chief Medical Officer assigned to the USS Secondprize after Dr. Rebecca Singer was sent to Tantalus V. Before serving on the Secondprize, Dr. Aldridge's speciality was forensic pathology. She was not thrilled about having to deal with live patients again, something she hadn't done since medical school. As soon as Aldridge arrived on Starbase 219 to join the ship, she found herself helping Scott Baird in unraveling the mystery of Beck and Rydell's disappearances. Aldridge and Baird discovered that James Terris was a spy, beat the hell out of him, and rescued Rydell and Beck. Almost immediately, she was inundated with patients, since Dillon, Hawkins, and Jaroch had been injured at Starfleet Memorial Gardens and Dr. Amedon Nelson had been injured on Bracktia Prime. Aldridge quickly handled the situation but wondered what she'd gotten herself into. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Within her first couple of months on board the ship, Aldridge had to detangle Emily Sullivan from the ship's computer and deal with a shipwide case of indigestion. ("Optimum Interface," "Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) These events led her to go visit Rebecca Singer on Tantalus V. Aldridge wanted to get more of an idea of what she would be dealing with on the Secondprize. Singer, believing that Aldridge was trying to steal her beloved Captain Rydell and take her job, attempted to kill Aldridge. Aldridge was able to disarm Singer before the insane woman could do any harm. ("Previous Occupant" [TRK]) On Stardate 50594, Aldridge "passed" Rydell's test for bridge command clearance. He felt that she was likely to rush off to help any injured beings they should come across, but, lacking any other alternatives, she was given the job. ("Commanding Presence" [TRK]) Over the next year, the medical emergencies didn't get any more normal. Aldridge had to save Admiral Cooper from a cup of toxic coffee, de-Borgify Hawkins after she'd been turned into a Borg clown, and knit most of Dillon's bones after his "accident" on Alkaxis Prime. ("Choice Blend," "Fear Has a Red Nose," "Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]) On Stardate 51543, Aldridge accompanied Jaroch and Counselor Webber to Yyns for Jaroch's Seratch. Unbeknownst to her, Singer had escaped Tantalus V with Zero and sent Zero to Yyns to kill Aldridge. Aldridge narrowly avoided being killed, and Zero was returned to Tantalus V. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) During a first contact mission to Cenkella commanded by the visiting Commander Conway, Aldridge was shot by the Cenkellans. She quickly discovered that the Cenkellan weapons had no effect on humans. She was not, however, able to stop the mad power rush that hit Commander Conway. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK])

ALKAXIS GREAT PALACE: Home to the ruler of the Alkaxians of Alkaxis Prime. Negotiations to end the war between Alkaxis Prime and Tumsersa took place inside the palace. Dillon accidentally thwarted a plan to blow up the negotiators when he set off the bomb, which was hidden in a piece of fake fruit, early. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

ALKAXIS PRIME: Planet involved in a war with the neighboring world of Tumsersa. The Secondprize visited Alkaxis Prime on Stardate 51306 to negotiate an end to the hostilities. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

ALKAXIANS: Inhabitants of Alkaxis Prime. The Alkaxians were at war with the Tumsersans. The USS Secondprize was able to help negotiate an end to the hostilities. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

ALL WORK, NO PLAY: All Work, No Play was damaged when newly awoken Cube #347 initated a shield while towing tractor beam was in process of being disengaged ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]).

ALTAIR FOUR: Baird bought a house in the mountains there for him and Sullivan to live in. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

AMJEX: Subordinate of Yolek the Fourteenth who, along with his colleague Jenel, attempted to discredit Yolek's relations with the Federation and have her removed from office. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

AMNESTY GALACTICA: An charitable organization that tried to get Bradley Dillon to give them several million credits. He sent them a coffee mug instead. ("Dividends" [WAY])

ANDORIAN CHEERLEADING BATONS: Andorian kid's toy that works remarkably like a Klingon pain stick. Bradley Dillon used them as weapons when he was kidnapped by the Ferengi. ("Dividends" [WAY])

ANDORIAN RESTAURANT: See "Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian Restaurant." ("Gridlock" [WAY])

ANDY-WANDY: A silly, hippy-esque, afroed equivalent to Andy Baxter who resides in the Happy Universe ("Happy to See You" and "Worlds Apart" [VEX]). Came to the "normal" universe in 2376, imitating the good captain and giving he and the Explorer a bad name ("Many Happy Returns" [VEX]). Saw action again that same year, this time harassing Commander Jaroch and Counselor Claire Webber ("So Happy Together" [TRK]).

ANEMIA: Daughter of the Grand Leech of the Joegonots. After J'Ter killed her fiance', her father ordered Captain Rydell to marry her. She was turned human along with the rest of the Joegonot population when Rydell blasted Ugilious with the Transference Ray. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

ANSALIS: The Secondprize was scheduled to have a layover at this planet. On no other world are the arts of cooking and erotic dance so well meshed. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

ARCADIA, USS: Rydell served as first officer on the Arcadia before being promoted to captain of the Secondprize. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

ARDEK: Commander of the Romulan vessels Exalax and Horshak. In 2375, Ardek unsuccessfully attempted to help Romulan infiltrator T'Phil steal the USS Aerostar and bring it back to Romulus ("Confrontations" [VEX]). Later that year, Ardek turned his sights to Lt. Commander Kristen Larkin, realizing that bringing back a working android would win him even more acclaim than the Aerostar. He failed to capture her as well ("At Times They Even Talk Alike" [VEX]). He later went on to try and steal Commander Conway's ex-wife's powerful device that would transform worlds into fairytale amusement parks, but failed ("Happily Ever Altered" [VEX]). One year later, Ardek went after Larkin's human counterpart, Kristen Larkin, using her as bait to draw the android Larkin ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]).. He failed at that, too, and was presumed killed by Larkin, who dragged him down into a fiery pit on an exploding iceplanet. Ardek survived, though, and (partially) repaired the Larkin that had tried to kill him, named her Kitty, and employed her as his assistant. Meanwhile, Larkin had uploaded her brain to the USS Escort computer and had it promptly installed in another body. That other body discovered Kitty and Ardek operating a casino planet less than one year later, and attempted to save Kitty. She was unsuccessful. Ardek and Kitty escaped, only to be separated again when Kitty began malfunctioning. Upon finding a wormhole to the Delta Quadrant, Ardek jettisoned Kitty and left to start a vicious streak of conquest. The last he was heard from, Ardek was working with the Critics to enslave the entire Delta Quadrant. His hobbies include yoga and reading the "thought for the day" on his computerized calendar.

ARKAN: One of the many ships clamoring for a parking spot outside Waystation. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

ARTIST GUY: Porter's term for the man Beck had been dating. Artist Guy was actually an architect who lived on Earth, although he preferred the term "Exterior Designer." As of Stardate 50357 Beck had not seen him in almost a year. She wanted her space, and he was stuck on himself. ("Field Trip" [WAY]

ASNERIS COLONY: Federation colony near Waystation which mysterious vanished. Lazlo and his marines were sent to investigate, and they too began to vanish. Lazlo discovered that the planet was already occupied by an energy entity who wasn't thrilled about the beings invading his world. Lazlo managed to pass the entity's tests, and the entity returned the colony and its inhabitants. ("The Corps of the Matter" [WAY])

ASSIMILATION, 13 OF 20: Former member of Species #5252. 13 of 20, before his assimilation, was a reknown painter ("Shades of Gray: The Saga of Watching Paint Dry" [BRG]). However, he lost his color sense in an accident and was regulated to a world of grays ("Shades of Gray: The Saga of Watching Paint Dry" [BRG]). Desperate to regain color vision, he went to the Borg and begged to be assimilated, but the process fixed nothing as the neural region was too heavily damaged and the internal scars too old to respond favorably to nanites ("Shades of Gray: The Saga of Watching Paint Dry" [BRG]). Assimilation is now very chronically depressed ("This is Borg; "Borg vs. Borg"; "Shades of Gray: The Sage of Watching Paint Dry" [BRG]; and many others) and finds his only entertainment in watching paint dry ("Borg vs. Borg"; "Shades of Gray: The Saga of Watching Paint Dry" [BRG]). Assimilation gained his current position as hierarchy head as it was his turn to rotate in from the Group of 20 ("This is Borg?" [BRG]). His alcove address is alcove 231, tier 7, submatrix 8, subsection 20 ("I Feel Good! [BRG]). As befitting a boring, nearly useless position, little has happened to assimilation personally. Of his few adventures, the most outstanding are his kidnapping by Zaphod Beeblebrox to be a bartender ("Shades of Gray: The Saga of Watching Paint Dry" [BRG]) and an attack by a Doctor-assimilated trinoth which subsequently shot him up with happy-juice venom, much to the detriment of the general sub-collective ("I Feel Good!" [BRG]).

ASTOR, JOHN JACOB: Incredibly wealthy American businessman killed on the Titanic. History says a smokestack fell on him. Turns out he was decapitated by a Grecin. Who knew? ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

ASTROLEAGUE ANTI-GRAV BOWLING TROPHY: The oh-so-valuable item the Orion Syndicate stole from Starfleet Intelligence. Beck risked life and limb to get it back without knowing she was going after a stupid bowling trophy. Admiral Graham of Starfleet Intelligence won the trophy, but the Syndicate stole it right out of Starfleet Intelligence headquarters because they felt they should have won. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

ASTRO-TECH: The company Lisa Beck's parents worked for. Each day, they transported from their home in North Carolina to their orbital facility. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

ATALANTA: Space craft on Bradley Dillon's used spaceship lot. Dillon and Hawkins bought a holographic representation of the Atalanta and took it to a holographic Secondprize in their efforts to stop Myna. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) Bradley Dillon arrived in the real Atalanta when he first came to Waystation. Craig Porter was later forced to fly the ship on remote pilot straight into a Romulan Warbird to stop the Romulans from destroying a Multek ship. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

ATCHAFALAYA, USS: Runabout Dillon flew back to the Secondprize from the meeting of the Starfleet Regulations Advisory Board. The Atchafalaya with hit by a temporal explosion and crashed on an uninhabited world. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

ATOMIZER: Giant laser cannon used by the Cenkellan military. They hit Commander Conway with it dead on. He felt like a strong wind was blowing on him. Enraged at the Cenkellan defiance, though, he used his phaser to blast the Atomizer into a smoldering piece of modern art. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

AUDRIANIS: A hostile Alpha Quadrant species that really doesn't like trespassers into their space. They attempted to destroy the Consolationprize when Carr was forced to cut through their space. She tricked them into leaving her alone by threatening to hit them with her Bonialia Blaster. ("Choice Blend" [TRK]) Most of the names in this story are in some way from "Twin Peaks," one of Alan Decker's favorite shows.

AUDUBAN: One of the rival factions fighting a civil war on Jeral. The Auduban Roost Leader sent Myna to destroy the USS Secondprize in hopes of forcing the Federation to give him a Galaxy Class starship. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

AXIS CLASS STARSHIP: Small, fast and agile type of Federation starship introduced in the late 24th century. Axis Class ships not only served as scouts and couriers in Starfleet, but also as privately owned transports ("The Truth Is Out There" [BAN]). Fifteen of these small ships were constructed by the Orion Crime Syndicate and outfitted with extremely powerful alien technology. ("Upstarts" [BAN]) (The 3D rendered artwork of the Axis Class starships were created by an online author under the alias of CBLim, and was used with the permission of the author).

AZAR, DR. DERRICK: Temporal physicist responsible for inventing the time tube which sent Dillon, Sullivan, and Jaroch 20 billion years into the future due to a decimal point error. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) Dr. Azar, on the urging of Bradley Dillon, took an improved version of his time tube to the Federation Science Conference held on the renovated Waystation three years later. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])


BACKIA SECTOR: Sector near the Cardassian border where the Banshee was believed to have been destroyed. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part One" [BAN]).

BAILEY, NURSE: Cheerful and gum-chewing, Nurse Bailey met a bitter end when a nebula-crazed crewman chain-sawed her ("Clouded Judgement" [VEX]).

BAIRD, SARAH: Female version of Scott Baird from the universe immediately following ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

BAIRD, SCOTT: Scott Baird was born to a mild-mannered British couple who moved to America soon after his birth. No one was more surprised than they were when it became apparent that that their little boy was developing the foulest mouth the 24th century had ever seen. The source of Baird's vocabulary is a subject of some debate among Baird's family. Some blamed his older sister Cathy, who had displayed a rebellious nature throughout her childhood and teen years. Others blamed the Bairds' decision to move to America. Whatever the reason, Scott Baird quickly became almost a legend in his elementary school and the bane of teachers everywhere. Despite this, he early one showed a predilection towards engineering. He would often accompany his father to his job at the Smithsonian Institute, where Scott would tinker with the various broken antique devices cluttering the workshops. Several of these, he was able to return to working order. Of course, he also insisted on setting every clock he could find to 4:44. Where the 4 obsession came from is, again, a mystery. Baird decided to enter Starfleet Academy, since that was the only place he'd really be able to do some serious engineering work. He managed to control his attitude enough to get through the Academy and for several years thereafter, but the Chief Engineer of the USS Denton, where Baird was posted as a lieutenant commander in the engineering section, pushed Baird to the breaking point. The man, Commander Majors, was a complete incompetent, and, after Majors almost caused a warp core breech, Baird let him have it, first with flurry of profanity unrivaled in the annals of Starfleet, then with his fists. Normally, Baird would have been court-martialed, and that would be the end of it. But the inquest revealed that Majors was indeed a moron and that Baird had saved the ship. Unfortunately, the genie was now out of the bottle, and Baird had become incredibly surly. Rather than lose a good engineer, Starfleet promoted him to commander and made him the Chief Engineer of the USS Secondprize in hopes that Baird would calm down enough to be transferred elsewhere. Until that time, Captain Rydell was under orders never to leave Baird in command. He was considered too dangerous. Baird's first two years on the Secondprize were quiet, and he took the opportunity to recalibrate the ship's warp signature to read all fours. His job jot a lot busier when the ship was plagued with several malfunctions during the mission to Ugilious. Baird eventually identified and helped capture the saboteur. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) After this ordeal, Baird had hoped to relax on Kilma Omega IV by riding his beloved bicycle through the countryside. Emily Sullivan ended up joining him. The two began a romance and narrowly avoided a pair of thieves. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) An accident on board ship a couple of weeks later resulted in Baird getting temporary amnesia. Sullivan, Beck, and Counselor Webber used the opportunity to see if they could reprogram Baird into being the sensitive, profanity-free boyfriend Sullivan had always wanted. Once his old personality returned, Baird escaped and set up a revenge prank against the trio. This resulted in a huge fight between Baird and Sullivan that destroyed Rydell's ready room, but they did reconcile. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) The détente didn't last long. Tensions between the two reached the breaking point when Myna, masquerading as Ambassador Baradda, came on board. Sullivan was immediately attracted to Myna, something Baird didn't fail to notice. He attacked Myna and was sent off on a sabotaged shuttle with Rydell, Jaroch, and Carr for his trouble. The shuttle landed on Mandicor, the atmosphere of which gave the Secondprize crew members odd abilities. Baird discovered that his profanity now caused explosions, smoke clouds and a variety of other effects. The Secondprize officers used their powers to defeat Logash, a warlord terrorizing the city of Felsten. When they returned to the ship, Baird and Sullivan officially ended their relationship. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) Baird was ordered to attend a sensitivity conference with Captain Rydell soon after this incident. On the way back from the conference, Rydell's mind was swapped with one of his 20th century ancestors. Baird was able to build a holographic projection system that allowed him to contact Rydell and assist him in fixing the timeline and returning to the 24th century. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) After the Secondprize's discovery of the Multeks, Baird supervised the Secondprize's refit at Starbase 219. During this refit, Baird learned that Lt. Terris was a Romulan spy, rescued Rydell and Beck from a hostile world, and beat the living hell out of Terris. It was a full day. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) After the ship's computer attempted to join with Emily Sullivan, Baird and Dr. Aldridge were forced to attempt to rescue her. Baird was successful but ended up in sickbay for his efforts. The crisis did cool relations between Sullivan and Baird from homicidal hostility to friendly hostility, though. ("Optimum Interface" [TRK]) Baird pulled off an engineering miracle when the USS Secondprize was attacked by the USS Defiant, which had been stolen by Rebecca Singer. He managed to send the ship in reverse at warp one, which got them away from the Defiant long enough to get their shields and weapons on line. He also kept the ship together through a slingshot maneuver and another, much more punishing attack from the Defiant. During this second attack, Sullivan was in command of the Secondprize, and Baird took great pleasure in criticizing her command ability as the ship blew up around them. After the attack, Baird and Sullivan finally had it out in Rydell's ready room. The confrontation ended in sex, then marriage. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Baird accompanied Rydell and the other Secondprize officers down to the Forever moon where they narrowly averted the destruction of the universe. As it was, they only delayed it for ten years. Over the next ten years, Sullivan gradually moved up through the ranks to captain and was offered her own ship. Baird was also promoted to captain and offered the job of Supervising Refit and Repair officer at the Deneria Dry Dock facility on the condition that he consent to being fitted with a profanity filter. He reluctantly accepted. Baird and Sullivan shared quarters at Deneria and also adopted a dog, which they named Compromise. Baird had never been a fan of dogs, especially Andrea Carr's Morgaine Le Fur. But he liked children even less, and Sullivan was insisting on one or the other, hence Compromise. Baird went back to Forever with Rydell and the others to try to stop the destruction of the universe. Before they could successfully give Forever their access code, though, they had to deactivate Baird's profanity filter. A boot to the head from Hawkins and several stun blasts from Dillon left Baird unconscious through most of the Forever incident. With the crisis over, Baird returned to Deneria on Sullivan's ship, the Invincible. He surprised her with the information that he'd bought a house for them on Altair Four. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BANKS, MICHAEL: A corporal in the Federation Marines assigned to Waystation. Banks was the first to become enraptured with Leximas' teachings. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY])

BANSHEE, USS: Sovereign Class Federation Starship belonging to Section 31, registry number NCC-9561-C. Launched at the beginning of the Dominion War under command of Commander Charlotte Burns. The Banshee was later placed under the command of Captain Jad Vorezze and put into full service. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). The Banshee features many amenities that most military starships do not have, including health clubs, bowling alleys, holodecks that seldom malfunction and a five star bar, The Twilight Zone. After a rough start to the mission, the Banshee was drafted into the secret organization Section 31, after accidentally stumbling upon the USS Gorgon, a damaged Section 31 vessel. ("Section Thirty-One" [BAN]). Shortly thereafter, the Banshee led the disastrous first contact effort with the ever unpleasant Voran Imperium. The ship was extremely damaged and the command crew killed, though a picky afterlife sent them back. The Banshee and her crew were instrumental in winning the war and reestablishing peace. ("The Dark Fleet, Parts I, II and III" [BAN]). While being repaired, the Banshee was used as a testbed for a new form of transwarp. While this experiment proved successful, the technology still had many flaws. ("Travelers" [BAN]). Later that year, while under attack by the Dominion battleship Veraka, the Banshee, with the Explorer and the Secondprize, were hurled back in time to the year 1997. After repairing all damage to the time line, all vessels were returned to the present. ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN]). While hosting a scientific experiment, the Banshee had to be evacuated when several viscous alien creatures escaped, leaving a few sparse crewmembers behind to fend for themselves. Thanks to efforts for the USS Explorer's crew, the Banshee was cleared of the aliens and towed back to a starbase for repair. ("Things That Go Bump In The Night" [BAN]). The Banshee's computer systems were affected by a computer virus of Cardassian origin in late 2375. The virus was delivered along a particle backwash that traveled up one of the Banshee's phaser beams. The ship believed itself to be a Cardassian warship and tried to subdue the crew, which it believed to be a group of intruders, and sped off to Cardassian space. Lieutenant Carn was successful in switching to the backup computer core and purging the virus from the system before the Banshee crossed the Cardassian border. ("Shatterframe" [BAN])/ In 2376, the Banshee was attacked and taken over by Dominion troops who worked for the Deimos Cult. Only a few of the command crew remained onboard, but they were successful in retaking the ship and stopping it from crashing into the planet Mordor ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part Three [BAN]). The Banshee's Section 31 identity was nearly revealed to the Federation public by a reporter from the Federation Times named Paul Hoerbelt and a cult like group known as the Society for the Pursuit of Truth. ("The Truth Is Out There" [BAN]) The Banshee was again almost hijacked, this time by mirror counterparts of the ship's crew who sought to escape the Klingon-Cardassian alliance. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]) The Banshee was named after a spirit in Celtic mythology that is said to wail outside a home when death is coming. One can see how that applies to the ship.

BARADDA, FUIL: The Secondprize was assigned to transport Ambassador Baradda to his next assignment. Unknowingly, they picked up Myna, a Jeral terrorist impersonator instead. The real Baradda, an elderly man, eventually accompanied the Secondprize to Jeral to negotiate a peace between the Audubans and the Boirds. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

BARVAN TWELVE: A planet the Aerostar was asked to divert course to in order to recruit the species into an anti-Flarn alliance. Things didn't go totally well ("All in a Day's Work" [VEX]).

BASAHM: Short for "Big Ass Scary as Hell Monster," a name given to this creature by the original Starfleet survey team to encounter it. The basahm is ten feet tall and five feet wide. Its mouth, which is filled with sharp, pointy teeth, takes up the creatures entire torso. Basahms are nocturnal and practically invulnerable to phaser fire. The original survey team, which Alexander Rydell was on, was able to kill one at phaser setting twelve. Rydell and Beck faced down a basahm when Lt. Terris stranded them on Nu Epsilon Twelve. Fortunately, they were rescued before the basahm could make a nice meal out of them. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

BATHENA: President of Bracktia Prime. Bathena was very concerned about the looming threat of a civil war on Bracktia Prime, so she could not openly assist Morales' efforts to free Nelson and Porter from the Hinaree. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

BATONIS FIVE: A ringed gas giant. During the Secondprize's second battle with the Mitgogae, Carr attempted to hide the Secondprize among the ice chunks in the planet's rings. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BATONIS SYSTEM: A barren star system consisting of twelve planets. The Forever moon was located in orbit of Batonis Six. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BAUGHB: The meek waiter at the Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian restaurant on Waystation. He is Commander Beck's usual waiter. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

BAXTER, HARLAN: Father of Andrew Baxter, Harlan had a long and successful career in Starfleet, ranging from Chief of Internal Affairs, to Ambassador to Breen, to Director of the Explorer Project. Harlan was and always will be goal-oriented, a trait Andrew never quite aquired. Harlan retired from his post as Chief of Internal affairs in 2375, shortly after being replaced by a Changeling ("Confrontations" [VEX]). He and his wife, Lucille, lived aboard USS Explorer with their son for a period of about seven months, during which time they drove their son and his wife absolutely batty. They left when Lucille was awarded the command of the USS Trafalgar and Harlan was given the job of Ambassador to Breen ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]). Harlan left Breen after several attempts on his life, and the lives of the visiting Andrew Baxter and Janice Browning ("Thin Ice" [VEX]). He then lived aboard the Pathfinder, his wife's new ship, until such time as he applied for and got the position of Director of the Explorer Project, from Commodore Velara, who was quite ready to get out.

BAXTER, ANDREW JACKSON: Captain of the USS Explorer. Captain Baxter spent many years as an inconspicuous low-level inventory officer aboard the USS Secondprize. He worked his way, unnoticed, through the ranks for ten years, accepting the inevitable fact that he wouldn't amount to much. This probably stemmed from a crushing defeat at a Starfleet Academy training exercise at the hands of Cadet Alvin Ficker ("Friendly Wagers" [VEX]). He doesn't have an altogether fruitful relationship with his parents, either ("Relative Problems" [VEX]). He's always had a less than spectacular self esteem. Baxter was reassigned from the Secondprize to command of the USS Aerostar in 2374 ("The Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX]). The Aerostar was promptly sling-shotted into the Delta Quadrant. Once there, he immediately began making friends with the natives, such as the Flarn and the Maloxians ("The Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]). He visited Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and others in the Nexus Ribbon ("Wrapped in the Ribbon" [VEX]), got his brain beamed into Commander Travis Dillon's ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]), made love to an official on a planet ruled by women ("Diplomatic Relations" [VEX]) and went back in time to twentieth century Earth a couple times ("Out of Time" [VEX] and "Irma's Fury" [VEX]). In 2375, he took command of the USS Explorer. Since then, his tenure aboard the Explorer has included crashing into a planet ("Land Ho!" [VEX]), getting overtaken by Borg dogs ("It's a Dawg's Life" [VEX]) and combating the members of a happy universe ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]). He married Counselor Kelly Peterman in 2375 ("Prior Engagements" [VEX]) and as of late 2377 has been working feverishly to conceive a child with her. He was temporarily relieved of duty as commander of the Explorer in 2376 ("Down to Earth" [VEX]) and was put in charge of Inventory on Earth. He somehow got back command ("All Aboard!" [VEX]). His favorite hobbies include football and, since an odd shift in the space-time continuum, lacrosse ("Rapid Eye Movement" [VEX]). He has a small Jack Russell terrier named Pandora, who shares his quarters with Peterman and her array of pets. He hopes one day to retire on earth with his wife, some kids, and a house full of pets.

BAXTER, ANDREW JACKSON (20th Century Version): College student in 1996 on Earth, whose life gets turned topsy-turvey for a couple years due to repeated incursions by 24th century baddies, not to mention torment by a lovely large lady named Irma ("Out of Time" & "The Wrath of Irma" [VEX]).

BAXTER, LUCILLE: Like her husband, Harlan, Lucille Baxter has had an illustrious Starfleet carreer. Recent postings include First Officer of the USS Goodall, Captain of the USS Trafalgar (which exploded), and Captain of the USS Pathfinder (a member of the Explorer Project). Her husband was always the silent partner in the relationship, and although both wish success for their son, she is the one who most mettles in his life, to his understandable chagrin. Even though their son is commander of a mighty vessel, and married to a beautiful woman, they still want more for him, and continue to bug him about his many nagging problems. He tries to write to him at least twice a year. Lucille's accomplishments while in command of the Trafalgar include leading a strike force into the heart of Leeramar territory in 2376, only to have to turn back ("Swamped" [VEX]). She also lead an attack on the Starshine kids in 2377, only to be blown up ("Welcome Aboard! [VEX]). She led a subsequent attack on them less than a week later, now in command of the Pathfinder, and she gave them the a**-kicking of a lifetime ("All Hands on Deck!" [VEX]).

BAXTER-PETERMAN BET: A betting pool begun aboard the Aerostar in 2374, on the exact time that the Captain and Counselor would finally consummate their mutual attraction. Mirk won ("Diplomatic Relations" [VEX]).

"BE A GREAT DETECTIVE": A correspondence course Dillon was taking briefly. It was one of his many fleeting interests. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK])

BEAN BAG CHAIRS: The furniture of choice in Counselor Webber's office. ("Family Counseling" [TRK])

BEAR: Dillon encountered a bear while stranded on a desolate planet. Believing the bear might be an intelligent life form that just happened to look like a bear, Dillon attempted to communicate with it. The bear swatted Dillon with his paw. This incident prompted Dillon to create Regulation Suggestion 26: Upon seeing a bear or bear-like creature, the policy is to stun first and ask questions later. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

"BE-BOP-A-BOLIAN": Hit record of Fabe and Mabe. It is also one of Commander Conway's favorite albums. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

BECK, CHRISTINE: Lisa Beck's mother. She was a spacecraft systems designer for Astro-Tech. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

BECK, KATHY: Lisa Beck's younger sister. During family vacations to their summer house on an island off the coast of North Carolina, Lisa would study while Kathy would suntan or help their mother. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

BECK, LARRY: Male version of Lisa Beck from the universe immediately following ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

BECK, LISA DIANE: Lisa Beck was born in a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Her mother and father both worked for Astro-Tech, a spacecraft design firm that Starfleet often contracted with. Beck's mother, Christine, had dreamed of being a Starfleet officer, but she was not accepted into the academy. After regrouping, she found a new goal for her life: seeing to it that her eldest daughter, Lisa, succeeded where she had failed. Beck was never forced to pursue a career in Starfleet, but her parents did provide her with holovids, Junior Starfleet toys, a membership in the Starfleet Scouts, and summers at Starfleet Preparatory Camps. Beck's decision to join Starfleet was finalized at the age of eleven after her close friend Stephanie Hodges' brother Joel was snatched by an Andorian cult who believed he was their god. Beck and Hodges pursued the Andorians and even managed to stow away aboard their ship but quickly found themselves in over their heads. Beck was able to contact Starfleet for help and, after seeing real Starfleet officers in action, decided that was what she wanted to do with her life. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ]) From then on, Beck was devoted to getting into the Academy. She even spent vacations to the family's beach house on a small island just off the coast of North Carolina studying while her younger sister Kathy played or helped their mother. Beck was accepted into the academy and focused her studies on linguistics and communications. She'd found during her adventure with the Andorians that she had a knack for languages and that she found theirs quite beautiful. She went so far as to request an Andorian for her roommate at the Academy. Her roommate introduced her to Andorian cuisine and took Beck back to Andor for the Festival of Garnish. After graduation, Beck was posted to the xenolinguistics department at Starfleet Headquarters and earned a promotion to lieutenant for her work on translating the language of the Duralins, which consisted solely of a series of flashing lights and arcing electrical bursts. Beck's parents were both killed in a transport accident during this period. Her parents' deaths, particularly that of her mother who had so wanted Beck to join Starfleet, was a wake-up call for Beck. She realized that, despite her skill at her job, she was bored, a state that would become a common theme throughout her career. She wanted to be out on a starship, but there just wasn't a call for communications officers anymore. Modern universal translator protocols had made them unnecessary. After learning that the USS Secondprize had accidentally been constructed with an old-fashioned bridge, including communications console, Beck requested a transfer to the ship, making her the only officer to actually request a post on the Secondprize. Her inclination towards command showed itself early. She took charge of the operation to find out what unfortunate woman Commander Dillon was interested in dating and generally was the central member of the group of friends formed by the Secondprize's female bridge officers. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]). Her abilities came to the attention of Captain Rydell during the Joegonot mission. After Counselor Webber abdicated command while the ship was under attack, Beck took over and repelled the Joegonot ships. She also sent a rescue team down to Ugilious and helped Scott Baird capture the saboteur on board the Secondprize. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) When Rydell was kidnapped by Zero, Beck commanded the Secondprize while Dillon, Jaroch, and Sullivan investigated the temporal anomalies emanating from Dr. Azar's laboratory. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) Beck offered the use of her family's beach house, which Beck had inherited, to Webber and Sullivan for their experiment in retraining Scott Baird's personality. Her role in this plot also made her a victim of Baird's revenge prank. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Risking her career, Beck, with the help of Lt. Porter, disobeyed Ambassador Baradda's direct orders and freed Hawkins and Dillon from a sabotaged holodeck. Fortunately, Baradda actually turned out to be a terrorist, so the disobeying orders charge wasn't really an issue. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) A few months later, Beck was feeling restless again. She'd been with the Secondprize for almost three years, but she realized that there weren't many opportunities for career advancement in the communications field. Fortunately for her, the Secondprize ran into the Multeks. Beck's first assignment was to find a way to translate the Multek language, which came across as a series of screeches. She also had to contend with Jaroch's derisive barbs about her translation speed. In order to learn more about the Multeks, Beck accompanied Dillon, Jaroch, and Russell to Edgeworld, where she was able to create a translation matrix just before the team was captured by a Multek ship. While Jaroch and Russell escaped back to the Secondprize with a captured Multek, Beck remained on the ship with Dillon to try to disable the Multeks' shields. They were rescued by the Secondprize moments before the Multeks vaporized them. Based on Beck's performance during the Multek mission and her prior record, Starfleet decided to promote her to command her and put her in charge of Waystation, a thrown-together space station Starfleet was establishing near Multek space. While at Starbase 219 to supervise the construction of Waystation, she and Captain Rydell learned that, Lt. Terris, an officer on the Spacedock was a Romulan spy. Terris transported Beck and Rydell to the hostile planet below the starbase, where they were almost killed by the resident wildlife. Baird and Dr. Aldridge rescued Beck and Rydell and captured Terris. A few weeks later, Beck finally got her station, which was promptly attacked by the Romulans and the Multeks. Beck was able to stop the battle and establish contact with Wuddle, the Multek captain. She also met and immediately disliked Colonel Lazlo of the Federation Marine battalion assigned to Waystation. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Lazlo did not like taking orders from a Starfleet officer and was even more enraged when his pilot, Stephanie Hodges, turned out to be one of Beck's oldest friends. He moved his marines to Ridalis Two to escape Beck, but she had to come rescue them after they were attacked by the planet's squirrels. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Boredom with station life prompted Beck to go on a scouting mission with Porter on Stardate 50357. The two were captured by a Multek carnival operator who wished to display them. Beck was seriously injured by a Multek forcefield but recovered enough to escape from her cage with Porter. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) She later infiltrated the Happy Universe pretending to be her Happy counterpart, Mistress Beck, in order to rescue Tina Jones. ("Close to Home" [WAY]) Beck's continued boredom on Waystation was almost her undoing when Karyna arrived on the station and tempted her with the power of the Q. Beck briefly abandoned the station to roam the universe with Karyna looking for new and different pleasures. At the time, she was also furious with Russell for his disobedience of her orders and gave in to the temptation offered by Karyna to torture him. She came to her senses before she could cause too much harm. Unfortunately, her anger at Russell had also prompted her to make Lazlo chief of security on Waystation. With Beck gone with Karyna, he and his marines staged takeover. Learning of this, Beck returned to Waystation with Karyna to give Lazlo what was coming to him. The arrival of the Q Karyna had gotten her powers from changed everything. Karyna tried to kill most of the crew will fighting Q. Realizing Karyna's true nature, Beck attacked her, giving Q a change to recover from Karyna's assault. Karyna turned all her anger on Beck, but Russell tacked the demi-god before she could kill Beck. Q took Karyna's powers, ending the crisis. With the danger past, Beck and the other Waystation crewmembers decided to pretend none of it had ever happened. Otherwise, they all could have been facing court-martial for various charges. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Beck's command was almost completely destroyed when Waystation was engulfed in riots then sliced in half by Lazlo's badly aimed phaser blasts. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) Beck requested help from Starfleet, which decided to renovate the entire station. During the renovation, Beck was forced to share a cargo module with Dr. Nelson. The two fought at first over just about everything but gradually became close friends. During the renovation, Beck and Hodges went on leave to Sargonis, an snow-covered world with fantastic skiing. While there, Beck became involved with Banyon Kovacs, a Starfleet Intelligence operative. Beck helped Kovacs steal a stolen item back from the Orion Syndicate and had a brief romance with him. The entire experience rejuvenated Beck and restored her sense of fun that she felt she had lost. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY]) The fun almost came to an abrupt stop when Beck, along with Bradley Dillon, Jones, and three Starfleet higher-ups, was taken hostage by the Starshine Kids while on a tour of the renovated station. Before Sesil could brainwash her with his orb, Beck was snatched into the non-material plain by Leximas, who needed her help to battle the Critics. Beck's experience with Karyna gave her some knowledge of how to handle situations outside of normal reality. She created a non-material image of serial killer Michael Myers to keep the Critics busy while her crew retook Waystation on the material plane. With the Starshine Kids captured and the Critics' plans ruined, Beck was finally able to take command of her renovated station. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) Beck made another trip to the Happy Universe several months later during a visit from the USS Explorer. Beck and the Explorer's captain, Andy Baxter, where both captured by Jean-Jean Picard and subjected to the Happy ray. Fortunately, Dr. Browning of the Explorer was able to reverse the effects. ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]) By the time of the Forever incident ten years later, Beck had been promoted to admiral and had returned to Earth. She was informed of the Forever situation and ordered to take the Secondprize officers involved in the whole mess to Forever to see if they could stop the destruction of the universe. Her first stop was to pick up Alexander Rydell from the resort he owned. Since she had taken command of Waystation, Beck and Rydell had become good friends through their common bond as commanding officers. While the Secondprize Five took care of things on Forever, Beck manned the tactical console on the Secondprize during the ship's battle with the Mitgogae. She, along with Carr, Trinian, and Sullivan, boarded the Mitgogae to stop Morticent and rescue Craig Porter. One year later, she visited Rydell shortly after the birth of his daughter. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BECK, LISA (20th Century Version): Lisa was married to Carl Jaroch. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) She became very upset at FBI Agents Scully and Mulder when they caused Carl to have a past life outburst. ("Out of Time" [VEX]) Lisa and Carl died at a very old age after living full lives. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

BEEF STROGANOFF: Michael Rennicks was denied admission to the Culinary Institute of the Galaxy because his beef stroganoff didn't meet their standards. After tasting the dish, Rydell had to agree. Dr. Aldridge was forced to request an emergency shipment of antacids from Starfleet to deal with the after effects of eating the stroganoff. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

BELCHUS: River on Kilma Omega IV. Each new baby is brought to the river to drink from its waters in hope that he or she is the Gaseous One foretold in the writings of the Obnoxious Belchers. Commander Dillon fell into the Belchus and emitted a burp loud enough to make people think he was the Gaseous One. He was later, after making a speech that seemed to go on forever, dubbed the Great Windbag. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

BELDANA: A Delta Quadrant world visited by the Aerostar in 2374, entreated to take part in an anti-Flarn alliance. Negotiations didn't go all that well ("Diplomatic Relations" [VEX]).

BENDREN: A wily criminal from the planet Paladia who attempted to steal the Aerostar in 2374 by use of killer amusement rides ("Dangerous Amusements" [VEX]).

BERENGATTI: A reclusive, troll-like, race in the Delta Quadrant with a high level of technology. Because Captain Baxter's mind had been merged with Commander Travis Dillon's, a whole quadrant away, Commander Conway was forced to lead the diplomatic effort, and failed miserably ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]).

BERMUDA EXPANSE: A very unstable portion of space approximate to the starfleet outpost Waystation, in the Veltran system. This purple anomaly, a mix of gravitic disturbances, uncompressed space gas, and cheese, was responsible for sending the Aerostar, Explorer, and countless other vessels to the Delta Quadrant ("The Road to Nowhere" [VEX]). It was also responsible for sending Explorer and here crew to a "happy" universe ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]) and sending Megan Hartley and others aboard the Escort back in time to the Aerostar's launch ("Rapid Eye Movement" [VEX]). No one knows exactly why or how the Bermuda Expanse exists, but many suggest that it has something to do with the giant eyeball-shaped godlike creatures who reside there.

BERNIE'S: A coffee shop frequented by Beck and Hodges in their youth. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

BETAZOIDS: Humanoid species native to the planet Betazed. Betazoids are identical in appearance to Humans, though they possess slightly different internal make-ups. Their one noticeable quality is that they possess extremely powerful mental abilities. These abilities range from thought reading to telekinesis and temporary mind control. Betazoids are often enlisted as counselors aboard Federation star ships. Lieutenant Ariel Tilleran of the USS Explorer and Captain Jad Vorezze of the USS Banshee are both Betazoids. ("Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things" [VEX] "Resistance is Futile, Part One" [BAN])

BIBBLE: Porter took this name when he pretended to be a Multek captain in order to trick the Multeks into helping them retake Waystation from the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

BICYCLE: Commander Scott Baird's favorite mode of transportation. He particularly enjoys biking through very cold climates while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. On Kilma Omega IV, Baird was forced to decide between saving his bicycle from thieves or saving the life of Emily Sullivan. It was a very tough call. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

BILLY: Bradley Dillon's account representative at the Third Cosmos Bank of Alpha Centauri. He helped Bradley stop the Ferengi from stealing Bradley's new-found wealth. ("Dividends" [WAY])

BIONEURAL GEL-PACKS: The living information transfer system aboard the Aerostar and Explorer. Nobody's really sure how they work ("Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX], "Nantucket Sleighride" [VEX]). I bioneural gel-pack once explode all over Captain Velorn while he was working with an ensign on a lower deck of the Banshee during his Pon Farr. Being covered in slippery goo didn't help the situation any. ("Those Old Pon Farr Blues" [BAN]).

BISHOP, ENSIGN: One of Russell's security officers on Waystation. Bishop assisted in the stakeout of the Klingon Formal Wear Shop. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

BOIRD: One of the rival factions fighting a civil war on Jeral. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

BONIALIA BLOSSOM: Coffee blend Carr served to Admiral Cooper on their flight to the Secondprize. The Admiral felt it was a "damn fine cup of coffee." Unfortunately, it was also toxic to humans and almost killed him before Carr could get him to medical attention on the Secondprize. ("Choice Blend" [TRK])

BONIALIA BLASTER: Fictional weapon Carr threatened to use on the Audrianis if they didn't allow her to proceed through their space. ("Choice Blend" [TRK])

BOOMER: One of Counselor Peterman's two pomeranians. The other is named Starbuck. They are both named after characters on an obscure Earth television show that Peterman has probably never heard of. It's all coincidence.

BOURNAS SIX: Site of the archaeological dig where the Rankol Amulet was discovered. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

"BOWDEN'S MOON": A very popular holovision show created by Clephsus Grenenenenenenenen, also known as "The Lord of the Moon." The show's rabid fans, known as Bowsers, became very upset when L'nas Kol, a former show employee, wrote a nasty tell-all book about Clephsus. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BOWHOUSE, WOOFUS T.: Imaginary canine friend Hawkins had as a child. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

BOWSERS: Devoted fans of "Bowden's Moon," a holovision show created by Clephsus Grenenenenenenenen. The Bowsers were enraged when former show staffer, L'nas Kol wrote a nasty tell-all book about Clephsus. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BOZO OF BORG: Clownified spokesman of the group of Borg used by the Security Entity to attempt to kill Hawkins. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK])

BRACKTIA PRIME: Planet inhabited by the Bracktians as well as their symbiont species, the Brackto. Dr. Amelia Nelson was doing symbiont research on Bracktia Prime when she was assigned to the Chief Medical Officer position on Waystation. A civil war was brewing on Bracktia Prime between Bracktians who supported symbiosis and those who felt it was basically a form of slavery to the Brackto. The anti-symbiont group had united themselves into a terrorist organization called the Hinaree. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

BRADLEY DILLON'S PLEASURE GLOBE CASINOWORLD: A massive casino resort opened by Bradley Dillon. Trinian agreed to work as a bartender there for five years in exchange for use of a spaceship. She had no intention of holding up her end of the deal. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BRAHMAPUTRA, USS: Danube Class Federation runabout, registry number NCC-76230, permanently stationed aboard the USS Banshee. During the Banshee's drafting into Section 31, it was the last of the runabouts to receive cloaking devices. ("Hellion" [BAN]) A year later, the Brahmaputra was hijacked by Lt. Cmdr. Vincent DiSanto when he attempted to return to the Borg Collective. The Brahmaputra was captured and assumed destroyed or assimilated, though DiSanto was recovered. ("Collective" [BAN]). The Brahmaputra was named for a river running through northeastern India and parts of Bangladesh.

BRAKIW: The general in charge of the Cenkellan military. He commanded the Cenkellan effort to retake their capitol building from Commander Conway. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

BREAKFAST ON A STICK: Restaurant aboard Waystation that serves a variety of foods, all on a stick. Lt. Sean Russel had an awful accident involving skewers here in 2374. He did not press charges. ("Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX])

BREEN SEVEN SPA AND GARDENS: Resort visited by Morticent and Guardian #492 where they received word that Forever had reactivated. Morticent was very fond of the resort's seven-armed Loifred masseuse. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

BRIDGE MODULE 47-SOV: Sovereign Class bridge module that was attached to the USS Banshee when it was launched on stardate 50987. This bridge module was later destroyed by a torpedo from the Triaxis in 2374. ("The Dark Fleet, Part One" [BAN]). In 2376, the module was discovered adrift in space by the Society for the Pursuit of Truth in the Orium Sector. The module was intact save damage to the ceiling, allowing members of the SPT to extract not only computer data and the dedication plaque, but dated log entries that proved the Banshee was in operation after it's assumed destruction in 2374. ("The Truth is Out There, Part One" [BAN]).

BRIGGS, PAUL: A celebrated interior decorater, fashion designer, and hairdresser, Paul Briggs is closest on the crew to Kelly Peterman, and in fact designed her wedding dress ("Prior Engagements" [VEX]). Briggs also helped the Explorer through some tough design and color scheme problems, and runs a respectable fashion/design/hair salon on the second floor of Ship's Shoppes, USS Explorer's mall.

BROWNIE: The wholly ebullient counterpart of Doctor Janice Browning. Makes Janice seem downright grumpy ("Happy to See You" [VEX]).

BROWNING, DOCTOR JANICE: Doctor Janice Browning really doesn't have the bedside manner necessary to be a doctor. She's not a mean person--she tries to be friendly--she just has a short attention span and loves to eat. And interestinlgy enough, she's always kept a great figure.

BROWNING, JANICE (20th Century Version): Friend to 20th century Andy and Dave, Janice is also the proud mother of a young girl named Madison, delivered by a VERY familiar face ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

BUBBLES: Alias used by Commander Dan Smith while attempting to retrieve Commander Ashley Donovan from Sytarnan Three. Dan objected to using the name, but was forced to when Captain Vorezze cited that Lt. Cmdr. Vince DiSanto had been Bubbles on their last mission and it was therefore his turn for the name. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One [VEX]).

BUCK: The true name of the Berengatti species leader. Commander Conway, on first contact, thought his name was "Berengatti" ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]) See also "Berengatti."

BULK: An exceptionally large and threatening Ferengi serving on Gribnob's ship. ("Dividends" [WAY])

BURNS, COMMANDER CHARLOTTE: First officer of the Section 31 starship Banshee. Charlotte is known as a slut throughout Starfleet, often causing her to command little respect from those she works with. ["Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). Early in her career, Charlotte was assigned to a Federation facility located in the Southern California region on Earth. There she met the man who she believed to be the love of her life, who also happened to be an avid surfer. When Lt. Carn suffered a severe electrical shock that caused him to enter "Burnt Out Surfer Mode," Charlotte was reminded of her past love, causing her to promptly hit on Carn and take him to bed. ("A Day In The Life Of Carn" [BAN]). Charlotte was the original commanding officer of the Banshee when it was launched due to a shortage of command personnel. She only enjoyed a brief period as the Banshee's commander before she was replaced by Captain Jad Vorezze and given a promotion to first officer and a permanent assignment. ["Tolkien III" [REJ]) Charlotte was possessed by the spirit of an unruly demon who attempted to take over the ship in 2375, but an exorcism proved to be effective in getting rid of it. ("Hellion" [BAN]). Charlotte was later killed when the main bridge of the Banshee was destroyed by a torpedo from the Voran warship Triaxis. It was later found, however, that the after life didn't want her or any of the other Banshee crewmembers, and she was returned to life. ("The Dark Fleet, Part I and II" [BAN]) Immediately afterwards, she headed up a successful mission to destroy the Voran spacedocks, but was nearly eaten by a large, hungry sewer monster in the process. ("The Dark Fleet, Part III" [BAN]) One of the most traumatic experiences Charlotte was forced to endure was being caught in the machinery of one of the Banshee's bowling alleys. Aside from being physically painful, she was forced to endure hours of recited Scripture from Counselor Emily Stokes. She was given a concussion when she was freed by Lieutenant Carn. ("Basic Survival Instinct" [BAN]) Charlotte helped save the life of Captain Velorn in 2376, when she (easily) submitted to having sex with Velorn to save him from the ravages of Pon Farr. ("Those Old Pon Farr Blues" [BAN]) Later, Charlotte and 5 other Banshee crewmembers took a vacation to the planet Mordor. Though a series of conflicts with the Deimos Cult turned the vacation into a disaster, Charlotte averted death by having sex with one of the members. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Parts I - III" [BAN]). When Captain Vorezze and Captain Velorn were captured by the Society for the Pursuit of Truth, Charlotte assumed command of the Banshee. While in power, she threatened to leave Vorezze and Velorn after she learned that everyone on the Banshee's senior staff knew about Section 31 Headquarters except her. She led the Banshee to Section 31 Headquarters and met, much to her dismay, with Admiral Larry Walker. She then executed the successful rescue plan and resumed her executive officer post.("The Truth Is Out There" [BAN]).

BURNS, CHARLOTTE (MIRROR): Prisoner of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the mirror universe. In mid 2376, Charlotte (mirror) and a handful of other escapees fled their prison camp and found a rift that led them to our universe and to the USS Banshee. Charlotte (mirror) attempted to commandeer the Banshee and send the real counterparts to the mirror universe, but was thwarted when her boytoy-on-a-leash, Jad Vorezze (mirror), stopped her, sick of being Charlotte (mirror)'s love slave. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]). Anyone else find it odd that the only constant between the two universes seems to be Charlotte's sluttyness?

BYTELLUS II: A planet formerly at war with Bytellus III. They provided the technology for Bytellus III's new television station in a technology exchange and were believed for a short time to be the source of the stupidity virus. The culprit turned out to be the station manager. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids" [TRK])

BYTELLUS III: A world ravaged by a stupidity virus. The Secondprize visited Bytellus III on Stardate 49752 to offer assistance. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids" [TRK])

BYTELLIANS: Residents of Bytellus III. The Bytellians were afflicted with a stupidity virus, which the USS Secondprize was able to cure. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids" [TRK])


CAMERON, LYDIA: Commander of the Akira-class USS Hoboken. Cameron was responsible for taunting Captain Baxter about his pregnancy in 2375, and helped the Explorer crew defeat an incursion from the Federation of Fun in 2376 by letting them turn her and her whole crew happy. A known friend and confidant of Lucille Baxter. ("Worlds Apart" [VEX])

CAPTAIN, 4 OF 8: Individual formally known as Gerson from Species #2553. Gerson's extremely devout family - an odd sect (worshiping rock-and-roll idols from Terra's mid to late 20th century) of a highly religious race - was the cause for him to elist on a disintegrating tramp freighter by the name "Jezebel of the Twins" ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]; "In-laws of Relativity" [BRG]). The freighter was captured 27 years prior by the Borg and her crew assimilated ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]; "In-Laws of Relativity" [BRG]). Captain was originally slated to be assigned to engineering of Cube #347, but obtained his current position in the Hierarchy of Eight after an accident terminated the previous drone designated 4 of 8 ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]). 4 of 8's first rotation into Captain saw Cube #347 transported to an alternate universe where the Ferrengi-controlled Federation Hegemony was on the verge of wiping out the final resistance to their ultra-capitalistic empire. His assistance (and that of the sub-collective) allowed the Borg opposition to prevail in a key battle ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]). Captain, as with the other in the Hierarchy of Eight when it is their turn, does not like the position of Captain, but he doesn't have much say in the matter. The nodal intersection Captain frequents (and his alcove) are located in subsection 17, submatrix 10 ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, Part II"; "When Borg Attack" [BRG]). The intersection sports a very non BorgStandard viewscreen, which he picked up and installed ("The Only Certainty in Life is Borg and Taxes" [BRG]) because he really does not like raw sensor data ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]; "This is Borg"; "The Only Certainty in Life is Borg and Taxes" [BRG]). As far as things he does like, "Jumba the Wise Lizard" novels top the list ("The Only Certainty in Life is Borg and Taxes"; "A Fish Story" [BRG]). Captain's most recent rotation has more full of incidents than usual. He has been kidnapped several times: by his biological family ("In-Laws of Relativity" [BRG]), by the diety of species #8511, Ghari ("A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" [BRG]), and was one of the first on Cube #347 to be bandersnatched ("Of Jabberwock, Jubjub Birds, and Bandersnatch" [BRG]). The entire Collective was controlled by Captain for several hours due to a mix-up, after which he was a special guest interviewee on the Federation's premier talk show, The Zyrian Hour ("Drag Queen" [BRG]). It has been noted that much of Captain's left side is cybernized ("Bringing Up Baby"; "Me, Myself, and I" [BRG]). The current rotation has been no picnic when it comes to personal safety and health. Captain has suffered massive implant rejection due to malfunctioning nanoprobes ("Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency" [BRG]), been set as bait to capture a rogue drone which subsequently attacked him before being brought under control ("Bringing Up Baby" [BRG]), and been assaulted by a Luplup brooder, both in the dataspaces and physically ("How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?" [BRG]; "Dog Days of Summer" [BRG]). Other incidents which have occurred include meeting an alternate self while in an alternate reality ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]), being split (along with the rest of Cube #347) into perfect/very unperfect drone ("Two Much of a Good Thing" [BRG]), and acting as a liaison between the sub-collective and the Banshee crew when the latter managed to transport themselves on board and fling the entire package eight thousand years to the past ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure" Part II-III [BRG]). 

CARL: Overly inquisitive member of the Zenedron Construction Group team that renovated Waystation. He kept pestering Porter during Porter's survey of the saucer from the USS Cheever. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY])

CARN, LIUETENANT: Android officer assembled by Dr. Moong, a scientist noted for copying the work of famous android designer Dr. Soong. ("Prophecy Fulfilled" [BAN]) Carn did not know it, but he was built by Dr. Moong under the auspices of the Dominion and sent to spy on the Banshee, which, had it not been inducted into Section 31, would have led the largest Federation battle group during the war. But while on the ship, still under construction at the time, he suffered an electrical malfunction that caused him to believe he was a member of the crew. ("A Day In The Life Of Carn." [BAN]). Carn is just one of many androids that Moong produced, all of them having the same obsession with music from Earth's 1970's period. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part One" [BAN]). Carn also includes various personality algorithms, including normal Benign Android mode, Ghetto Ebonics mode and Burnt Out Surfer mode. ("A Day In the Life Of Carn" [BAN]). Carn is also designed as a walking storage and survival unit. His nose can be pulled off and used as a compass, his biceps contain cups for protein milkshakes he dispenses from his pinky finger and other capabilities he claims are best left unsaid. ("The Eclair Witch Project" [BAN]). Carn was assigned to the Banshee yet somehow he was never given a post. This only served to confuse the android, who often times just sat on the bridge doing nothing; he wasn't even given quarters of his own. ("A Day In the Life Of Carn" [BAN]). Carn has proven himself to be extremely sturdy, even surviving a direct lightning strike on several occasions. ("Natural Disaster" [BAN]). Unfortunately Carn was literally torn to pieces during the mass evacuation of the Banshee after several alien creatures broke free and began snacking on the crew. He was later reactivated and put back together. ("Things That Go Bump In The Night" [BAN]). When the Banshee was infected by a computer virus of Cardassian origin, Carn was the sole member of the crew that wasn't incapacitated and single-handedly saved the crew from being captured. ("Shatterframe" [BAN]) Shortly thereafter, Carn was in attendance of the Annual Androids Convention of 2375. En route back home, his runabout crashed and he was forced to take refuge on a planet of primitive tribesmen. The tribesmen, though, believed Carn to be a god and refused to let him leave. It took Commander Charlotte Burns and a phaser rifle to get him home. ("Prophecy Fulfilled" [BAN]). In 2373, Federation Times reporter Paul Hoerbelt attempted to use a photograph of Carn at the android convention to prove to his editor that there was good reason for him to continue investigating the Banshee's disappearance. The editor didn't buy it and Hoerbelt was fired. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part One" [BAN]). After inquiring to the absence of his quarters, the truth behind Carn's past was revealed after Captain Vorezze did research on his creator. Carn was temporarily incarcerated but escaped and retrieved the surveillance video that proved his innocence. ("A Day In The Life Of Carn" [BAN]).

CAROLINA, NORTH: Home state of Lisa Beck. Her parents owned a house on a island just off the coast. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Beck grew up in the foothills of the Appalachians. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

CARR, ANDREA: Carr joined the Secondprize crew as an ensign assigned as a shuttle pilot. As is the case with most shuttle pilots, Carr spent her initial time on the ship in relative anonymity, composing poems while she made her shuttle runs. At most, she was known by Scott Baird as the woman with the damn dog, referring to Carr's St. Bernard-Collie mix, Morgaine le Fur. Captain Rydell first took notice of Carr when they were briefly marooned on Mandicor. Carr kept her head and was instrumental in their defeat of Logash. Also, perhaps more importantly, she turned what could have been a fatal shuttle crash into just a rough landing. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) Immediately after the Mandicor incident, Rydell assigned Carr to be his personal shuttle pilot. She ferried Rydell, Baird, and Dr. Singer to a sensitivity conference at Starbase 42. On the way back from this conference, Rydell's mind was swapped with a 20th century ancestor, a situation that Carr was able to help Baird resolve. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Carr was also assigned by Admiral Wagner to take Dillon, Hawkins, and Jaroch to evaluate the Starfleet Memorial Gardens designed by Wagner's sister. During this visit, Carr was trapped in the control center with Debbie Wagner when the park's power was knocked out. Knowing that the other Secondprize officers were in extreme danger from the park's "exhibits," Carr found a way to escape the sealed control center and blast her shuttle out of the building's docking bay. Her quick action quite possibly saved the lives of Dillon, Jaroch, and Hawkins. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Soon after this mission, Carr and Captain Rydell were taken hostage my Michael Rennicks shortly after they left the Secondprize on their way to Starbase 37. Carr spent most of the crisis unconscious after Rennicks stunned her, but she came to in time to stop Rennicks from kicking Rydell's head in. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) Carr really proved herself to Rydell on Stardate 51017 when she ferried Admiral Cooper to the Secondprize for an inspection. After serving the admiral a cup of coffee that turned out to be toxic to humans, Carr kept her wits about her and got the admiral back to Dr. Aldridge in time to save his life even though she had to pass through hostile space controlled by the Audrianis to do so. Rather than court-martialing her for poisoning the admiral, as Carr feared he would do even though it was an accident, Rydell promoted her to Operations Officer. ("Choice Blend" [TRK]) Carr also filled in as the ship's conn officer in times that Emily Sullivan was left in command. In this capacity, Carr held her own in a dogfight against the USS Defiant and kept the ship away from the weapons of the far more powerful Mitgogae. ("Star Traks 6," "Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK]) Shortly after this, Carr was promoted to lieutenant. Commander Conway of the USS Explorer took an immediate liking to Carr during his time on the Secondprize through the First Officer Exchange Program. He took her with him on the first contact mission to Cenkella, one of her few away missions. Carr was able to convince Conway to surrender to the Cenkellans when it became clear that his rush of power after discovering that Cenkellan weapons couldn't harm humans was about to get them all killed. While there was a definite attraction between Carr and Conway, no romance developed from it. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK]) Carr remained with the Secondprize for the next ten years, gradually moving up in rank to commander. On the recommendation of Jaroch, who took over captaincy of the ship after Rydell's retirement, Carr was appointed to the post of first officer approximately six months before the Forever incident. She took command while Jaroch beamed down to the Forever moon and once again had to battle the Mitgogae. Carr kept the ship together until reinforcements in the form of the USS Inevitable could arrive, then boarded the disabled Mitgogae with Beck, Sullivan, and Trinian to rescue Porter and stop Morticent and Guardian #492. Also, at some point around this time, Carr began dating one of the doctors assigned to the Secondprize. Jaroch felt this addition of romance to her life had improved her poetry immensely. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

CARR, ANDREA (20th Century Version): Andrea was a friend of Alex and Travis at Old Dominion University. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

CATACLYSM TORPEDOES: Powerful weapon engineered by Section 31 in 2374 in an effort to turn the tides of the Voran war. These torpedoes use a unique method of absorbing energy before firing it back in an extremely concentrated explosion. This amplitude effect can easily destroy or disable a spacecraft with the most powerful shielding. One of such torpedoes single handedly destroyed the Voran warship Triaxis during a battle at the Voran border. ("The Dark Fleet, Part Two" [BAN]). When fired at a source of near infinite energy, such as the corona of a star, a cataclysm torpedo will produce the effect that it gets its namesake by, an extremely powerful explosion, sometimes the size of a large to medium sized planet. ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN]). Because of their difficulty to make, only the lead ships of the Federation are armed with cataclysm torpedoes, and those ships that do are limited to a stock of 10 or 20. ("Upstarts" [BAN]). Because the housing is designed to withstand incredible energy releases before detonation, they are capable of surviving a very brief journey into a star. However, when launched into a star, the energy increase causes a large solar flare to erupt almost immediately after detonation. ("Chronological Order" [BAN]).

CAVEZ, SUZANNE: Lawyer who brought Bradley Dillon the news of his huge financial windfall. ("Dividends" [WAY])

CENKELLA: The lone planet of the Cenkella system and home to the Cenkellans. The USS Secondprize went to Cenkella on Stardate 52688 on a First Contact mission. Things went badly when the away, under the command of the visiting Commander Conway, was attacked by the Cenkellans. Their weapons were useless on humans, however, allowing Conway to take control of the planet. The Cenkellans eventually figured out that plain old bullets would work and forced Conway to surrender. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

CENKELLANS: The inhabitants of Cenkella. Cenkellans average four and a half feet tall and have reddish skin. They were just about to make their first warp flight, prompting Starfleet to send the Secondprize to initiate first contact. The Cenkellans attacked the away team under the command of the visiting Commander Conway, and, while the Cenkellans had beam weapons, something about their construction made them useless on humans. Conway went on a rampage, which the Cenkellans eventually stopped when they realized plain old bullets worked fine on humans. They eventually forced Conway to surrender. Their demands included all the steak they could eat and starship rides around the solar system. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

CENTRUM: Spacecraft hidden by Zero in the Verolas Asteroid Belt. Singer, Zero, and Gruver took the Centrum to Deep Space Nine, where they stole the Defiant. Zero then flew the Centrum to Yyns in order to try to kill Dr. Aldridge. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

CENTURY 23: Real estate agency that sold the first building used as Starfleet Headquarters to Dillon and Jaroch. ("Beaming There" [TRK])

CERBERUS, USS: Cheektowaga Class vessel that serves as the flagship for the defense force around Section 31 Headquarters. The Cerebus intercepted and escorted the Banshee as it traveled to Section 31 Headquarters for assistance. ("The Truth is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]) The Cerberus was named after a vicious three headed dog that, in Greek mythology, guarded the gates of Hades against unwelcome visitors.

CERTIFICATE OF NON-EXISTENCE: Certificate given to friends and loved ones of Section 31 officers saying that the officers never existed, nor did any actions they take before they were inducted into Section 31 ever really happen. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]).

CESNELL, DANIELLE: A Starfleet ensign and helm officer of the USS Edsel. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

CHAPS: Revealing leg garments worn by the serious horse rider. Captain Baxter, unfortunately, was forced by Counselor Peterman to wear them, and swore never again to do so ("Finders Keepers" [VEX]).

CHARLIE: Charlie is Counselor Peterman's manic golden retriever. Charlie is a menace to humankind, not to mention the crew of the Explorer, and is the only thing Lt. Commander J'hana fears. Charlie was one of many pets to go insane and try to kill J'hana when the Aerostar entered a cloud that made everyone murderous in 2374 ("Clouded Judgment" [VEX]). In 2375, when a wave of transforming Disney energy overcame the Explorer, Charile was transformed into a large ogre on two feet, and nearly killed some crewmembers. Thankfully, Baxter, dressed as Goldilocks, came to the rescue ("Happily Ever Altered" [VEX]). A mysterious half-canine, half-Borg race kidnapped him later that year, but Baxter and crew managed to get him back ("Dog Gone" [VEX]). Shortly thereafter, he was sentient for a while when the Dawg inserted Lana Shar's symbiont into him ("It's a Dawg's Life" [VEX]). His favorite crotch to latch on to is Commander Conway's.

CHEEKTOWAGA CLASS STARSHIP: Powerful type of Federation spacecraft designed specifically for Section 31. While less powerful than the Sovereign Class, they are faster and more maneuverable than the Galaxy and Akira classes. The USS Cerberus was a Cheektowaga Class starship. ("The Truth is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]). The USS Atlantis was also a Cheektowaga Class vessel. ("Upstarts" [BAN]). The Cheektowaga Class was named after the city of Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo, NY, and one of Star Traks: Banshee author Brad Dusen's favorite cities.

CHERRY ICEE: Captain Rydell's drink of choice. Rydell present a Cherry Icee machine to Yolek the Fourteenth as a gift. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

CHEEVER, USS: The saucer of the Cheever was used in the renovation of Waystation. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY])

CHIMERA, USS: Galaxy Class starship (NCC-74221) that served as part of the Section 31 armada that invaded Voran in 2374. ("The Dark Fleet, Part II" [BAN]).

CHUCK: Stuttering member of the Zenedron Construction Group team that renovated Waystation. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

CICI: A nymph waiting for Rydell in his Xanth holodeck program. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK]) (NOTE: Xanth is a series of novels written by Piers Anthony. )

CLAUDIA: Debbie Wagner's assistant at the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

CLEMSON, NED: A speech-impaired member of the Aerostar engineering team ("Nantucket Sleighride" [VEX]), who met an unfortunate demise at the hands of a grisly beast on the planet Gribnar Four. ("No Trespassing" [VEX])

CLOWNS: Patricia Hawkins developed an outright phobia of clowns after being trapped on a holodeck with fifty of them that continually pelted her with pies. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) She started aversion therapy soon after this incident to try to cure herself. She put herself in a jungle setting on the holodeck and attempted to kill several bands of rampaging clowns. Dillon found Hawkins in this program when he offered her the first officer job on the Edsel. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) The Security Entity of Guulamia scanned Hawkins for her worst fear when she trespassed onto that world and then attacked the Secondprize in the form of a giant clown. After failing in its first attempt, the Security Entity commandeered a battalion of Borg, turning the entire group into Borg clowns. The Borg clowns captured Hawkins and assimilated her into Sunshine of Borg just so they could drop her off of a fake burning building at their circus and kill her. ("Fear Has a Red Nose" [TRK]) This didn't increase Hawkins' love of clowns at all. On the SS Pomposity a couple of months later, she immediately opened fire on Ragoo when the Changeling took the form of a clown mistakenly believing that Hawkins liked them. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

COLBY, PETER: Admiral in command of Starbase 37. Colby ordered Captain Rydell to attend a social gathering on the starbase for a group of delegates from the Mindax System. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

COLE, LT.: USS Inevitable officer who does a great karaoke rendition of the "L'ksssanz Boogie." ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

COLE, DR HELEN: Psychiatrist in charge of Rebecca Singer's case on Stardate 51543. She and Zero's psychiatrist, Dr. Drakor, felt that Singer and Zero should meet since they were both obsessed with Alexander Rydell. She and Drakor were knocked unconscious during Singer and Zero's escape. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

COLUMBIA, USS: The Starfleet raceabout Beck used to pick up Rydell during the Forever incident. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

COMPROMISE: The name of Sullivan and Baird's dog. She wanted kids; he didn't, so they compromised and got a dog. Compromise was a giant, black monster of a mutt with a fondness for attacking strangers. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

COMPUCOP: Security computer system designed by Russell to monitor Waystation. He built the artificially intelligent system using parts he stole from around the station. Russell loaded Compucop with every Starfleet regulation and Federation legal code in existence in hopes that the computer would do his job and allow Russell to spend more free time on the holodeck. Russell programmed the device too well, and it began arresting personnel all over the station for even minor infractions, beaming the guilty parties directly to the brig. When Compucop filled up the brig, it converted the holodeck Russell was on into a makeshift brig, trapping him there with several angry arrestees. Morales and Jones, the only two officers not arrested, were able to stop Compucop when they faked a judgeship for Jones and threw out all of the cases. Morales and Porter, armed with phasers, then went to the secret room behind Russell's security office where Compucop was housed and blasted the floated black cube out of existence. ("House Arrest" [WAY])

CONSOLATIONPRIZE: Shuttlecraft assigned to the USS Secondprize. Admiral Wyndham stole the Consolationprize when he fled into the Nikser Asteroid Belt on Stardate 47989. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ]) While en route to Starbase 37 in the Consolationprize, Rydell and Carr were taken hostage by Michael Rennicks. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) Carr later used the Consolationprize to transport Admiral Cooper from the USS Horizon to the Secondprize for an inspection tour. After Cooper was poisoned by a cup of alien coffee, Carr was forced to fly the shuttle through the space of the Audrianis, all the while dodging phaser blasts from the hostile species. ("Choice Blend" [TRK]) The Consolationprize had big plush seats and a much nicer sound system than the Doorprize. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

CONWAY, COMMANDER DAVID: First Officer of the Explorer. Conway is a moody, cranky officer that wants only one thing--power. Raised on the Mars colony, Conway practically grew up teething on a phaser. Not because his parents wanted him to be a starfleet officer, as Baxter's had, but because HE wanted to be a Starfleet officer. He's craved the power of command since he could crawl into a command chair. Aboard such vessels as the USS Garrison and Darwin, he's found new and exciting ways to kiss up to his superior officers. After becoming Baxter's XO, however, Conway hit something of a road-block, since he hates the captain with a passion. He does, however, love coffee, in all its various and splendid forms. Despite all his ambitions, Conway is basically a lazy, shiftless soul who can only find true happiness in the form of a black bean, or in one case, ketracel white ("Lost and Founder" [VEX]). Conway left the Aerostar briefly in 2374 to take a position at Wal-Mart inside the Nexus Ribbon Don't they have a way of popping up EVERYWHERE! ("Wrapped in the Ribbon" [VEX]). Conway's love life has been less than perfect, including being tossed into a gorge by his then-wife Alexa Lanham ("Happily Ever Altered" [VEX]) having the symbiont of his beloved Lana Shar shoved inside him, only to have it taken away ("The Host with the Most" [VEX]) and having Shar's successive host, Tyra, boss him around and try to kill him ("Keep Your Friends Close..." [VEX]). He also flirted with the idea of dating Doctor Janice Browning on a couple occasions ("Love Hurts" [VEX], "The Best Times We Never Had" [VEX]). Conway spent a brief stint as First Officer of the USS Secondprize during an exchange program in 2375 ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK]) only to completely botch a first contact. Conways joys other than coffee include NASCAR and the Ancient Rock of Earth's late 20th century. He has one dog, a Pembrooke Welsh corgi, Bucky. Conway's savior seems to have come in the form of command of one USS Aerostar-A, but as to his success on that ship...that's anyone's guess.

CONWAY, DAVID (20th Century Version): Pathetic ancestor of Commander David Conway, who lives in the town of Salisbury, Maryland, on 20th Century Earth. Good friend to 20th Century Andy Baxter ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

COOL RIGHTEOUS DEATH: Baird's term for a great way to die. Baird wanted to die having sex while plummeting into a black hole. He figured the time dilation effects would freeze him in an eternal orgasm. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

COOPER, ADMIRAL: Cooper visited the Secondprize on Stardate 51017 for an inspection tour. At least that's what he was supposed to do. During the shuttle flight to the ship, Cooper demanded that Ensign Carr fix him some coffee...with cream and lots of sugar. Carr served him a cup of Bonialia Blossom, which turned out to be toxic to humans. Cooper thought the blend was incredibly tasty, then he fell unconscious. Carr was able to get Cooper to medical attention in time. Cooper liked the coffee so much that he decided to forego the inspection. He did, however, request that Carr be the one to fly him to the Starship Truman and that she fix him more of that "damn fine coffee." ("Choice Blend" [TRK]) (NOTE: Most of the names in this story are in some way from "Twin Peaks," one of Alan Decker's favorite shows.)

COOTIES, KLINGON: Insect parasite that is deadly if left untreated. The USS Banshee was assigned to investigate an outbreak of Klingon Cooties in an elementary school in the Taliran System, where reports from the students indicated that all the girls had them. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

COPELAND, CAPTAIN KATE: Captain of the Federation starship Rameses. Captain Copeland had been a friend and mentor to the then Commander Jad Vorezze. She was also extremely fond of pornography. When she died on the Rameses in 2373, then Commander Jad Vorezze was forced to take command. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]).

COPELAND, KEITH: Federation Marine Private assigned to Waystation's 79th Battalion. Copeland was the first marine attacked by the squirrels of Ridalis Four. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Copeland helped chase Russell during the marine takeover of Waystation. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

CRABTREE, CLYDE: Alias used by Commander David Conway while undercover in an attempt to retrieve Commander Ashley Donovan from Sytarnan Three. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part Two" [VEX]).

CREBIUS CLUSTER: The Delta Quadrant equivalent of the Bermuda Expanse. Aerostar's only hope of getting back to the Alpha Quadrant (Various, "Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]).

CRIDIS: Assistant to Jum, former friend to Mirk, but not all that great a guy, as it turns out ("The Salad of Vengeance" & "Process of Elimination" [VEX]).

CROSS, DR. TAVIAN: Travis Dillon's therapist at the Tantalus V Rehabilitation Colony. He was able to restore Dillon's sanity in two short years. Cross suggested that Dillon write a book about his experiences. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

CROTEL, FIRST: Jem'Hadar assistant to Vorta administrator Hanock. Crotel is quite fond of the video game Super Mario Brothers. In late 2374, Crotel and Hanock were stationed on planet Tolkien III. The two of them piloted a Dominion prototype for a spider like transport vehicle to the wreckage of the USS Rameses, but the vehicle was destroyed by members of the Rameses crew. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). In mid 2375, Crotel and Hanock took command of the Dominion battleship Veraka and were sent on a mission to destroy the Enterprise-E. When the Banshee intercepted them, there Veraka was flung back in time. The Veraka was later destroyed in the past, but Hanock and Crotel escaped. ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN]). In 2376, Crotel was killed during a firefight with Banshee crewmembers after they had taken over the ship. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread Part Three" [BAN]). In "Towards Earth", the original version of "Only a Matter of Time", Crotel was originally a Cardassian. Crotel was first seen in "Tolkien III."

CROWN PRINCE NUPLATEL: Federation dignitary Hawkins shoved out of the way in her rush to get aboard the Pomposity. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

CRUSHER, WESLEY: Pupil of The Traveler. One of Wesley's attempts to manipulate time and space resulted in the disappearance of Dillon's runabout. The Traveler and Wesley didn't stay to help find Dillon though, because Wesley had a lot of material to learn before his Christmas break. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

CRYSTA: A planet which at one time was located in the Delta Quadrant ("Leader of the Flock" [VEX]), which, thanks to complicated alien technology, got transported to the Alpha Quadrant ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]), was host to a species of humanoid penguins, known rhetorically as "Homo Penguinis." No one knows the whereabouts of the planet now, and frankly, no one cares.

CUBE #347: Exploratory Class Borg cubeship. Cube #347, or some version thereof, has been around for many centuries, although it has yet to be said the exact "commissioning" date of the current vessel; however, the "end" of Cube #347 has been hinted at ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]). The crew of Cube #347 are the imperfectly assimilated of the Borg Collective, those who, for one reason or another, did not quite lose their individuality to the Hive. Perfectly functional drones in all other respects, those on Cube #347 do not quite fit the Collective mold, yet are too useful to simply flush down the nearest black hole. Cube #347 was present at the inception of the Borg, a key player along with crew of the Federation starship Banshee in the formation of the Collective ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, part I-III" [BRG]). It later found itself quite a few years in the future, in a time when an altered Hive had become good allies with a Second Federation. Peace and happiness was not to be, as the Borg of the way future had plotted with the Borg of the now to return the Hive of the distant future to the format of the way future Borg. Confused yet? In any case, Cube #347 had absolutely no idea it had been recruited as the Trojan Horse to carry out the mission; and afterwards, when it had been sent to the present, did not remember due to memory erasure ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, part I-III" [BRG]). In between the two temporal extremes, Cube #347 has had many other adventures. They range from meeting with noncorporial entities ("Borg vs. Borg", "We Are Q", "Of Jabberwock, Jubjub Birds, and Bandersnatch" [BRG]) to brushes with spatial phenomenon - natural and artificial in origin - ("Two Much of a Good Thing"; "In Space, No One Can Hear You Panic"; "Sensory Overload" [BRG]; "Captain's Tale" [REJ]) to attack by a space-born mold ("A Day in the Trenches" [BRG]) to drug smugglers from the future ("Jovian Dust" [BRG]). Cube #347 has been threatened by unusual weapons such as controlled coronal discharge ("A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]) and plant extracts ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]), nearly had its sub-collective butt kicked by the very concrete Belief of a species target for assimilation ("Fifth Dimension"; "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" [BRG]), and recieved the directed rage of a disgruntled postal mech ("The Check is in the Mail" [BRG]). Cube #347 has also been a guinea pig for new technologies ("A Speeding Cube Gathers No Stardust" [BRG]). Several times the sub-collective has been faced with the dilemma in which for one reason or another, foes have been unable to be assimilated ("A Borg of a Different Color"; "Let Sleeping Borg Lie, part I-III"; "Jovian Dust"; "A Fish Story"; "We Are Q"; "Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, Part I-III"; "The Crimson Short One and the Cube - A Fairy Tale" [BRG]). Perhaps the most serious threat to Cube #347's integrity was when, though the usual series of unrelated coinsidences, found itself drawn through the transportation system of an extinct race and into the greedy tech-hungry clutches of Federation's Section 31. While Section 31's plan did not work, Cube #347 ended up on the recieving end of a colonization attempt by the ultimate Borg nemisis, "They". With link to Collective temporarily severed by a prototype Federation weapon, the sub-collective of Cube #347 was forced to forge an alliance with Starfleet in order to beat back They's superior forces. After a series of large explosions, They retreated; Cube #347 was transferred back to the Delta Quadrant via the same transportation system when said system realized the cube had not paid the toll and decided the case was one for Custom's to deal with ("A Fish Story" [BRG]) It is a wonder the current Cube #347 has not yet been spindled, mutilated, or torn into debris.

CUBE #347 (ALTERNATE): Strike Class Borg Cube from alternate universe. The alternate Cube #347 saved this universe's Cube #347 from destruction. ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]).

CUBE #555: Cargo Class Borg Cubeship. Cube #522 was heavily damaged in research accident, losing the majority of its resident sub-collective. Two hundred fifty of those which remained (subunit #522) were off-loaded to Cube #347 in order to outfit the latter with prototype quantum slipstream drive and complete initial testing stage of this technology. Cube #347 subsequently was sent deep into the Beta Quadrant ("A Speeding Cube Gathers No Stardust" [BRG]).

CULINARY INSITITUTE OF THE GALAXY (C.I.G.): Cooking school that denied Michael Rennicks admission based on the low quality of his beef stroganoff. Rennicks took Rydell and Carr hostage in hopes of forcing the C.I.G. to admit him. Rydell resolved the situation and, after tasting Rennicks' stroganoff, completely concurred with the C.I.G.'s decision. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

CUMBERLAND, USS: Runabout assigned to Waystation. Lt. Cmdr. Morales left Waystation in the Cumberland while the station was under the control of Compucop and used the runabout's comm system to send forged regulations update back to Waystation. ("House Arrest" [WAY]) The Cumberland assisted in the rescue of the Federation Marines from Ridalis Four. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Morales, Nelson, and Russell used the Cumberland to track down and rescue the kidnapped Beck and Porter. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) Morales and Jones took the Cumberland to Geranis Two for a diplomatic mission. On their way back, the runabout was damaged by the energy wave caused by Karyna joining with Q. Q returned the Cumberland to Waystation, shrinking it and sticking it in Morales' bed. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Presumably Q restored the vessel to normal since it was used during the renovation of Waystation. Yeoman Jones took up temporary quarters there when her cargo module was accidentally vented into space during the renovations. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

CYRESIAS BELT: The embryonic star clusters located here are way up on Starfleet's list of "Place You Should Avoid." ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])


DARLA: A woman Sean Russell met on the beach in Malibu just before he was assigned to be security chief of the USS Edsel under the command of Travis Dillon. Darla accompanied Russell on the mission but left him for Kantura Dransein who she then left for Dr. Reginald Smythe. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

DARSON: A planet infected by a horrid plague, helped by the recently-hooked-up Counselor Peterman and Captain Baxter. In between kisses and snuggles, they managed to administer medical aid, while the Aerostar dealt with a disease of an entirely different sort, that of total insanity ("Clouded Judgment" [VEX]).

DAWES, MINDY: Girlfriend of John Simms, Jr. and Simms Cruise Lines' chief spokesperson. She sang the Simms Ship jingle in all of their commercials, causing much pain and suffering throughout the quadrant. Hawkins was more than happy to phaser her into unconsciousness when Dillon took command of the Pomposity. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

DATUM, SFS: Science support to group tasked with salvaging Cube #347 ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]).

DAVY-DOO: Inept counterpart of Commander David Conway in the over-happy Federation of Fun ("Happy to See You" [VEX]). Later was freed of the evil mind-shifting ray that had made him happy ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]), only to be assimilated by happy Borg and re-happied some time later ("Many Happy Returns" [VEX]).

DEAN, JOE: Fifteen year old inhabitant of the planet Mordor. At the age of 13, he was involved with a much older woman named Kristina Mattice. When Kristina wouldn't let Joe call off their relationship, he charged her with statutory rape and had her put in prison. What Joe did not know was that Kristina was a 4000 year old Vampire who headed up the Deimos cult. Once freed, Mattice arranged for the Deimos to make a human sacrifice of Joe. The murder went as planned, but when Joe's body was discovered by Lt. Cmdr. Vincent DiSanto, it lead to an investigation that would lead to the cult's downfall. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part One: Shore Leave From Hell [BAN]).

DEFIANT, USS: A powerful starship assigned to Deep Space Nine. The Defiant was stolen by Zero and Rebecca Singer for use in their plan to capture Captain Rydell. Singer took the Defiant back in time to 20th century Earth, closely pursued by the USS Secondprize. The Secondprize proved to be no match for the Defiant, but Jaroch's arrival in the Runabout Hudson turned the tide of the battle. The Defiant was captured and returned to its home base. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

DELFOR COLONY: The home of Oswald and Harriet Nelson, Dr. Nelson's parents. Nelson returned to Delfor Colony for her parents' 40th wedding anniversary party. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY])

DELTA A & B, 12 OF 19: 12 of 19 was born Leeta and Kitra, twins girls on a Grikite colony world ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]). They grew up, went through school, graduated as engineers, and took jobs at Astro-Engineering ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]). When the Borg descended upon their planet, both assisted in the resistance, although Leeta was primarily following her dominant twin's wish to fight ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]). They were assimilated approximately 40 years before the prior assignment ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]). The trauma, and a case of assimilation imperfection, melded the two formerly seperate personalities into one mind in two bodies ("This is Borg?"; "A Day in the Trenches" [BRG]) 12 of 19 gained her current position of engineering hierarchy head when Captain picked her for the ssignment ("This is Borg?" [BRG]). She is often chosen by Captains to fill the Engineer position, but she hates the name, so often uses a different designation ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]). During Captain's initial assignment, 12 of 19 went by Omega ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]); currently she is "Delta" because it is her fourth time as head in the last six cube deployments ("This is Borg?" [BRG]). She has threatened dire consequences if she is picked again before the HIerarchy of Eight makes a complete rotation ("This is Borg?" [BRG]). Delta's species has a controllable glandular system, which includes a caffeine-like stimulant ("A Day in the Trenches" [BRG]). And while Delta is an excellent engineering drone, she has difficulty coordinating her hierarchy with efficiency when many of her drones are physically active; the threshold for initial problems is 60% ("A Day in the Trenches"; "A Speeding Cube Gathers No Stardust"; "A Fish Story" [BRG]). If there is one thing Delta hates (besides Weapons), it is Klingon opera ("In Space, No One Can Hear You Panic" [BRG]). As head of the engineering hierarchy, it is Delta's job to make sure the cube stays in one piece, more or less. One of the more difficult episodes was when Cube #347 was infultrated by a space mold, which ended up leaving on its own before the ship utterly fell apart ("A Day in the Trenches" [BRG]). Personal problems include the time when Body B was affected by a mech virus, the effects of which mimiced a state of drunkenness ("Borg Scratch Fever" [BRG]), and when the same body was kidnapped by a genetic collector ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]).

DEMENSIA, FLORIA: Supposed representative of the advertising firm of Frutopia, Demensia, and Blornstein. She was actually a criminal out to brainwash Dillon and take over the Secondprize. ("Starfleet Red" [TRK])

DENABA: Cargo freighter which was supposed to be carrying Lt. Terris' stolen information on the Multeks. When Terris' Romulan employers rendezvoused with the Denaba, they learned that Terris had been imprisoned. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

DENERIA CLUSTER: Site of Starfleet's Deneria Dry Dock Facility. Rydell and Beck went to Deneria to meet Sullivan, Baird, Carr, and Jaroch during their attempt to stop Forever from destroying the universe. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

DENERIA DRY DOCK: Massive ship building and repair facility in the Deneria Cluster. Baird and Sullivan shared quarters there. Sullivan commanded her own ship while Baird was the facility's Supervising Refit and Repair Officer. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

DETRITUS OF BORG: The alter-ego to Federation Marine Christopher Henricks, who assisted the Borg in their mauling of the Flarn and other assorted bad deeds. Found to be vulnerable when placed head-to-head with the braindead Dean Wilcox ("Process of Elimination, Part II & III" [VEX]).

DEVEREAUX, FABIAN AND MABEL: Stage names used by Rydell's parents, a popular singing duo. They are more commonly known as Fabe and Mabe. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

DILLON, BRADLEY: Bradley is the son of Richard and Linda Dillon and is two years younger than his brother Travis Dillon. Bradley was born in the suburbs of Baltimore where he grew up with one huge advantage over his older brother: he wasn't the subject of one of their father's psychology experiments. Despite the "no money needed" society of Earth and the Federation, Bradley became consumed with the idea of business and making a profit. Rather than cheat his customers, as a Ferengi would, Bradley preferred to gain a reputation as a good businessman. He left Earth to attend college on Alpha Centauri mainly because his mother, realizing that Travis was a complete loss, had latched onto Bradley a little too tightly for his tastes. After graduation, Bradley set up a used spaceship dealership and did moderately well for himself. About this time, he gave some money and a used ship to his old high school friend Lucas Mauser so that Mauser could start up a mining operation. Bradley did this strictly out of friendship and honestly never expected to see a dime of the money back. This sort of generosity set him apart from the Ferengi businessmen, or vultures as Bradley preferred to call them, that he was inevitably compared to. Of course, Bradley had a few skills of his own, such as pickpocketing and lockpicking, that would have raised a few eyebrows if they became widely known. A misunderstand concerning a vehicle he sold a Tellarite forced him to leave Alpha Centauri. Having heard about the opportunities awaiting in the Beta Quadrant, Bradley headed to the newly-established Waystation to set up Dillon's Supply Depot, the one place for colonists to get anything they could possibly need before heading out into unexplored terrain. Bradley managed to get his shop in Waystation's Starfleet Square Mall rent free after his ship, the Atalanta, was commandeered and destroyed after Porter rammed it into a Romulan Warbird. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Bradley struck up an odd friendship with Leximas, the alien guru on board the station. While she was less than pleased by his attempt to cash in on her popularity by selling dolls of her, she was enough intrigued by him to agree to spend three days in his holodeck Titanic simulation. ("This is Only a Test," "That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) The holodeck program turned deadly when Karyna arrived with vendetta against Leximas and sent the guru and Bradley back to the real Titanic to die. Bradley and Leximas managed to dodge the Grecin assassin Karyna put on the ship, and Bradley got Leximas into one of the lifeboats while he stayed behind to make sure the Grecin could not get to her. Leximas rescued Bradley just before the ship went down, taking the Grecin with it, and the two were returned to the 24th century by Q, who had come to rein in Karyna. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) The riots that consumed Waystation and prompted the renovation almost destroyed Dillon's Supply Depot. A later brawl involving two suspected shoplifters who had taken refuge in the Waystation Village cargo module he'd set up shop in almost finished the job. While sulking over this latest setback to his financial dreams, Bradley was visited by Lucas Mauser's lawyer who informed him that Mauser, who had kept Bradley as a silent partner for years and years, had sold his mining company and Bradley's share of the sale price was over 130 billion credits. Bradley now ranked among the richest men in the galaxy, a fact Daimon Gribnob of the Ferengi immediately tried to cash in on. Bradley foiled his plans and tricked Gribnob into selling him exclusive trading rights in the sector for a measly 134 credits. Bradley's new-found wealth allowed him to establish Dillon Enterprises and start construction on the Starfleet Suites Hotel, a luxury hotel to be located above Starfleet Square Mall. ("Dividends" [WAY]) Over the first couple of months, Bradley had trouble adjusting to being rich. At times, he would be very generous, as when he lent Commander Beck ski equipment and provided her with lessons in preparation for her vacation to the ski resorts of Sargonis. ("You May Meet A Stranger" [WAY]) Then he would turn around and capriciously sure Starfleet knowing that he wouldn't see a dime. It was just entertaining. His lawsuit, filed after his contractors walked off the job in support of the Zenedron Construction Group employees who were on strike, was basically thrown out by the Judge Advocate General, but then Bradley used his wealth to bribe all of the construction workers into coming back to work. He simply enjoyed having the power to change people's behavior with money. ("While You Were Out" [WAY]) He used that power again when a potential investor in the hotel, Jaraan, visited the station. Bradley bribed Russell into staying away from her and spent several credits to make sure her date with Lt. Porter, whom she had expressed an interest in, went perfectly. In the end, Jaraan decided to invest in the hotel. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY]) Bradley's upswing almost came to an abrupt end when he was taken hostage, along with Beck, Jones, and three Federation big-wigs, by the Starshine Kids. In an attempt to save his own neck, he volunteered Jones to experience the Starshine Kids' brainwashing orb. Morales and Lazlo rescued the hostages, but Bradley learned that Leximas had been killed in an explosion on board Waystation Village just after he was taken hostage. The event completely knocked the wind out of his sails. He'd lost his one real friend on the station. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) As the renovated station reopened, Bradley through his efforts into his businesses. The Federation Science Council held their annual conference at the Starfleet Suites hotel about a year later, giving him a lot of publicity for the hotel. ("The Way We Were" [WAY]) However, the hotel's restaurant, Dillon's, had a bit of a cook problem. At first, he'd hired Densin Gremlak, a Cardassian who had formerly been one of Bradley's lawyers in the suit against Starfleet, but an accident staged by Ih'mad of the station's Andorian restaurant took Gremlak out of the picture. Next, Bradley brought in Janice Browning, who had resigned from the USS Explorer, to run the restaurant. She managed to hold her own with the Andorians, but left to rescue her former fiancee' from the Klingons. ("The Sacrifice of Bagels" [VEX]) In exchange for using his own credits to buy back Earth from the Ferengi, Bradley was made President of the United Federation of Planets on Stardate 54865. ("This Item Earth" [VEX]) During the Forever incident, Bradley, who still maintained his offices at Waystation, lent Trinian a spaceship in exchange for her agreeing to be a bartender at his new casinoworld for 5 years. She never returned the ship or returned period. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK])

DILLON ENTERPRISES: Company started by Bradley Dillon after he became fabulously wealthy. The company's corporate officers were located in Waystation. ("Dividends" [WAY])

DILLON, LINDA: Mother of Travis and Bradley Dillon and president of Johns Hopkins University on Earth. Mrs. Dillon visited the USS Secondprize on Stardate 49110 prompting a panic among the female members of the Secondprize crew when she let slip that Dillon was interested in someone on board. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) She and Dillon's father were also on the maiden voyage of the SS Pomposity with Dillon and Hawkins, much to the latter couple's regret. Mrs. Dillon shared her husband's hope that Dillon would go into psychology. Neither of them are thrilled that he chose Starfleet and regularly voice that opinion. They also openly express the view that they like Travis' brother Bradley better. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

DILLON, TRACEY: Female version of Travis Dillon from the universe immediately preceding ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

DILLON, TRAVIS MICHAEL: Travis Dillon was the first child born to Richard and Linda Dillon. Looking to jump-start his psychology career, Richard decided to turn his newborn son's life into one big experiment. Linda agreed to this plan only after her husband assured her that the papers generated by the experiment would get them invited to conferences all over the quadrant. For Travis Dillon, it meant a life of confusion. In one moment, his father would say that he had to use his potential and become a psychologist as Dillons had for generations. In the next moment, he'd belittle Dillon's ability to do anything. With this going on at home, Dillon searched the rest of his life for order. School offered some release. At school there were rules he understood and clear goals to reach that led to success. He eventually fixated on getting into Starfleet. Starfleet had regulations and discipline. Also, his Uncle Matt was an officer. During one visit to San Francisco to see Uncle Matt, Dillon accidentally broke Ambassador Sarek's window and knocked the ambassador himself out with a baseball, opening another opportunity for Richard Dillon to verbally thrash his son. Dillon looked forward to the times parents would leave for his father's psychological conferences, something that happened more and more often as he grew older. With a little behind the scenes help from his Uncle Matt, who was completely unaware of his nephew's status as a psychology experiment, Dillon was admitted to Starfleet Academy. Given the clear regiment of classes and training exercises at the Academy, Travis couldn't help but excel. It was almost programmed into him. His only problem at the Academy was his roommate, a surly Klingon named Worf. The time at the Academy away from his parents did wonders for his ego as well. Actually, his ego went too far in the other direction. As if to block out any reminders of his father's disparaging remarks, Dillon wrapped a shield of self-importance around himself that made him almost insufferable. Dillon graduated at the top of his class, and he was confident that with his abilities he'd make captain within a few months. At first, it looked like he might be right, but not for the reasons he thought. His superior officers on his first assignments realized that if they promoted him, they could get him transferred to another ship very quickly. He'd made lieutenant commander by the time the captain of the USS Baker left him on Deep Space Fourteen. The captain had docked and asked Dillon, who was serving as the ship's helm officer, to go deliver a "Top Secret" message by hand to the station commander. As soon as Dillon was out of the airlock, the ship cleared all moorings and got the hell out of there. Dillon's mother asked Uncle Matt, who was an admiral at this point, to put Dillon on another ship. Despite her general distaste for the person Dillon had become, she realized he was better off away from Richard. Admiral Matt Dillon put through the paperwork to get Dillon promoted to commander and assigned to the USS Secondprize as first officer. As long as the Secondprize's missions followed Academy scenarios, Dillon performed admirably. Strange or new situations tended to throw him, though. He was all book sense and no common sense. Also, his obsession with regulations and the chain of command didn't win him any friends among the Secondprize crew. When word got out that Dillon was interested in dating one of the Secondprize's officers, the women on the ship made an all-out effort to find her and save her before Dillon could act. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) Dillon did, however, manage to save the ship from the Rock Creature when he sent it and the energy-filled rock it was chasing into the matter reclamation system. Unfortunately, this also overloaded the entire system. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK]) Dillon led missions to Neilson IV, Bytellus Two, and the moon of Kynax, none of which turned out as he had hoped. ("And Now, Right Here On Our Show...," "A Serious Case of the Stupids," "Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK]) After Rydell was briefly incapacitated by a flood of hot chocolate, Dillon took command of the Secondprize upon their arrival at Ugilious. He almost provoked the Joegonots into attacking the ship before Rydell arrived to handle the situation. Dillon transported to Ugilious with the away team and, after their capture, was thrown to the Grand Leech's daughters. Rydell "rescued" him before things went too far. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) During the next mission to Kilma Omega IV, Dillon attempted to break Rydell out of prison but wound up being captured himself. He unintentionally managed to clear their names by tackling Amjex into the River Belchus. Dillon's resulting burp briefly caused the planet's inhabitants to believe that he was the Gaseous One whose coming had been foretold. After hearing him speak for a while, the Kilma Omegans dubbed him the Great Windbag. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) While trying to find the kidnapped Captain Rydell, Dillon became fascinated with Dr. Azar's time tube. He allowed himself, Jaroch and Sullivan to be test subjects for the tube's trial run, which resulted in all three officers being sent 20 billion years into the future. Dumped into the next universe, Dillon realized he was in over his head and set out to rescue that universe's Rydell to fix things. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) After Dillon told his mother how he had helped have the universe from being destroyed by a temporal paradox, she nagged Admiral Matt Dillon to get him promoted to captain. Admiral Jean-Luc Picard agreed, but only because both men were having bad days. Dillon was given command of the USS Edsel, and he asked Lt. Hawkins and Lt. Russell to join his crew. With Hawkins as his first officer and Russell as his security chief, Dillon set out to Gulax Four to pick up Dr. Reginald Smythe's archaeological team. With his promotion, Dillon had also received a mate magnet, a small device designed to make Starfleet captains irresistible to the opposite sex. On Gulax Four, Dillon met Dr. Elizabeth Jennings, and the two fell for each other. His bliss was interrupted by the arrival of the Klingons under Captain Donask. In order to protect Smythe's discovery, Dillon challenged Donask to a series of contests including dizzy bats and red light, green light. Donask grew angry with the contests and was about to kill Dillon when Captain Rydell arrived to set things straight. Realizing their huge mistake, Admirals Picard and Dillon decided to pretend the Edsel business had never happened. Dillon was returned to his prior rank and post on the Secondprize. Having lost the mate magnet, Dillon believed that Jennings would no longer be interested in him, so he broke up with her abruptly. After finding out the mate magnet had never worked in the first place, Dillon sank into a deep depression until Hawkins consoled him. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Myna, masquerading as Ambassador Baradda, trapped Dillon in the holodeck in a simulation of Bradley Dillon's used spaceship lot. After Hawkins became trapped in the holodeck as well, the two managed to overload the program and signal Beck and Porter on the bridge. Freed, Dillon and Hawkins saved Sullivan from Myna and rescued the other senior officers from Mandicor. This also marked the beginning of a friendship between Dillon and Patricia Hawkins. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) Dillon led the away team down to Edgeworld which was eventually captured by the Multeks. While Jaroch and Russell escaped back to the Secondprize, Dillon and Beck went to the Multek ship's bridge in order to disable the craft's shields. The were rescued by the Secondprize shortly before the Multeks would have killed them. The Secondprize returned to Starbase 219 to report on the Multek situation, and Dillon, Jaroch, Hawkins, and Carr were ordered to go evaluated the new Starfleet Memorial Gardens built by Debbie Wagner. The car carrying Dillon, Hawkins, and Jaroch was attacked by the Gardens' giant clones of famous Starfleet officers, and Jaroch was taken away by the giant James T. Kirk. Faced with almost certain death, Dillon and Hawkins revealed that they loved each other. They were rescued and returned to the Secondprize as a couple, much to the disgust of Jaroch. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Dillon was busy over the next several months trying to save Hawkins from Borg clowns, survive falling through time with Jaroch and rescue Captain Rydell from Michael Rennicks. ("Fear Has A Red Nose," "Beaming There," "Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) After the Rennicks incident, Dillon was approached by Floria Demensia to be the spokesman for Starfleet Red cologne. He agreed, but the cologne turned out to be a drug that made him vulnerable to suggestion. Hawkins and Jaroch were able to rescue him before Demensia could get too much information out of him. ("Starfleet Red" [TRK]) During a diplomatic mission to Alkaxis Prime, Dillon was blown out a window, tossed off a cliff, and swallowed by a giant fish. Hawkins decided that between this and her experience with the Borg clowns, they needed a vacation. She booked a cabin for them on the maiden voyage of the SS Pomposity. Dillon was upset at first about losing some of his precious leave time he'd been saving up but eventually agreed to go. The trip was marred by a Changeling saboteur, a run-in with Donask, and the presence of Dillon's parents on board. Richard Dillon continued his usual verbal attacks against his son, but that was preferable than being killed by Donask. Only Dillon's love of 20th century Earth film, a love he and Donask shared, saved him from a slow, painful death from several Klingon torture implements. Upon his return to the Pomposity, Dillon was hit with another verbal assault from Richard. Travis punched him, revealing that this Richard was actually the Changeling. His real father had been stuffed in a storage locker. The Pomposity was towed back to Starbase 212, where Dillon and Hawkins spent the remainder of their leave together. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]) Dillon was briefly believed lost when his runabout vanished in a temporal explosion while he was on his was back from a meeting of the Starfleet Regulations Advisory Board. He'd actually crashed on an uninhabited world where he managed to survive help arrived in the form of Captain Montgomery Scott. Scott took the beaten and battered Dillon to Waystation, where the Secondprize had docked for Christmas. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK]) Soon after this, Dillon briefly had his mind invaded by Captain Andy Baxter, whose ship, the USS Aerostar, was trapped in the Delta Quadrant. The Aerostar was able to put Baxter's mind into Dillon's head in order to send a message to Starfleet about the Aerostar's status. ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]) Dillon met his 20th century ancestor when the Secondprize went back in time to chase Rebecca Singer. Dillon took an immediately dislike to the 20th century Travis, most likely due to the fact that Travis was well adjusted and about to get married. At the end of the mission, though, Dillon and Hawkins moved in together. At this time, Dillon also found out that Jaroch was in love with Hawkins as well. Hawkins chose Dillon instead, seemingly putting an end to the problem. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Dillon was one of the five Secondprize officers that went into the Forever moon and were responsible for both starting the destruction of the universe and putting it on hold for ten years. Assuming Starfleet would take care of things, they continued on with their lives. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK]) Through the First Officer Exchange Program, Dillon spent a short time on the USS Explorer, the ship given to Baxter and his crew after their return from the Delta Quadrant. He immediately antagonized Baxter and Counselor Peterman, but all personal conflicts were put aside when Baxter was possessed by an evil energy being. Dillon, with the help of the Explorer command crew, was able to isolate Baxter from the rest of the ship and return the being to its prison. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX]) Dillon's life took a sudden downturn two years later when Hawkins suddenly ran off with a Klingon. This almost crushed him, but he had the knowledge that Rydell would soon be retiring to keep his spirits up. Rydell did retire, but Starfleet decided to give command to Jaroch instead. They did not feel that Dillon was captain material. That was the last straw; Dillon slipped into complete insanity. Rather than send him to Tantalus V, Jaroch had Dillon put in a holodeck encased inside an asteroid where he was monitored by Counselor Miller. Dillon remained there for eight years living inside ego-stroking fantasy worlds. When Forever reactivated, Dillon had to be taken from his asteroid and returned to reality. Learning that Rydell, whom he blamed for all of the catastrophes of his life, was still alive was almost too much for Dillon to bear. Hawkins' arrival did not improve matters. He turned his energies toward planning revenge. Rydell appealed to Dillon's sense of duty and convinced him to at least help them save the universe, but while Rydell tried to stop Forever, Dillon turned his anger on Hawkins. Intent on either killing her or getting her back, Dillon threatened Hawkins with a disrupter. Jaroch stepped in and challenged Dillon to single combat, a challenge he readily accepted. He'd had eight years to improve his fighting skills, something he more than proved to Jaroch and to Hawkins when she jumped into the fight. Hawkins distraction gave Jaroch enough time to summon J'Ter, who pummeled Dillon mercilessly. Dillon managed to get a weapon, but was disarmed when Rydell and Karina Durham leapt out of the time stream on top of him. Having lost his chance at vengeance, Dillon sank into an almost catatonic state. He was finally sent to Tantalus V where, after two years of intensive therapy, he recovered and was released. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

DILLON, TRAVIS (20th Century Version): Old Dominion University student and roommate of 20th century Alex Rydell. While Travis was home visiting his fiance' Rachel Kelley, Alex's mind was replaced with that of Captain Rydell. Travis figured out what had happened and assisted Rydell in repairing Alex's relationship with Trina. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Two years later, Travis, along with Alex and Carl Jaroch, were pursued through Greenbriar Mall by a crazed Rebecca Singer. His mind was wiped of the incident, though. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Captain Andy Baxter was forced to break through that mind wipe when he and two other USS Aerostar officers experienced the same mind swapping phenomenon that had happened to Captain Rydell. Travis helped the Aerostar officers reverse the process and stop a Flarn attack on 20th century Earth. Soon after this, Travis married Rachel Kelley. ("Out of Time" [VEX]) Travis and Rachel had a son while Travis pursued a writing career. He gradually went nuts causing himself be institutionalized. Rachel left him and married Alex, who had been left by Trina. He was released from the institution at the age of 50. Three years later, he was found dead in a snow bank in Montana. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

DILLON, MATTHEW: Starfleet admiral and uncle to Travis Dillon. He urged Admiral Picard to promoted Travis Dillon to captain after receiving numerous calls from Dillon's mother. After the incident with the Klingons on Gulax Four, Admirals Dillon and Picard agreed that Travis Dillon's promotion had been a big mistake. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

DILLON, DR. RICHARD: Father of Travis and Bradley Dillon. In order to further his own career, he used his first-born son, Travis, as a sort of behavioral experiment, continually badgering the boy about everything. Richard disapproved of Dillon's career choice and felt that Dillon should have practiced psychology in Baltimore just as the first-born Dillon males had done for generations. The only time Richard really spoke during the cruise of the SS Pomposity was when he was complaining about Dillon. Ragoo stuffed Richard in a supply locker and took his shape in order to try and kill Dillon and Hawkins. All Ragoo succeeded in doing was angering Dillon to the point of striking him. This punch showed that "Richard" was Ragoo, allowing the Klingons to blast the Changeling into oblivion. The real Richard worried that Hawkins would screw up all of his hard work on Dillon. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

DILLON'S SUPPLY DEPOT: Colonist supply store started on Waystation by Bradley Dillon. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) After his huge financial windfall, Bradley started opening Dillon's Supply Depots all over the Federation, including on the USS Explorer. ("Back on Track" [VEX])

DILUS: Maloxian space station visted by the Aerostar in 2374 ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part I" [VEX]).

DIRECTORS: The eye-ball shaped semi-omnipotent entities who live, among other places, in the Bermuda Expanse. Worshipped by the Maloxians, the Directors are very elusive about their true nature, and only tell the Explorer crew to be patient, that everything will revealed. At some point, everything will (Various, "Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]).

DISANTO, LT. CMDR. VINCENT: Tactical officer on board the starship Banshee. Early in his Starfleet career, Vince braved the disastrous Battle of Wolf 359. ("Collective") A few years later, while serving aboard the USS Rameses, Vince was devastated when the woman he claimed was the love of his life left him for another man. The pain was made worse by the fact that the position of their quarters on the ship made it all too possible to hear all of their lovemaking sessions. It was this massive heartbreak that led him to decide it was better not to pursue a relationship until he was certain it would work out. ("Basic Survival Instinct" [BAN]) When the Rameses crashed in late 2374, Vince was one of the survivors who played an important role in fending off Dominion forces long enough for help to arrive. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). In 2375, immediately following the crash of the Rameses, Vince was stationed as tactical officer of the Banshee. He found that adapting to his new ship difficult, mainly because Lieutenant Commander Ben Rachow believed his disinterest in women meant something else and constantly called him gay. Soon after, members of the rest of the crew began believing the same. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I [BAN]). Vince was among the many bridge officers who were killed when a Voran torpedo struck the main bridge and destroyed it. When it became apparent that the afterlife didn't want them there, he and the others were returned to life. Vince then served on the away team that infiltrated Voran central command. ("The Dark Fleet" [BAN]). Later that year, while delivering supplies to a Section 31 starbase with Dr. Elizabeth Lang, their shuttle was struck by a rogue meteor and destroyed. In order to survive on the barren planet of Veejo IX. This sparked a brief love affair between the two. ("Basic Survival Instinct" [BAN]) In early 2376, Vince felt the urge to be return to the Borg Collective. His urge was answered when he hijacked the runabout Brahmaputra and intercepted a cubeship. When Vince attempted to lead the Borg on an assault to assimilate the Banshee, he was knocked back into individuality. As part of his recovery, Vince decided to start talking about his assimilation experiences. ("Collective" [BAN]). Vince, along with 5 other Banshee crewmembers took a vacation to the planet Mordor. There he met a Trill woman named Illana and became romantically involved with her. Vince was unaware that Illana was a member of the Deimos cult. When attempting to save Cmdr. Ben Rachow, Vince and Peter Stefanski were captured by the cult where they were to be converted into mindless slaves. Had it not been for the Banshee's prompt intervention, no one would have survived. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread" [BAN]). Vince found that despite his sexual encounter with Dr. Elizabeth Lang, he was still taken as being a homosexual, even by her. This caused him much agitation, especially when he was hit on by the Banshee's male officers. ("Nine Months Too Long" [BAN]). Vince was later almost severely wounded after being repeatedly clawed in the face by Commander Burn's pet cat, Fluffy. As if making a dying wish, Vince asked Captain Vorezze to kill the cat for him. ("Q-Tips" [BAN]) Vince was propositioned by Ben Rachow (mirror) and lured into his quarters, where his counterpart knocked him unconscious and replaced him. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]).

DISANTO, VINNIE: Mirror universe counterpart to Lt. Cmdr. Vince DiSanto from our universe. Vinnie was very large, very dumb and spoke with a Brooklyn accent. He was on a team that attempted to seize the USS Banshee in 2376. Ben Rachow (mirror) was quite fond of him, but Vinnie "doesn't do that kind of thing." ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]).

DISCOVERY, USS: Intrepid Class Federation starship, registry number NCC-79334. The Discovery was grounded at Earth and severely damaged when the weather modification network went haywire in 2374. ("Natural Disaster" [BAN])

DOCTOR, 27 OF 27: 27 of 27 was a vet prior to his assimilation ("This is Borg"; "The Check Is In the Mail"; "Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency" [BRG]; and many others). He speaks in baby talk and looks like a bipedal rodent, complete with oversized incisors ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, Part III"; "Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency"; "We Are Q" [BRG]). Due to his vet past, he tends to accidentally assimilate nonsentient animals...and the occasional plant ("This is Borg" [BRG]):
*Cute hexapod hamsters ("This is Borg", "Me, Myself, and I" [BRG])
*The Yoole Luplup, which later turned into a Vyst and became Cube #347's personal nemesis ("How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?"; "Dog Days of Summer" [BRG]) *Five fish (Mopsy, Gerny, Scales, Finny, Bubbles) ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, Part I"; "When Borg Attack"; "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" [BRG])
*A parrot ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, Part III" [BRG])
*Trinoth (meter long scorpion named Archie) ("I Feel Good!" [BRG])
*A bloodvine (Thorny) ("Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency" [BRG]) which has now grown very big after five hundred years of being on its own ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]) and taken over subsection 8 ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]).
Doctor also has a "pet" EMH Mark I Federation hologram by the name of Frank ("Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency" [BRG]). Besides turning Cube #347 into a zoo, Doctor has done other things, some bad and some good. He influenced the quasi-grouf protection of the sub-collective while battling species #8511 diety Ghari, turning all the drones into a school of fish ("A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" [BRG]). On the up side, Doctor did save the sub-collective (with help from his EMH pet-to-be) from massive implant rejection ("Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency" [BRG])

DONASK: Earth film-obsessed Klingon captain who attempted to take the logic computer from Gulax Four. She believed it was a weapon of enormous power. After Dillon challenged her to several contests including dizzy bats and red light, green light to decide the fate of the computer, Rydell showed up and tricked into taking an old cappuccino machine instead. The Klingon High Council punished her for this error by making her their official coffee steward. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) She encountered Dillon again when her ship intercepted the disabled SS Pomposity. After discovering their mutual love of film, Donask forgave Dillon for contributing to her dishonor before the High Council and helped him stop the Changeling saboteur aboard the Pomposity. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]) Somehow, a human Donask existed on Earth in the late 20th century and worked as a professor at Old Dominion University. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])

"DON'T YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND?" WAVE: Weapon used by the Joegonots to horrify their enemies into submission. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

DONOVAN, COMMANDER ASHLEY: Starfleet and later Section 31 officer who was USS Explorer Captain Andy Baxter's first person he ever made love to. The two 'got it on' in the cargo bays of the USS Secondprize, and experience Captain Baxter still vividly remembers. When she was inducted into Section31, she gave a certificate to Captain Baxter stating that the sex never took place. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]). During her years as a Section 31 field operative, she became good friends with Banshee Captain Jad Vorezze, as the Banshee was often the ship she would report to on her work in the field. Donovan is a strong believer in justice and thinks that Section 31 actually does quite a good job, although it's methods may seem a bit harsh at times. For more than a year, she had been assigned to monitor a group known as the Society for the Pursuit of Truth. Their leader, Arigo Kolem, dedicated his life to exposing Section 31. When the wreckage of the bridge module destroyed in combat with the Voran warship Triaxis turned up in SPT hands, a PADD found in Vorezze's old ready room pointed out Donovan's identity as a Section 31 spy. Rather than make her capture known, the SPT forced her to order the Banshee to Saranta II, claiming that she was in need of a Section 31 database computer for reference. When Captain Vorezze, Captain Velorn and Commander Burns arrived to give her the computer and some supplies, Donovan promptly warned them that it was a trap. Charlotte was given time to escape with the computer when Vorezze and Donovan distracted the guards. ("The Truth is Out There, Part One" [BAN]). Although she considered herself conservative with her body, Donovan nonetheless used her sex appeal on a female SPT guard after Captain Vorezze's attempts failed. The two managed to escape from their cell and jam the subspace broadcast of Kolem Arigo forcing Velorn to tell all about Section 31. After realizing that the broadcast wasn't sent, Kolem went insane and tried to kill Donovan, but she, Vorezze and Velorn were beamed out by the Banshee before they were harmed. With the SPT disbanded Donovan started working on new assignments, but was given one stipulation by Captain Jad Vorezze: never require him to bail her out again. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]). After spending some time out in the seclusion of Section 31 Headquarters, Donovan was assigned to go to Sytarnan Three to monitor the activity of the Starshine Kids. This backfired worse than her previous assignment when she was 'assimilated' by the Starshine Kids. After three crewmembers from the Banshee failed to retrieve her, the USS Explorer was called in to rope in her newly given identity, Bonita Montagnieu, who was now being used to do PR work for the Starshine Kids. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]). Donovan had previously been studying the Transference Ray worked on by Dr. Tulson and when she was captured, her knowledge of the device led the Starshine Cult developing a method to convert entire planets over. Upon being rescued and de-converted by Tilleran and J'Hana of the Explorer, she began to wreak havoc on Sesil Abramowitz's flagship, the Starshine. She was rescued by Captain Andy Baxter aboard the Escort, who also captured Sesil in the encounter. After going to Earth, where a fleet of Starshine warships was squaring off against an armada of Section 31 starships, Donovan was beamed back aboard the Banshee after she said her goodbyes to Baxter. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part Two" [VEX]).

"DON'T STOP THINKING ABOUT Z'TARRO": Song by the Bracktian group, Fleetwood Shrak. Nelson playing this song while sharing a Waystation Village module with Beck. Beck didn't like their musical stylings one bit. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY])

DOORPRIZE: Secondprize shuttlecraft that crashed on Mandicor after Myna planted a bomb on board. Scott Baird was forced to destroy the wreckage of the shuttle so that the planet's primitive inhabitants would not see it. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

DRAKOR, DR. KULAS: Psychiatrist in charge of Zero's case on Stardate 51543. He and Rebecca Singer's psychiatrist, Dr. Cole, felt that Singer and Zero should meet since they were both obsessed with Alexander Rydell. He and Cole were knocked unconscious during Singer and Zero's escape. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

DRANSEIN, KANTURA: A Starfleet Lieutenant and science officer of the USS Edsel. He wooed Darla away from Sean Russell, but then lost her to Dr. Reginald Smythe. He and Russell formed an immediate dislike of each other due to Darla. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

DREAM DEVICE, THE: A contraption created by Doctor Alexa Lanham that has the power to transform entire world into fairy tale amusement parks. The device transformed the USS Explorer and Warbird Horshak into nightmarish playgrounds of destructions, turning crew into trolls and blonde porridge-eating freaks with kneesocks. The device was discontinued and the project shut down shortly following that event ("Happily Ever Altered" [VEX]).

DRULIK: Hytellan term that is somewhat like husband in the way that harem girl is somewhat like wife. Jaraan asked Porter to be her drulik. He agreed until he learned what it really meant. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])

DURHAM, KARINA: Smuggler who crash landed at The Suburb after being shot down by Zero. She and Rydell became fast friends. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) That friendship was rekindled years later when the two ran into each other again. Eventually, they married, and Durham assisted Rydell in administrating The Suburb. She was kidnapped by Morticent in an attempt to stop Rydell from preventing Forever from destroying the universe. Approximately a year after the Forever incident, Durham gave birth to Ashley Rydell, the couple's daughter. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK])

DRUMMOND, PRIVATE: One of Lazlo's Federation Marines. He was fortunately carrying a data chip containing his mother's lasagna recipe when the marines were camped on Ridalis Four. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) He was one of the first marines to resign after deciding to follow Leximas. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY])

DWANOK THE LARGE: One of the many hapless souls sent to the Delta Quadrant by he Bermuda Expanse, Dwanok teamed up with Captain James Stevens to get a slew of Alpha Quadrant survivors back from the Flarn. His ship, the Pin'toH, was nearly destroyed, when the Aerostar swooped in and rescued it. The Pin'toH was later destroyed in a rescue mission, and Stevens and Dwanok went on to try to find those prisoners, aboard the runabout Washita, which the Aerostar crew was only to happy to lend them. Dwanok is rumored to have had relations with one Lieutenant J'hana before his departure. Dwanok was reunited with the Aerostar crew when Baxter and Peterman, on their honeymoon, discovered he and Stevens, and a Flarn named Benzra, on a far-flung Alpha Quadrant planet, in 2376. They had all been overtaken by Sesil and the Starshine Kids. After getting out of that sticky situation, Dwanok went on to take a seat on the Klingon High Council. He went on the outs with the council several times because of his radical stances on cults ("Shine on You Crazy Cult" [VEX]), Klingon television, ("Days of Honor" [VEX]) and Klingon/Andorian mating (Various, [VEX]). He continued to date J'hana until he discovered she "swung both ways" with Lt. Tilleran ("Talk is Cheap" [VEX]). There are many reasons for which he is called "Dwanok the Large." One is the fact that he is a massive individual. For more information, refer to Lt. Commander J'hana.


EARNHARDT, DALE: A popular racing champion of the late 20th century, and all-time eternal idol of Commander David Conway (first seen in "Clouded Judgement" [VEX]).

EDGEWORLD: A planet marking the end of Multek space. The Multeks believed that beyond that world was just vast quantities of empty space. The USS Secondprize visited Edgeworld on Stardate 50218 and found what appeared to be a deserted resort complex. Soon after, the away team was kidnapped by a Multek ship. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

ELGIN: Husband-to-be of Anemia, the daughter of the Grand Leech of the Joegonots. Elgin was killed by J'Ter during a dinner on Ugilious. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

ELTON, DAN: Science officer, megalomaniac, and former boyfriend of Science Chief Tilleran Elton tried to take over the Aerostar in 2374 when he aquired god-like powers from a complicated combination of chemicals ("Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things" [VEX]).

ELVIS NIGHT: One of the many events on the Secondprize designed to lighten the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it tends toward Bolian Revival Elvis rather than Classic Elvis. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

EDSEL, USS: Miranda-class ship given to Travis Dillon during his brief stint as a captain. The Edsel was mainly a patrol ship assigned to the Klingon border, but it was in spacedock for a refit when word of Dr. Reginald Smythe's discovery on Gulax Four reached Starfleet. The Edsel was immediately sent to investigate. After blundering the assignment, Dillon was removed from command. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) The Edsel disappeared into the Bermuda Expanse a short time later. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]) The Edsel was named for the son of Henry Ford.

ELECTROMAGNETIC TELESCOPE: Device the 20th century Carl Jaroch was attempting to build when he accidentally created a neutrino emission chamber with enough power to rip a hole in the space-time continuum. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) The device was confiscated by FBI Agents Mulder and Scully in their investigation of strange happenings at Greenbriar Mall. It was activated again causing an away team from the USS Aerostar visiting 20th century Earth to have their minds exchanged with their 20th century ancestors. ("Out of Time" [VEX])

ELVIS STAMPS: Dillon's collection of Elvis stamps was one of his most prized possessions. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK])

EMERGENCY BARTENDING HOLOGRAM (EBH): Designed by a Doctor Zimmerman in 2373 during a drunken night on Europa. Serves no useful purpose except to keep the liquor running smoothly during a ship's emergency, like, say, if a ship gets tossed into the Delta Quadrant ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]).

EMILY: A close, longtime friend of Captain Andrew Baxter, for whom he has no romantic feelings, only comraderie and fondness. Baxter paid her a visit when his mind was merged with Travis Dillon's in 2374 ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]). He reunited with her again when the Aerostar returned to the Alpha Quadrant at the close of that year, and found that Counselor Peterman and she got along extremely well, unfortunately ("Year Two Prologue" [VEX]).

ENRATHI SYSTEM: Star system Karyna visited before heading towards Federation space. She first heard of the Federation here. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

ENTERPRISE, USS: Sovereign Class Federation starship, registry number NCC-1701-E. The Enterprise is the strongest ship of the Federation starfleet, or at least the part that does not take part in Section 31.("Only A Matter of Time" [BAN])

ESCORT, USS: The companion vessel of the USS Explorer. The Escort is actually a pre-owned (Starfleet doesn't like the term "used") vessel and has been in service for about 30 years. It's spaceframe is that of a Peregrine-class fighter, but it has extra decks, giving it room for 30-40 officers and men. It has a VERY small shuttle bay, a cramped bridge, and a tiny mess hall. The captain's readyroom and quarters are combined, thanks to the advent of the futon. Since the Escort joined the Explorer in 2376, it has been crashed and demolished in just about every way possible (first appearance "The Honeymoon's Over" [VEX]).

EXETER, USS: Ambassador-class Federation starship commanded by Captain Kri'bron. The Exeter's engineering hull was destroyed after a Changeling sabotaged the warp core. Dr. Browning was assigned to the Exeter at this time, and her nurse, Jim, was believe killed in the explosion. Several months later, the Exeter's saucer was used for the refit of Waystation. Jim turned out to not be quite as dead as everyone thought. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY])

EXPLODING EXPLETIVE: Scott Baird's super hero identity in Star Fleet. He could create explosions, smoke clouds, or various other effects depending on which profanity he uttered. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])


FAARX: Weapons officer of the Andorian freighter, Hvark. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

FABE AND MABE: Popular 24th century singing duo. They are actually Captain Rydell's parents, a fact he doesn't share with many people. They opened a music resort on Bransonis. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX]) Rydell actually wrote eight of their biggest hits. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

FARLAK: Klingon interior decorator recommended by Krilik to help create the renovated Waystation's "aesthetic feel." Morales ended up punching him, prompting the Klingon Commander Kruul to attack Waystation Village. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

FEAST OF THE FIVE-TESTICLED BULL: Festival celebrated every year of Kufmub Prime. The employees of the Zededren Construction Group left work early to observe the festival. Morales was positive that not a one of them had ever even been to Kufmub Prime, much less followed their religious teachings. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

FEDERATION BIRD OF PREY: Nickname for the Euphrates Class of Federation starship in service exclusively to Section 31. The F-BOP is called so because it resembles a bird of prey of Federation design. ("Upstarts" [BAN])

FEDERATION HOSPITALITY OFFICE: Yeoman Tina Jones' office in Starfleet Square Mall on Waystation. Here she informs visiting crews about the amenities of the station, handles problems, and generally does her liaisoning schtick. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

FEDERATION OCCULT STUDIES SOCIETY: Federation organization dedicated to studying the occult and other paranormal phenomena. Lieutenant Commander Dan Smith of the USS Banshee was a member of the F.O.S.S. and received an ancient statuette as a gift for his longtime service. ("Hellion" [BAN]).

FEDERATION OF FUN: A twisted mirror-universe Federation in which Alexander Rydell is never born and the Joegonot transference ray is used by an insane Counselor Webber to turn the entire Federation pleasant and gregarious, with disturbing results ("Happy to See You" [VEX]).

FEDERATION TAX LAW AND YOUR CULT: Conference being held at the Stone Mountain Resort and Conference Center when the Andorian cult identified Joel Hodges as the Z'arkbelst. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

FEDWORLD: A popular Federation amusement park with attractions such as the Kirk's Careening Career ride. Woodville compared Carr's loops around the Forever moon to this ride during the first battle with the Mitgogae. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

FELPESIAN AUTOCRACY: A government once considered very hostile by the Federation. An old Starfleet regulation still on the books orders all Starfleet vessels to go to red alert when encountering a Felpesian battleship. Dillon, while in command of the Explorer, encountered a Felpesian ship and followed the regulation to the letter...even though the Felpesian Autocracy are now Federation members. Captain Baxter was not amused. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

FELSTEN: City on Mandicor. Its residents were being terrorized by Logash and his thugs until Rydell and crew stopped him. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

FESTIVA, USS: Escort Class Section 31 scout ship used to help retrieve Commander Ashley Donovan from Sytarnan Three. The Festiva was equipped with a cloaking device and, as Captain Andy Baxter put it "A ton of other Section 31 crap." ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]). The Festiva crashed on the surface of Sytarnan Three after being ambushed by a Starshine warship. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part Two" [VEX]).

FESTIVAL OF GARNISH: Andorian festival Beck attended with her Andorian roommate while they were at Starfleet Academy. Beck says this is where she developed her taste for Andorian food. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

FICKER, CAPTAIN ALVIN: One-time Starfleet Academy classmate of Captain Andy Baxter, Ficker was notorious (in Baxter's mind) for rigging the Starfleet navigation test. He had adjusted the navigational computer on Baxter's fighter to send him spinning off through an asteroid field, and cost the captain third place. That failure followed Baxter throughout his carreer, and Ficker, meanwhile, went on to become captain of the USS Trafalgar. The two did not meet again until 2375, when Ficker challenged Baxter to a bet on who was the better commander. The bet caused both the Trafalgar and Explorer to wind up in a pocket of null space, and in escaping, Baxter uncovered the truth that Ficker really DID rig his fighter, and that Ficker was also quite mad (Friendly Wagers [VEX]). Ficker went on to the Tantalus looney colony, and after nearly two years of intensive therapy, he returned to duty in 2377. That year he was given command of the USS Explorer, temporarily, when she became a cruise ship ("The Morning After" [VEX]). When Starshine troops stormed the Explorer, Ficker made a quick retreat, stealing the USS Escort and kneeing Baxter in the crotch ("All Hands on Deck!" [VEX]). The Escort was found crashed on a far-flung world, and the inhabitants of that world made Ficker their human pet. Baxter and Peterman, part of the search party for the Escort, found Ficker and helped him escape. Safely back aboard the Explorer, Baxter didn't allow Ficker to leave before ordering J'hana to return the favor and knee him in the crotch ("Back on Trak" [VEX]). Later that year, Ficker founded a racy talk show, and had J'hana and Tilleran, with the rest of the crew, as his first guests. After taunting Baxter mercilessly and embarrassing the entire crew with false video footage, Ficker sent the crew off in disgrace, but not before being once again kneed in the crotch, this time by Baxter ("Talk is Cheap" [VEX]). In an alternatee universe, one in which the Aerostar never went to the Delta Quadrant, Ficker became full commander of the Explorer, and was as much of a jerk as ever ("The Best Times We Never Had" [VEX]).

FIDO: The Suburb's security robot. While it appeared to be just a small, rolling box, Fido was equipped with many different weapons and attachments to prevent prisoners from escaping. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

FIFTEEN MINUTES: The amount of time Captain Rydell can be expected to be late to any event. He may be late, but he's very punctual about his lateness. ("Star Traks 5," "Of Gods and First Officers"[TRK])

FIJI, USS: Federation scout ship. In the Alpha Quadrant the ship found itself stuck in a spatial anomoly, from which the crew was able to escape, minus the vessel. The Fiji ended up in the Beta Quadrant, where Cube #347 found it and rendered it down for scrap and information ("Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency" [BRG]).

FILK: A Ferengi on Gribnob's ship. Bradley Dillon incapacitated him with a shock from an Andorian cheerleading baton. ("Dividends" [WAY])

FIRE AND ICE: Primary Deuterium Company vessel representative at Ijexian Prime during the most recent Super Jhad-ball tournament. When its team was blown up by Cube #347, the company negotiated through Fire and Ice to sponser a Borg team as replacements ("In the Glow of Glory, Only One Shall Remain" [BRG]).

FIRST CONTACTS FOR DUMMIES: Starfleet manual about first contacts obviously. Commander Conway found a copy of it in Dillon's office before the Secondprize arrived at Cenkella. Since Conway had never been on a first contact before, he read it cover to cover. It didn't help. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

FIRST OFFICER EXCHANGE PROGRAM (FOEP): The innovative Starfleet program responsible for sending Commander Conway to the Secondprize and Commander Dillon to the Explorer. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

FIRZUK: Ancient race that once had an outpost on Gulax Four. They left behind a logic computer capable of making impeccable hypothetico-deductive arguments. The only person who really cares about this is Dr. Reginald Smythe. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

FISHING HOLE: Name for a secret Section 31 test site in an asteroid belt located near a red dwarf start 5 light years from Waystation. ("A Fish Story, Part I: Circle of Friends" [BRG])

FLARN: A frighteningly large and intimidating race of half-lizard, half-insectoid creatures who range in size from three to four meters, equipped with claws, compound eyes, rows or razorsharp teeth, a hunger for humanoids, and a cutting wit ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]). The Flarn empire was virtually wiped out by the Borg in late 2374 ("Process of Elimination, Part Three" [VEX]).

FLARN PRIME: Home to the Flarn and capital of the Flarn empire. A gigantic planet for a gigantic race, this planet was rendered virtually unliveable by a massive Borg attack. ("Process of Elimination, Parts One, Two, and Three" [VEX]).

FLUFFY: Commander Charlotte Burn's pet cat. In 2375, Charlotte tried to convince Captain Vorezze that he should take care of the cat in the event that something happened to her. Vorezze less than politely declined. ("Only A Matter of Time" [BAN]). The following year, Fluffy got loose on the Banshee and was hunted down by Captain Vorezze and Lieutenant Commander Vince DiSanto. During the hunt, Fluffy managed to inflict considerable claw related damage to Vince's face. After being shot at by Captain Vorezze repeatedly the cat was found by Q, and was then promptly taken by Charlotte. ("Q-Tips" [BAN]). Fluffy was again sighted as having escaped, but when Commander Dan Smith tracked the cat down, the cat was extremely cute, extremely cuddly and extremely well tempered. It was obviously a polar opposite double from the mirror universe. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN])

FLYING BIRD: Eleven years prior to discovery by Cube #347, Flying Bird exited temporal warp from the 29th century and leeched onto the first available cube which was in sensor range. Shape is a half-lozenge under a very good cloaking system. It was accidentally discovered by Cube #347. Shortly thereafter, the crew of Flying Bird was put under arrest by Second Federation cops and the ship itself returned to the future ("Jovian Dust" [BRG])

FODRI: A game Beck learned from her Andorian roommate at Starfleet Academy. After losing horribly to Hodges at racquetball, Beck decided to take her on in Fodri, a game Beck was sure Hodges had never even heard of. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

FORD MANEUVER, THE: A complicated navigational strategy which involves slapping a random series of helm controls ("The Ford Maneuver" [VEX]).

FORD, ZACHARY: Zack Ford always thought he had a way with women. Time after time, it was proven to him that he didn't. Born on Risa, Zack was exposed mercilessly to sex on all sides, and began to look at it, and females, cheaply. This did nothing for his social life. All the sensitivity training Starfleet had to offer would not cleanse the lecherous tendencies from Ford, and he thus became a low-level helmsmen. He rose through the ranks slowly on Secondprize, Aerostar, and Explorer, always at helm, and always making foolish, and often sexual, remarks. The one bright spot on his carreer, other than joining a cult, is that he invented a complicated navigational strategy, known as "The Ford Maneuver," which involves slapping a random series of helm controls ("The Ford Maneuver" [VEX]).

FOREVER: An entity residing inside a moon in the Batonis system. Forever monitored the functioning of time and space in our universe. It was also very lonely. In an effort to prove how powerful it was, Forever decided to destroy the universe. Rydell, who'd asked the question that started the whole mess in the first place, managed to put the destruction on hold for ten years. Forever was watched over by a brigade of rock creatures known as the Guardians of Forever. Trinian was working with Guardian Control. They knew that Rydell would accidentally cause the destruction of the universe at some point. Trinian's job was to make sure he never made it to Forever, so that couldn't happen. Unfortunately, she was on leave the week he actually got there. Ten years later, Rydell was able to convince the entity responsible for Forever to save the universe, thus setting everything right. Forever was moved to a safer place where someone couldn't accidentally stumble upon him and start the destruction of the universe all over again. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

FORIVE: Tellerite who worked at the Federation Medical Center in the city of Honotti on planet Viranis. Forive was fired for stealing large quantities of biopneumatic gel. ("Upstarts" [BAN])

FORNAX III: Uncolonized but very hospitable world in Federation space. While a great place to be during the day, at night, an unusual radiation that is normally dispersed by sunlight causes unusual cravings in many people that cause them to act similar to vampires and zombies. The crew of the USS Banshee experienced such changes when it examined the planet for possible colonization. Because of the Banshee's findings, Fornax III now has warning beacons in orbit. ("Until Dawn" [BAN]).

FORRESTER, CLARICE: Chief Astrometrics Officer of the USS Explorer, Clarice is known for two important character traits: being long-winded and shrill of voice, and having a voracious appetite for the men of the Explorer, especially one Captain Andrew Baxter. Unfortunately, no one on the crew, especially the men, really like her ("Just Because You're Paranoid" [VEX]).

FOUR HORSEMEN: Name given to the fleet of 4 extremely heavily armed Peregrine Class assault fighters used by the Orion Syndicate to raid the Meyara III fleetyards and hijack 15 Axis Class starships. The Four Horsemen were ambushed by the USS Atlantis near the Eagle Nebula and were destroyed, but not before the Atlantis got the location of the 15 ships from the lead ship's computer. The four ships were the Plague, Pestilence, Famine and Death. ("Upstarts" [BAN]).

FRANZ: A crewmember on the Andorian Freighter Hvark. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

FREQUOQ JULETZ: Leader of the Multek Enclave. He felt that Waystation needed to be destroyed at all costs in order to maintain the Multek view that they were the only intelligent life in the universe. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Juletz knew for a long time that aliens existed but did not want to destroy the harmony of the Enclave. After the first Multek attack on Waystation failed, Juletz was content to leave the station alone as long as no Federation people entered Multek space. When the Enclave borders were crossed by two different species in one day, Juletz felt he had no other choice but to order an all-out assault on Waystation, even though it might convince some Multeks that aliens really did exist. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

FRESCA JENEL: Also known as Lt. Commander Jennifer Prescott, Fresca was planted on the Aerostar by Baxter's father to observe Captain Baxter and protect him from what the senior Baxter decided was a conspiracy of a kind, which ended up including a changeling monkey and a Romulan undercover agent. Go figure ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two", "Turned Inside-Out," [VEX]).

FRITZ: The result of the mating of Nurse Bailey's cat and, apparently, Satan. This fluffly little ball of joy has been nothing but trouble for the Explorer crew ("Cat-Astrophe" [VEX]). There are signs that he's an infiltrator from a feline species, but no one on the Explorer ever noticed those signs.

"FULL HOUSE" Twentieth century television series Rebecca Singer felt embodied the principles of sensitivity she was trying to teach to the attendees of the sensitivity training. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])


GALACTIC 242: The union representing the workers of the Zenedron Construction Group. When they went on strike, they convinced the independent contractor working on Bradley Dillon's offices to leave as well. Bradley was able to smooth things over with a lot of latinum. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

GALACTIC COLLECTIONS: The very unhappy group of creditors searching for Morticent after her ten year spending spree. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GALACTIC DELIGHTS GIFT SHOP: One of the stores in Waystation's Starfleet Square Mall. Russell bought a present for Ensign Krause there. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

GALAXA REPOSSESSION SQUAD: Group sent by the Zenedron construction group to repossess the cargo modules used in Waystation Village during the labor spat between Morales and Galactic 242. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

GAMMA PSI FOUR: Site of the Borg Circus created by the Security Entity in its effort to kill Lt. Hawkins. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK])

GARGONITE'S: Medusan spa located in Waystation's Starfleet Square Mall. Beck had to wait almost a month to get a massage appointment there. ("Prologue" [REJ])

GARIBID: A Delta Quadrant world, one of the many under the direct control of the Flarn, which is dedicated to constant, unrelenting commerce. Its goblin-like inhabitants, direct servants to the Flarn, have a less-kind, less-gentle, Ferengi mentality, and a powerful planetary mafia ("All the Wrong Places" [VEX]).

GARRISON, U.S.S.: Former command of Captain James Stevens, destroyed in a plasma storm in 2367 ("Finders Keepers" [VEX]).

GARTH BROOKS, SS: Flagship tug of the Zenedron Construction Group fleet. Buck Winters was ready to crash the Garth Brooks into ops in order to stop the Starshine Kids, but that turned out to be unnecessary. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

GASEOUS ONE: The foretold future leader of the Obnoxious Belchers. Residents of Kilma Omega IV bring their children to the River Belchus and force them to drink its green water to see if they are the Gaseous One. After falling into the river and emitting a huge belch, Dillon was mistaken for the Gaseous One but later determined only to be the Great Windbag. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

GATANA: For a time, served as first officer to Commander Ardek aboard the Exalax and the Horshak. Finally realized Ardek's carreer was going no where and swiftly abandoned him, maintaining command

GELLAR, BRIAN: Assistant Chief of Security on board the Aerostar and Explorer, Gellar's fine achievements in Security include (a) not dying, and (b) a brief relationship with Lt. Megan Hartley. He's quick at tactical, but his quick wit with superior officers has always held him back.

GERANIS TWO: A Federation colony near Waystation. Beck forgot to send them their charter and defense agreement, so she ordered Morales and Russell to go personally in an effort to smooth things over. Russell had a date, so he decided to send Yeoman Jones in his place. The people of Geranis Two were beyond boring. They talked incessantly and took Jones and Morales on tours of exciting places, such as their power plant. Jones got extremely intoxicated just to save herself from the unbearable boredom. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

GEREBIAS NOVA: Lt. Cmdr. Woodville wanted to be in Astrometrics collating data the Secondprize had gathered here rather than manning the bridge ops console. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GERN: Sean Russell's opponent on "Win or Else!" Prior to appearing on the show, she had decapitated her four month old son for dishonoring the family by crying at a park. Gern lost to Russell but won a lovely trip to Rura Penthe as a parting gift. ("Win or Else!" [WAY])

GESTALT, SFS: Science support to group tasked with salvaging Cube #347 ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]).

GIANT MUTANT ALLIGATOR: Large creature that was reportedly lost in the water filtration systems on board the USS Banshee. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]).

GIANT MUTANT SPIDER: Large spider that was reportedly wandering around deck 24 of the USS Banshee ("A Day in the Life of Carn" [BAN]) The Banshee seems to have issues with mutant creatures.

GISELE: Bradley Dillon's personal assistant. She is, in a word, unflappable. ("Dividends" [WAY]) Porter once asked her full name as a prelude to asking her out. It's just Gisele, and Porter never did manage to ask her out. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])

GLEE CLUB: Association aboard the USS Secondprize which was disbanded in 2374 when the bulk of their membership was transferred to the engineering department aboard the USS Aerostar. They kept singing anyway ("Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX]).

GLO'TITI: Glo'titi looks like a 3.4 kilometer long centipede. It sports slipwarp drive technology and is able to cover long distances in the quest for new sentients to add to the genetic collection. Collection of part of Delta backfired, and it was forced to give back the drone in order to escape ("The Latest Fad" [BRG]).

GOBIS SECTOR: Area of space Dark Lord Dillon ordered his fleet moved to in his holodeck fantasy world. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GOOLY: Multek captain Porter tricked into helping the Waystation crew retake the station from the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

GORNOK: Klingon officer aboard the Ko'jak. He and Sean Russell were the co-announcers of the competition between Dillon and Donask. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

GRADY GUIDE TO GALACTIC CULTURES: A handy resource book listing everything you could ever want to know about the species of the universe. Bradley Dillon carried them in his store and found it quite useful when he was trapped on a Ferengi ship. ("Dividends" [WAY])

GRAHAM, JANICE: Admiral in Starfleet Intelligence who won the Astroleague Anti-Grav Bowling trophy, which was later stolen by the Orion Syndicate. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

GRAND LEECH: The leader of the Joegonots and father of many, many daughters. The Grand Leech requested Rydell's presence on Ugilious to represent the Federation in dealings concerning the kidnapping of Dr. Robert Tulson after Rydell said some less than kind things about him at a state dinner the year before. At the end of the Joegonot mission, the Grand Leech was turned human by the Transference Ray. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) In his human state, he testified at the inquest into Rydell's actions on Ugilious. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

GRANOK: The Overmaster, or supreme military leader, of the Flarn. Was thought to be lost after trying to cross through the Crebius Cluster into the Alpha Quadrant ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]), but turned up again in the Alpha Quadrant and threatened to eat Earth's population ("Confrontations" [VEX]), but was blown up along with the Aerostar thanks to one Andrew Baxter.

GRAYSON, ENSIGN: Banshee crewmember who was off duty in The Twilight Zone when he ingested a Twinkie that, unbeknownst to him, was so yummy that it caused his head to promptly explode. Reportedly, it took quite some time to get the stains out of the carpets. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

GRANT, PETER: A lieutenant, junior grade assigned to Lt. Porter's crew on Waystation. Grant was manning the ops/science console when Porter's lab exploded during the station's first encounter with the Happy Universe. ("Close to Home" [WAY]) Porter relieved him the morning that Karyna arrived on Waystation. Grant was in a happy because he had a date. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

GREAT AM-WAY SALESMAN MIGRATION OF 2278: Event commemorated each year on Lodgibax. In 2278, the Lodgibaxans ran every Am-Way salesman off of their world at laser point. On his first mission as captain of the Secondprize, Rydell was to ferry Admiral Wyndham to the ceremony. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

GREAT OCEAN OF GALINYS TWELVE: Trinian came here to watch the synchronized sunrise of five separate suns as she worked her way down her list of things to do before the universe ended. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GREAT TEMPLE: Building on Voran that serves as the command center for the Voran government. The building is at least 138 floors high. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN]).

GREAT WINDBAG: Title given to Travis Dillon by the Obnoxious Belchers in honor of his incredibly loud burp and horrifyingly long speech. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

GRECIN: A genetically-engineer assassin used by the inhabitants of Poydras. The Grecin is almost unstoppable once it is programmed with a target and implodes upon destroying that target. Karyna put one on board the Titanic to make sure Leximas was killed. After it decapitated John Jacob Astor, Bradley Dillon managed to drop a smokestack on it. That only made it mad. Leximas rescued Bradley from the monster, which then went down with the ship. The Grecin itself was an orange-skinned, vaguely ape-like creature standing six-feet in height. It had green eyes, large fangs and a rudimentary intelligence. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

GREENBRIAR MALL: A Norfolk, Virginia mall and site of an odd incident in November 1995. Rebecca Singer chased the 20th century Alex, Travis, and Carl through this mall, firing phaser blasts as she went. She, in turn, was being chased by Captain Rydell and Commander Dillon. The chase ended in an empty store slot. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) FBI Agents Mulder and Scully went to Norfolk to investigate the event after seeing the mall security tapes. ("Out of Time" [VEX])

GREMLAK, DENSIN: A Cardassian lawyer and expatriate known for his skill at breaking witnesses. He's also an excellent chef. After losing his suit against Starfleet, Bradley Dillon hired him as the head chef at the new Dillon's restaurant in the Starfleet Suites Hotel. ("While You Were Out" [WAY]) He was driven out by Ih'mad and Baughb in their effort to destroy their competition. ("Occupational Hazards" [VEX])

GRENENENENENENENEN, CLEPSUS: Otherwise known as "The Lord of the Moon." Clephsus was the creator of "Bowden's Moon," an enormously popular holovision show. L'nas Kol angered the show's fans when he wrote a nasty tell-all about Clephsus. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GRIBNAR FOUR: A planet home to a very nasty breed of alien that pestered an Aerostar away team in 2374 ("No Trespassing" [VEX]).

GRIBNOB: Ferengi Daimon who attempted to extort several billion credits out of Bradley Dillon in exchange for trade rights to the sector around Waystation. When Bradley refused, Gribnob kidnapped him and attempted to force Bradley to agree. Bradley tricked Gribnob into selling him the rights for 134 credits, which pretty much assured that Gribnob's career was over. ("Dividends" [WAY])

GRUVER: Tellarite engineer and Tantalus V patient enlisted by Zero and Singer to assist in their escape and revenge plan. Gruver believed he was a children's holoshow host, but, beyond that, he was one of the best engineers in the quadrant. Gruver, flying the stolen USS Defiant, attacked the USS Secondprize while Rebecca Singer was on 20th century Earth. He was captured and returned to Tantalus V after Jaroch disabled the Defiant. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

GUARDIAN #492: The Guardian of Forever assigned to Morticent's ship, the Mitgogae. Guardian #492 initially was a glowing, five foot stone obelisk. Morticent later bought him an android body, so he could "play" with her. Guardian #492 fell in love with Morticent and abandoned his duty to Guardian Control, instead choosing to help her ensure the destruction of the universe. After they were defeated, he returned to Guardian Control with Trinian and Morticent, all the while pledging that he would never leave Morticent's side. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GUARDIAN CONTROL: The group in charge of the Guardians of Forever and the Seatellans, such as Trinian, who worked with them. Guardian Control was very upset that Trininan was on vacation the week Rydell found Forever. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

GUARDIANS OF FOREVER: A group of sentient rocks assigned the task of monitoring Forever and protecting time and space. Guardian #492 fell in love with Morticent, which convinced him to abandon his sworn duty and assist her in destroying the universe. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])>/P>

GUINANCO: Company started by the bartender of the USS Enterprise to run crew lounges aboard starships. After Trininan left the Secondprize, Guinanco took over Seven Backward. The Secondprize crew didn't like the new, mellow atmosphere at all. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

GUTWRENCHER, THE: Roller coaster Q created in an effort to get out more and enjoy himself. Morales got very sick after being forced to ride the Gutwrencher 14 times.

GUULAM: An ancient civilization that was wiped out by a supernova. While investigating the ruins on their homeworld, Hawkins activated their security system: an entity designed to kill trespassers by taking the form of what they fear most. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK])

GUULAMIA: Homeworld of the Guulam. Hawkins accidentally tripped the planet's alarm system, which then tried to kill her in the form of what she feared most: clowns. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK])


H896: Identification number on the door of Sullivan's quarters. ("Optimum Interface" [TRK])

HALL OF MINISTERS: Archive of relics relating to the past leaders of the Obnoxious Belchers. This building holds a jar containing a belch emitted by Yolek the Gaseous, first leader of the Obnoxious Belchers. Amjex handed this jar to Rydell then accused him of attempting to steal it. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

HALLOWEEN 36: TERMINATION STATION: Holodeck program Beck and Nelson enjoyed playing together. Rather than escape Michael Myers, they preferred to try to kill him. Beck and Nelson were running this program when Leximas came to warn them about the threat of the Critics and the Starshine Kids. Leximas very thoroughly deleted Myers from the program. ("Critical Mass" [WAY])

HAMLET: The insane Travis Dillon was reading Hamlet in his sitting room on the Secondprize's holodeck. This led Jaroch to conclude that Dillon intended to die, taking everyone else with him. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

HANOCK, ADMINISTRATOR: Vorta field operative who worked for the Dominion in the Alpha Quadrant. In late 2373, she was in charge of a detachment of Jem'Hadar troops holding planet Tolkien III. She personally piloted a prototype spider-like walker that was later destroyed by members of the crashed USS Rameses. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). Afterwards, Hanock worked in Dominion Headquarters on Cardassia Prime, occasionally giving Weyoun special "services" that he required every so often. She was given command of the Dominion battleship Veraka and assigned to destroy the Enterprise-E. Hanock failed when the Veraka was intercepted by the Banshee and inadvertently hurled back in time. Though the Veraka was destroyed, Hanock escaped and returned to Cardassia to continue work as Weyoun's assistant. ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN]). After the Dominion was defeated, Hanock took a 20 Dominion ships and became a mercenary group, contracted by the Deimos Cult of Mordor. She used her fleet to take over the USS Banshee and return it to Mordor. Although she succeeded at first, the few Banshee crewmembers who remained behind retook the ship. Hanock was believed killed when she was hurled out the open shuttlebay doors of the Banshee and fell down through the skies of Mordor. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread Part Three" [BAN])

HANSON, TED: One of the objects of Beck's affection while she was in high school. She disabled the engine on his hoverbike so that he'd have to ask her for a ride home. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

HARCO: Contact Banyon Kovacs was supposed to meet on Sargonis. The Orion Syndicate killed him before he could make the appointment. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

HARICORAN: Delta Quadrant species the Aerostar helped out in 2374. While delivering aid, the Aerostar accidentally got caught in a temporal wake which swept Lt. Megan Hartley into the so-called "Federation of Fun" ("Happy to See You" [VEX]).

HARRISON: Captain Vorezze's pet goldfish that's kept in the cylindrical tank that's in his ready room (where Livingston is on the Enterprise-E). ("What A Q-Tee" [BAN]). Harrison was named after noted actor Harrison Ford because, supposedly, the two bear a striking resemblance.

HARTLEY, MEGAN: Lazy, crabby, and hard to motivate, Lt. Megan Hartley is considered one of the less friendly members of the Explorer. But people usually give her a wide berth, since she can spread their atoms in an instant with the transporter. Hartley has served as Transporter Chief aboard the Aerostar and Explorer. She was one of the first Starfleet crewmembers to travel to the Federation of Fun, an alternate universe Federation where everyone is achingly happy ("Happy to See You" [VEX]). Hartley's carreer aboard the Explorer, after the Aerostar's destruction, was uneventful up until late 2375 when she was briefly transformed into a brain-eating zombie ("If I Only Had a Brain" [VEX]). At the end of that year, she was made Chief Engineer of the Explorer when Lt. Commander Richards left to write for a Klingon soap oper ("Prior Engagements" [VEX]). She continued in that position for six months, during which time she was bopped on the head and got the impression that she was a superhero ("The Caped Engineer" [VEX]). Later in 2376, after returning to her post as Transporter Chief, Hartley traveled secretly with Mirk, Gellar, and Ford, aboard the Escort, back in time to 2374, when the Aerostar was first launched. Ordered by the Directors to do so, Hartley and Mirk were ordered to make sure Aerostar never made it to the Delta Quadrant. They almost succeeded, but when they finally returned to their proper time, they found they'd simply ended Hartley and Gellar's relationship and caused Peterman and Baxter to love Lacrosse. At the end of 2375, Hartley and Mirk, on shore leave at Earth, had a drunken near-kiss in a New Orleans hotel room, and were kidnapped by Lucille Baxter for the purpose of eradicating the Starshine Kids ("Down to Earth" [VEX]). After that failed, Hartley and Mirk went on to found Maloxitarianism, a religion dedicated to the Directors ("If they Could See Me Now [VEX]). After that failed, Hartley and Mirk went on to date ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part Two" [VEX]). Their first sexual experience re-invigorated Mirk's powers and led to Irma Wilson's defeat ("Blink of an Eye" [VEX]). Hartley regained her post as Chief Engineer of the USS Explorer in late 2377 when Lt. Commander Richards became first officer of the Explorer. She instills fear in her staff to this day.

HAWKINS, PATRICIA: Patricia Hawkins' parents were very dedicated cultural anthropologists who seemed far more interested in their work than their two daughters. Throughout Hawkins' childhood, she was dragged from backwater planet to backwater planet where she and her younger sister were forced to entertain themselves as their parents made their observations of primitive cultures. Despite forgotten birthdays, missed Christmases and ignored growth milestones, Hawkins grew up to be a woman everyone described in one word: sweet. Desiring to be around more people, Hawkins applied to and was accepted at Starfleet Academy. After her graduation, Hawkins' professors were at something of a loss as to where to post her. She was just so darn sweet that none of them wanted to put her anywhere she could be harmed. The USS Secondprize seemed like the ideal place. Due to the nature of the rest of the ship's crew, Starfleet would not be sending them on vital or risky assignments. Unfortunately, on the ship's first mission, Admiral Wyndham, whom the Secondprize was transporting to a ceremony on Lodgibax, went bonkers and fled the ship in a shuttle. Rydell and Hawkins, who had been posted as the ship's navigator, followed Wyndham to a secret base located in an asteroid field. The base turned out to have a device capable of amplifying the mental abilities of the user to the extent that Rydell and Hawkins found themselves trapped inside Wyndham's insanity. Wyndham took special pleasure in torturing the innocent Hawkins from inside her own mind. Rydell also entered Hawkins' mind and discovered her dark side, a condensed ball of anger and bitterness she'd been collecting through the years. Each time her parents missed an event in her life, that ball got a little more dense. Realizing it was the only way he could get Hawkins to fight Wyndham, Rydell free the dark side into the rest of her mind. The change in Hawkins was immediate. Instead of a sweet, meek person, she became an aggressive ass-kicker. She violently expelled Wyndham from her mind, saving both her and Rydell. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ]) In her new frame of mind, Hawkins made an ideal security chief, so Rydell had her transferred to that position. Her aggressive mindset clearly showed during the "Who does Dillon want to date?" crisis. Hawkins advocated just killing Dillon to solve the problem. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) Hawkins developed an almost-debilitating phobia when a saboteur locked her in a holodeck with a horde of clowns hell-bent on attacking her. Baird was able to free her, but from then on the mere mention of a clown was enough to send her into a panic. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) When Captain Rydell was abducted by Zero, Hawkins did everything she could to track him down and rescue him. She felt she owed Rydell a great debt for releasing the darkness into her mind, even though Rydell himself was uneasy about having to radically alter her personality in order to save her. Hawkins, with the help of Monica Vaughn, was successful in finding Rydell, an action that earned her the grudging respect and admiration of Jaroch. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) After the Secondprize returned to Earth's Spacedock, Hawkins tried to get over her clown phobia using an aversion therapy holoprogram. She put herself into a jungle scenario where dozens of clowns attempted to hunt her down. Commander Dillon tracked her into this program and helped her gun down several of the pale menaces before asking her to be his first officer on the Edsel. Despite her general dislike of Dillon, the offer of a promotion to lieutenant commander and his prowess with an uzi caused her to accept the position. She performed admirably on the Gulax Four mission and was left in command of the Edsel while Dillon faced Donask in single competition. After the fiasco with the Klingons, Starfleet decided to basically pretend Dillon and Hawkins had never been promoted. They were returned to their previous ranks and positions on the Secondprize, something that destroyed Dillon since he had developed a romance with Dr. Elizabeth Jennings. He believed that the only reason she liked him was the mate magnet he had as a captain. By the time he found out the mate magnet hadn't been functioning anyway, it was too late, and Jennings was gone. Hawkins consoled Dillon and convinced him to get on with his life. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) She found herself in the brig a couple of months later when disobeyed the orders of Myna, who was masquerading as an ambassador. Realizing that something was seriously suspicious about Ambassador Baradda, she convinced Lt. Russell let her out of the brig so she could find Dillon. She ended up trapped with Dillon in a holodeck representation of his brother's used spaceship lot. After several holodeck tricks and an outside assist from Beck and Porter, Hawkins and Dillon escaped the holodeck and stopped Myna before he killed Lt. Sullivan. The time they spent in the holodeck cemented the growing friendship between Dillon and Hawkins, a friendship no one else on the ship could understand considering Dillon's usual personality. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) The relationship between Hawkins and Dillon grew romantic while they were stranded in Starfleet Memorial Gardens, a turn of events that greatly unsettled Jaroch. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) She and Jaroch later worked together to rescue Rydell and Ensign Carr from Michael Rennicks. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) Hawkins fear of clowns returned to haunt her when she accidentally activated the security entity on Guulamia. First, it attacked the Secondprize in the form of a giant clown, which was bad enough, but, after Hawkins defeated it once, the entity took over a group of Borg and returned for her. Rather than risk the entire ship, Hawkins and Dillon left in a shuttle, which was promptly captured by the entity's Borg clowns. The Borg clowns assimilated Hawkins into Sunshine of Borg and made her leap off a giant facade of a burning building during the clown act at their circus. Dillon and Jaroch managed to kill the entity and save Hawkins, but the experience left her severely drained. ("Fear Has a Red Nose" [TRK]) After Dillon was blown up, dropped off a cliff, and swallowed by a giant fish on Alkaxis Prime, Hawkins decided that they needed a vacation. She book a cabin for them on the maiden voyage of the SS Pomposity. The trip turned out to be a lot less relaxing than they would have hoped due to a Changeling saboteur, a run-in with Donask, and, worst of all, the presence of Dillon's parents. Hawkins and Dillon resolved the various problems and grew closer than ever, or at least as close as two severely emotionally damaged people could. They both still had some serious intimacy issues to work out. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]) Hawkins was very upset when Dillon was believed lost in a runabout accident, but they were reunited in time for Christmas. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK]) Unbeknownst to Hawkins, throughout all of this, Jaroch had gradually been falling in love with her. The stress of hiding his feelings and dealing with the fact that she was seeing Dillon drove Jaroch into a Seratch which forced him to return to Yyns. Meanwhile, Rebecca Singer attacked the Secondprize in the stolen USS Defiant. Matters came to a head in a mall on 20th century Earth where Jaroch finally blurted out his feelings for Hawkins and his intense hatred of Dillon. Hawkins was flattered that Jaroch felt that way about her, but she wanted to be with Dillon. In fact, she and Dillon moved in together immediately after this mission. Forced to accept her decision, Jaroch made no more mention of his feelings. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Hawkins was one of the five Secondprize officers to go down to the Forever moon about six months later. At first Forever would only listen to her, but even she wasn't able to talk Forever out of destroying the universe. They did, however, put it on hold for ten years. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK]) Hawkins was also on the away team that went to Cenkella during Commander Conway's visit to the Secondprize. Her efforts kept the very angry Cenkellans out of the building the Secondprize crew had holed themselves up in long enough for Carr to bring Conway to his senses. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK]) Over the next year and a half, Hawkins grew bored and restless in her relationship with Dillon and in her job in general. Neither she or Dillon would bring up marriage, and the Secondprize missions had become routine as Rydell tried to maintain the status quo until he retired. Despite her bravery in combat and her willingness to inflict pain on an enemy, she just couldn't bring herself to tell Dillon that she'd fallen out of love with him. An opportunity for a life change presented itself with a Klingon named Mookow visited the Secondprize. Mookow ran a private security firm, something Hawkins found very alluring. She and Mookow quickly fell for each other, and, without telling Dillon she was leaving, Hawkins submitted her resignation to Rydell and left with Mookow. For many years, she and Mookow lived happily as husband and wife, but his devotion to his security business over their relationship was a serious strain on the marriage. By the time of the Forever incident, Hawkins was close to leaving Mookow. She tried to apologize to Dillon for running out on him, but he was too insanely consumed with revenge to accept it. He eventually cornered her and Jaroch with the intention of either torturing her, killing her, or winning her back. His goals shifted from moment to moment with his insanity. Jaroch attempted to fight Dillon, but years in a holodeck fantasy world had given Dillon lots of time to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills. He handily pummeled Jaroch, but Hawkins leapt in to give Jaroch time to summon J'Ter. Dillon also gave Hawkins a hell of a beating, but J'Ter emerged in time to save Hawkins and kick the hell out of Dillon. Dillon was sent to Tantalus V, and Hawkins returned to Mookow despite Jaroch revealing that he still loved her. Eighteen months later, Hawkins met Jaroch as the Secondprize docked at Starbase 84. She had divorced Mookow and wanted to try a relationship with Jaroch. Jaroch willingly agreed. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

HEADQUARTERS, SECTION 31: Perhaps the most heavily guarded installation in the galaxy, Section 31 Headquarters is an utterly massive space station complex located deep in the Tiaren Nebula. The station has 1 Cheektowaga Class and 35 Sabre Class ships in a constant patrol around it and is the site of most all research and development done by Section 31. No Section 31 officers is told of the location of Section 31 Headquarters save for the captain of a starship. Field officers, such as Agents Sloan and Donovan, have their memories altered before going out onto the field so that they believe that Section 31 Headquarters does not exist. This serves to keep it's very existence held secret from anyone who may capture an agent and probe his or her mind. The Starship Banshee went to Section 31 headquarters when Captain Vorezze and Captain Velorn were captured by the Society for the Pursuit of Truth. There, Commander Charlotte Burns met with Admiral Raymond Walker. It takes 47 different clearance codes to reach Section 31 headquarters. If a ship is unable to supply the code, a series of cloaked weapons satellites promptly destroys the ship. ("The Truth is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]). Some of the workers at Section 31 Headquarters apparently have evil senses of humor my mandating names like Bubbles and Leopold for their agents to use. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]).

HEBELIA JUNEDRE LORENCIA GARNET: Crown Prince of Pologasiz Four. Dillon managed to hit the Crown Prince with a ball while playing both golf and miniature golf. After those two incidents, Dillon and Hawkins decided to switch to bowling. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

HERCULES, SFS: Voyeur Class ship of the Second Federation. SFS Hercules was tasked with overseeing salvage of Cube #347 and having the ship towed back to Second Federation space for scientific examination. When Cube #347 reawoke, the Hercules attempted to go one on one with it and slowly found itself losing. It was saved at last moment by Hive ships, later kidnapped by an escaping Cube #347, then rescued once again at a later time ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]).

HERWAN: Captain of the Sulani vessel Rangar and guy who swooped in to rescue the Aerostar on several occasions (Various, "Wrapped in the Ribbon" [VEX]).

HETHLA: Leader of the all-female, all celebate (mostly) population of Beldana ("Diplomatic Relations" [VEX]).

HINAREE: Bracktian terrorist group led by Preol. The Hinaree felt that joining with the Brackto was paramount to slavery. After the Hinaree took Porter and Nelson hostage, Morales, Russell and Jones staged an assault on their mountain base which destroyed most of their defenses. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

HODGES, DR. GREGORY: The father of Stephanie and Joel Hodges. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

HODGES, JOEL: Stephanie Hodges older brother. As a child, Beck had a bit of a crush on him. An Andorian cult believed that Joel was the next incarnation of the Z'arkbelst, their god. They tried to take Joel back to Andor with them, but, since Joel was only 15, taking him amounted to kidnapping. Once Joel reached adulthood, he went to Andor to live out his life as a worshipped deity. Not a bad deal if you can get it. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ]) (NOTE: Joel Hodges is a play on the name of Joel Hodgson, creator and star, for a while, of Mystery Science Theater 3000.)

HODGES, STEPHANIE: A major in the Federation Marines and a friend of Lisa Beck for years and years. Hodges was the pilot of the USS Mongoose, the Marines' transport ship. Beck and Hodges met at the age of seven while they both lived in North Carolina. Hodges, along with Lazlo, was one of the only two marines to not fall victim to the vicious squirrels on Ridalis Four. Hodges was a fearful child, afraid to enter her own basement until she was twelve or to ask Barry Jensen to homecoming her sophomore year of high school. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Hodges did not join the bulk of the marines who decided to resign and follow Leximas. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY]) Hodges flew the runabout Yadkin in the battle to retake Waystation from the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

HODGES, SYLVIA: The mother of Stephanie and Joel Hodges. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

HOKKAIDO, USS: New Orleans Class Federation starship, registry number NCC-63221. The Hokkaido was sent to search for survivor's from the Banshee's fake destruction in 2374, but returned without any debris. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part One" [BAN]) Named for the northern-most of the Japanese islands.

HOMO PENGUINIS: Although it sounds sexual, it is simply the term used to name a species of humanoids who evolved from penguins. They lived in the Delta Quadrant, tried to take Larkin as their god, but refused her once her crewmates crashed a runabout into their leader ("Leader of the Flock" [VEX]), and then were promptly transported to the Alpha Quadrant, where Ardek tried to use them to capture and dominate the human Larkin, using that Larkin as bait to draw in the android Larkin. They finally saw through his ruse and ran away ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]).

HONEYCUT, DONTAR: Alias used by Captain Jad Vorezze while attempting to retrieve Section 31 agent Commander Ashley Donovan from planet Sytarnan Three. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]"

HONOTTI: City on Viranis, the site of a Federation medical center. ("Upstarts" [BAN])

HORIZON, USS: Starfleet ship that the Consolationprize rendezvoused with so that Carr could transport Admiral Cooper to the Secondprize for an inspection tour. ("Choice Blend" [TRK]) Presumably the second ship to bear the name Horizon, as the first one, a Daedalus Class vessel from the 22nd century, would have been very, very, very old at the time of this story.

HOSHI: Ms. Demensia's henchman and assistant during the Starfleet Red incident. ("Starfleet Red" [TRK])

HOT CHOCOLATE: The substance that almost killed Captain Rydell when a saboteur programmed his replicator to spew out gallons of the stuff. In sickbay later, a delirious Rydell muttered that he was smarter than chocolate. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) Lt. Cmdr. Ben Rachow was not fond of hot chocolate, and that dislike was increased when he was doused in a scalding hot portion of the stuff in 2376. ("Nine Months Too Long" [BAN]).

HUDSON, USS: Runabout assigned to the USS Secondprize. Lt. Cmdr. Walter Morales took the Hudson to Bracktia Prime to pick up Dr. Amelia Nelson and later was used to rescue Nelson and Craig Porter from the Hinaree terrorist group. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Jaroch, Dr. Aldridge, and Counselor Webber later took the Hudson to Yyns and, eventually, back in time to 20th century Earth where it was destroyed in an effort to disable the USS Defiant, which had been stolen by Rebecca Singer. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

HUMPHRIES: One of the Federation Marines assigned to Waystation. He was brainwashed by Sesil and joined the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

HUNTER, CAPTAIN VERONICA: Captain of the Section 31 starship USS Tsunami. Hunter likes the Banshee and it's crew, but the crew of the Banshee see her and the Tsunami as a threat to their status as the Section 31 flagship. To this end, the Banshee's crew despises Hunter,but she's apparently not aware of it. ("Dark Horizon" [BAN]).

HVARK: Andorian freighter commanded by Captain Zzzk'varrnix. His determination to deliver a shipment of fresh spleen pie to the Andorian restaurant set off a series of events that ended with the destruction of the Hvark and the near-destruction of Waystation. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

HVARK II: The new improved version of the Andorian freighter Hvark. The Hvark II's captain, Vinnz, received special permission to deliver fresh spleen pie to the Andorian restaurant in time for the renovated Waystation's grand opening. Unbeknownst to him, he also transported a group of Starshine Kids determined to take over the new station. ("Critical Mass" [WAY])

HWANGAR: An unfriendly, nasty abominable snowman-type creature which Lt. Kristen Larkin faced during her mission on Crysta ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]).

HYGANSIL: Planet where Beck purchased an abstract sculpture while on shore leave. The sculpture sits in her office in ops. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

HYTAO SWORD: Scythe-like weapon used by the warriors of ancient Yyns. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])


IC'HASSSSSST V'KELSNET ANDORIAN RESTAURANT: Restaurant in Waystation's Starfleet Square Mall run by Ih'mad. The restaurant's name loosely translates to "House of Eternal Torture, Gastrointestinal Punishment, and Pancakes," but most people just call it "the Andorian place." This is Beck's favorite place to eat on the station; although, most of her colleague can't handle it. The Andorian place is known for its Organ of the Day. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

"I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT": Musical number from "My Fair Lady" Karyna performed with Russell and the Federation Marines. Russell was surprised she knew showtunes. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

IH'MAD: Owner of the Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian restaurant on Waystation. He always made sure Beck had a table, even if he had to throw out other customers to do it. When the riot on Waystation broke out, he and Baughb accompanied Beck to the Andorian freighter that had crashed into the station in hopes of saving his shipment of fresh spleen pie. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

"I'M A LITTLE TEAPOT": Song sung by a terrified Dillon when he was forced on stage during the variety show on Neilson IV. Captain Rydell later played Dillon's rousing rendition for the entire crew. ("And Now, Right Here On Our Show..." [TRK])

INDUS, USS: Danube Class runabout attached to the USS Banshee, registry number NCC-80223. In 2375, the Indus carried Captain Vorezze, Commander Axik and Lieutenant Carn to the USS Secondprize when Captain Rydell was investigating the Banshee's disappearance. ("Lack of Evidence" [BAN]). The Indus later ferried Vorezze, Axik, Ben, Charlotte, Vince and Carn to planet Fornax III. While there, the Indus was struck by lightning, but was later repaired. ("Until Dawn" [BAN]). When the Banshee was taken over by Jem'Hadar working for the Deimos in 2376, the few remaining crewmembers on board hid on the Indus while formulating a plan. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part Three" [BAN]). The Indus was named for a river that runs through Western India, where the first civilizations of that region were formed. It is also the only runabout to survive the current length of the series, making it the only "safe" runabout to travel on.

INFERNO RUBY: Long, slender ruby gemstone that was the last on the set of Mendan Sacred Stones to be found by the crew of the USS Banshee. The stone had a large, scary monster that served as it's guardian. The monster almost ate Commander Charlotte Burns when she attempted to retrieve the stone. Commander Ban Rachow once pointed out to Dr. Elizabeth Lang that the stone resembled a certain part of his anatomy, but never had the chance to specify what part. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

INEVITABLE, USS: A three-nacelled Shogun-class starship under the command of Captain Emily Sullivan. After Trininan informed Sullivan about what was happening at the Forever moon, she took the Inevitable there to assist. Sullivan wasn't thrilled about the ship's Rashoman sushi/karaoke bar. After a pitched battle with the Mitgogae, both the Inevitable and the Secondprize were disabled. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

INFERNO, THE: An area of nebula-like instability in the Delta Quadrant, which Maloxians insist holds the power to drive sane people insane. The Aerostar found, in 2374, that it also had the ability to drive insane people totally insane ("Clouded Judgment" [VEX]).

INJAX: A barren, dustball of a planet investigated by the USS Secondprize. Dillon found a cool rock there. A couple of weeks later, a large, angry Rock Creature came to the Secondprize looking for the rock, which was actually a power source. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK])

INSPIRATION, U.S.S.: Starfleet vessel commanded by Captain James Stevens, lost in the Bermuda Expanse during a supply run and found by the U.S.S. Aerostar in less than ideal circumstances ("The Salad of Vengeance" [VEX]).

INTERGALACTIC HOUSE OF PANCAKES ON MARS: This restaurant is way up there on Starfleet's list of "Places You Should Avoid." Captain Rydell recommended the place to Dillon. Dillon returned with dysentery. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

ISAAC, DR. BRIAN: Chief medical officer on board the Starship Banshee. Brian is extremely short, and doesn't take kindly to being insulted on his height. During the Borg invasion of early 2375, Brian created a revolutionary "de assimilator" medication that reversed the effects of Borg assimilation nanoprobes. ("Resistance is Futile", Part I [BAN) Brian was shrunk to miniscule proportions by Q's Child. In repayment, however, Q made Brian grow to 5 feet even. ("What a Q-Tee" [BAN]). Brian is known for some rather unorthodox medical techniques, including spraying water into people's eyes for eye irritation ("Hellion" [BAN), spraying people with ice cold water for heatstroke or dumping hot chocolate on them for the chills. ("Nine Months Too Long" [BAN]). (Brian's last name is also sometimes spelled Issac).

ISAACS, MARY: Would-be-captain of the SS Pomposity. She had commanded the maiden voyage of every Simms Cruise Ship for thirty years, stretching back to when Simms' father ran the company. Simms decided to take command of the Pomposity himself, since the entire ship was automated. Simms had Merwin usher Isaacs out of his office and left her on Rigel VI ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]) 


J'HANA: Chief Tactical/Security officer Lieutenant J'hana is obsessed with having an honorable death. One of the few Andorians in Starfleet, she is a very capable warrior who insists on throwing herself in front of phaser fire for a commanding officer every chance she gets.

J'HANA-BANNANA: Clown-like J'hana copy in the Federation of Fun. Still fights like a demon ("Happy to See You" [VEX]).

J'TARA: Valley girl past life of Jarona, the female version of Jaroch from the universe immediately preceding ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

J'TER: In life, J'Ter was Crown Prince of the Cagelands on Yyns in that planet's ancient past. His father, T'Rix was upset that J'Ter could not get along with his brother, T'Mak, but there was little the old man could do about it. T'Mak wanted to rule the Cagelands, something that could only occur if he took J'Ter out of the picture. J'Ter and his wife, P'Fer, led their army against T'Mak's in a huge battle fought on Wegan Field. J'Ter's forces won a decisive victory, and J'Ter killed his brother in single combat. Several millennia later, J'Ter's life force was reincarnated into Jaroch. In times when Jaroch experienced extreme pain or emotional distress, J'Ter's personality would take over Jaroch's body, usually leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. J'Ter disrupted Jaroch's graduation from Starfleet Academy, took out the entire ruling council of Hypos VII during the Secondprize's mission there, and killed the future son-in-law of the Grand Leech of the Joegonots. This last event landed Jaroch, Dillon, Sullivan and Hawkins in a Joegonot dungeon and almost resulted in Rydell being forced to marry the Grand Leech's daughter. The long-dead prince redeemed himself somewhat by allowed Jaroch to almost single-handedly take out most of the Grand Leech's Palace Guards. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) J'Ter emerged to help Jaroch avoid being killed by the ship's computer, but he proved to be useless since he couldn't swim. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) While stranded on planet Mandicor, Jaroch briefly gained the ability to call forth his past lives at will. He used J'Ter to free Rydell from a door that had fallen on him. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) J'Ter was one of the past lives screaming in Jaroch's mind for him to resolve his feelings for Patricia Hawkins. This mental turmoil drove Jaroch to visit Counselor Webber, who beat J'Ter into submission with an unrelenting bear hug. ("Family Counseling" [TRK]) The overall problem proved to be great than Jaroch thought, and he was forced to return to Yyns for a Seratch. Upon his arrival, the reincarnation of T'Mak decided it was time to get revenge. T'Mak and J'Ter faced each other again in the Temple of Mi Clane, and, once again, J'Ter was the victor. T'Mak's host was taken to the Past Life Sorting Center for some serious counseling. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) During his captaincy of the Secondprize, Jaroch took a six-month sabbatical on Yyns to learn to control his past lives. After completing this training, he was able to bring forth his past lives whenever he desired using certain meditative techniques. He was forced to do this to defeat the insane Travis Dillon. Dillon had managed to severely injure both Jaroch and Hawkins in single combat, but J'Ter was able to quite handily kick the stuffing out of Dillon. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

JACK: Fictional criminal played by Charlie Preston in an elaborate practical joke designed by Scott Baird to get revenge on Sullivan, Beck, and Webber for what they did to him while he had amnesia. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

JAMES T. KIRK MANUAL OF PRIME DIRECTIVE INTERPRETATION: Words to live by for Rydell and all other Starfleet captains when they get into situations where bending the Prime Directive a little seems necessary. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

JARAAN: Beautiful Hytellan woman who Bradley Dillon brought to Waystation Village as a potential investor in the Starfleet Suites Hotel. She was rather taken with Lt. Porter, so Bradley payed the officer to go out with her, not that any money was needed. She asked Porter to return to Hytella with her and become her Drulik. Porter declined when he learned that drulik meant member of a harem rather than husband. She did agree to invest in Bradley's hotel, though. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])

JAROCH: Jaroch was born on Yyns in a small mountain town. His parents, Tal and P'Ru, and his sister, P'Tal, all pursued careers in Yyns' spiritual sector, but Jaroch was more interested in the law. Like all Yynsians, Jaroch shared his life force with the personalities of several past lives; however, one of Jaroch's lives, an ancient warrior-prince named J'Ter, presented special problems. In times of stress or pain in Jaroch's life, J'Ter had a tendency to pop out and create vast amounts of carnage. This happened at Jaroch's graduation from law school on Yyns, resulting in the maiming of a good portion of the professorial faculty and the salutatorian and the revocation of Jaroch's degree. He wasn't all that upset, since his interest had been turning toward the sciences anyway. He applied to and was accepted at the prestigious Vulcan Science Academy. He was one of the few Yynsians ever to attend this institution. But once again, J'Ter put in an appearance at his graduation. With his chances of a research position severely damaged by the graduation snafu, Jaroch enrolled at Starfleet Academy and sped through the curriculum in two years. His ability in scientific fields earned him several quick promotions and a posting on an exploratory vessel, the USS Forrester, but an ill-timed appearance by J'Ter almost ended his Starfleet career. With most sane captains refusing to have Jaroch put on their ship, Jaroch was transferred to the USS Secondprize in time for its launch. Early on in the ship's mission, Jaroch learned he had a secret admirer on board. This admirer turned out to be the ship's computer itself, which created a holographic female form for itself and attempted to seduce Jaroch. J'Ter emerged and rather violently rebuffed the computer's advances. ("Secret Admirer" [TRK]) J'Ter almost got a Secondprize away team killed when he emerged at an official dinner on Ugilious and killed the Grand Leech's future son-in-law. The Joegonots decided that Jaroch's science ability would be helpful in building their transference ray, so they sent him to help the brainwashed Dr. Tulson. Jaroch sabotaged the device, knocked out Tulson, and, as J'Ter, escaped from the lab and rampaged through the Grand Leech's castle. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) During the Secondprize's stopover on Kilma Omega IV, Jaroch was left alone on board the ship while the crew went on leave. The ship's computer used the opportunity to try and kill Jaroch for refusing her advances. Actually, it was all a ruse to get him into a holodeck where she trapped him until he broke down and agreed to sleep with her, which he did. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) Jaroch was one of three Secondprize officers sent 20 billion years into the future by Dr. Azar's time tube. He also at this time first really came to respect Lt. Patricia Hawkins when she found the kidnapped Captain Rydell without his help. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) Jaroch offered his legal services to Rydell when Rydell was under investigation for his actions on Ugilious. Jaroch managed to win the case without J'Ter harming anyone. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) When the Doorprize crashed on Mandicor, Jaroch discovered that he had gained the ability to summon his past lives at will. This proved useful when the Secondprize officers needed costumes to masquerade as superheroes. Jaroch became Telsa Tecpa J'Mer, the great Yynsian tailor, and made outfits for everyone. He gradually lost control of his lives as they away team spent more and more time on Mandicor. J'Mer popped out again when Jaroch was facing the warlord Logash. It was one of the few time J'Ter would have been welcome. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) Jaroch was one of the officers captured by the Multeks in the Secondprize's first encounter with that species. Jaroch found a way to escape the Multek brig and escape to the Secondprize. After the Secondprize returned to Starbase 219, he was sent along with Hawkins and Dillon to evaluate the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. He was almost killed by a fifty-foot tall clone of James T. Kirk who had mistaken Jaroch for a woman. If that wasn't bad enough, he was thoroughly sickened when he learned that Dillon and Hawkins were now romantically involved. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Over the next year, Jaroch found his feelings for Hawkins and his hatred of Dillon growing exponentially. Working with Hawkins, he saved the ship from a giant clown and rescued Rydell and Carr from Michael Rennicks. ("Fear Has a Red Nose," "Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) He also entered a circus full of Borg clowns in order to save Hawkins from the Guulamia security entity. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK]) Through it all, Hawkins had no idea how he truly felt about her and actually got angry at him on several occasions when he openly disparaged Dillon. ("Cruising for Trouble," "Alone on Christmas" [TRK]) Finally, the war of emotions going on inside Jaroch got to be too much for his past lives. The began openly arguing about what Jaroch should do, a state of affairs that led him to seek help from Counselor Webber. She managed to silence the voices temporarily. ("Family Counseling" [TRK]) But matters grew worse when Jaroch began hallucinating and collapsed. Dr. Aldridge discovered that Jaroch was undergoing a Seratch, the emergence of a new past life. He returned to the Temple of Mi Clane on Yyns with Aldridge and Webber to undergo the Seratch ceremony under the guidance of his sister, P'Tal, a priestess at the temple. Their efforts were interrupted first by the reincarnation of T'Mak, J'Ter's brother whom J'Ter had killed in battle, and then by Zero, who had been sent by Rebecca Singer to kill Dr. Aldridge. After both menaces had been dealt with, Jaroch's new past life emerged. It was Carl Jaroch, a human student at Old Dominion University in the 20th century. Seeing Carl's life, Jaroch learned that both the 20th and 24th centuries' Rydell and Dillon were in danger from Rebecca Singer. He, Webber, and Aldridge followed the Secondprize back to 20th century Earth in their runabout and arrived just in time to help the Secondprize disable the stolen USS Defiant. He also revealed his feelings for Hawkins to his sister and Webber. Jaroch and Hawkins beamed down to Greenbriar Mall where Singer had Carl, the Rydells and the Dillons cornered. In a rare emotional outburst, Jaroch expressed his love for Hawkins and his absolute contempt for Dillon. After Singer had been captured and escorted to the brig, Hawkins told Jaroch that she was flattered but that she loved Dillon. Jaroch swallowed his feelings and didn't speak of them again for many years. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Jaroch was again thrown into the perils of time travel when the Secondprize was inadvertently hurtled back into the past, Jaroch found himself falling in love with an earth woman named Rain Robinson. After a disastrous first date where J'Ter attempted to show his sexual prowess, Jaroch was devastated to learn that Rain was kidnapped by Dominion forces. After he daringly rescued Rain from the Dominion warship Veraka, he spent the night with her before returning to the present ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN]). Several months later, Jaroch was one of the five econdprize officers to beam down to the Forever moon where the destruction of the universe was started but put on hold for ten years. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK]) Jaroch later attended the annual Federation Science Conference on Waystation. An accident there caused him to get stuck as Carl Jaroch. Wanting his friends around, he brought the 20th century Alex Rydell and Travis Dillon forward in time to the station, and the three stole a runabout and headed off into Multek space, forcing Beck and Morales to mount a rescue mission before the timeline was seriously messed up. ("The Way We Were" [WAY]) After Rydell retired just over a year later, Jaroch was promoted to captain of the Secondprize. This event, coupled with Hawkins running off with a Klingon, completely pushed Dillon into insanity. Jaroch had Dillon put in a holodeck encased in an asteroid so that he could live in his own little fantasy world and never trouble anyone again. Over the next several years, he went through a tremendous number of first officers as Starfleet continually posted people to the Secondprize who were ill-equipped to handle the ship's unique crew. Finally, Starfleet accepted his recommendation to make Andrea Carr first officer. During this time, Jaroch also took a sabbatical on Yyns to truly learn to control his past lives. After this sabbatical, he could summon his lives at will through careful concentration. Ten years after the Secondprize's first contact with Forever, it reactivated and restarted the countdown to destroy the universe. Admiral Beck gathered the five Secondprize officers that originally went to Forever on board the Secondprize so they could return and try to stop galactic annihilation. This unfortunately meant Dillon had to be taken from his holodeck world. On the upside, Jaroch was reunited with Hawkins. On the downside, she was still with Mookow. Over the course of the mission, it became apparent that Dillon had added some homicidal tendencies to his insanity. Jaroch rightfully worried that Dillon would rather see the universe destroyed than help Rydell. Dillon's true goal turned out to be Hawkins. He was determined to either get her back or kill her. Jaroch stepped in to fight Dillon rather than let him have Hawkins, whom Dillon had stunned into unconsciousness. The two men began to fight, letting out almost of fifteen years of hatred for each other. Unfortunately for Jaroch, Dillon's time in his holodeck world had given him years to improve his fighting skills. He seriously pummeled Jaroch until Hawkins recovered and jumped in to fight Dillon while Jaroch summoned J'Ter. Dillon gave Hawkins a severe pounding, but found himself outmatched when J'Ter finally emerged. Jaroch/J'Ter clobbered Dillon handily. During the Forever crisis, Jaroch once again expressed his love for Hawkins; however, once it was over, she returned to her husband to see if they could work out their marital troubles. Eighteen months later, Hawkins met Jaroch at Starbase 84 during the Secondprize's layover there. She told him that she'd divorced Mookow and wanted to be with Jaroch. He readily agreed. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

JAROCH, CARL: 20th century ancestor of Jaroch and a student at Old Dominion University. One of Carl's descendants had a relationship with a Yynsian adding some human life-force to the mix that created Jaroch. Carl, in an attempt to create an electromagnetic telescope, accidentally built a neutrino emission chamber with sufficient power to rip a hole in the space-time continuum causing all sorts of nasty mind-swapping effects. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Carl Jaroch was married to the 20th century Lisa Beck. He and the 20th century versions of Alex Rydell and Travis Dillon were chased through Greenbriar Mall in Norfolk, Virginia by an insane 24th century Rebecca Singer. Additionally, Carl's life force is one of the past lives making up Jaroch's consciousness. Once the Carl past life had asserted itself, Jaroch was able to go back in time and present Singer from harming the 20th century ancestors of the Secondprize crew. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Carl's invention was confiscated by FBI agents Mulder and Scully in their investigation of the incident at Greenbriar Mall. ("Out of Time" [VEX]) An accident on board Waystation prompted the Carl past life to take over Jaroch's body. As Carl, he brought the 20th century Alex and Travis forward in time to keep him company. During this experience, Carl learned that he and his wife were killed in a plane crash after living long, full lives. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

JARL: One of Jaroch's past lives. Jarl was a journalist on Yyns. Jaroch and Webber were only able to quiet the Jarl past life by tricking him into believing he was getting the story of the century: aliens landing on Yyns. ("Family Counseling" [TRK])

JARONA: Female version of Jaroch from the universe immediately preceding ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

J. BOND: Brand of ski gear carried by Bradley Dillon's shop. He outfitted Beck with a complete ensemble before she went to Sargonis. She found the many extras, such as the auto-ski function, very useful while fleeing from the Orion Syndicate. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

JEFOZ: A prince staying in Cottage 6 of The Suburb Cottages and Spa. He wanted to rent out the entire suburb for his son's wedding. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

JEM'LATTI KARI: An obscure Andorian practice involving playing around in mud (or whatever's available) to alleviate stress ("All in a Day's Work" [VEX]).

JENDAK: Overmaster Granok's flagship ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]).

JENEL: Subordinate of Yolek the Fourteenth who, along with his colleague Amjex, attempted to discredit Yolek's relations with the Federation and have her removed from office. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

JENNINGS, DR. ELIZABETH: Researcher working with Dr. Reginald Smythe on Gulax Four. Travis Dillon fell for her the moment he laid eyes on her. The two had a brief romantic encounter on the planet, but Dillon ended it after mistakenly believing that his mate magnet was the only reason she was interested in him. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

JENSEN, BARRY: Stephanie Hodges was afraid to ask him to homecoming during her sophomore year of high school. He smelled of potatoes. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

JIM, NURSE: Dr. Browning's nurse on board the USS Exeter. He was believed killed when a Changleing saboteur destroyed the engineering section of the ship. He actually managed to make it to the saucer, where he hid until it was used in the renovation of Waystation. Disfigured and calling himself The Phantom of the Exeter, he kidnapped Yeoman Jones in his desire for revenge on the universe. Jones talked Jim out of killing her and offered him counseling and reconstructive surgery. He agreed and received an all-expenses paid trip to Tantalus V. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY])

JOEGONOTS: Species inhabiting the planet Ugilious. The Joegonots tended to stay on their homeworld but only because the rest of the universe found them so vile and disgusting. Technologically, they were slightly less advanced than the Federation; however, their "Don't You Want To Be My Friend?" wave had stuck fear into many a Starfleet crew. The Joegonots decided to make the whole galaxy their friends, so they kidnapped Dr. Robert Tulson and had him develop the Transference Ray. Their plan backfired, though, when Captain Alexander Rydell used the Transference Ray on Ugilious and turned the entire populous into humans. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK], "Happy to See You" [VEX])

 JONES, TINA: After leaving the tiny, backwater colony on Odala Two where she was raised, Jones hitched a ride on a freighter enlisted in Starfleet in hopes of finding a more exciting life for herself. She was assigned to the USS Secondprize as a yeoman, a non-stressful job she truly enjoyed. During Myna's attempt to destroy the Secondprize, events conspired to leave Yeoman Jones in command briefly, an experience she found herself enjoying quite a bit. By refusing to relinquish command when Myna ordered her to, Jones forced him into revealing that he was an impostor and helped save the ship. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) After the discovery of the Multeks and the decision to establish Waystation, Jones was assigned to the station as their Liaison Officer, a position she didn't quite understand. She picked it up quickly, though, when she, Morales, and Russell had to rescue Porter and Nelson on Bracktia Prime. Jones was able to get the officers in to see the Bracktian president and take out an annoying Bracktian military officer. She also beamed into the Hinaree compound with Russell, proving herself fairly handy with a phaser when the situation warranted. On Waystation itself, Jones greeted both Bradley Dillon and Leximas when they arrived. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) During the Compucop incident, Jones, along with Morales, was one of the only two officers not to be arrested. Morales forged an order that gave Jones a judge appointment, and she processed all of the cases of the arrested crewmembers, freeing them all. ("House Arrest" [WAY]) Jones was kidnapped by the inhabitants of the Happy Universe, so that she could impersonate the dead, Happy version of herself. Fortunately, Beck was able to come to her rescue. ("Close to Home" [WAY]) Several months later, Jones went to Geranis Two with Morales for a diplomatic dinner. She soon regretting this decision after discovering that the Geranis Two colonists were perhaps the most boring people alive. To save herself from the monotony, Jones got very drunk and began performing Klingon opera. On their way back to Waystation, Jones and Morales were snatched by a lonely Q who wanted company. Eventually, Jones learned that the Q was lonely because his love, Karyna, had left him. Jones convinced him to try to get her back. The Q followed her advice and returned Jones and Morales to Waystation. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) During the renovation of Waystation, Jones was assigned to survey the saucer from the USS Exeter before construction began. She was kidnapped a man calling himself, the Phantom of the Exeter. The Phantom, who was actually Nurse Jim, one of the Exeter's officers who was badly burned and believed dead after the Exeter's run-in with a Changeling, wanted to kill Jones as part of his anger at the whole universe. Jones managed to talk him down after offering to get Jim help. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY]) Later, Bradley Dillon asked Jones to help him show Jaraan, a potential investor, around the station, but Jaraan was far more interested in Lt. Porter. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY]) Jones was one of the officers taken hostage by the Starshine Kids in their takeover of the renovated Waystation. After Bradley Dillon "volunteered" her, Jones was forced to look into the Starshiners' orb, a device which briefly brainwashed her into following Sesil's orders. She was eventually able to push through the orb's effects and regain control of her mind. The experience left her emotionally scarred, so she began seeing Counselor Miller, an experience she didn't find all that therapeutic. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

JONIL: A large creature capable of traveling through space without a ship. While on an exploratory assignment for his species, Jonil was sucked through a wormhole and crashed on the moon of Kynax. Due to the moon's gravity, he was unable to return to space and was stranded until he was discovered by Claire Webber of the USS Secondprize. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK])

JSINZI: A species Porter described as "big, ugly, and no sense of humor." A Jsinzi ship transported Porter to the Forever moon during the Forever incident. They did not stick around because they believed the area around Forever to be "the space of the time demons." ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

JUNIOR STARFLEET: A line of toys for young kids interested in being Starfleet Officers, which included tricorders with limited abilities, communicators with limited ranges, and flashlights that broke easily. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

JUPITER LOUNGE: A cozy bar on board the SS Pomposity, not to be confused with the Saturn Room. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

JUM: Mirk's father and a damn snappy dresser. In one manner or another, leader of the Maloxian people ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]). Jum tried to kill everyone on the Explorer in mid-2374 ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part Two" [VEX]) but came around to the crew's way of thinking when the Borg attacked and threatened the whole quadrant ("Process of Elimination" [VEX]).

JURAAN TWO: A Class M planet in the Beta Quadrant discovered shortly after the establishment of Waystation. Three colony ships bound for Juraan Two left Waystation on Stardate 50274. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])


K-BOP: Hawkins short term for a Klingon Bird of Prey. No one else knew what the hell she was talking about. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

K'TGGH: A rare, poisonous Klingon flower. Baxter got a boquet of them for Peterman on their first date. When her cat ate the flowers that pretty much ended the date ("Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things" [VEX]).

KAHLESS' GLORY: Klingon opera Yeoman Jones broke into a rendition of while drunk on Geranis Two. She accompanied herself with a pot and spoon. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

KALDOR: Dillon worried that Rydell's table manners at an official dinner on Kaldor were going to ruin the peace treaty negotiations. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

KAPLAN, LINDA: A Secondprize lieutenant and the shuttlebay control officer on duty when Carr took the Consolationprize to pick up Admiral Cooper. Kaplan is married. ("Choice Blend" [TRK])

KARYNA: Another being from the same home planet as Leximas. Karyna was exiled by Leximas for her hedonistic views which were in direct contrast to the ideas of peace and serenity practiced by their species. Karyna wandered the stars for many years, enjoying the pleasures the universe had to offer. While on her way to visit this Federation she had heard about, Karyna encountered a depressed Q. She joined with the Q and, as a result, obtained the powers of the Q. With her new found omnipotence, Karyna tracked down Leximas and went to Waystation for revenge. After trapped Leximas and Bradley Dillon back in time on the Titanic, she took an interest in Lisa Beck, hoping to find someone to travel the universe with her and share her hedonistic view of life. Beck was seduced briefly by the power offered to her but turned against Karyna when it became clear that Karyna was going to kill her friends. The combined efforts of Beck, Russell, and Q competed Karyna. She was stripped of her powers and taken back to Q's home, where he hoped to stay with her for all eternity. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

KASHRIKK III: Planet with a resort colony where Warlord Sorinak visited with his future ex wife in 2372. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN])

KEENAN: Admiral Lisa Beck's attaché at Starfleet Command. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

KELDEK: Romulan Senator who ordered the Kleenix to go to Multek space. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

KELLAM, CHRIS: Assistant to and student of Dr. Reginald Smythe. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

KELLEY, RACHEL: The fiance' of 20th century Travis Dillon. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Believing Travis has lost his mind, Rachel enlisted the help of the Salisbury, Maryland police to track Travis down when he was assisting Captain Andy Baxter, who had had his mind swapped with the 20th century version of himself. Several mind wipes later, Rachel had forgotten about the whole incident and happily married Travis in December of 1995. ("Out of Time" [VEX]) After Travis went nuts, Rachel took their son, left him, and remarried Alex Rydell, who had been left by Trina when she vanished. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

KELLY-BELL: Evil, maniacal happy counterpart to Counselor Peterman ("Happy to See You" [VEX]). Tried, unsuccessfully, to seduce Captain Baxter ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]).

KELNAR'S SCIENCE EMPORIUM: One of the many stores in Starfleet Square Mall on the renovated Waystation. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

KELSOS TWELVE: Planet where Junior Starfleet tricorders, communicators, and flashlights were built. They designed their tricorders to scan for the seldom-seen pigmies of Kelsos Twelve. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

KENDALL, WENDY: One of Dr. Nelson's nurses in the Waystation infirmary. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

KENNEBEC, USS: One of the shortest-lived Explorer runabouts. Was destroyed by an angry collassal furry creature on a dimension-shifting planet just weeks into Explorer's initial mission ("Land, Ho!" [VEX])

KERGIN: A major in the Bracktian military. He felt that Starfleet officers had life way too easy. Yeoman Jones knocked him unconscious just to get him to shut up. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

KERNOK: Manager and co-owner of Krilik's Klingon Formal Wear Shop. He was very pleased that Starfleet was able to catch the thief who had been terrorizing his store. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

KERRIDAN, DOCTOR PHILLIP (T'PHIL): A scientist aboard USS Aerostar, Phillip Kerridan presented himself continually as a thorn in the side of Captain Andy Baxter. He assisted Lt. Larkin with the creation of a subneutrino transmitter, which was used to send Andy Baxter's consciousness across the galaxy back to the Alpha Quadrant ("Cat-Astrophe" [VEX]). When that didn't work out, Kerridan went on to help fix a jumbled of cris-crossed minds when the Aerostar visited 20th century Earth later that year ("Out of Time" [VEX]). After repeated sabotage attempts aboard the Aerostar, Kerridan was found to be an undercover Romulan spy from the Tal Shiar known as T'Phil ("Turned Inside-Out" [VEX]). Afterwards, after crew returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Baxter fed him to a hungry Flarn and blew him up along with the rest of the evacuated Aerostar ("Confrontations" [VEX])..

KEXAN: Small Voran warship that carried Warlord Sorinak to meet Dr. Elizabeth Lang after he fell in love with her over the Subspace Party Line in 2375. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN]).

KEXLER, PETER: A lieutenant commander assigned to the Secondprize's cultural anthropology department. He failed his test for bridge command clearance after destroying an unidentified ship in what he called "The Kexler Maneuver." ("Commanding Presence" [TRK])

KILASSON PORT-A-HOME 6000: A completely portable house that folded up to the size of a briefcase. The house came with working lights, replicator, and waste reclamation unit and slept six comfortably. The replicator unfortunately was only programmed with borscht and other foul dishes from around the galaxy. Bradley Dillon sold Colonel Lazlo ten of them. Lazlo's marines used them on Ridalis Four. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

KILMA OMEGA IV: The Planet of Obnoxious Belchers visited by the USS Secondprize on Stardate 49812. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

KINSODIANS: Inhabitants of Kinsodi. They are deaf. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

KINTASA, OPRELO: Epolsian private assigned to the Federation Marines 79th Battalion. Kintasa was the second marine attacked by the squirrels of Ridalis Four. He did manage to alert Lt. Col. O'Neal that there was a problem, though. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

KIPAKH: Klingon officer disintegrated by Donask during a vicious game of red light, green light. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

KIRK, JAMES T. (Clone): A fifty-foot-tall clone of the famous captain was created by Debbie Wagner for use in the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. Due to problems in the cloning process, Debbie was only able to give him one personality attribute: his insatiable libido. The Kirk clone attempted to grab Hawkins, but ended up with Jaroch instead. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

KLEENIX: Romulan Warbird under the command of Salbok. The Kleenix went to Multek space to learn about the new race the Federation had discovered and soon had engaged both the Multek ship and Waystation in battle. The Kleenix was critically injured and forced to retreat after Craig Porter flew the Atalanta straight into it. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

KO'JAK: Klingon ship under the command of Donask. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

KOGG: Kogg is a Xenig, a type of mech. He and his chassis are one, similar to a mind being an integral part of a body. However, the personality can switch to a new chassis "body" if one is available. Kogg's current chassis is designed for GPS work and looks like a black splinter. He caught the mech version of the flu, and ended up taking out his annoyance on Cube #347 when the latter refused to pay for a shipment ordered COD. Luckily, in the end Cube #347 did provide a neurogenic gel in trade which eased his suffering ("The Check is in the Mail [BRG]).

KOL, L'NAS: Former staff member of the incredibly popular holovision show "Bowden's Moon." After leaving the show, he wrote a tell-all book about Clephsus Grenenenenenenenen, the show's creator, which angered the Bowsers, the show's rabid fans. Kol hired Mookow and Hawkins to protect him during an appearance at the Mall of Antares. A young, Andorian Bowser slipped through security and coated him in red ink. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

KOLAK: Klingon captain and special guest in the Name that Scream contest on "Win or Else!" Kolak was jabbed with pain sticks, and the contestants had to guess what sort of sound he would make. ("Win or Else!" [WAY])

KOLEM, ARIGO: Trill male in his mid forties. Kolem spent the majority of his life dedicated to exposing what he believed to be the greatest lie in the history of the Federation: the existence of Section 31. In 2369, Kolem founded the Society for the Pursuit of Truth, an organization dedicated to unearthing the Section 31 conspiracy, as well as many other believed truths. In 2376, Kolem hit paydirt. After he enlisted the help of Federation Times reporter Paul Hoerbelt, he found conclusive evidence that the USS Banshee was not destroyed when their transport ship came across bridge module 47-SOV, which was attached to the USS Banshee. Upon reading the dedication plaque stating the ship's participation in Section 31. Shortly thereafter, Kolem discovered that one of the SPT's members, a woman who he had and trusted was really Section 31 agent Commander Ashley Donovan. Kolem took Donovan hostage and said that she would be released only when the Banshee showed itself. Though he managed to capture Captain Jad Vorezze, Captain Velorn and Commander Charlotte Burns, his plan ultimately proved to be unsuccessful. Unable to cope with his failure to achieve his lifelong goal, Kolem went insane and was sent to Tantalus V for rehabilitation. ("The Truth Is Out There" [BAN])

KOPAX FOUR: Location of Starbase 42, where Rydell, Baird, and Singer attended a sensitivity training conference. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])

KOPPRA, GRETCHEN: Fictional criminal played by Monica Vaughn in an elaborate practical joke designed by Scott Baird to get revenge on Sullivan, Beck, and Webber for what they did to him while he head amnesia. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

KOVACS, BANYON: Starfleet Intelligence operative assigned to retrieve a stolen item from the Orion Syndicate on Sargonis. Beck hit on him in a bar and ended up saving his life and completing his mission. After Sargonis, he and Beck had a fun couple of weeks together on Starbase 78. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

KRAUSE, ENSIGN: Officer on duty the night two transport buffer coils were stolen from Waystation's engineering supply bay. ("House Arrest" [WAY]) She was dating Russell for a time. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

KREIGER, SARAH: An ensign aboard the USS Secondprize enlisted to help find out who Dillon was considering asking out. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) Kreiger gave birth a baby shortly before Stardate 50210. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

KRENEK: Made Interim Overmaster after the loss of Granok. Had a very unsuccessful run in late 2374 ("Process of Elimination, Part I" [VEX]).

KRI'BRON, CAPTAIN: Commanding officer of the USS Exeter. He lost the bulk of his ship due to Changeling sabotage, an event he blamed on his chief medical officer, Dr. Browning. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY])

KRILIK: Famous Klingon dressmaker. He co-owns Krilik's Klingon Formal Wear Shop on Waystation with Kernok. Originally, he remained on Qo'noS while Kernok ran the shop. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) He later moved to Waystation to run the store himself. He took two Tellarite women that were fighting over one of his dresses to Russell's security office in hopes of settling the matter. In a scuffle over the beaded gown, the women ripped it in half, sending beads all over the floor and helping feed the growing riot on the station. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) Krilik ordered Commander Kruul to stop attacking the station and to go away. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

KRILIK'S KLINGON FORMAL WEAR SHOP: This was one of the first stores to open in Starfleet Square Mall. In the two weeks preceding Stardate 50786, the store suffered a rash of shoplifting. Lt. Russell was able, with Bradley Dillon's help, to catch the thief, who had disguised himself as a mannequin in order to steal a shipment of Krilik's dresses. The thief was revealed to be Qolesh, a former employee of the store. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) At first, the shop was managed by Kernok, but by Stardate 51550, Krilik himself had come to Waystation to run his store. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

KROLL: Multek officer about the ship that captured Dillon, Jaroch, Beck, and Russell. He had a hard time dealing with the fact that he was hallucinating aliens. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

KROSALIS BELT: Region of space where Jaroch saved the Secondprize from a temporal anomaly. The insane Dillon praised Jaroch for his performance in the Krosalis Belt when Jaroch and Hawkins visited him in the sitting room he'd created on the Secondprize's holodeck. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

KRUUL: Klingon captain and "friend" of Farlak. When he learned that Morales had slugged Farlak, he brought in his bird of prey to attack Waystation Village. Krilik ordered him to stop. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

KULINARY KLINGON: Restaurant at Tantalus V Drakor wanted to have dinner at in exchange for allowing Zero to meet Singer. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

KYLE, DR. DAMIEN: Head of the archaeological team that visited Bournas Six. The Explorer was transporting Kyle's team to Starbase 195. While looking at an amulet they found, one of Kyle's team dropped the artifact, fracturing a gem and allowing the Rankol trapped inside to escape. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

KYLE, RICK: A Sergeant in the Federation Marines and Lazlo's executive assistant. He arrived on the runabout with Lazlo during the Waystation/Multek/Romulan battle. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Ramey was never really interested in being a heavy duty marine. He felt Lazlo needed to relax and be a little less military. In his spare time, Ramey liked to build models. He was building a scale model of the Great Hall on Qo'noS and then planned to start work on a replica of the ruins of Galnor Twelve. Lazlo threw Kyle to the squirrels on Ridalis Four to buy time for himself to escape. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Russell took Kyle hostage briefly and used him as a human shield during the marine takeover of Waystation. Lazlo ordered the marines to shoot anyway, so Russell through Kyle in the way of the incoming phaser blasts. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

KYNAX: Federation member world populated by the Kynaxins. The Kynaxins requested the Federation's assistance in negotiating with the Oloni, a violent tribe native to Kynax's moon. The Kynaxins wished to colonize the moon, but each of their envoys to the Oloni had been killed. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK])

KYNAXIN: Federation member species and residents of Kynax. The Kynaxins wished to colonize Kynax's moon but could not establish peaceful relations with the Oloni, a violent tribe native to the moon. Starfleet sent the USS Secondprize to negotiate with the Oloni. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK])

KYNELLIAN BON-BONS: One of Morticent's favorite snacks. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

KYYYECHT: Ambassador of the Rusai who demanded an inquest into Rydell's actions on Ugilious. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])


LANCELOT, USS: A Federation starship mentioned by Captain Sullivan. The staff in its lounge run around in medieval outfits and occasionally challenge the patrons to a joust. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

LANDRIS, DR.: Bracktian research assistant to Dr. Nelson. Landris was very concerned about a possible Hinaree attack on their laboratory. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

LANG, DR. ELIZABETH: Head scientist on board the USS Banshee. Liz is an extremely attractive woman and that status in part alienates her from the crew and causes her to be given the unwanted attention of other officers. Liz's best friend is her teddy bear hamster, Zeke. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). Liz is very defensive of Zeke, keeping him safe from Borg drones ("Cube #347's Excellent Adventure, Part II" [BRG]), hormonally imbalanced Bajorans ("Nine Months Too Long" [BAN]) and evil temple spirits. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]). Liz joined the Banshee's crew when the USS Rameses crashed in 2374. It was her idea to use a quantum torpedo to destroy the Dominion Spider Walker that threatened the landbound Rameses. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). Liz was among the Banshee crewmembers who were killed in combat with the Voran warship Triaxis but later brought back to life when the afterlife refused to let them in. ("The Dark Fleet, Part II" [BAN]). Liz found herself bored one night on the Banshee and decided to call the Subspace Party Line. There, she met a "really thoughtful guy" who turned out to be Warlord Sorinak of the Voran Imperium. Liz enlisted Peter Stefanski to fend of the horny Voran. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN]) Liz later delivered supplies to a Section 31 base aboard the shuttlecraft Sullivan. The Sullivan was destroyed when it accidentally nicked a warp nacelle against a stray meteor and Liz and Vince were forced to beam onto the barren planet Veejo IX. There, to ward off death, Liz and Vince had to have sex in order to survive. They were later rescued by the Banshee after being tipped off by the USS Secondprize. ("Basic Survival Instinct" [BAN]). When Warlord Sorinak was aboard the Banshee in late 2375 to seek the assistance of the Federation against Species 8472, Liz was abducted after the war was revealed to be a hoax. ("The Lesser of Two Evils" [BAN]) Liz was held prisoner on board the Sivax until Jevon, the captain of the ship, activated the autodestruct system in protest to Sorinak's war against the Federation. He allowed Liz to escape, though the Sivax was destroyed. ("Dark Horizon" [BAN]). When the Deimos Cult took over the Banshee in 2376, Liz managed to avoid being shuffled off to the escape pods by hiding under the bar with Commander David Riley and head waiter Siruk. Her hamster, Zeke, was responsible for freeing Captain Vorezze and Commander Tagel from the ship's brig and reclaiming the ship. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part Three" [BAN]). Liz became the subject of torment by Salome, a demon from Menda III that possessed Zeke. After counseling the possessed hamster failed, Commander Dan Smith performed an exorcism on him.("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

LANHAM, ALEXA: Ex-wife of Commander Conway, Lanham is most famous for the method in which she divorced Conway. Over an apparent sock argument, on an away mission to a rocky planet, she shoved Conway into a deep crevasse and nearly killed him. That resulted in a divorce and the two did not meet again until several years later when the Explorer visited Lanham's science station, Dreamland Station, to evaluate her project: The Dream Device. That device blew up and sent a shockwave out that transformed both the Explorer and Warbird Horshak into magical fairy kingdoms. The results were not pretty ("Happily Ever Altered" [VEX]). Later that year, Lanham was on hand aboard the USS Pulitzer to help Commander Conway search for the missing crew of the Explorer, who'd disappeared to the Federation of Fun ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]).

LARKIE: Jack-in-the-box-esque counterpart to Lt. Larkin in the Happy Universe ("Happy to See You" [VEX]).

LARKIN, KRISTEN: Ops Chief and Third-in-Command of the Explorer, Kristen Larkin spent much of her carreer as helm officer aboard the Secondprize. A clumsily-assembled android with an uncertain past, Lt. Commander Larkin was fascinated with penguins and had a vast database capable of embarrassing her less knowledgeable superiors. She was transferred to the Aerostar in 2374. On the Aerostar her truly distinctive act was becoming, for a short time, the god of a tribe of humanoid penguins. That didn't work out and she had to return to Aerostar. After serving for a year at ops officer of the Aerostar, in the Delta Quadrant, she was made aware that Lt. Commander Chris Richards is her, well, "Mommie," and Chris Henricks, through a diabolical brain-stealing scheme, was her "Daddie." She went on to serve on the Explorer, after Aerostar returned to the Alpha Quadrant and was destroyed, and served with distinction. Notably, Larkin was responsible for going back in time, thanks to a drunken Conway and Dr.. Leonard McCoy, and getting a good old fashioned rogering from a misled James T. Kirk. She has kept the sample to this day ("A Stitch in Time" [VEX]). When she presumably gave her life to stop Commander Ardek on Crysta and was re-built, Larkin went on to think of Richards as her father AND mother ("Birds of a Feather," "Starting from Scratch" [VEX]). She got to meet, and was sexually harassed by, Lt. Commander Data of the Enterprise, in 2376 ("Generation Gap" [VEX]). Unbeknownst to her, the her that sacrificed herself to kill Ardek re-surfaced helping Ardek run a casino in Romulan Territory ("Double or Nothing" [VEX]) and then surfaced again after being abandoned by Ardek and after acquiring, certain emotions ("Positronically Yours" [VEX]). Larkin herself acquired emotions too, and to this day cries every time she sees an AT&T commercial.

LARKIN, KRISTEN (Human Version): Kristen Larkin, the human, was a budding cheerleader for the Starfleet polo team on Earth who made the mistake of dating a military man, one Starfleet Cadet Christopher J. Henricks. Kristen soon learned that Henricks was a moron and quickly broke up with him. Henricks, meanwhile, created an android in her image. The android did little but drool, so he stole his roomates, Christopher Richards's, positronic brain project, and inserted it into the android. The result was the android we know today as Kristen Larkin, android version. Android and human Larkin did not meet until 2375, when some Explorer crew ran into the human in a bar. The human Larkin was now a brazen fighter pilot, and Larkin flirted with the idea of joining her human counterpart, but soon thought better of it after fending off an attack from Commander Ardek ("At Times They Even Talk Alike" [VEX]). The two kept in touch, and in 2376, the android Larkin had to go on a mission to save her human counterpart, again, from Ardek, who was using the human as bait ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]). Shortly after the rescue, Lt. Commadner Richards began dating the human Larkin, to his daughter's chagrin ("Starting from Scratch" [VEX]). While on vacation, during the time that the Explorer was a cruise ship, the human Larkin and Richards got to know each other and decided they did not like each other, and promptly broke up ("Just a Larkin" [VEX]).

LARKIN, KITTY: After a complicated series of events taking place on the planet Crysta, during which time the android Larkin went on a rescue mission to save the human Larkin from the clutches of Romulan Commander Ardek, the android Larkin shoved Ardek down a long, fiery shaft and fell down with him, presumably giving up her life ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]). Both, however, were beamed by Ardek into his scoutship and were whisked to safety. Larkin had uploaded her consciousness nanoseconds prior to the Escort computer, and Richards created a new body for it. The original Larkin, however, continued to exist with Ardek. The explosions inside the shaft did some damage to her positronic brain, causing it to shift back to a more numb, servile time, when all she was programmed to do was give pleasure to Private Chris Henricks. Ardek named her "Kitty" (for some reason) and used her to his advantage as a Casino Girl on his Casino world of Fortuna. On a scouting mision, both Kitty and Kristen Larkin were reunited, but Kristen could do little to convince Kitty to leave her master ("Double or Nothing" [VEX]). Kitty and Kristen did reunite, however, when Kristen discovered an escape pod from the Ardek's scoutship with Kitty aboard. He had apparently jettisoned her, because of some emotional problems, before jetting off to the Delta Quadrant. Against Kristen's will, Kitty took over the Explorer in an attempt to find Ardek, but was out-witted by her exact duplicate and struck off on her own aboard a stolen runabout to find him. Who knows what happened after that ("Positronically Yours [VEX]).

LAXEST CAPTAIN IN THE FLEET: An award Rydell has received five years in a row. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

LAZLO, MARTIN: Colonel in charge of the Federation Marine 79th Battalion assigned to Waystation. Lazlo arrived at Waystation by runabout in the middle of Waystation's battle with the Romulans and the Multeks. After the station was able to bring them safely aboard, Lazlo and the two marines accompanying him set off to capture, or preferably kill, Captain Wuddle. Beck stepped in, stunned all three of the marines, and locked them in the brig until they agreed that she was the one in command of the station. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Lazlo intensely disliked having to follow Beck's orders and felt that the arrival of the rest of his battalion should mean a more equitable distribution of power on the station. Beck said no way and even went so far to remind Lazlo's troops that she was the one in charge. In response, Lazlo packed up and moved his entire group to Ridalis Four, an uninhabited forest world discovered by the Waystation scouting missions. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) After receiving prior warning from Leximas that the Ridalis Four trip would be disastrous, Lazlo decided that the guru was dangerous and ordered his marines to keep tabs on her. He was furious that instead they were spellbound by her peace and serenity. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY]) Beck made Lazlo the station's Chief of Security after Russell had screwed up once to often. Lazlo used the opportunity to attempt a hostile takeover of the station while Beck and Morales were off the station. He had Nelson and Porter thrown in the brig, but Russell was able to free them and, with their help, confront Lazlo in ops. No official action was taken against him in this incident due to the incredible amount of wrongdoing performed by everyone concerned. Instead, it was agreed to just forget the whole mess. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Lazlo was basically responsible for starting the refit of Waystation when he sliced the station in half using the Mongoose's phasers in an overzealous pursuit of an Andorian freighter. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) He later saved the Asneris colony from vanishing without a trace by convincing the energy entity residing on that world that humans were worthy creatures. As distasteful as this was, the only way Lazlo could do this was by admitting that he needed Commander Beck's help to pass the entity's tests. ("The Corps of the Matter" [WAY]) When Waystation was taken over by the Starshine Kids, Lazlo and Morales worked well together to resolve the situation, both men earning the respect of the other. Lazlo's team infiltrated the station and captured the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) Lazlo disdains what he considers Starfleet's weakness towards aggressors. He prefers the old "shoot first, ask questions later" policy. It particularly galls him that Beck turns out to be right more often than not. The Starfleet personnel, in turn, enjoy making fun of the black mass of hair on Lazlo's face he has the nerve to call a mustache.

LEGAL AFFAIRS FACILITY: The location of the majority of the Federation's court rooms and legal offices. This facility on Rigus IX was the site of Zero's trial on Stardate 49843. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

LEOPOLD: Alias used by Lt. Cmdr. Vincent DiSanto during the mission to rescue Commander Ashley Donovan from Sytarnan Three. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult" [VEX]).

LEXIMAS: Leximas arrived at Waystation rather mysteriously soon after the station opened for business. She never identified her species, and the ship that ferried the elf-like, silver-eyed woman to Waystation simply vanished without a trace. While the Waystation crew was confused as to where Leximas came from, she was just as confused as to why she was there. On her homeworld, Leximas had been a spiritual leader among her people teaching serenity and wisdom. She was one of the few of her kind to be chosen by a mind-guide, a disembodied force that led the actions of some of Leximas' people. Her mind-guide led her to Waystation but did not explain why. With no explanation forthcoming, Leximas settled in to wait. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) She quickly provoked the ire of Colonel Lazlo when she warned him in advance that taking his marines to Ridalis Four was a bad idea. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Convinced that she was a danger to the station, Lazlo ordered his marines to keep an eye on her. Much to Lazlo and Leximas' annoyance, the marines assigned to her all resigned from the Federation Marines and decided to follow Leximas' teachings. The constant nagging of her unwanted followers became too much for even the serene guru. She drove them away in an uncharacteristic display of anger. Seeing that their guru wasn't nearly as serene as they thought, the marines went back to their posts. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY]) Throughout this time, Leximas developed a friendship with Bradley Dillon. The two were basically polar opposites in terms of life philosophy and background, but they found each other fascinating. Bradley went so far as to invite Leximas to accompany him on a holodeck cruise on the Titanic. Unaware of the ocean liner's fate, Leximas agreed. The holographic cruise turned potentially deadly when Karyna, another member of Leximas' people that Leximas had banished from their homeworld for her hedonistic ways, came to the station looking for revenge. Armed with the power of the Q, Karyna sent Leximas and Bradley back to the real Titanic and put a Grecin assassin on board that had been programmed to kill Leximas. Bradley got Leximas into a lifeboat and was prepared to go down with the ship in order to stop the Grecin, but Leximas saved him just before the ship slipped beneath the waters of the Atlantic. The two were soon returned to their proper time. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) During the renovation of Waystation, Leximas became aware of a malevolent force attempting to control Sean Russell. She was able to free Russell from the control of the Critics, but, in doing so, became a target herself. ("Lip Service" [WAY]) Her mind-guide revealed itself to her soon after this. The mind-guide was actually an entity known as the Ushers, who worked for the Directors against the Critics, and they needed Leximas to help fight the Critics. Before she could do anything with that knowledge, Leximas was killed when her cargo module was blown up by the Starshine Kids. ("Critical Mass" [WAY]) Fortunately for Leximas, she continued to exist as pure consciousness, which is what the Ushers had intended all along. Leximas enlisted Commander Beck's help, and together they were able to keep the Critics occupied long enough for the rest of the Waystation crew to take back the renovated station from the Starshine Kids. With this complete, Leximas left to prepare for the true battle to come, much to the distress of Bradley Dillon. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) Leximas was not seen again until approximately Stardate 54002, when she rescued Mirk from the exploding USS Trafalgar. She informed Mirk that the only way for him to stop the Critics and the Starshine Kids was for him to build a rival group loyal to the Directors. Mirk set out to convert the Federation to Maloxitarianism. ("Welcome Aboard" [VEX]) Leximas stepped in personally to stop Irma from killing Mirk and to stop the Explorer from being destroyed in a warp core breech. ("All Hands On Deck" [VEX]) For the next several months, Leximas focus all of her energy on preventing Irma from getting to Mirk, but eventually Irma grew too powerful for the guru to hold back. She was able to delay Irma just long enough for Mirk to get his powers back so he could defeat Irma on his own, but Leximas was blasted through time, space, and reality. She found herself as a human on 20th century Earth. She immediately met that century's Bradley Dillon, who found himself drawn to her. But with her mind-guide gone, Leximas had no idea how her future would progress from there. ("Blink of an Eye" [VEX])

LEXIMAS, THE GALACTIC GURU: A doll Bradley Dillon helped to sell in order to cash in on Leximas' popularity on the station. He hoped that one day every ship leaving Waystation would have one mounted on their instrument panel. Of course, he could sell them for more if they were autographed. Leximas refused. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY])

LIA: Pet name for Amelia Nelson used by her parents. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY])

LIGELLIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW: Journal which published one of Dr. Richard Dillon's papers. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

LINDUS IV LUXURY RESORT: Morticent's first stop after she learned that there were only ten years left until Galactic Annihilation. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

"L'KSSSANZ BOOGIE": Lt. Cole of the Inevitable does a great rendition of this in the ship's Rashoman sushi/karaoke lounge. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

LOCAASER'S RISA ON FIVE CREDITS A DAY: A travel book carried by Dillon's Supply Depot. Bradley Dillon offered to give one to Leximas if she bought the Official Locaaser Guide to Federation Space. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

LODGIBAX: Planet Rydell was assigned to take Admiral Wyndham to on his first mission as captain of the Secondprize. Wyndham was to attend a ceremony commemorating the Great Am-Way Salesman Migration of 2278. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ]) (NOTE: The planet's name is a play on the Black Lodge of "Twin Peaks.")

LODGIBAXANS: Inhabitants of Lodgibax. Every year they commemorate the Great Am-Way Salesman Migration of 2278 when their people ran all of the Am-Way salesmen off of their world at laser point. Rydell considered them to be a wise people. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

LOGAN: Simms steward/thug who escorted Dillon and Hawkins to their cabin on the Pomposity. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

LOGASH: A self-proclaimed warlord on Mandicor. He set up shop in an abandoned fortress near the city of Felsten and started a reign of terror. He was stopped by the efforts of Rydell, Carr, Baird, and Jaroch in their super hero guises. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

LOKALOC: Freighter delivering supplies to Tantalus V. Singer, Zero, and Gruver stole the Lokaloc in their escape from Tantalus V. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

LONGFELLOW, USS: Ambassador Class Federation starship, registry number NCC-28553. The Longfellow was assigned to help the Banshee and the Xerxes fend of a Borg attack in early 2374. The Longfellow's saucer section was heavily damaged in the attack. Upon hearing the news that the forward tip of the Longfellow had been cut off, crewmembers aboard the USS Banshee burst into fits of hysterical laughter. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). When the Borg cube reached Earth shortly thereafter, the Longfellow ran a kamikaze mission into the cube. Unfortunately the cube had already been set to autodestruct anyhow, but as Commander Tagel noted, it was an old ship anyway. ("Resistance is Futile, Part II" [BAN]). The Longfellow was named for noted American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

LOIFRED: A seven-armed humanoid species. A Loifred was working as a masseuse at the Breen Seven Spa and Gardens during Morticent's visit there. She wanted to take him back to the Mitgogae with her. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

LORIKEL: Planet used by Dr. Derrick Azar as the base of operations for his time experiments. The Secondprize visited Lorikel on Stardate 49818 in an attempt to track down the source of temporal disturbance rocking that particular sector of space. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

LOX: Gribnob's first officer aboard his Ferengi marauder. ("Dividends" [WAY])

LULAR: Lt. Commander J'hana's idiot brother who, in a fit of leadership style and spunk, tried to effect the take-over of Andor using ancient technologies ("Sibling Rivalry" [VEX]). He was promptly killed by J'hana. The good news is, she has hundreds of remaining siblings and cousins, all equally nefarious.

LYNNHAVEN MALL: Mall in Norfolk, Virginia where Captain Rydell took Trina on a date in a effort to repair her relationship with the 20th century Alex Rydell. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])


MAD MAN: Alexander Rydell's super hero identity in Star Fleet. Just the sound of his voice drove the residents of Mandicor into violent rages. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

MADERA, SUSAN: A reserve helm officer on the USS Explorer. Madera is noted for her exquisite harp playing. Much like Richards, who makes a better artist than engineer, Madera makes a better harpist than helmsman. Perhaps that is why Richards and Madera hooked up and dated for a time in the span between 2376 and 2377. During that time, they dated a lot, and Madera maneuvered the USS Escort well on a mission to save the human Larkin from Ardek on the humanoid-penguin planet of Crysta. Before that, Madera's most notable achievements were having sex with Commander Conway to defeat a ship full of Leeramar in 2376 ("Love and War" [VEX]), playing harp at Baxter and Peterman's wedding in 2375 ("Prior Engagements" [VEX]), and piloting the Aerostar out of harms way when Flarn attacked them at 20th century Earth, when it was 1996 although it should have been 2374 ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

MAK'KREL THE MAGNIFICENT: Expert masseuse at Gargonite's, the Medusan spa on Waystation. Beck was on her way to an appointment with him when she was taken to the Captain's Table Bar. ("Prologue" [REJ])

MALL OF ANTARES: Site of an appearance by L'nas Kol. Kol hired Mookow and Hawkins to protect him from the wrath of the Bowsers during this appearance. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

MALOX: Home planet of the Maloxians. Mostly water, Malox is home to a scattering of islands on which the various tribes of Maloxians grew up. Malox is known for a wild night life including barbecues, mountain-climbing, giant aquatic creatures, and fuzzy, cave-dwelling rodents (The Salad of Vengeance" [VEX]).

MALOXIANS: Inhabitants of the planet Malox. The Maloxians have a bitter and subservient history dating all the way back to the Flarn's first conquests in the Delta Quadrant. They've always answered to someone, and only in 2374 when the Borg wiped out the Flarn did they truly get a sense of freedom. The longevity of that freedom depends entirely on the success of one Romulan Commander Ardek, who intends to enlist the Critics help in overtaking the Delta Quadrant. The only thing keeping the Maloxians strong over their long history of toil is an utter and total devotion to the eyeball-shaped Directors, and to fruit, for some odd reason.

MANDICOR: Primitive world the shuttlecraft Doorprize crashed on due to a bomb planted by Myna. The radiation on Mandicor caused the Secondprize crewmembers in the shuttle to develop strange abilities. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

MANDICORANS: Inhabitants of planet Mandicor. The Mandicorans are similar to humans, but their technology level approximates Earth during the 18th century. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

MARCSON, LINDSAY: Lieutenant in charge of Waystation's night watch. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

MARUAC: Vice-President of the United Federation of Planets, and, even worse, he's a mime! Maruac was taken hostage by the Starshine Kids along with Beck, Bradley Dillon, Yeoman Jones, and Admirals Wagner and McGrath. ("Critical Mass," "Lip Lock" [WAY]) Once it was over, Maruac ordered that the entire incident be covered up. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

MASON, OLIVER: A junior engineering officer on board Waystation. When Porter is off the station, Lt. J.G. Mason often mans the operations/science console. ("House Arrest" [WAY])

MASTIFF, SFS: The SFS Mastiff is a Second Federation ship with temporal capacity tasked at finding drug manufacturing freighters. It is 150 meters in length and 70 meters at the beam; an ovoid nose sweeps aft to end astern as a truncated cylinder. A blue nacelle ring is set flush to the hull three-quarter the length back, with a matching green-blue ring at the one-third mark. No windows mar the black side, but lateral rows of phaser banks are very obvious. Additional weapons are eight torpedo ports spaced squidistantly in the midship region and eight additional apertures at the nose of unknown function. The SFS Mastiff, along with same class SFS Ferret and SFS Wolverine, arrested the crew of the leech freighter attached to Cube #347 before running a worm through the sub-collective which made the Borg forget all about the incident ("Jovian Dust" [BRG]).

MATTICE, KRISTINA: 4000 year old Vampire and all around evil woman who controls the Deimos cult on planet Mordor. She had a long lasting fascination with Commander Dan Smith of the USS Banshee and, when she learned he was coming to Mordor, arranged to have him captured. Through a series of ceremonial brainwashings and good ol' fashioned sex appeal, Mattice turned Dan into her virtual servant. Mattice was believed killed when, after stumbling from the ruins of her temple, a Vorta female named Hanock collided with her at terminal velocity. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread" [BAN]).

MAUSER, LUCAS: An old high school friend of Bradley Dillon's. Many years ago, Bradley gave Mauser a ship and some start up money for a mining idea he had. Assuming that the money was as good as gone, Bradley forgot about the whole thing. Actually, Mauser's company did very well, and Mauser, not forgetting what his friend had done for him, kept Bradley as a silent partner and invested Bradley's share of their profits. When Mauser finally sold the company to the Jupiter Mining Corporation, Bradley's share of the sale price plus the value of the investment portfolio Mauser had created for him was over 130 billion credits. ("Dividends" [WAY]) (NOTE: The Jupiter Mining Corporation is actually the name of the company that built the Red Dwarf in the British science fiction comedy series, "Red Dwarf.")

MAYSFIELD, USS: One of the many ships clamoring for a parking space outside Waystation. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

MCDERKIN: Holographic criminal Dillon filled with lead in one of his favorite holodeck programs. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

MCGRATH, FRANK: Founded the Explorer project in 2375 and became rapidly disillusioned with it ("Confrontations" [VEX]). Prior to that, he was on hand on Waystation when cult leader Sesil attempted to take it over and hold he and other dignitaries hostage ("Lip Lock" [WAY]). McGrath went on to lead the Explorer project for two years, until such time as it got taken away from him and he went loony and jumped into a lake ("Down to Earth" [VEX]).. He returned in late 2377 at a Starfleet conference and tried to befriend Baxter once again, only he threatened to reveal what an utter failure the Explore project really was. He was promptly committed to Tantalus for being a nutball ("Imbalance of Power" [VEX])

MCNEIL, ALYSSA: An up-and-coming female lawyer in an all-boys club who puts her heart into her cases and has a wild least that's how Bradley Dillon described her. Morales thought it sounded like a good premise. Porter was quite taken with her legs, and Russell had sex with her in hopes of helping their defense. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

MEGGIE: Happy-go-lucky Funfleet Transporter Chief, happy universe counterpart to very UN-happy-go-lucky Megan Hartley ("Happy to See You" [VEX]).

MENDA III: Site of a Section 31 archeological survey in 2376. Known for it's fabulous Mendan Sacred Stones, Menda III is a planet of ancient ruins and steep cliffs. The population vanished centuries before the system was discovered. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

MENDAN SACRED STONES: Set of five gemstones that served as the cornerstone of Mendan society and resided in their respective temples. The stones were the Life Emerald, the Spirit Opal, the Wind Sapphire, the Love Amethyst and the Inferno Ruby. These stones were sought by the Federation Natural History Museum on Vulcan and were found by an archeological survey performed by the Starship Banshee. The stones' removal from their temples were believed to be the reason why Zeke the hamster was possessed by a demon, but it was later learned that the stones were unrelated to the possession. They are now on display in the Federation Natural History Museum on Vulcan. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

MERWIN: John Simms, Jr's loyal assistant. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

MEYARA III: Planet, location of a Section 31 fleetyard. The USS Ticonderoga was under construction there before it and the rest of the yards were either destroyed or severely damaged by the 'Four Horsemen.' The fleetyards there were run by Commander Holly Mason. ("Upstarts" [BAN]).

MIDON: A Brackto symbiont studied by Dr. Amelia Nelson on Bracktia Prime. When the Hinaree invaded Nelson's lab with the intention of killing Midon, Nelson joined with Midon to save the symbiont's life. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Midon has added a decidedly old and cranky aspect to Nelson's personality since the joining, and the symbiont particularly didn't enjoy Nelson's visit home. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY]) Nelson requires regular injections of Unlogi to maintain her symbiosis with Midon. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK], "Gut Feelings" [WAY])

MIKE: Fictional criminal played by Craig Porter in an elaborate practical joke designed by Scott Baird to get revenge on Sullivan, Beck, and Webber for what they did to him while he head amnesia. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

MILLER, RAY: Counselor aboard Waystation. Miller helped Porter kept past his fear of asking women out but explaining to him that women are people, too. Deep thought there. He had left standing orders that all roommate problems during their time in Waystation Village were to be settled through combat on the holodeck. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY]) Miller was quite busy during the latter part of the Waystation renovations, counseling Russell during his run-in with the Critics and Jones after her brief brainwashing by the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Service," "Lip Lock" [WAY]) When Commander Dillon finally went over the edge a couple of years later, Miller volunteered to be his caretaker inside of the asteroid outfitted for the task. Miller generally stayed in quarters outside of the holodeck Dillon lived in, but occasionally he would go inside to indulge his own sexual obsessions with two or three holographic women. Miller didn't even try to counsel Dillon during this time saying that Dillon wouldn't have liked it very much. Dillon was eventually removed from Miller's care and sent to Tantalus V. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK])

MINDAX SYSTEM: Home to a group of delegates invited to attend a social gathering on Starbase 37. The station's commander, Admiral Peter Colby, also ordered Rydell to attend, much to his dismay. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

MIND-GUIDE: The presence in Leximas' mind that led her throughout her life. Her mind-guide brought her to Waystation, warned her that Karyna was coming, and alerted her to the threat of the Starshine Kids. Just before the Starshine Kids blew her up, Leximas learned that her mind-guide was in fact the Ushers, a group of energy beings that worked for the Directors. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK], "That Sinking Feeling," "Critical Mass," "Lip Lock" [WAY])

"MIRK": A talk show begun by Mr. Mirk to boost crew morale, with disastrous results ("Alternative Programming" [VEX]).

MIRK: Mr. Mirk is a blossoming telepath with darn good drink making skills. He's in charge of "The Constellation Cafe," the Explorer's crew lounge.

MISHTAK: A custom in Andorian restaurants in which paying customer who engage in ritual combat in the Mishtak pit are eligible for a free meal. Despite Baughb's hopes, the Waystation riot was not Mishtak. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) Nor was the fight Russell got into. ("Lip Service" [WAY]) Mishtak did not actually occur until Beck attacked Browning during the Explorer's stopover at the station. ("Worlds Apart" [VEX])

MISSOURI, USS: Nuclear naval battleship stolen by Flarn and Irma Wilson in 1996 with the purpose of defeating Aerostar crewmembers and enslaving Earth as fodder for a gigantic, magnificent Flarn banquet ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

MITCHELL, LAURIE: Russell's girlfriend for two weeks when he was sixteen. Her voice was a horrifying squeaky, whiny wail. The Critics subjected Russell to the voices of several thousand Lauries in order to force him to help them in their recruitment efforts. ("Lip Service" [WAY])

MITGOGAE: Seatellan spaceship under the command of Morticent. The Mitgogae engaged the Secondprize at the Forever moon, but, despite its more powerful weaponry, it was unable to destroy the Federation ship. During the next ten years, Morticent made several modifications to the Mitgogae, turning the craft into her own private pleasure and battle ship. In a second battle at the Forever moon, the Mitgogae was able to disable the Secondprize and the Inevitable before being disabled itself by Porter's sabotage in the engine room. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

MONGO: A Maloxian rodent similar to a rat or hamster, which was the key to curing the crew of the Aerostar of a serious case of food poisoning ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part Two" [VEX]).

MONGOOSE, USS: Transport ship used by the Federation Marines assigned to Waystation. The Mongoose is shaped like a huge green box with wings jutting out from the top and two nacelles stuck on the bottom. On the front of the box sits the small, two-person cockpit module. Despite its bad looks, the Mongoose is equipped with armor plating, advanced shields, quantum torpedoes, tri-cobalt devices, and multiple phaser banks. Major Stephanie Hodges normally flies the Mongoose. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) While using the Mongoose to direct traffic outside of Waystation, Lazlo began a pursuit of an Andorian freighter. The pursuit ended abruptly when Lazlo accidentally sliced Waystation in half when the Mongoose's phasers cut through the connecting tube. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) With Lazlo operating it by remote control, the Mongoose blasted open the docking bay on board the renovated Waystation that it was parked in and wedged itself in the hangar door so the station's shields could not reform completely. Lazlo, Morales, and their teams used this hole to beam onto the station to retake it from the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

MONROE, BETH: A skiddish Ensign who served on Aerostar and Explorer, and who was obsessive about her Elmo doll ("Confrontations" [VEX]). Counselor Peterman's puma did SOMETHING to her which led her to leave the Explorer and become Admiral McGrath's assistant ("Many Happy Returns" [VEX]). Once Commodore Velara took over the Explorer project, she remained the assistant to her, although she didn't like her half as much as McGrath ("Imbalance of Power" [VEX]).

MONTAGNIEU, BONITA: Name given to Section 31 agent Commander Ashley Donovan after she became a member of the Starshine Kids. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult" [VEX]).

MOOKOW: A Klingon who ran his own private security firm. Hawkins fell for him when he visited the Secondprize shortly before Rydell's retirement. She ran away with him and later married him. The marriage was not happy, though. He was far more interested in his work than her. Hawkins left Mookow shortly after the Forever incident. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

MOONMUM: Multek ship Porter pretended to be the captain of when he tricked the Multeks into helping the Waystation crew retake the station from the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

MORALES, WALTER: Morales was quite happy to serve as the Secondprize's Chief of Shuttlebay Operations, a position he held for several years. During these years, he quietly advanced to the rank of lieutenant commander without anyone really noticing him. That all after the discovery of the Multeks and the decision to quickly establish Waystation using personnel taken from the Secondprize. Morales' rank and years of experience made him the prime candidate for Waystation's first officer, an honor he would have gladly declined given the choice. His first assignment was to go to Bracktia Prime with Russell, Porter, and Jones to pick up Dr. Nelson. This routine mission became a lot more difficult after Porter and Nelson were taken hostage by the Hinaree. Morales proved not only his leadership ability, but also his piloting skills as he, Russell, and Jones rescued the captured officers. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Morales' ingenuity was put to the test soon after Waystation was up and running. Morales, along with Yeoman Jones, was one of the only officers not arrested by Compucop. In order to free the others, Morales sent a forged regulations update to the station and also faked an order appointing Jones as a judge. With the crew freed, Morales went with Porter to destroy Compucop once and for all. ("House Arrest" [WAY]) Morales also went deep into Multek space to rescue Beck and Porter from a Multek side-show, showing once again that he was willing to do whatever it took to save his crewmates. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) On Stardate 50787 while returning from a diplomatic assignment on Geranis Two, Morales and Jones encountered a depressed Q. This Q decided to keep Morales and Jones around for company. The two officers eventually convinced the Q that he needed to get out more. Agreeing, Q took them to an amusement park where Morales get extremely sick on the rides, an odd bit of irony for a pilot. They were eventually returned to Waystation after helping the Q realize he needed to try to get his lost love, Karyna, back. As a thank you gift, the Q returned the runabout Morales and Jones had been flying in. Unfortunately, he shrunk it down and stuck it in Morales' bed. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) A few months later, Morales was in command of Waystation when the riot broke out that ended with the station's two saucers being split in two. Despite his position of authority at the time, there was really nothing he could have done to prevent what occurred. The station was just plain too crowded. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) During the subsequent renovation of Waystation, Morales was put in charge of relations with the Zenedron Construction Group. This almost ended disastrously while Beck was away on vacation leaving Morales in charge. During this short period, the Zenedron Group went on strike, Bradley Dillon sued Starfleet, and a Klingon ship attacked Waystation Village. Morales managed to resolve all of the crises (with the help of his officers, Bradley Dillon, and Krilik) before Beck returned from leave. ("While You Were Out" [WAY]) Morales faced a much more serious crisis a couple of months later at the end of the renovations. After the Starshine Kids took control of the renovated station, capturing Beck, Bradley Dillon, Jones, and three Federation big-wigs in the process, Morales had to find a way to reclaim the station and rescue the hostages. He refused to allow Captain Woodall, the ranking officer on the scene, to take control of the operation. Instead, he evacuated Waystation Village and enlisted the help of the marines and the Zenedron Construction to retake the station. Morales and Colonel Lazlo were able to board the station and rescue Beck and the others from the Starshine Kids. Morales was also in command when the renovated Waystation officially opened for business and detected the USS Aerostar emerging from the Bermuda Expanse. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) Ten years later, after Beck moved up to the admiralty, Morales, now a captain, took command of Waystation. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK])

MORDRID: Long-lived Flarn Emporer, who oversaw a borg incursion in late 2374 that left his empire in less than tip-top shape ("Process of Elimination, Part I" [VEX]).

MORGAINE LE FUR: Saint Bernard-Collie mix owned by Andrea Carr. It took a particular liking to Scott Baird. ("Morgaine le Fur" [TRK])

MORRIS, PAUL: Zero's defense attorney at his trial. Morris attempted to argue that, as supreme ruler of The Suburb, Zero was within his rights to kidnap whomever he wanted. Judge Prescott disagreed. Some of Morris' other legal tactics included obtaining nude photos of the prosecutor and bribing jurors. None of it worked. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

MORRISON, DICK: Fleet Admiral in charge of Starfleet ten years after the initial encounter with Forever. He assigned Admiral Beck to resolve the Forever situation but seemed very nonchalant about the imminent destruction of the universe. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

MORTICENT: A Seatellan and captain of the Mitgogae. She was also a First Monitor of Forever working for Guardian Control. Since Trinian was off the Secondprize the week that Rydell discovered Forever, Morticent was assigned to make sure he didn't cause the end of the universe. She failed. Rather than wallow in defeat, though, Morticent decided to live the ten years the universe had left to their hedonistic fullest. With the end of the universe and her creditors closing in, Morticent and her consort, Guardian #492, kidnapped Rydell's wife, Karina Durham, and returned to Forever to stop Rydell from saving the universe. They failed again, and Trinian took them home to face Guardian Control. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

MT. KILODEE: Mountain above the Great Ocean of Galinys Twelve where you get the best view of the synchronized sunrise of five separate suns. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

MT. SOLTINUS: The highest peak on Romulus. Beck and Karyna went there on their trip around the galaxy. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

MULDER, FOX: Special Agent with the FBI who is "just looking for the truth," who finds much, much, more than that, and a love of Star Trek and a woman named Irma, during a seemingly-routine investigation in Norfolk, VA, in 1996 ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

MULTEKS: A reclusive xenophobic species residing in the Multek Enclave inside the Beta Quadrant. One of the core tenets of the Multeks' beliefs is that they are the only intelligent species in the galaxy. Therefore, when the USS Secondprize first encountered them on Stardate 50218, the Multek response was to assume that they were hallucinations. Faced with a plague of such hallucinations, the Multek leader, Frequoq Juletz, send a ship to the recently establish Waystation to end the imaginary threat. The ship was unsuccessful. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) In response to this, Juletz ordered the area of the Multek Enclave near the Federation placed off-limits to all Multeks. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) After Waystation was taken over by the Starshine Kids, Lt. Porter tricked a fleet of Multek ships into attacking the occupied station by telling them that it was a test of their capacity to handle hallucinations. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) Multeks are humanoid with incredibly pale white skin, midnight blue hair, and red eyes. The Multek homeworld has been called Multos, Multekon and Multekia Prime. No one is sure why they keep changing the name. Since the Multeks believed they were alone in the universe, there was little need to devote resources to exploration. They have a military which acts more as an internal police force, and the Enclave has reached a technology level on a par with the Federation. With only themselves to think of, though, the Multeks have devoted many of their resources to fun ways to fill their considerable leisure time. Between amusement parks, carnivals, and cruises, the entire Enclave could really be called the happiest place in the universe. And Frequoq Juletz understood that, in order to keep it that way, he had to make sure no one learned that the "Federations" really existed. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

MULTEK ENCLAVE: The home space of the Multeks. The Multeks believe that they are the only intelligent species in the universe and that they really don't have any reason to venture out of the Enclave. Since they see no need to devote resources to war or exploration, they have made the Multek Enclave a veritable pleasure land. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK], "The Way We Were" [WAY])

MULTOS: Homeworld of the Multeks and seat of the government of the Multek Enclave. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

MURPHY'S LAW: A human observation that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It's especially appropriate to the crew of the USS Aerostar and Explorer. See Also: "Single tribbles rarely come alone," Klingon proverb.

MYERS, MICHAEL: Insane killer from the Halloween series of films and holodeck programs. Beck and Nelson tries several methods to kill him in their favorite holodeck program before Leximas erased him from existence. ("Critical Mass" [WAY]) Beck later created a metaphysical version of Myers to attack the Critics while they battled on a non-material plane. The Critics sent an army of Jamie Lee Curtis' after him. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

MYNA: Auduban operative sent to destroy the USS Secondprize. While on board impersonating Ambassador Baradda, he marooned Rydell, Jaroch, Baird, and Carr on a hostile planet; locked Dillon and Hawkins in a holodeck; and wooed then attempted to kill Emily Sullivan. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])


NANDEGAR'S SECRET: A Breen lingerie shop located in Starfleet Square Mall. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

NANTUCKET, U.S.S.: New flagship to Jum after the mauling of the U.S.S. Inspiration in 2374 ("Process of Elimination Part II" [VEX]). Former captain was apparently a Monkees fanatic. Ship was re-named U.S.S. Malox during Jum's rebellion against Emporer Ardek of the Leadership Spa and Funtimes Resort in 2382 ("All's Well that Ends" [VEX]).

NARDRENGHAR: A Flarn depot used to store humanoids from the Alpha Quadrant who the Flarn captured for intended eating ("Finders Keepers" [VEX]).

NASH RAMBLER, USS: A raceabout assigned to the USS Inevitable. Sullivan and Trinian used the Nash Rambler to get Beck and Carr off of the Secondprize, board the Mitgogae, and retrieve Rydell, Hawkins, Baird, Jaroch, Karina Durham and Dillon from the Forever moon. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

NEILSEN IV: Home planet of a species obsessed with Earth television shows from the 1950s and 1960s. After mistaking Emily Sullivan for a descendant of Ed Sullivan, the Neilsonians forced the away team from the Secondprize to put on a show for them. ("And Now, Right Here On Our Show..." [TRK])

NEILSONIANS: Residents of Neilson IV. The Neilsonians are slightly shorter than humans and live in a society they have modeled after Earth television shows of the 1950s and 1960s. The based their entire culture on these signals they were receiving from space. During a visit by the USS Secondprize, the Neilsonians discovered the presence of Emily Sullivan. Believing her to be a descendant of their beloved Ed Sullivan, the Neilsonians forced her and the other members of the away team to put on a variety show. ("And Now, Right Here On Our Show..." [TRK])

NEILSON, MORA: The sluggish Admiral responsible for sending Aerostar to the Delta Quadrant ("Road to Nowhere" [VEX]) who one year later was found to have done it in order to lead the Borg away from Federation Space ("Process of Elimination" [VEX]) and was found out to be a changeling after Aerostar returned to the Alpha Quadrant ("Confrontations" [VEX]) and wasn't heard from again until the crew discovered her crashed Jem'Hadar ship and Dr. Browning ate a newly-formed Changeling and became impregnated; Neilson tried to kill Browning and get the Changeling back, but she was blown up sloppily with phasers ("Lost and Founder" [VEX]).

NELSON, AMEDON (AMELIA): Amelia Nelson was born and raised on Delfor Colony, a quiet, peaceful place far from most of the dangers of the universe. Her parents, Oswald and Harriet Nelson, were very protective of their only child and more than a bit concerned when she decided to pursue a medical career in Starfleet. At Starfleet Medical, Nelson became fascinated with the idea of joined species, and, after graduation, she started a research assignment on Bracktia Prime investigating the link between the Brackto and the Trill. Her decision to go to Brackto did not please Jack Woodall, the captain of the USS Orleans, whom she was dating at the time after spending her medical residency aboard his ship. They broke up rather bitterly. While on Bracktia Prime, Nelson was appointed to the post of Chief Medical Officer on Waystation, an order she was none to pleased about. She was determined to remain on Bracktia Prime to study Midon, a symbiont in her care. An attack by the Hinaree terrorist group forced Nelson to implant Midon into her own body in order to protect the symbiont from the terrorists. Amelia ceased to exist, replace by Amedon. The joining altered Nelson's personality from gruff to down right crotchety. Nelson and Lt. Porter were held hostage by the Hinaree, during which time the Hinaree discovered that Nelson had joined with the symbiont. Before they could kill her, Nelson and Porter were rescued by Morales, Russell, and Smith. Russell immediately ran afoul of Nelson by trying to take her unlogi, the drug that maintained her symbiosis with Midon. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) On Waystation, Nelson settled into a routine of doing her research on Midon while handling the occasional medical situation. She went with Morales and Russell to rescue Beck and Porter from the Multeks. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) This mission along with Russell's botching of the arrest of Qolesh, the Klingon dress thief, cemented Nelson's view that the security chief was an idiot. Nelson and Porter were stunned and thrown in the brig by Lazlo during the marine takeover of Waystation. With Russell's help, they escaped and released anesthezine gas into Starfleet Square Mall, incapacitating most of the marines. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Shortly after Waystation was practically destroyed by a riot and Lazlo's bad shooting, Nelson returned to Delfor Colony for her parent's 40th wedding anniversary party. She had not told them about Midon and tried to hide the fact of her joining from them. After noticing her strange behavior and discovering her stock on unlogi, the Nelsons came to the conclusion that their daughter was a unwed pregnant drug addict. They confiscated the unlogi, causing Nelson to collapse at their party. Nelson was rushed to the hospital, and her parents learned the truth. They accepted better than Nelson believed they would. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY]) During the renovation of Waystation, Nelson shared a cargo module with Commander Beck. This living arrangement created quite a bit of tension between the two officers, especially concerning the music they listened to. Over time, and after some holodeck combat, Nelson and Beck began to bond and actually started to enjoy spending time together. Just before the completion of renovations, Beck and Nelson played the Halloween 36: Termination Station program together and tried to kill Michael Myers. ("That's The Spirit," "Relationship Jitters," "Critical Mass" [WAY]) Nelson was evacuated with most of the other Waystation crew to the USS Orleans after the Starshine Kids took over the renovated station. Here she was reunited with Jack Woodall, an experience neither of them were thrilled about. Despite the bitterness between them, Nelson immediately stepped in to help Woodall when he was injured in the battle against Waystation. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) While Porter once asked her out, Nelson has yet to pursue any sort of romantic relationship after her joining.

NELSON, HARRIET: Mother of Dr. Nelson. Harriet and her husband, Oswald, became worried that their daughter was now a pregnant drug addict. It turned out that she'd just joined with a symbiont. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY])

NELSON, OSWALD: Father of Dr. Nelson. Oswald and his wife, Harriet, became worried that their daughter was now a pregnant drug addict. It turned out that she'd just joined with a symbiont. Oswald was very fond of growing roses. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY])

NEPHODOPALINE: A drug that induces temporary paralysis while keeping the mind alert. Dr. Aldridge injected Jaroch with it to assist in his Seratch. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

NESTRON III: A planet the Secondprize visited in 2374, whose protesters insisted that their vessels were lost in the Delta Quadrant and Starfleet was doing nothing about it. Captain Rydell vehemently denied those allegations, even though, at present, his first officer's mind was merged with that of Captain Andy Baxter, broadcasting his brainwaves from none other than the Delta Quadrant ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]).

NEW JERSEY REHABILITATION COLONY: The worst rehabilitation colony in the Federation. The food is awful, and the holovision only gets 80 channels. Dillon threatened to have Peterman sent there. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

NEXUS RIBBON: A huge band of energy that travels the galaxy looking for trouble. It swept up James T. Kirk and some El Aurians during the launch of the USS Enterprise-B, came back to cause trouble with the crew of the Enterprise-D in 2371, and swept up Commander David Conway, Captain Andy Baxter and others in 2374. Apparently, the ribbon really gets around. ("Wrapped in the Ribbon" [VEX])

N'HERHD: Member of the Andorian cult that tried to take Joel Hodges with them back to Andor. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

NIKSER ASTEROID BELT: Admiral Wyndham stole a shuttle from the Secondprize and fled to a secret research base in this asteroid belt. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ]) (NOTE: Keeping with the "Twin Peaks," weirdness motif of this story, Alan Decker named this asteroid belt by playing around with the letters of Skinner's name from "The X-Files." And yes, he left out the second "N" on purpose. )

 NINE, SEVEN OF: Strangely attractive Borg drone who was assimilated when she and her family were exploring the Delta Quadrant aboard the SS. Raven. Seven later helped the Borg defeat Species 8472, but was trapped aboard the USS Voyager and forced to become an individual. Seven was later "borrowed" from the Voyager in early 2376 when Section 31 needed help defeating the Voran/Species 8472 alliance. Seven was sent back to the Voyager with her memory wiped after her services were complete. "Dark Horizon" [BAN]) (The information on Seven's origin come from the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Raven"

NOGATH: Cute little fuzzy creature which holds a solution to the Aerostar crew's mounting problems in ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part II [VEX]). He soon becomes part of Counselor Peterman's obnoxiously large pet collection.

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA: Naval city on Earth's North American East Coast, home to nuclear battleships and a host of other things, including Old Dominion University, where untold havoc breaks loose in various Traks incarnations ("Sensitivity 101" & "The More Things Change" [TRK]; "Out of time" & "Irma's Fury" [VEX]).

NOTTAWAY, USS: One of the many ships clamoring for a parking space outside Waystation. Porter enjoyed watching its captain change her clothes. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

NUBBID: Captain Wuddle's first officer aboard the Multek Enclave Warship Sequaa. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

NU EPSILON TWELVE: A barely Class M world located near the Beta Quadrant. Starbase 219 orbits Nu Epsilon Twelve. Captain Rydell was on the first mission to survey the planet, which is inhabited by a variety of nasty creatures including the basahm. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

NUMBER 38.2: Prisoner number given to Rydell by Zero during Rydell's incarceration at The Suburb. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

NUPHELIANS: An alien species. The males have, never mind. Suffice to say, Monica Vaughn married one. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])


OBNOXIOUS BELCHERS: Residents of Kilma Omega IV. The Obnoxious Belchers have friendly relations with the Federation thanks primarily to the efforts of Minister Yolek the Fourteenth. Some factions on Kilma Omega IV have not approved of these relations, though, and have attempted to force Yolek the Fourteenth to step down. Outside of the malcontents, though, other residents see the Federation as a potential source of tourism credits. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

OBSERVATION DECK: This is the bottom deck of Waystation. Actually, it isn't much of a deck. The floor of the Observation Deck is a large, transparent aluminum bubble looking down into the vastness of space. Many people, including Captain Wuddle and Lt. Russell, find the room very disconcerting. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

ODALA TWO: Colony where Tina Jones was born and raised. She said life there was very boring, which prompted her to leave and enlist in Starfleet. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

"ODE TO A TRANSVERSE WAVE": Poem written by Dr. Robert Tulson while under the effects of drugs given him by the Joegonots. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

OFFICIAL LOCAASER GUIDE TO FEDERATION SPACE: Indispensable guide book carried by Dillon's Supply Depot. Bradley Dillon attempted to sell one to Leximas. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

OGONIS TWELVE: Home planet of the bush people Hawkins' parents were off studying. Hawkins didn't know if their research would be completed by Christmas. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

OLAK: A giant, man-eating fish used in the Fish or Die segment of "Win or Else!" Krinok gave Russell a baby Olak as a souvenir of his visit to "Win or Else!" Russell decided to give it tossing the ravenous fish on Krinok. ("Win or Else!" [WAY])

OLD DOMINION INN: A hotel located across the street from Old Dominion University. Rydell and Dillon stayed here waiting for Singer to put in an appearance on 20th century Earth. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY: College in Norfolk, Virginia attended by the 20th century ancestors of the Secondprize crew. ("Sensitivity 101," "Star Traks 6" [TRK], "The Way We Were" [WAY], "Out of Time"[VEX]) (Oddly enough, this was also the university attended by Star Traks author Alan Decker.)

OLLEKON: A species with two mouths. One was asleep next to Trinian in the spaceship terminal where she waited to catch a ride to Waystation. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

OLONI: Native residents of the moon of Kynax. The Oloni existed in a sexually-polarized tribal culture. Oloni men live in one village while Oloni women live in the other. They only intermingled at festivals in mid-summer and mid-winter. Needless to say, a lot of what went on at these festivals was designed to make new little Oloni. The Oloni are a tall species, averaging 7-8 feet in height. Representatives from Kynax attempted to make contact with the Oloni several times but were slaughtered in each instance. An away team from the USS Secondprize had better success thanks to the efforts of Counselor Webber. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK])

O'NEAL, DANIEL: A lieutenant colonel in the Federation Marines and Lazlo's second-in-command. O'Neal arrived on Waystation on the Mongoose with the bulk of the 79th Battalion. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) He was one of the last marines to join the group following Leximas. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY]) O'Neal and his men were beaten by Karyna when she cloned herself, danced with them while floated in the air above Starfleet Square Mall, then dropped them to the deck. O'Neal's excuse to Lazlo was that she overpowered them. Following Lazlo's orders, he coordinated the marine take over of Waystation. While sneaking into ops, Porter accidentally sent O'Neal falling down the turbolift shaft, where the marine thudded painfully onto the roof of a turbolift car several stories below. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) During the mission to Asneris Colony, O'Neal repeatedly suggested that Lazlo call for help from Waystation to deal with the situation. Lazlo refused to ask Starfleet for help. ("The Corps of the Matter" [WAY])

ORIUM SECTOR: Sector in Federation space where the Banshee's bridge module was found by the Society for the Pursuit of Truth, two years after it was blown off by a Voran torpedo. ("The Truth is Out There, Part One" [BAN]).

ORLEANS, USS: Steamrunner class starship commanded by Captain Woodall that brought Admirals Wagner and McGrath and Vice President Maruac to the Waystation reopening ceremony. The Orleans became the lead ship in the battle to retake Waystation from the Starshine Kids and went to trick the Multek into helping with the fight. ("Critical Mass," "Lip Lock" [WAY])

OZZIE: An osprey with a two-meter wingspan belonging to Counselor Peterman and named after a 20th century Earth rock star who was known for biting the heads off winged creatures.


"PAINTING THE SKY WITH YOUR BLUE, BLUE BLOOD": Beck's favorite song on her "Sweet Guts and Gore" Original Andorian Cast Recording album. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])

PALADIA: A planet in the Delta Quadrant, visited by the Aerostar, and most known for its rides and attractions, as well as its highly questionable civic morals ("Dangerous Amusements" [VEX]).

PARTING GIFT: Shuttlecraft attached to the USS Secondprize. The Parting Gift was devoured by a disgruntled Tyrannosaurus Rex when the Secondprize was hurtled into the past. ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN])

PAST LIFE SORTING CENTER: A facility on Yyns dedicated to helping those who have been completely taken over by their past lives. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

PASTRY: Dillon's regulation prohibiting the eating of sticky pastry near computer consoles was adopted by the Starfleet Regulations Advisory Board. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

PENLA: Subcommander of the Romulan Warbird Kleenix. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

PENNY: Pretty and very perky tailor employed by Bradley Dillon. She made sure Porter's suit fit perfectly before he went out on his date with Jaraan. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])

PEPTLIK OCEAN: Body of water located beside the Alkaxis Great Palace. After being thrown out of a palace window by an explosion, Dillon slid into the Peptlik, where he was promptly swallowed by a giant fish. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

PERINT IV: Planet where the runabout Xi crashed in 2375. The inhabitants are extremely primitive and believed Lieutenant Carn to be a god. Perint IV was home to only 500 people, but was wiped out after their star went supernova shortly after the Banshee's visit. ("Prophecy Fulfilled" [BAN])

PETERMAN, KELLY LYNNE: Counselor Kelly Peterman loves animals. She loves them so much she keeps a whole zoo-ful of them in her quarters, much to the chagrin of the Explorer's crew. Probably the only thing that keeps her pets from being shoved out an airlock is that she's the Captain's wife.

PETERMAN, SHIELA: Mother to Counselor Kelly Peterman. Resides on a MASSIVE animal ranch somewhere in the outback of Austraila. Does not like Andy Baxter much ("Down to Earth"[VEX]).

PETERMAN, KELLY (20th Century Version): California punk rocker who carries on an internet-only relationship with 1996 Andy Baxter, not quite destined for the happiness 24th century Baxter shares with the Peterman of his time.

PETERMAN, RONALD: Father to Counselor Kelly Peterman. Resides on a MASSIVE animal ranch somewhere in the outback of Austraila. Does not like Andy Baxter much ("Down to Earth" [VEX]).

PETERMAN, JASON: One of Kelly Peterman's brothers. Wants desparately to be a Starfleet officer but his parents probably will not let him. Aside from some "captain's envy," doesn't ilke Andy Baxter much ("Down to Earth" [VEX]).

PETER PAN: Counselor Webber ordered Rydell to be Peter Pan in a holodeck program to help him get back in touch with his inner child. He was wearing the outfit when he got taken to the Captain's Table bar. ("Prologue" [REJ])

P'FER: J'Ter's wife and first lieutenant of his army. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

P'GUK: Acolyte of the Temple of Mi Clane. She and her colleague, T'Wer, picked Jaroch, Aldridge and Webber up at the Cageria docking facility and, after placing Jaroch in stasis, took Aldridge and Webber to lunch. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

PICARD, JEAN-LUC: During a brief stint as an admiral, Picard headed up the Federation Council inquiry into the destruction of the Transference Ray and the inquest into Rydell's actions on Ugilious. ("Star Traks 2," "Star Traks 3" [TRK]) He was also responsible for briefly promoting Dillon to captain, assigning him to the Edsel, and sending him to investigate the archaeological find made on Gulax Four. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) In the Happy Universe, Picard's alternate self plotted to take over the Federation of Fun by replacing Dillon as Happymaster. ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]) Captain Jad Vorezze is diluted enough to believe that he has the commanding capacities to replace Captain Picard on the bridge of the Enterprise. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]).

PICARD, JEAN-LUC (Clone): A fifty-foot-tall clone of the famous captain was created by Debbie Wagner for use in the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. Due to problems in the cloning process, Debbie was only able to give him one personality attribute. The Picard clone said "Make it so" over and over and over. He attacked the giant Kirk clone, allowing Jaroch a chance to escape. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

PILAM CLUSTER: Out of the way stellar phenomenon where Myna planned to destroy the Secondprize. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

PILKIX: Grand Overseer of Cenkella. After his away team was attacked, Commander Conway briefly took Pilkix hostage. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

PINEHURST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Elementary school attended by Travis Dillon in his youth. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

PINTOH, I.K.C.: Command of Captain Dwanok the Large, one of the largest and most feared warriors in the Klingon empire. The Pin'ToH was lost in the Bermuda Expanse, later to be found by the Aerostar in 2374 ("Finders Keepers" [VEX]).

"PLACES YOU SHOULD AVOID": A valuable manual Starfleet gives all of its new captains. The Guardian of Forever is way up there on the list. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

POETESS: Andrea Carr's super hero identity. When she phrased her commands in the form of poetry, the residents of Mandicor were compelled to obey her. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

POLEM TEEK: A priest at the Temple of Mi Clane. The receptionist tried to send T'Mak/Truk to him since all of the priestesses were busy. T'Mak didn't like that idea and knocked the receptionist out. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

POMPOSITY, SS: The most luxurious space cruise ship ever to come from Simms Cruise Lines. The ship was completely automated, so the bridge was more for show than anything else. Dillon and Hawkins were able to go on the Pomposity's maiden voyage because Hawkins' younger sister was college roommates with the daughter of the Vice President of Simms Enterprises. Dillon's parents were also on board after winning tickets through the Federation Psychological Board. The remaining passengers included Simms, his girlfriend Mindy, various dignitaries, and one stowaway Changeling saboteur. The Changeling, Ragoo, was able to send the Pomposity into Klingon space and disable it in hopes that the Klingons would see it as a sign of aggression. Dillon and Hawkins were able to stop Ragoo and get the Pomposity towed back to a Federation starbase. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

POPHLIE: Multek carnival owner who captured Beck and Porter for display in her traveling show. She went into space declare off-limits by Frequoq Juletz in order capture one of the "hallucinations" reported by Captain Wuddle. ("Field Trip" [WAY])

PORTABLE FORCE FIELD GENERATOR: Device worn as a belt. While it does not offer much protection from phaser fire, it prevents transporter beams from locking onto the wearer. Porter and Morales wore the devices when they attacked Compucop. ("House Arrest" [WAY])

PORTER, CRAIG: Porter's parents were terraformers, and he spent most of his childhood going from barren planet to barren planet and making them habitable. During this time, he developed an interest in science and building things. Once of his proudest achievements was a small hut he built at the edge of a lake when he was twelve years old. Having grown accustomed to a nomadic life, Porter applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. While there, he had a difficult time decided where to focus his energies. While his roommate, Sean Russell, was content to study security procedures and tactical operations, Porter divided his time between engineering and sciences. During an Academy training scenario, he also learned that he had a real aversion to being captured. An Academy counselor attributed it to a fear of being kept in one place. Porter didn't have to worry much about that. After graduation, he was posted to eight different ships in two years. These transfers weren't due to any problem with his work; he was a sold, dependable officer. But he didn't really excel in either engineering or sciences, so he was tops on the transfer list with people who stood out more became available. The constant moves did cause him to develop a healthy level of sarcasm, though. He finally ended up on the Secondprize, where he served under Jaroch in the science department. Here, he was reunited with Russell and formed a friendship with Lisa Beck, since the two of them were often left on the bridge while the command officers went on various missions. This also meant they were usually stuck bailing the command officers out when they got into trouble. Porter's friendship with Beck didn't mean he was above helping Baird in the revenge prank he played on Beck, Sullivan, and Webber. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Porter and Beck found themselves in a more serious situation when Myna attempted to destroy the Secondprize. With the command officers all out of the picture, Beck and Porter disobeyed the false ambassador's direct orders in an attempt to rescue Hawkins and Dillon from the holodeck. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) During the Secondprize's first encounter with the Multeks, Porter manned the science station and helped assess the capabilities of the Multek ship. Immediately after this, he was transferred to Waystation along with Beck, Russell, Tina Jones, and Lt. Cmdr. Walter Morales. While Beck stayed at Starbase 219 to supervise construction of the station, Porter went to Bracktia Prime with the other officers to pick up Dr. Amelia Nelson. There, Porter was forced to insert the Midon symbiont into Nelson in order to save the symbiont's life from Hinaree terrorists. Porter and Nelson were taken hostage by the Hinaree, which just thrilled Porter. When Russell and Jones rescued them, Porter went after the Hinaree leader himself to thank her for the hospitality. After finally getting to Waystation, where Porter was posted as the Science Officer/Chief of Operations, the crew soon found themselves under attack from both the Multeks and the Romulans. Porter was able to remotely take control of Bradley Dillon's ship and fly it into the Romulan Warbird, seriously damaging the attacking vessel. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) As life on the station settled down, Porter discovered that several components were disappearing from around the station. He traced the thefts to Russell, but he was arrested by Russell's creation, Compucop, before he could do anything about it. After Morales and Jones freed the crew, Porter and Russell destroyed Compucop. ("House Arrest" [WAY]) When Colonel Lazlo became sick of Beck's command style, he asked Porter to find a habitable planet he could take his Federation Marines to. Porter recommended Ridalis Two, which turned out the be populated by dangerous squirrels. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) While on a scouting mission on Stardate 50357, Porter and Beck were captured by the Multeks, another event that made Porter oh so very happy. Fortunately, they were soon rescued by Morales, Russell, and Nelson. Nelson noted that bad things seemed to happen to people who went on missions with Porter. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) While performing a sensitive calibration on a transporter, Porter accidentally opened a breech into the Happy Universe, which allowed the Happy denizens to briefly kidnap Yeoman Jones. ("Close to Home" [WAY]) His life got even more eventful when Karyna arrived on Waystation. He identified Karyna's Q nature and found himself left in command after Karyna took Beck. Lazlo took the opportunity to seize control of the station, beating the living hell out of Porter in the process. He threw Porter and Nelson in the brig, where they remained until Russell rescued them and the three were able to make their way to ops. Before the chaos started, Porter had asked out Dr. Nelson and been rejected, another in a long series of rejections that had marked his relationships with women. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) During the renovation of Waystation, Porter went with Jones to survey the saucers of the USS Exeter and USS Cheever that were being used as the base of the new station saucers where she was kidnapped by the Phantom of the Exeter, a.k.a. Nurse Jim. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY]) Porter's continual problems relating to women caused him to seek the help of Counselor Miller, who informed Porter that his problem was that he was seeing women as some sort of alien species rather than people. Porter quickly got to put Miller's advice into practice when Jaraan, a potential investor in Bradley Dillon's Starfleet Suites Hotel, arrived at Waystation Village and took an interest in Porter. He fell for her quickly and went so far as to agree to become her Drulik and return to her homeworld with her where he could work on the ship he had designed. After finding out that Drulik was basically equivalent to harem boy, Porter changed his mind and stayed on Waystation. His confidence with women did increase slightly, though. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY]) During the Starshine Kids take over of the renovated station, Porter stayed aboard the USS Orleans, which went to convince the Multeks to help them take back the station. Porter tricked the Multeks into helping and ended up in command of the Orleans when Captain Woodall was injured. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) Soon after this, he had a brief romance with Lt. Tilleran of the USS Explorer. ("Worlds Apart" [WAY]) By the time of the Forever incident, Porter had been promoted to commander and was working as the head of the Temporal Physics Department at Starfleet Sciences. He went to Forever alone to scout out the situation and was captured by Morticent. Rather than get upset as he usually did when captured, he decided to take advantage of the situation and accept Morticent's offer of lots of sex. When the opportunity presented itself, he sent a warning message to the Secondprize about Morticent's presence at Forever and managed to sabotage Morticent's ship. He was about to be killed by Guardian #492 when Rydell stopped Forever, making his death completely unnecessary. Porter then returned to Earth with the others. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

PORTER, CRAIG (20th Century Version): Craig was a friend of Alex and Travis at Old Dominion University. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

POSTON, GEORGE: Ancient lieutenant assigned as the temporary Secondprize chief of security when the ship was first launched. Poston normally worked as the night watchman in the Hall of Fame at Starfleet Headquarters. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

THE POWER: Term for Dillon's cool rock used by the large, angry Rock Creature. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK])

POYDRAS: Planet in the same solar system as Leximas' homeworld. The people of Poydras created the Grecin. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

PREOL: Leader of the Hinaree terrorist group on Bracktia Prime. Preol took Dr. Nelson and Porter hostage in her efforts to end the process of joining with symbionts on the planet. Porter would have loved to have caused her some real physical harm, but he left her alone in order to avoid a Prime Directive violation. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

PRESCOTT, JENNIFER: See Fresca Jenel. Prescott was uncovered as an undercover operative and joined the Aerostar's crusade against the Borg, along with boyfriend and Larkin creator Christopher Henricks ("Process of Elimination, Part One" [VEX])

PRESCOTT, JULIA W.: The judge presiding at Zero's trial on Stardate 49843. She had Zero committed to the Psychological Rehabilitation Colony on Tantalus V. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

PRESCOTT, LT.: The Secondprize's second string tactical officer who took over when Hawkins was down on the Forever moon. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

PRESTON, CHARLIE: Ensign on board the USS Secondprize. He was hit with the Transference Ray on Ugilious and spread the infection to the ship, which slowly started turning the crew into Joegonots. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) Preston assisted Scott Baird in his revenge scheme against Sullivan, Beck, and Webber. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

PRETTY PENNY QUINTUPLETS: A set of dolls Hawkins played with as a child. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ])

PRINCE (Or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince): Captain Rydell's favorite musician. He kept a bust of Prince in his ready room. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

PROFANITY: The bread and butter of Scott Baird's vocabulary. He was fitted with a Profanity Filter before he was allowed to take the position of Supervising Refit and Repair Officer at the Deneria Dry Dock facility. Jaroch and Hawkins were forced to find a way to disable the filter because Baird's profanity was needed to save the universe. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK]) (NOTE: Alan Decker would like it known that he used this gag almost a year before the release of the South Park movie, which does something similar.)

PROFANITY FILTER: A device attached to Scott Baird before he was allowed to become the Supervising Refit and Repair officer of the Deneria Dry Dock. Jaroch and Hawkins were forced to deactivate the filter so that Baird could swear and help save the universe from Forever. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

PROGRAM DILLON TWENTY-THREE: Dillon's pirate attack program. He and Patricia Hawkins enjoyed spending time there together. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

PRYCE, LT.: Tactical officer aboard the USS Orleans. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

"PSYCHIC POWERS MADE EASY": A correspondence course Dillon was taking briefly. It was one of his many fleeting interests. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK])

P'TAL: Jaroch's sister and a priestess at the Temple of Mi Clane. She helped Jaroch through his Seratch when the Carl Jaroch past life emerged. She, like most Yynsians, is far more jovial and fun-loving than her brother, but she loves Jaroch very much. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

PUCKETT, RACHEL: A junior-grade security officer most known for her untoward attitude and for her semi-dating of Lt. Brian Gellar, a fact which made Lt. Hartley very angry ("Down to Earth" [VEX]).


Q (Waystation Q): This particular Q had become depressed and despondent at the utter lack of anything interesting to do in the universe and the bickering among the other Q. He experienced a moment of joy when he joined with Karyna, but she soon left him to seek new pleasures and get revenge on Leximas. Jones and Morales happened upon Q after he grabbed them in hopes of finding some companionship. They convinced him that he needed to get Karyna back, which, after a brief fight, he did. Q then took Karyna back to his domain to remain with him forever. She was not thrilled. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

Q CHILD: Son of the ever pleasant omnipotent entity Q, created with a female Q after Captain Kathryn Janeway refused to be the mother. In 2375, the Q child hit the terrible two's and started terrorizing the galaxy. It came on board the USS Banshee, shrinking Dr. Brian Issac, crucifying Counselor Emily Stokes and turning Commander David Riley into a Chihuahua. The Q child then stole his father's powers and nearly destroyed the Banshee when he caused the Pac-Man Nebula to almost eat it, but Q found his child and got his powers back after playing a game of "Got your nose." ("What a Q-Tee" [BAN]). In 2376, when Q went to visit the USS Banshee again, he left the child in the care of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Janeway found that she was able to handle the child quite well, although for one reason or another, he had turned Commander Chakotay into a large potted house plant. ("Q-Tips" [BAN])

QOLESH: A Klingon dressmaker formerly employed by Krilik's Klingon Formal Wear Shop. He committed a series of robberies at the store, taking dresses he felt were "pretty." Russell, after an assist by Bradley Dillon, arrested Qolesh on Stardate 50786. Qolesh escaped briefly while Russell was transporting him from the infirmary to the brig. Qolesh attempted to take Beck hostage. She proceeded to kick the hell out of him, allowing Russell to arrest him again. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

QUA'ALA: Klingon secret service, the equivalent of Section 31. Several hundred ships from the Qua'ala were donated to Section 31 to wage the battle against the Voran Imperium in 2374. ("The Dark Fleet, Part II" [BAN]).

"THE QUANDARY": A bar created by Q on 1970s Earth, as a way for the omnipotent being to teach Lt. Larkin a thing or two about fate ("Quandary" [VEX]).


RACEABOUT: Future version of a runabout-type craft. Admiral Beck uses a raceabout to pick up Alexander Rydell during the Forever incident. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

RACHOW, LIEUTENANT COMMANDER BENJAMIN: Helmsman of the USS Banshee. Ben is best known on the ship as a homophobic womanizer who never really succeeds at being both. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). Ben was assigned as helmsman of the Banshee when it was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards and remained at that position after Captain Jad Vorezze assumed command in early 2374. ("Tolkien III" [BAN]). He had a goatee toupee on his chin up until early 2374, when Commander Charlotte Burns ripped it off of him. Ben opted not to reattach it for fear of a repeat performance. ("Natural Disaster" [BAN]). Ben is also quite fond of 'Wild Klingon' brand deodorant. ("The Truth is Out There, Part One" [BAN]). No one is exactly sure why or how it started, but Ben quickly developed a strong grudge against Lieutenant Commander Vincent DiSanto, often calling him various derogatory remarks relating to Ben's belief that Vince is a homosexual. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). This rivalry came to a brief truce after Vince saved Ben's life during an attack from Voran intruders on the Banshee. This did not last very long. ("The Dark Fleet, Part III" [BAN]) Although Ben claims to be a love machine, most all women argue with that, and some speculate that, after a remark he made while his shuttlecraft was being flung in circles after being caught in a tornado, that Ben is still a virgin. ("Natural Disaster" [BAN]). Ben very quickly aimed his raging helmsman hormones at Dr. Elizabeth Lang, who most certainly does not reciprocate. ("Resistance is Futile, Part II" [BAN]). Ben was among the Banshee crewmembers killed when the Banshee's main bridge was destroyed in combat with the Voran warship Triaxis. Ben was eventually returned to life, with the rest of the crew with him, when the Afterlife decided that they weren't ready to take the Banshee's crew. ("The Dark Fleet, Part II" [BAN]). On planet Fornax III, Ben endured rather abnormal effects of an unidentified type of radiation after the suns had set. The radiation, normally dispersed by sunlight, caused Ben to exhibit characteristics similar to that of a vampire. He attacked Commander Tagel in the back of the runabout Indus before being hit by sunlight and returning to normal. ("Until Dawn" [BAN]). Ben went to Mordor with many other Banshee crewmembers. While there, he met a Deltan woman named Karenil. He and Karenil had a considerable fling, but Ben was unaware, at the time, that she was a member of Mordor's highly feared Deimos Cult. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part I: Shore Leave From Hell" [BAN]). While on a date with Karenil, Ben was lured out into a cemetery where he was captured by various cult members. He was intended to be killed by Commander Dan Smith, who was under a spell from Deimos leader Kristina Mattice. Ben was saved by quick phaser work from Vince, and was later rescued from Mordor by the Banshee. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread Part III: Death of Hope" [BAN]). Ben was apparently moved by various artifacts seen in the Love Temple on planet Menda IV during an archeological survey in early 2376. Dr. Elizabeth Lang, however, suspects that the only part of Ben that moved was something in his pants while looking at her. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]). Ben became quite fond of the phrase "But grandma, I don't believe you," and continued reciting it, much to the irritation of those around him. ("The Truth is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]). When the Banshee was stealthily being taken over by mirror universe counterparts, Ben was the first to be replaced, having been shot by a phaser when he answered his door. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]). Ben's last name is pronounced Rock-Oh. The character's name is derived from the two people he's based on, Ben Richards and Jessie Rachow.

RACHOW, BENJAMIN (MIRROR): Flamboyant prisoner of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the mirror universe. Ben is known for having obsessions with singer Ricky Martin and Nick Carter of the popular turn of the 20th century music ensemble The Backstreet Boys. He was part of Charlotte Burns (mirror)'s attempt to replace their counterparts on the USS Banshee, but the attempt failed and Ben (mirror) was sent back. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]).

RAGOO: Changeling infiltrator aboard the SS Pomposity. Ragoo sabotaged the Pomposity in hopes that he could spark a conflict between the Federation and the Klingons. After being stepped on, ripped up, and injured in many, many other ways, he was finally killed by a pack of angry Klingons after spouting the final lines "I HATE YOU ALL!" The feeling among the passengers of the Pomposity was more than mutual. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK]).

RAMESES, USS: Intrepid Class Federation starship, registry number NCC-74657. The Rameses was part of the Federation/Klingon task force that took out the Dominion spacedocks at the very beginning of the Federation/Dominion war. While in pursuit of several Jem'Hadar attack ship, the Rameses crashed on planet Tolkien III, where Captain Kate Copeland was killed. Commander Jad Vorezze, the ship's first officer, took command and got the crew to safety. The Rameses was destroyed shortly thereafter. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). The Rameses also had flooring that allowed people to hear through it fairly easily, as was the case with Lt. Cmdr. Vincent DiSanto and his former girlfriend. ("Basic Survival Instinct" [BAN]) The Rameses was named after one of the greatest Egyptian pharaohs.

RANKOL: An evil energy creature from Bournas Six. A Rankol was released on the USS Explorer after the amulet imprisoning it was damaged. The Rankol immediately possessed Captain Baxter, forcing the visiting Commander Dillon and the other Explorer officers to find a way to stop it. After trapping the Rankol on the bridge, Dillon, Peterman, and J'hana were able to return the Rankol to its amulet prison, which had been repaired by Lt. Tilleran. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

RANKOL AMULET: A piece of jewelry used by the former inhabitants of Bournas Six to imprison the Rankol, a powerful energy creature. The Rankol is kept trapped in the gem at the center of the amulet. A Rankol was released on the Explorer when this gem was cracked. Lt. Tilleran was able to repair the amulet so the Rankol could be recaptured. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK], [VEX])

RAPHAEL: Counselor Peterman's howler monkey. Attacked Lt. J'hana shortly before the Aerostar began its mission into the Bermuda expanse in 2374. She did not press charges. ("Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX]) Raphael was later found out to be a changeling. ("Turned Inside Out" [VEX])

RASHOMAN SUSHI BAR AND KARAOKE LOUNGE: The lounge on board the USS Inevitable. Sullivan would have preferred to have the medieval-themed lounge of the USS Lancelot. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

RAY: The custodian at the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. Ray accidentally disconnected the reactor, which shut down the power throughout the gardens and allowed the giant clones of Starfleet's finest to go on a rampage. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

REDBEARD: Pirate bully who was in the Captain's Table the same time as Captains Rydell, Beck, Baxter, Vorezze and 4 of 8. Redbeard expressed a near obsession with the Reject's Table and relentlessly hit on Captain Beck until he was subject to beatings with beer mugs, assimilation tubules, mental powers, an extremely pissy cat and a pack of disgruntled Kazon. He eventually reported the Rejects to Section 32, but the five captains managed to escape with the help of the cat Fritz. (all six Reject's Table stories)

RED DWARF: Arriving from an alternate universe via the Holly Hop Drive, Red Dwarf was subjected to assault by Cube #347. All would have been lost, except the scutters saved the day, allowing Red Dwarf to escape back to her native universe ("The Crimson Short One and the Cube - A Fairy Tale" [BRG])

REFIT STATION H-13: Large space station structure where the Banshee was docked for refits in 2376. It was because of being docked at the station that the Banshee couldn't answer Commander Ashley Donovan's distress call when her identity as a Section 31 agent was discovered by the Society for the Pursuit of Truth. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part One" [BAN]).

REGULATION 4699.4: Starfleet regulation concerning display of the middle finger to other officers. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) Commander Charlotte Burns is known for having broken that regulation more than any other Starfleet officer in history. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN])

REILLY: Head of the Orion Syndicate operation on Sargonis. He lived in a cabin on a mountain near one of the planet's ski resorts. Beck broke into his cabin to steal back the item the Orion Syndicate stole from Starfleet Intelligence. He was arrested by the Sargonis authorities for defacement of public property after he and several gallons of snow slammed into police headquarters. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

REJECT'S TABLE, THE: Table located off in a remote corner of the Captain's Table bar. Captain's Rydell, Beck, Baxter, Vorezze and 4 of 8 visited the table and told stories of their first command experiences. None of the captains retained memory of those events or stories however. ("Prologue" [REJ]).

RELHANIS TWO: A planet with lovely forests. Jones suggests that Q take her and Morales there for a hike after they become bored with the amusement park. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

RENNICKS, LT.: An officer assigned to the Secondprize's engineering section. Her son Michael took Captain Rydell and Ensign Carr hostage because he wanted to get into the Culinary Institute of the Galaxy. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

RENNICKS, MICHAEL: Son of a Secondprize engineering officer. He took Captain Rydell and Ensign Carr hostage on the shuttle Consolationprize demanding that he be admitted to the Culinary Institute of the Galaxy. He was denied entry due to low quality beef stroganoff. Rydell was able to resolve the hostage situation, and he put Rennicks in charge of the ship's galley, a decision he regretted when Rennicks' beef stroganoff turned out to be a real stomach buster. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

"RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, PART I" (BAN): (1997 [posted 98]): The crew of the USS Banshee are all that stands between Earth and a Borg cubeship. Lucky Earth. This is the Star Traks: Banshee pilot.

RHONDELLAS, THE: Popular music trio formed by Rydell's three sisters. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

RICHARDS, CHRISTOPHER (20th Century Version): Friend to 20th century Andy and Dave, Chris is also the proud father of a young girl named Madison, and the strange recipient of tons of whup-ass from some nasty Flarn, thanks to mind-switch technology ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

RICHARDS, CHRISTOPHER: Lt. Commander Christopher Richards isn't sure how or why he became part of Starfleet. His first love was always art, and most consider him a better artist than engineer. He has a hard time with emotional relationships, especially when it comes to dealing with his android daughter, Lt. Commander Larkin, and the fact that he's due to be married in a few short months to...

RICHARDS, KAREN: Admiral and former girlfriend of Alexander Rydell. The relationship ended badly leaving Richards with a serious grudge against Rydell. She was assigned to serve on the panel at the inquest into his actions on Ugilious. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

RIDALIS FOUR: Class M world with a mild forest climate. The planet is located less than a light year from Waystation. Lazlo moved his entire battalion of Federation Marines to Ridalis Four in order to be away from the commands of Starfleet and Lisa Beck. The planet turned out to be inhabited by a species of incredibly cute but parasitic squirrels. The creatures had six legs and deep blue eyes which turned red just before they pounced. They also happened to be invulnerable to phaser fire and able to penetrate force fields. The squirrels attached themselves to the back of the neck, feeding on the victim's negative emotions and expelling positive ones. In order to remove them, Dr. Nelson subjected the marines to a barrage of Disney films. With no negativity left to feed on, the squirrels detached themselves and were captured. ("Send the Marines" [WAY])

RIGEL VI: Site of the orbital docking station where the SS Pomposity was launched on its maiden voyage. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

RIGUS IX: Site of the United Federation of Planets' Legal Affairs Facility. Zero's trial was held her on Stardate 49843. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

RIKER, WILLIAM THOMAS: As a cadet, Riker developed an intense hatred for Alexander Rydell. This hatred grew to the point that Riker was willing to show classified materials to the Rusai ambassador in order to get Rydel tried for a Prime Directive violation during his mission to Ugilious. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) In the Happy Universe, Riker was captain of the USS Aerostar. ("Happy to See You" [VEX])

RINTAL, JAVIN: Trill officer fresh from Starfleet academy who served as helmsman of the USS Rameses. Rintal was an ensign. ("Tolkien III" [REJ])

"ROAD TO NOWHERE, THE, PARTS ONE AND TWO" [VEX]: (1995) Wri. Anthony Butler. Captain Andy Baxter is swept under the Starfleet rug along with a crew of misfits in a seemingly hopeless endeavor to figure out why ships keep going into the Bermuda Expanse and not coming back. When they cross through to the Delta Quadrant, they meet a villainous race called the Flarn and a far-less threatening race called the Maloxians, and the wackiness ensues from there. This isthe first-ever installment of Star Traks: The Vexed Generation.

ROCK CREATURE: A seven-foot-tall vaguely humanoid shaped monster with a really bad attitude. It invaded the USS Secondprize in search of The Power, which Dillon thought was just a cool rock. The Rock Creature intended to use The Power to conquer its homeworld. Dillon disposed of both The Power and the Rock Creature through the waste reclamation system. ("Every Dillon Has His Day" [TRK])

ROGERS, JIMMY: Child on board the Secondprize who had lost his pet hamster just before the Secondprize was ordered to Ugilious. Rydell accidentally killed the hamster, and act Rogers paid him back for violently on the advice of Counselor Claire Webber. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

ROGERS, TAVIAN: Alias used by Captain Rydell when visiting the 20th century. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

RONAN: Overseer of the space station Dilus ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part I" [VEX]), rebel ("Process of Elimination" [VEX]), and Ardek supporter ("All's Well that Ends" [VEX]).

ROOST LEADER: Head of the Auduban faction on Jeral. He assigned Myna to destroy the USS Secondprize.

ROTHENBERG, JUDY: Captain in Starfleet's Judge Advocate General's office sent to Waystation on Stardate 51686 to preside in Bradley Dillon's lawsuit against Starfleet. She has no patience with morons. ("While You Were Out" [WAY]) Almost three years later, a simulation of her personality and knowledge was briefly installed in Larkin so she could preside at Commander Conway's court-martial. ("For the Love of the Bean" [VEX])

RULES OF ACQUISITION: Alternate universe battleship. It was blown up by alternate universe Cube #347 when BorgSpace Cube #347 was rescued ("Captain's Tale" [REJ])

RUNNING OF THE BULLS: Annual event in Pamplona, Spain. After a transporter malfunction sent them hurtling through time and space, Dillon and Jaroch landed in the middle of this event. ("Beaming There" [TRK])

RUSAI: A Federation member insectoid species that is obsessed with rules and regulations. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

RUSSELL, SEAN: Russell attended Starfleet Academy with Craig Porter where the two were roommates and became close friends. After graduation, Russell was posted to Earth's McKinley Station as a member of the station's security detail. It was a prime assignment for an officer whose spirit of adventure was heavily outweighed by his instinct for self-preservation. Russell's superiors quickly noticed that he was far more interested in cruising for dates than in performing his duties, so they transferred him to the recently-commissioned USS Secondprize. On the Secondprize, Lt. Russell served a member of Patricia Hawkins' security detail, and he led the away team sent down to Ugilious to rescue Captain Rydell and the other captured Secondprize officers from the Joegonots. Russell's team found themselves heavily outnumbered and had to be beamed back to the ship. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) Russell was briefly promoted to Chief of Security on the USS Edsel during Commander Travis Dillon's tenure as the Edsel's captain. When the Edsel was sent to Gulax Four, Russell brought along Darla, a woman he'd just met on the beach. Darla was quickly wooed away by the Edsel's science officer, Kantura Dransein, though. To make matters worse, Russell was forced to remain on the planet with Dillon in an attempt to prevent the Klingons from taking an artifact found there. Russell provided color commentary for the contest between Dillon and Donask. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) He was the officer ordered to guard Lt. Hawkins when Myna put her in the brig. She talked him into letting her out and laying in the brig bed with a wig on pretending to be her while she went to find Cmdr. Dillon. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) Later, Russell accompanied a Secondprize away team down to Edgeworld at the border of the Multek Enclave. The away team was captured by the Multeks but managed to escape. This mission led to the construction of Waystation and Russell's posting as the station's Chief of Security. On an assignment to pick up Waystation's new Chief Medical Officer, Russell and Yeoman Jones infiltrated a terrorist strong hold and freed Lt. Porter and Dr. Nelson, who had been captured by the Hinaree. After finally arriving on Waystation itself, Russell quickly annoyed Dr. Nelson by taking her supply of unlogi, the drug that maintained her symbiosis with Midon. Russell also had to track and calm down Captain Wuddle after the Multek thought the station's personnel were out to get him. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Once life on Waystation settled into a routine, Russell illicitly built Compucop, a computerized security device designed to allow Russell to spent more time relaxing. Compucop was a bit overzealous and arrested almost everyone on the station, including Russell, before Morales and Jones could stop it. ("House Arrest" [WAY]) Russell further aggravated Commander Beck by allowing the Klingon dress thief Qolesh to escape and take Beck hostage briefly. She then ordered him to attend a diplomatic function at a nearby colony, an order he ignored in order to keep a date with Ensign Krause. Discovering this, Beck removed him from his position and ordered him off the station. Before he could leave, Karyna arrived to tempt Beck with a life of absolute power and hedonism. Beck tortured Russell briefly but quickly realized what she was doing. Dumped back on Waystation, which had been taken over by Lazlo's Federation Marines, Russell managed to free Porter and Nelson from the brig, incapacitate the vast majority of the marines, and help Beck and Porter get to ops. Russell, in an almost-certainly suicidal move, dove at Karyna to stop her from killing Beck, an act which most likely saved everyone on Waystation. It also got him his job back. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Several months later, Russell's attempt to intervene in a dispute between two Tellarite women fighting over one of Krilik's dresses added to the riot that almost destroyed the station. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) For the most part, the renovation of Waystation was fairly quiet from Russell's point of view, that is until he was enlisted by the Critics to find followers for them. Russell was a complete failure at finding followers and narrowly avoided being brainwashed into joining the Starshine Way. Leximas's interference saved Russell from both Sesil and the Critics. ("Lip Service" [WAY]) Russell was one of the Waystation officers who helped retake the renovated station from the Starshine Kids after he narrowly escaped the exploding Runabout Yadkin. Despite the threat of death, he also managed to ask Stephanie Hodges out for a drink. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) By the time of the Forever incident, Russell had been promoted to commander and was serving as Waystation's first officer. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK])

RYDELL, ALEXANDER: Alexander Rydell was the youngest child of the popular singing duo Fabe and Mabe. Rydell's parents scored several hits including Be-Bop-A-Bolian and Hortas In Love. Rydell's three older sisters formed the group the Rhondellas and had several hits of their own. At first, it appeared that Rydell would follow along into the family occupation. As a teenager, he penned several of his parents' biggest hits, but gradually Rydell decided that he wanted to do something different with his life. While his parents toured and saved to open their own resort on Bransonis, Rydell worked to get into Starfleet Academy. He wanted to prove that his family was capable of more than just music. He was accepted, and, since his parents and sisters used the stage name Deveraux on their albums, no one knew about Rydell's famous family. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX]) Rydell was a model cadet at the Academy, but he made an enemy of William Riker when he publicly beat Riker in a contest phaser accuracy. Not one to take such public humiliation lying down, Riker set out to get Rydell back. Rydell foiled seventeen practical joke attempts within a month, during the last of which he created a concoction that dyed Riker and his cronies blue for several days. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Rydell graduated with honors and continued to be a model officer through his first several postings, quickly moving up through the ranks. He was on the first survey mission to Nu Epsilon Twelve that discovered the vicious basahms of that world. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Throughout all of this, though, something nagged at the back of Rydell's mind. Finally, he realized he wasn't having any fun. By this time, he had reached the rank of commander and was serving as first officer of the USS Arcadia. Rydell started loosening up. He'd play a practical joke here or throw an unauthorized party there, but mainly he just decided to relax and enjoy himself, much to the disgust of his captain. Realizing that one of their best officers was on a slide towards anarchy, Starfleet decided to step in. In hopes that serving on a substandard ship with a bunch of misfits and inexperienced cadets would scare him back into line, Starfleet promoted Rydell to captain and gave him command of the USS Secondprize. The plan backfired horribly. Finding himself in an environment where he could be himself and also let those around him be themselves, Rydell flourished. He gladly accepted the Secondprize's low profile missions in exchange for the opportunity to see the galaxy and have some fun in the process. His lax attitude almost got him in serious trouble when he openly insulted the Grand Leech of the Joegonots at an official dinner. Later, after the Joegonots kidnapped Dr. Robert Tulson, who had been one of Rydell's professors at the Academy, the Grand Leech specifically requested that Rydell come to Ugilious to negotiate for his release. When Jaroch killed the Grand Leech's future son-in-law, Rydell was betrothed to the Grand Leech's hideous daughter, Anemia. Rydell managed to escape Anemia's amorous advances, rescue his away team, and get back to the Secondprize. Once there, he blasted the entire world with the Transference Ray Dr. Tulson had constructed, which turned the entire Joegonot population into human beings. Since the newly human Joegonots requested membership in the Federation, Starfleet decided not to prosecute Rydell for seriously interfering in their culture. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) After leaving Ugilious, the Secondprize visited Kilma Omega IV, where Rydell was to participate in a ceremony with the Minister of that world. A faction who disapproved of Kilma Omega IV's relationship with the Federation and hoped to get the Minister removed from office framed Rydell for theft and threw him in prison. Commander Dillon attempted to free Rydell, but was captured himself. Fortunately, Dillon's belching prowess the next day managed to win their release. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) Almost immediately following the Secondprize's departure from Kilma Omega IV, Rydell was kidnapped off of the Secondprize by Zero and transported to The Suburb. Zero wanted the secret to the Transference Ray and believed Rydell had that knowledge, which he didn't. Rydell also met Karina Durham here when Zero shot down her freighter. Karina and Rydell were able to signal the Secondprize for help, and Zero was taken into custody. Karina and Rydell went their separate ways, but Rydell purchased the scenic Suburb and started making plans for it. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) Rydell was then summoned back to Earth to face an inquest over the Joegonot incident brought about thanks to the meddling of William Riker. Jaroch offered to defend Rydell at the inquest and managed to uncover Riker's manipulation. Rydell was cleared and immediately took the Secondprize to Gulax VI to rescue Dillon from a ship of renegade Klingons. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) After a shuttle carrying Rydell, Jaroch, Baird, and Carr was forced to land on Mandicor, Rydell found that his usual way with words had turned against him. Due to the odd radiation on Mandicor, any word Rydell uttered infuriated any of the planet's residents who should hear him. Rydell managed to use this to his advantage and defeated the warlord Logash, freeing the city of Felsten from his reign of terror. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) On the way back to the Secondprize from a sensitivity training soon after the Mandicor incident, Rydell was zapped by a spatial anomaly causing his mind to be swapped with one of his 20th century ancestors. Trapped at Old Dominion University inside the body of the 20th century Alex Rydell, Captain Rydell had to find a way to repair Alex's relationship with Trina Smith and get back to his own century. His true identity was discovered by the 20th century Travis Dillon who assisted Rydell in getting home. During this crisis, he learned that Trina was actually Trinian and, therefore, the Secondprize's bartender was really his great grandmother to the twelfth power. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Rydell initiated first contact with the Multeks, who were less than happy to see him. He was able to rescue his captured away team and drive off a hostile Multek vessel before being ordered back to Starbase 219. At the Starbase, Rydell was informed that some of his crew would be transferred to Waystation, which Starfleet was hastily building. In the meantime, Rydell was to oversee the refit of the Secondprize. During this refit, Rydell and Lisa Beck learned that the Starbase refit officer, Lt. Terris, was actually a Romulan spy. Before they could capture him, Terris transported the pair down to Nu Epsilon Twelve, where they had to face an angry basahm. Baird and Dr. Aldridge rescued them before the basahm could do any harm. With the refit complete and Waystation built, the Secondprize towed Waystation into position and continued its assignment. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) On Stardate 50299, Rydell and Carr were taken hostage on a shuttle by Michael Rennicks, who threatened to kill them unless he was admitted to cooking school. Rydell was able to send a message to Jaroch and Hawkins, who grabbed the shuttle while Rydell took care of Rennicks with a well-timed assist from Carr. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) Over the next several months, he certified Dr. Aldridge for bridge duty, faced a troupe of Borg clowns, dodged the ship's inventory officer, and promoted Ensign Carr to operations officer. ("Commanding Presence," "Fear Has a Red Nose," "Choice Blend" [TRK]) Unbeknownst to Rydell, Rebecca Singer and Zero, both of whom Rydell had had committed to Tantalus V, escaped from the mental health facility with their minds set on getting Rydell. Singer wanted to marry him while Zero wanted to take him back to The Suburb. They stole the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine and confronted the Secondprize. Rydell was able to outmaneuver them, forcing Singer to adopt a new strategy. While Zero went to Yyns to kill Dr. Aldridge, whom Singer absolutely despised, Singer took the Defiant back in time to 20th century Earth with the belief that her beloved Alexander was really still trapped in 20th century Alex's body. The Secondprize followed, and Rydell and Dillon beamed down to Old Dominion University to keep an eye on 20th century Alex. During this mission, Rydell found that his mind would occasionally swap places with Alex's. Singer cornered the Rydells and Dillons from both centuries, as well as Carl Jaroch, after a chase through Greenbriar Mall. Jaroch and Hawkins beamed down in time to stop her, but she grabbed Alex and made a break for it just as Rydell's mind jumped into Alex's body again. He was able to talk her down from her mania and convince her to return to Tantalus V. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) A few months later, he accidentally started the destruction of the universe with a badly phrased question to Forever. He and the four other Secondprize crewmembers present managed to put the destruction on hold for ten years and promptly forgot about it, assuming that Starfleet would fix things. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK]) By the time of the First Officer Exchange when Commander Conway was briefly stationed on the Secondprize, Rydell had pretty much had enough of being a captain. He shared with Conway his plans to turn the Suburb into a luxury resort and retire there to run the place. He stayed mainly for the sake of his crew, since he knew other captains might not be as understanding to the peculiarities of his officers. Starfleet had little room to complain, since Rydell did get the job done somehow and he'd never lost anyone under his command. So what if he offered a buffet at staff meetings and sang at Elvis night. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK]) Two years later, Rydell did finally retire. Shortly before that, he had run into Karina Durham again, and the two started a romance that quickly grew serious. Rydell asked Karina to marry him, and the couple left for The Suburb to plan the wedding, leaving all Starfleet worries behind them...or so they thought. After Forever reactivated, Admiral Beck visited The Suburb Cottages and Spa to enlist Rydell's help in stopping the destruction of the universe. Shortly after he and Beck left for the Deneria Dry Dock, Karina was kidnapped by Morticent, who planned to use her as a hostage against Rydell. Rydell also had to contend with and insane Travis Dillon, who blamed Rydell for everything awful that had happened in his life. Rydell was able to convince Dillon to at least help save the universe, but, after Forever initiated the destruction of everything, Rydell himself was forced to leap into the time stream to see if he could stop galactic annihilation. He found himself in a clock shop with an old man who refused to fix the clock labeled Forever. Karina arrived, and the two were able to convince the clock maker to fix the universe. At the same time, they also decided to have a baby. With the universe saved, Rydell and Karina returned to The Suburb. Less than a year later, their daughter Ashley was born. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

RYDELL, ALEX (20th Century Version): Old Dominion University student and roommate of the 20th century Travis Dillon. Alex's mind was transported to the 24th century accidentally by the effects of Carl Jaroch's neutrino emission chamber. He was kept unconscious most of that time so he wouldn't pollute the time stream. He was dating Trina, not aware that she was actually an incredibly long-lived alien. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Rebecca Singer became fixated on the 20th century Alex after she was sent to Tantalus V. Believing that her beloved Captain Rydell was still trapped in Alex's body, she went back in time to get him. Her attempt was stopped by the USS Secondprize, and Alex's mind was wiped of the whole experience. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) The mind wipe didn't completely take, though, leading Alex, Travis and Carl to have nightmares. Their minds were wiped again after assisting members of the USS Aerostar crew in stopping a Flarn attack on 20th century Earth. ("Out of Time" [VEX]) Alex was pulled through time up to Waystation by Jaroch under the control of Carl's personality. While there, he learned that he married Trina, who later vanished after giving birth to two children. He then married Rachel Kelley and adopted her son after she left Travis, who had gone insane. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

RYDELL, ASHLEY: The daughter of Alexander Rydell and Karina Durham born approximately one year after the Forever incident. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

RYDELL TWELVE: Holodeck program of a bowling alley. Rydell brought Jaroch here to find out what was wrong with the Yynsian. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])


SALBOK: Commander of the Romulan Warbird Kleenix. Since their spy Lt. Terris was captured, the Romulans sent Salbok and the Kleenix to learn about the Multeks first hand. Salbok engaged the Multeks and Waystation in battle but was forced to retreat after Craig Porter rammed the Atalanta into the warbird, critically damaging it. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

SALISBURY, MARYLAND: Dull and toenail-rippingly boring town located on the East coast of Earth's United States. Home to many of the Aerostar and Explorer crew's ancestors, oddly ("Out of Time" [VEX]), and wiped completely off the map during World War III" [VEX]), unfortunately for all involved. Danged Kahn.

SANDERS: Proprietor of Victoria's Pub on Waystation. Sanders was very happy to see that Porter actually had a date. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])

SANDWICH OR WHAT?: An eatery in Starfleet Square Mall. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

SARAL: Aerostar/Explorer security officer and the smallest Vulcan serving in Starfleet, possibly the smallest Vulcan anywhere. Helped break up the fighting and stop the insanity when the Aerostar entered a giant cloud of anger in 2374 ("Clouded Judgment" [VEX]). Enjoys tapioca fighting ("All in a Day's Work" [VEX]).

SAREK: Vulcan ambassador and father of Spock. As a child, Dillon managed to knock Sarak out after accidentally hit a baseball through the ambassador's window during a visit to see his uncle, Matt Dillon. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

SAREK: Shuttlecraft stationed at Starfleet Headquarters that carried Commander Charlotte Burns and Lt. Cmdr. Ben Rachow back to the Banshee after the malfunction of the Weather Modification Net. ("Natural Disaster" [BAN]).

SARFARI: Mirk's freighter; destroyed when the portal from the Delta to Alpha Quadrant, inside the Crebius Cluster, collapsed. He did not have insurance ("Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]).

SARGONIS: Snow covered planet with a wonderful ski resort. Hodges said it was a lot like Switzerland with quaint folks and good hot chocolate. The Sargonis police act quite a bit like 19th century English Bobbies. Beck and Hodges went to Sargonis on leave during the renovation of Waystation. While there, they helped stop an Orion Syndicate plot against Starfleet. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

SATURN ROOM: Dining room aboard the SS Pomposity. Dillon and Hawkins had dinner with Dillon's parents there. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

SCHIZO BOY: Jaroch's super hero identity in Star Fleet. He could bring forth any of his past lives at will. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

SCOTT, MONTGOMERY: Starfleet legend now traveling through the galaxy in a shuttle given to him by the USS Enterprise. Scott found a seriously injured Commander Dillon after Dillon's runabout crashed on an uninhabited world. Dillon mistook the portly officer for Santa Claus at first. Captain Scott took Dillon to Waystation and donated one of his beloved bottles of Scotch to the festivities. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

SCRAMBLER, THE: Amusement park ride Q took Jones and Morales on after Morales got sick on the Gutwrencher. He didn't respond well to this one either. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

SCULLY, DANA: Special Agent with the FBI and partner to Fox Mulder, who assists Aerostar crew tossed back to the time of 1996 in defeating Flarn and trying to get back to their rightful time, while still managing to look ultra beautiful and retaining extensive medical knowledge ("Out of Time" [VEX]).

SDS (SUBSPACE DATING SERVICE): Emily Sullivan became addicted to the SDS shortly after her breakup with Baird. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) This addiction became so severe that at one point the computer attempted to join with her physically. Baird and Dr. Aldridge were barely able to rescue her. ("Optimum Interface" [TRK])

SEATELLANS: A long-lived mysterious species that very few others have their knowledge. Many Seatellans work with the Guardians of Forever to protect the time stream. Trinian was employed in this capacity when she joined the crew of the USS Secondprize. Another Seatellan, Morticent, was assigned to stop Rydell from using Forever to destroy the universe. She failed. Rather than continue her work for the Guardians, Morticent and her consort, Guardian #492, went on a ten-year pleasure binge across the galaxy. With time running out and creditors closing in, Morticent and Guardian #492 had to make sure Rydell didn't succeed in saving the universe from Forever. They failed again, and Trinian took them home to face Guardian Control. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SECOND, 3 OF 8: 3 of 8 was assimilated 35 years before the current task as a child on a colony world ("A Very Long Distance Call" [BRG]). He was chosen by Captain to be Second this rotation after a series of smart-alec remarks ("This is Borg" [BRG]), and has been very sarcastically vocal over the dislike of his position every since ("This is Borg"; "The Only Certainty in Life is Borg and Taxes"; and many others [BRG]). Upon his alcove, which is adjacent to Captain's ("This is Borg" [BRG]), he has hung the "winner" plaque for Super Jhad-ball LXII tournament, engraving Cube #347's name on the list ("In the Glow of Glory, Only One Shall Remain" [BRG]). The current rotation as Second did not start out well, with him trapped in a shrine room of a species #8511 ship ("This is Borg" [BRG]). Species #8511 figured again into later woes when he was attacked by a blue grouf apparation sporting many red eyes ("Fifth Dimension" [BRG]). Second has been electrocuted by a drug smuggling freighter ("Jovian Dust" [BRG]), been captain of a Jhad-ball team, during which he was knifed in the back ("In the Glow of Glory, Only One Shall Remain" [BRG]), and had his mind switched with that of Yeoman Tina Jones from Waystation ("A Very Long Distance Call" [BRG]). Like Captain, Second has had his share of kidnappings - at one point he was taken by a bored Q and given Q powers ("We Are Q" [BRG]), and much later (well after removal of Q power), was one of the last drones on Cube #347 to be bandersnatched ("Of Jabberwock, Jubjub Birds, and Bandersnatch" [BRG]).

SECONDPRIZE, USS: The USS Secondprize (NCC-19296), an Excelsior-class starship, was launched on Stardate 47988. (NOTE: Much of the following information is highly conjectural. Starfleet Command will not confirm any of it; although, they aren't denying it either.) During the Secondprize's construction at Utopia Planetia, the engineers accessed the wrong blueprints and set the ship's bridge up with helm and navigation consoles instead of the standard conn and ops. The ship's name also came courtesy of the engineers. The began calling the unnamed ship "Secondprize" during construction, since they figured it would be another one on the long list offered to William Riker, who refused to accept anything less than the Enterprise. Normally, another name would have been assigned, but the engineers were too busy trying to figure out if they could fix the bridge screw up to notice that the paint crew was emblazoning the ship as the "Secondprize," which was what the ship was listed as in the dock yards database. By the time the engineers did notice what had occurred, the ship was being moved to Spacedock for launch. Crewing the ship fell to Admiral Earl Wyndham. As expected, Will Riker did turn down command, and, once the ship's problems came to light, Wyndham, acting on the orders of Starfleet Command (just who particularly that would be, we don't know), set about finding officers that wouldn't really be missed from other ships. The remainder of the crew was filled with fresh cadets who would either rise above the mediocrity of their crewmates and get transferred to other ship or who would remain on the Secondprize for the duration of their careers. (Here the speculation ends, and we can turn to fact.) The Secondprize's first assignment was to ferry Admiral Wyndham to a ceremony on Lodgibax. Wyndham flipped his lip for unknown reasons and left the ship in a stolen shuttle. Captain Rydell was able to retrieve the shuttle, but Wyndham vanished. For the next two years, the Secondprize handled mapping and patrol duties with the occasional diplomatic or first contact assignment thrown in. None of these were on Starfleet's vital mission list, so even if they Secondprize crew had failed, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. That all changed on Stardate 49804 when Dr. Robert Tulson was taken hostage by the Joegonots. The Federation would normally have sent a better ship to Ugilious to deal with the situation, but the Grand Leech of the Joegonots specifically requested Rydell, since Rydell had insulted him at an official dinner the month prior to the kidnapping. During this mission, the Secondprize was plagued by a series of malfunctions caused by a saboteur. Despite the problems, the ship fought off an attack by Joegonot ships, and the crew rescued Tulson. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) The Secondprize next visited Kilma Omega IV during which time the majority of the crew went on shore leave. The ship's computer used the opportunity to attempt to kill Jaroch, the lone officer remaining on board. The computer had formed a romantic attachment to Jaroch, but he had spurned its advances. On this occasion, though, the computer was successful. Rather than die or go insane at the hands of the computer, Jaroch allowed a female holographic representation of the computer to have her way with him. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) On Stardate 49829, the Secondprize was ordered to return to Earth so that an inquest could be held into Captain Rydell's actions at Ugilious. During this layover in Spacedock, Dr. Rebecca Singer, believing that she was James T. Kirk, tried to take over the ship. Trinian, the ship's bartender, stopped Singer in time for Rydell to take the ship to Gulax Four to rescue the Edsel from the Klingons. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Less than a month later, Myna, an operative for the Audubans of Jeral who was on board impersonating a Federation Ambassador, attempted to destroy the Secondprize in an effort to force the Federation into supplying the Audubans with weaponry. Myna's plan was discovering in time, but the Secondprize's shuttlecraft Doorprize was destroyed during the incident. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) The Secondprize spent most of the next couple of months transporting supplies or personnel from destination to destination, but on Stardate 50216 the ship was finally headed out to do some real exploration in the Beta Quadrant. Almost immediately, they encountered the Multeks and engaged a Multek ship in combat. The Secondprize was not damaged, but Starfleet immediately ordered them to report to Starbase 219 to report their findings. While at Starbase 219, several Secondprize personnel were transferred to the new Waystation that Starfleet was hastily building for deployment near the Multek Enclave. During this layover, the Secondprize also received a long overdue refit, which included finally replacing helm and navigation with conn and ops. With the refit complete, the Secondprize towed Waystation into position and continued its assignment. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Over the next year, the Secondprize crew dealt with Borg clowns, warring planets, and a hostage taker, but the ship itself saw very little action. However, the ship's computer did attempt to meld itself to Emily Sullivan, a feat only made possible by the tremendous amount of time she was spending logged into the Subspace Dating Service. The quiet was shattered on Stardate 51543 when Dr. Singer and Zero broke out of Tantalus V, stole the Defiant from Deep Space Nine, and came looking for Rydell. After blasting out the deflector dish in a very risk reverse warp jump, the Secondprize exchanged shots with the Defiant and was forced to use the slingshot maneuver follow the stolen ship back into Earth's past. The Secondprize was severely battered in a fire fight with the Defiant inside the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and would very likely have been destroyed if Jaroch had not arrived in the runabout Hudson and blown it up in a successful effort to disable the Defiant. Both ships returned to the 24th century, and the Secondprize docked at McKinley Station for a month to repair battle damage and the strain on the engines caused two slingshot maneuvers. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) On Stardate 52014, the Secondprize investigated the source of a series of temporal fluctuations detected by a Starfleet probe. The source turned out to be Forever, an entity encased within a moon that controlled time and space in the universe. Rydell accidentally talked Forever into destroying the universe, an event Rydell managed to get the entity to postpone for ten years. Meanwhile, in orbit above Forever, the Secondprize was attacked by the Mitgogae, a ship whose captain, Morticent, had been assigned to protect Forever. The Secondprize managed to avoid severe damage from the powerful ship, and the Mitgogae broke off the attack once Morticent realized she was too late. Rydell informed Starfleet of the situation, assuming they would deal with it. During the intervening ten years, Rydell retired, Dillon went nuts, and Jaroch became captain of the Secondprize. By the time Forever reactivated ten years later, the Secondprize was the oldest Starfleet ship still in active service. Some might attribute that to skilled captains, others to dumb luck. In any case, the Secondprize returned to Forever to prevent the end of the universe. They were once again attacked by Morticent, who had experienced a major change in life priorities in the ten year interim. The Secondprize was disabled and would have been destroyed if not for intervention by the USS Inevitable, which was also disabled, and a little sabotage of the Mitgogae performed by Craig Porter. With the Forever situation resolved, the Secondprize returned to Deneria Dry Dock for some major repairs. Eighteen months later, the Secondprize docked at Starbase 84 for a computer upgrade. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK]) Rumor has it that at some point the original Secondprize was destroyed and replaced with a duplicate ship, but sane people don't listen to such ridiculous nonsense.

SECONDPRIZE FIVE: Name for Rydell, Dillon, Jaroch, Hawkins, and Baird used by Forever and Guardian Control. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SECRET ADMIRER: Identity taken by the ship's computer when it became infatuated with Jaroch. Taking the form of a beautiful woman on the holodeck, it attempted to seduce Jaroch. An outburst from J'Ter ended that potential relationship. ("Secret Admirer" [TRK]) Displeased with the treatment it had received from Jaroch during that incident, the ship's computer attempted to kill him when he was left alone on the Secondprize during their visit to Kilma Omega IV. After being trapped in a holodeck for hours, Jaroch gave in to the computer's amorous advances and allowed the computer's female holodeck form to have its way with him. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

SECTION 31: Secret shadow arm of the Federation government, dedicated to protecting the Federation from inside and outside threats at any cost. Agents of Section 31 either conceal their identities from their families and friends or fake their own deaths to take part in it. Section 31 must remain secret because it uses illegal technologies including the phasing cloak, which is installed on all their starships. Section 31 vessels are heavily armed, the more powerful ones even have pulse phasers like those found on the Defiant Class starships. ("Section Thirty-One" [BAN]). The head of Section 31's starfleet had, for some time, been Admiral Jared Newman. After Newman's death, Admiral Raymond Walker was named his successor. ("Dark Horizon", "The Truth Is Out There" [BAN]). Section 31 goes to extreme, although often creative ways to conceal it's existence, usually using the men-in-black fear of being mysteriously 'erased' ("The Truth is Out There" [BAN]). The flagship of the Section 31 starfleet is the USS Banshee. ("Section Thirty-One" [BAN]). Most Section 31 officers are not told of the existence, much less the location of Section 31 headquarters so that any officer who is captured cannot provide such information through a mental probe or similar means. Such was the case with Agent Sloan after he was killed aboard Deep Space Nine. Only the captain of a Section 31 starship knows where headquarters is. ("The Truth is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]).

SECTION 31 DEFENSE FORCE: Fleet of 36 heavily armed vessels, most all in the Sabre Class, that patrol the interior of the Tiaren Nebula. The flagship of the Section 31 Defense force is the Cheektowaga Class USS Cerebus. ("The Truth is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]) On the Section 31 Starship Index written by Brad Dusen, the 36 ships of the Section 31 Defense Force are all named after various regions or people in Hades, the afterlife in Greek mythology

SECTION 32: Mysterious agency briefly encountered at the Captain's Table who apparently had authority even over Section 31. No one has heard about them since. {"Captain's Tale" [REJ]).

SECTOR 34580: The sector of space that's home to the Veltran system, Bermuda Expanse, and Waystation ("Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX]).

SECURITY ENTITY: The security system of the Guulam. When triggered by a trespasser on Guulamia, the entity scans that person, identifying their worst fear and using it to kill them. Lieutenant Hawkins accidentally activated the entity, which then attempted to destroy her by attacking the Secondprize in the form of a giant clown. Defeated and weakened, the entity happened upon a group of Borg, which it turned into Borg clowns. Using these clowns, the entity was able to get what it thought was vengeance on Hawkins. Dillon and Jaroch destroyed the entity in a barrage of phaser fire. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK])

SEFELT, HOWARD: Reserve operations officer and the most fearful officer aboard the Explorer. Has a file which takes up an entire gelpack in Counselor Peterman's office. Afraid of his own shadow, and approximately 270 other things.

SENSE-O-MATIC: Inferior rival to the tricorder built by a company trying to break into the market. Bradley Dillon carrying them in his store and used them when he was kidnapped by the Ferengi to help in his attempted escape. ("Dividends" [WAY])

SENSORS, 1 OF 3: 1 of 3 is an insectoid. She looks like a giant, black praying mantis, assuming one substitutes the pinchers for long, spindly arms ("A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]). Her species speaks using four pairs of spiricles on the thorax, so single words may be comprised of eight different tones ("A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]). Her species also see the universe in quite a different manner than the rest of the civilized galaxy ("This is Borg"; "The Only Certainty in Life is Borg and Taxes"; "A Day in the Trenches"; "A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]; and many others). While Sensors' personal history has not been told, it is known her species holds yearly lotteries for the honor of going into BorgSpace to be assimilated; and ships crewed by species #6766 happily prepare themselves for the Borg when the Collective captures one of their vessels ("A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]). 1 of 3 gained her current position of Sensors due to random lottery among the sensors hierarchy ("This is Borg" [BRG]). She speaks in third person and subjects the general sub-collective (especially her hierarchy) to sensor hallucinations as she fiddles with the grid, trying to configure it to her specifications ("This is Borg" [BRG]; and many others). Sensors dislikes hails because she develops an itch behind her eye clusters ("A Borg of a Different Color"; "Sensory Overload" [BRG]). She also disliked regeneration when she was first put on Cube #347 because no alcove fitted her until a proper one was shipped over ("This is Borg"; "A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]). On the other hand, Sensors is very good at B'tayian poker ("Sensory Overload" [BRG]). Sensors spends much of her time in her alcove, so few incidents have directly impacted her personally. However, several do stand out. Sensors was part of an away mission to Traxis station, where she became involved in a one-sided brawl with a tavern bouncer ("A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]). Another "away" mission, this one in the Alpha Quadrant to inspect the Explorer for damage following a battle with They medium tactical units, found her meeting braindead crewman Dean Wilcox ("A Fish Story" [BRG]). Dean was subsequently stolen back to Cube #347 and assimilated; Sensors found herself in the doghouse for that fiasco ("A Fish Story" [BRG]). Sensors was also one of the first drones to be bandernatched from the clutches of a Jabberwock ("Of Jabberwock, Jubjub Birds, and Bandersnatch" [BRG]), and was paramount in leading the cube out of a nebula-like security system demostration set up by species #137 ("Sensory Overload" [BRG]).

SENTILIS SECTOR: Morticent narrowly dodged a repo fleet here about a month before the Forever incident. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SEQUAA: Multek Enclave warship under the command of Captain Wuddle which attacked Waystation. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

SERATCH: The Yynsian name for the process of a new past life asserting itself. Most Seratches occur during childhoos, but when one occurs later in life, it can be very traumatic and possibly life threatening. Yynsians experiencing the Seratch must visit the Temple of Mi Clane on Yyns to receive help from one of the temple's preists. Jaroch experienced a Seratch around Stardate 51543 and returned to Yyns with Dr. Aldridge and Counselor Webber. This is when the Carl Jaroch past life revealed itself. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

SESIL: Sesil was born on Vulcan to two fairly normal parents. Quickly, though, he exhibited exceptional mental abilities. His intelligence was far superior to others his age, but this intelligence was hampered by a mind that bored quickly and tended towards stubbornness. His parents managed to keep him focused and attempted to start him on the Vulcan path, but then they vanished while on a trip between Vulcan and the famous Research Center and Spa on Foopog. Sesil was then sent to live with his grandparents, a couple that most other Vulcans considered to be stiff and boring. One person we interviewed, speaking on the condition of anonymity, called Sesil's grandparents the two most unfascinating people he'd ever met. While perhaps not being a couple of party people, Sesil's grandparents did wish the best for him. They had high hopes that he would enter the Vulcan Science Academy and put his talents to good use. His grandmother urged him to become a geologist, while his grandfather hoped he would pursue the far more exciting field of paleobotany. Faced with this life, Sesil did what many rebellious teens do: he stowed away on the first freighter he could and got the hell away from Vulcan. The freighter captain quickly discovered Sesil, but Sesil's natural engineering abilities earned him a place on the crew. Working on the freighter for a few years, Sesil was able to save up enough credits to buy a small ship of his own. Because, even though he had no interest in the Vulcan ideals of logic and no emotions, he still felt something was absent in his life. He felt a longing for some sort of completeness. With his ship, Sesil came up with the Starshine Way. At the time, it was just his personal method of choosing his next destination. He'd stare at the stars, spot on that shone appealingly, and that would be the way he headed. Over the course of these trips, Sesil came to his own sort of inner peace, a peace he wished to share with others. He understood that he was the only one who could bring this peace; he was destined to be the light the rest followed. This basically meant that he needed to take over the galaxy. Along the way, he also gathered bits and pieces of various technologies that allowed him to construct his orbs. Gazing into an orb is like hypnosis or being held down while forced to listen to a hard sell routine from a used starship salesman. The effects vary depending on the mind experiencing them. In any case, with his orbs and the followers he gathered (I should say here that the orbs weren't solely responsible for the followers. Inner peace is a big draw for people, and Sesil has some natural charisma) he returned to Vulcan, they first stop on his "Tour of Galactic Peace, Harmony, and Conquest." This ended badly when he miscalculated how irritated the Vulcan authorities would be when he took a couple of planetary administrators hostage. Upon his release from a rehabilitation colony, the effect of which on him was practically zero (it's really hard to rehabilitate a guy at inner peace with himself), Sesil decided he'd better keep a low profile as he rebuilt the Starshine Way. With that in mind, he booked passage to Waystation, which was about a low of a profile as you could get in Federation space. There, he began the slow process of bringing souls in torment into the fold. Later, he took over Waystation for a short time ("Critical Mass" [WAY]). He was ousted after a pitched battle, and retreated to the Delta Quadrant, where he gathered a large quantity of followers who'd been captured by the Flarn ("Lip Lock" [WAY]). He turned up near a far-flung resort controlled by Klingons, where he destroyed a Klingon Bird-of-Prey and recruited one Ensign Ford into his fold ("The Punchline" [VEX]). He was not heard of until some Captain Andy Baxter and Counselor Kelly Peterman's honeymoon, where he shaved and humiliated them ("The Honeymoon's Over" [VEX]). Later, he went on to harass the crew of the USS Explorer, and destroyed the USS Trafalgar, kidnaping her crew, which included Captain Lucille Baxter, Lt. Hartley, and Mister Mirk ("The Morning After" [VEX]). He was soundly defeated by Captain Baxter and crew, with the help of Section 31, which does not exist ("Shine on You Crazy Cult, Parts One and Two" [VEX]).

SEVEN BACKWARD: The crew lounge on board the USS Secondprize. The lounge was run by Trinian until Stardate 52010, when she went on vacation and never came back. After this, the lounge was taken over by Guinanco. The atmosphere was just never quite the same. ("Please Hold for Oblivion," "Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK])

SHAR, TYRA: Tyra Shar led a hard knock life. She was overweight most of her life, made fun of by all the other Trill. She was an embittered, hateful, sizeable woman who really never truly realized what she wanted. Until she got Shar. Shar fed on her passionate urges, and put her on an intense weight loss program, and got her married quickly to a host who shared a slug Shar had previously been in love with. The only seeming problem was that Shar and Tyra combined to form an awesome killing machine, which nearly wiped out Commander Conway and Captain Baxter, not to mention the entire Explorer Kindergarten class ("Keep Your Friends Close" [VEX]).

SHAR: One of the oldest Trill slugs known to exist. Shar led a somewhat unique life, joining with hosts that ranged from galactic wrestlers to street fighters. Shar was one of the angrier, lustier, more passionate symbionts. This always had presented a problem for the symbiosis commission, until they found Lana Lesmot. She was chosen to host Shar because of her extreme emotional passivity and self control. She kept Shar at bay until her untimely demise, at which time it was placed, unsuccessfully, in Conway, and then transferred to Tyra Shar ("The Host With the Most" [VEX]), who gave in to its urges by turning to the same sex ("Back on Track" [VEX]), then dominating Commander Conway utterly until the man was reduced to a sniveling slave ("Love Hurts" [VEX]). Shar died with Tyra by falling into a deep ravine, something Conway found hilarious ("Keep Your Friends Close" [VEX]).

SHOMPOWAK: Very poisonous Maloxian planet ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part I [VEX]).

SHAR, LANA: A Trill colony specialist who came aboard the USS Explorer midway through its first year of operation. Commander Conway immediately fell for her and persued her with vigor. She responded by first being his friend ("Symbiotic Relationship" [VEX]) and then punching him squarely in the face ("The Honeymoon's Over" [VEX]). In 2375, she was dropped from an extreme height by a wild bird on a far-flung world and killed, but her symbiont was saved. After spending a brief time inside Commander Conway, and being kidnapped by him, Shar was transferred to a new Trill host, Tyra.

SHEPPARD, THERESA: Corporal Sheppard was the second marine to become enthralled with Leximas' teachings. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY]) She was in Starfleet Square Mall when Porter, Nelson, and Russell flooded it with expired anesthezine gas. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

SIMMS CRUISE LINES: Huge space cruiser corporation owned by the incredibly wealthy John Simms, Jr. The Simms jingle was enough to drive most people to murder. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

SIMMS, JR., JOHN: Head of Simms Enterprises and Simms Cruise Lines as well as one of the wealthiest beings in the known galaxy. Simms took command of the SS Pomposity on its maiden voyage believing that the ship's automation would prevent any problems. He was extremely displeased to see lowly Starfleet officers on the maiden voyager but was later forced to give Dillon command when the Pomposity was disabled by Ragoo. Hawkins narrowly saved Simms life when Ragoo set a phaser to overload on the bridge. Simms was dating Mindy Dawes, which most people assumed was the only reason she was allowed to torture the quadrant with her singing. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

SINGER, REBECCA: As emotionally unstable as she was, Rebecca Singer never should have made it as far as she did in Starfleet. Unfortunately, the series of goofs and clerical errors that allowed her to advance to the position of Chief Medical Officer on the USS Secondprize was not discovered until she was committed to Tantalus V. Actually, she performed adequately as CMO during her first two years on board the Secondprize despite her tendency to break down crying whenever anything remotely unpleasant happened. She managed to isolate and cure the stupidity virus ravaging Bytellus III and did her best to synthesize a truth serum for use on Commander Dillon to learn the identity of the crewwoman he was considering asking out. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids," "Reason to Panic" [TRK]) Singer also identified the effects of the Transference Ray on the Secondprize crew and was able to institute a quarantine before too many of the crew were infected. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) On Stardate 49829, Singer accidentally injected herself with a hypospray full of pain killers and muscle relaxants. The effect on her already unstable brain chemistry was to make her believe she was James T. Kirk, a very power-crazed James T. Kirk.. After drugging and brainwashing several other personnel at Earth's spacedock, Singer attempted to steal the Secondprize as her first step in conquering the galaxy. Trinian and Ensign Larkin were able to stop Singer and get the drugs out of her system. Another hypospray accident a couple of days later left Singer believing she was Lassie. She recovered from these incidents, but the long-term effects had yet to become apparent. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) On Stardate 49862, Singer was one of the primary presenters at a sensitivity training conference held by Starfleet. She continually brought up examples from the 20th century Earth television series "Full House" to illustrate her points. This didn't increase her popularity with anyone. On the way back from this conference, Captain Rydell's mind was swapped with an ancestor of his from the 20th century. Singer was the first to ascertain what had occurred, and she kept the 20th century Rydell sedated throughout his visit to the future so as not to disrupt the timeline. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK]) Shortly before Stardate 50216, Captain Rydell had Singer removed from duty and shipped off to Tantalus V. Emotionally, she just couldn't handle her job anymore. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) While at Tantalus, she developed the delusion that she was in love with Rydell. When her replacement, Dr. Beth Aldridge came to visit, Singer went into a rage and tried to kill Aldridge, whom she believed was trying to steal her beloved Rydell away from her. Aldridge stopped Singer was an appropriate use of force and returned to the Secondprize. ("Previous Occupant" [TRK]) Singer did not forget about Aldridge, though. After meeting Zero, who also was obsessed with Rydell for entirely different reasons, the two made plans to escape. Leaving Tantalus V, they stole the Defiant from Deep Space Nine and went after the Secondprize. Rydell outwitted their attack, so Singer formed an alternate plan. She sent Zero to Yyns to kill Aldridge, who was there with Jaroch, while Singer herself took the Defiant back in time to 20th century Earth. She had convinced herself that the reason Rydell refused to go to The Suburb with her was that the real Rydell's mind never returned from 20th century Earth. Determined to save her beloved, she went back to find the 20th century Rydell and take his mind. Captain Rydell and the Secondprize followed her and stopped her plans, while Aldridge, Jaroch, and Webber were able to capture Zero. Rydell convinced Singer that he sent her to Tantalus V because she needed help. Deflated, she returned to Tantalus V to continue her therapy. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

SINGER, RIHCARD: Male version of Rebecca Singer from the universe immediately following ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

SKARNAK: The only Vulcan lawyer known to exist. Bradley Dillon hired him as part of his Dream Team in his suit against Starfleet. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

SKYDIVING SIMULATION 1: Holodeck program simulating a skydiving experience. The Banshee's version of the program was affected by a Cardassian computer virus that caused the parachutes not to deploy and the skydivers to be intercepted by a pack of hockey mask wearing chainsaw warriors. ("Shatterframe" [BAN]).

SMYTHE, DR. REGINALD: Archeologist in charge of the dig on Gulax Four. He has a tendency to make of his decisions through precise hypothetico-deductive arguments, which annoys his students to no end. His discovery of a Firzuk logic computer on Gulax Four was a dream come true. As an added bonus, he wooed Darla away from Kantura Dransein. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

SNARGVAR'S NEWS AND BOOKS: One of the stores in Waystation's Starfleet Square Mall. Counselor Miller bought most of his, erotica there. ("Lip Service" [WAY])

SOAP OPERAS: Television programs used by the station manager on Bytellus III to spread the stupidity virus to the planet's population. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids" [TRK]) Lieutenant Rayhan of the USS is quite fond of soap operas from Earth. ("Only a Matter of Time" [BAN]).

SOUP ON A STICK: An eatery in Starfleet Square Mall. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

SPACE BUFFALO: Both the Secondprize and the Inevitable were delayed in their arrival at Forever by a large herd of these purple space-dwellers. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SPEARS, BRITNEY: Popular singer on Earth during the late 1990's and early 2000's. While choreographing the musical number for the Banshee's Annual Awards Assembly, Lt. Cmdr. Vincent DiSanto compared his crew's dancing skills to those found in a Britney Spears video. This was not intended as a compliment. ("Upstarts" [BAN]).

SPEED 2: The film showing in Waystation's viewing room when a Nausicaan transport crashed through the saucer, obliterating that particular room. Fortunately, no one was attending the movie. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

SPHERES #156 & #530: Assault Class Borg Spheres. Rescued Second Federation contingent from Cube #347, and later captured the latter with assistance of Hiver on board the cube ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part II-III" [BRG]).

SPOCK (Clone): A fifty-foot-tall clone of the famous Vulcan was created by Debbie Wagner for use in the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. Due to problems in the cloning process, Debbie was only able to give him one personality attribute: his insistence on logic. The Picard and Kirk clones grew tired of him constantly screaming "logic" at them, so they put aside their personal differences and turned on Spock. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

SPOINK: Proprietor of the Vulcan comedy club located in one of the lower modules of Waystation Village. Sesil brainwashed Spoink and took over the space to use for meetings of the Starshine Way and, later, the Starshine Kids.

SPOINK'S LOGICAL LAUGHTER CABERET: The Vulcan comedy club located in a lower module of Waystation Village. The club was closed and the space used at the meeting space for the Starshine Way after Sesil brainwashed Spoink. ("Lip Service" [WAY])

SPUTNIK: Vulcan ejected from the Andorian restaurant in order to make room for Beck. He and his colleague, Sputnik, then visited Dillon's Supply Depot where they ended up in a spat with some Nausicaans. Sputnik managed to incapacitate one of the Nausicaans with a nerve pinch after Vonk was thrown across the store. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

STANTON, AARON: Lieutenant serving on Waystation who fills in at tactical when Russell is elsewhere. Stanton was arrested by Compucop for playing hockey in the corridors. ("House Arrest" [WAY])

STARBASE 37: Starbase located near Vadax Prime and host to a social gathering for a group of delegates from the Mindax System. Starbase 37 is commanded by Admiral Peter Colby. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK])

STARBASE 78: Starbase where Beck and Hodges ended up spending most of their leave after they escaped Sargonis with Banyon Kovacs. Beck and Kovacs had a good time anyway. ("You May Meet a Stranger" [WAY])

STARBASE 84: The Secondprize stopped here for a minor systems upgrade eighteen months after the Forever incident. Hawkins was waiting there for Jaroch so that she could tell him she'd left Mookow. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

STARBASE 94: Beck and Porter attended Admiral McGrath's birthday dinner here and both got an extreme case of food poisoning. ("Something They Ate" [WAY])

STARBASE 195: The Explorer was taking a group of archaeologists to this starbase when Commander Dillon came on board as part of the First Officer Exchange Program. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

STARBASE 212: The SS Pomposity was towed to Starbase 212 after it was disabled by Ragoo. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

STARBASE 219: The Federation base closest to Multek space before the establishment of Waystation. The Secondprize received its refit there starting on Stardate 50220. Starbase 219 orbits Nu Epsilon Twelve, an inhospitable world teeming with large, dangerous creatures. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

STARBASE 833: Facility where the USS Banshee was scheduled to go to hand the Mendan Sacred Stones over to authorities from the Federation Natural History Museum. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

STARBUCK: One of Counselor Peterman's two pomeranians. The other is named Boomer. They are both named after characters on an obscure Earth television show that Peterman has probably never heard of. It's all coincidence.

STAR FLEET: Name of the band of super heroes formed by Rydell, Baird, Jaroch, and Carr in their efforts to help the citizens of Felsten anonymously. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

STARFLEET MEMORIAL GARDENS: A park designed by Debbie Wagner which contained 50 ft. tall clones of some of Starfleet'' greatest leaders. The gardens were shut down after a power failure almost caused Dillon, Hawkins, and Jaroch to be killed by a giant, horny James T. Kirk. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

STARFLEET PREPARATORY CAMPS: Children's summer camps designed to give them a taste of Starfleet and prepare them for what to expect on the Starfleet Academy Entrance exam. Beck attended them all throughout her childhood. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

STARFLEET RED: A new cologne Dillon was chosen to be the spokesman for. The cologne actually contained mind-altering chemicals used to brainwash him into handing over the Secondprize's prefix code. ("Starfleet Red" [TRK])

STARFLEET REGULATIONS ADVISORY BOARD: Dillon was on his way back from a meeting of this group when his runabout disappeared in a temporal explosion. Dillon was upset that the board adopted only one of his 327 suggested regulations. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

STARFLEET SCOUTS: Co-ed 24th century equivalent of the Boy Scouts. Children who want to be Starfleet officers some day usually join Starfleet Scouts first. Lisa Beck was a member. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

STARFLEET SQUARE MALL: Shopping facility located in the upper saucer of Waystation. This facility was substantially enlarged during the Waystation renovation and now includes a zero-gravity hover-rink, Dillon's Supply Depot, a large food court, Nandegar's Secret, the Starfleet Suites Hotel, Krilik's Klingon Formal Wear and the Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian restaurant. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK], "The Way We Were [WAY])

STARFLEET SUITES HOTEL: A large, luxury hotel opened by Bradley Dillon in Starfleet Square Mall. The hotel was host to the annual Federation Science Conference soon after opening. Inside the hotel is Dillon's, a fancy eatery. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

STARLIGHT LOUNGE: The lounge/bar of the USS Aerostar, managed by a bartender who died early on in the Aerostar's mission thanks to a fallling beam. Since then, Mirk has been the proprietor and head busboy ("Nantucket Sleighride" [VEX]).

STARSHINE WAY: Initial name of the Starshine Kids. Sesil started the Starshine Way on Waystation Village in order to get followers for his effort to spread enlightenment across the force if necessary. The Critics took notice of Sesil and the Starshine Way and took them over for their own use, changing their name to the Starshine Kids in the process. ("Lip Service" [WAY])

"STAR TRAKS 1: JOEGONOTS" [TRK]: (1992) Wri. Alan Decker. Captain Rydell must rescue a former professor from the clutches of the Joegonots, a disgusting species bent on conquering the galaxy by turning everyone into Joegonots. This was the first Star Traks story ever written.

"STAR TREK" Twentieth century television series with an incredible similarity to the present Rydell, et al live in. No one seems to be able to provide a reasonable explanation for this. ("Sensitivity 101," "Star Traks 6" [TRK], "The Way We Were" [WAY], "Out of Time," "Irma's Fury" [VEX])

STEVENS, JAMES: Former captain of the USS Garrison and USS Inspiration, Stevens was discovered in 2374 by the USS Aerostar, where, palled up with a Klingon warrior, Dwanok, he searched fruitlessly for the remaining Alpha Quadrant residents in the Delta Quadrant ("Finders Keepers" [VEX]). Captain Baxter later discovered Stevens on the planet Xavier, where he had become a prisoner of Sesil. Baxter witnessed Sesil's untimely gutting of Stevens, and had to break the news to Conway, which the Commander actually took pretty well ("The Honeymoon's Over" [VEX]).

STONE, JANET: Proprietor of the Stone Mountain Resort and Conference Center in North Carolina. As a child, Beck would often visit Stone, who lived just up the mountain from Beck's house. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

STONE MOUNTAIN RESORT AND CONFERENCE CENTER: Resort owned by Janet Stone and located just up the mountain from Beck's home in North Carolina. An Andorian cult identified Joel Hodges as the next incarnation of their god, the Z'arkbelst, while attending the Federation Tax Law and Your Cult conference there. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

STUART, RYAN: Assistant Chief Engineer of Aerostar and Explorer and 2368 tri-sector Starfleet Academy wrestling champ. Stuart always performs admirably in Chief Richards's absence, but his total lack of character dooms him for Starfleet command roles. Not much else is known of him, although he does have an illegitimate daughter, Lacey.

STUFFED BRAIN: A toy Travis Dillon had as a child. It was given to him by his father in hopes that Dillon would become a psychiatrist. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

STUPIDITY VIRUS: This virus rampaged through the populous of Bytellus III, reducing everyone to mental midgets. The USS Secondprize arrived on Stardate 49752 to offer assistance. Dr. Rebecca Singer was able to isolate and cure the virus. The source of the virus was found to be the planet's new television station, which was emitting mass quantities of the virus while it aired soap operas. The station manager was soon revealed to be the true culprit. He engineered the virus in hopes of turning the populace into couch potatoes, thereby boosting the ratings. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids" [TRK])

STUYLUPPO: A huge creature residing in the forests of the moon of Kynax. The Oloni feared to even approach the Stuyluppo due to its blood-curdling howls. Counselor Webber discovered that the Stuyluppo was actually a stranded, space-faring creature named Jonil. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" TRK])

SUB-DERMAL COMMUNICATOR: A communicator installed under a fingernail of Starfleet officers. Commander Porter had one when he was captured by the Mitgogae. Morticent, not knowing about this particular technological advance, confiscated his insignia badge instead. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SUBNEUTRINO NEURAL TRANSMITTER: Developed by Doctor Phillip Kerridan to send human brainwaves immense distances. The first test of this device was shanghaied by Counselor Peterman's kitten, Fritz, in 2374. The second test, later that year, merged the brains of Captain Andrew Baxter and Commander Travis Dillon ("Dillon's Brain" [VEX]).

SUBSPACE POCKET GENERATOR: An incredibly handy and illegal device that creates a small pocket of subspace in which a person may store several large items, yet have the close at hand at all times. Bradley Dillon used one to carry several TerryFormer Jr's and Andorian cheerleading batons around the Ferengi ship that had kidnapped him. ("Dividends" [WAY])

THE SUBURB: A very nice prison facility run by Zero on an isolated world. The Suburb contained many beautiful buildings set up like a small village. At the center of The Suburb sat the Green Dome where the command center was located. While Zero claimed to have many prisoners at The Suburb, Alexander Rydell was really his only one. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) After sending Zero away to Tantalus V, Rydell bought The Suburb and converted it into The Suburb Cottages and Spa, which Rydell ran after his retirement from Starfleet. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SULANI: A peaceful race of suntanned and contemplative individuals, the Sulani have only one flaw, that they don't really like to get involved in the affairs of others. And, unlike Starfleet, they pretty much keep to that. Until they came across the Aerostar ("Wrapped in the Ribbon" [VEX]).

SULLIVAN 444 MYTHIC: Emily Sullivan's passcode to log into the Subspace Dating Service. ("Optimum Interface" [TRK])

SULLIVAN, EMILY: Emily Sullivan was posted as helm officer of the USS Secondprize straight out of Starfleet Academy. She had to adjust to the fact that the ship had a helm console instead of a conn console like most ships, but the real lack of anything exciting happening to the ship during their first two years out of spacedock gave her plenty of time to practice. During this period, she became friends with Monica Vaughn, the Secondprize's transporter chief. Vaughn thought that Ensign Sullivan was a bit too innocent and needed someone older to show her the galaxy. While she didn't start chasing every man on the ship like Vaughn did, Sullivan couldn't help feeling boredom pressing in on her. She didn't leave the ship for several months after her posting. Finally, Commander Dillon selected her to go on an away mission to Neilson IV. Upon hearing her name, the TV-obsessed Neilsonians assumed that Sullivan was related to Ed Sullivan and insisted that she put on a show. She managed to help the away team to come up with some quick acts which saved their lives. ("And Now, Right Here On Our Show..." [TRK]) Sullivan also attempted to learn from Commander Dillon which Secondprize crewmember he was thinking of asking out. She ended up trapped listening to his life story, a fate she was saved from only because Dillon had to go to the bridge. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) On the mission to Ugilious, Sullivan accompanied the away team and was captured by the Joegonots. She and Lt. Hawkins managed to rescue themselves from the Joegonot prison cell, but waited for Rydell and Dillon to come for them just so they could feel heroic. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) During the Secondprize's layover on Kilma Omega IV, Sullivan asked to accompany Commander Scott Baird on his bicycle trip into the planet's countryside. He agreed, and, after they escaped a couple of threatening thieves, they began a romance. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]) The romance almost suffered a fatal catastrophe when Sullivan, Dillon, and Jaroch were bumped 20 billion years forward into the next universe, a universe exactly like ours but where the genders were swapped. Sullivan figured out a way to get back to their own time, an act that earned her a promotion to lieutenant. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) After Baird got amnesia in an accident on the ship, Sullivan decided to try to reprogram his personality to make him more considerate and get rid of his constant use of profanity. Since her San Francisco apartment didn't have enough room for her, Baird, Beck and Webber, the group went to Beck's North Carolina beach house to try the experiment. When Baird regained his memory and realized what was happening, he escaped and pulled a vicious revenge prank on the trio. The whole mess came to a head in a huge fight between Sullivan and Baird in Rydell's ready room. The pair reconciled, but the ready room was almost destroyed. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Baird's refusal to try activities Sullivan enjoyed, such as country music, led to another fight between the couple. About the same time, Myna, masquerading as Ambassador Baradda, came on board the ship and was immediately attracted to Sullivan. He sent Baird off the ship and proceeded to woo Sullivan. He eventually tried to kill her when he thought she had discovered his true identity. Hawkins and Dillon stopped him in time, and Sullivan was able to club Myna into unconscious. After all this, the relationship between Baird and Sullivan was officially over, though. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK]) While he and Dillon went to the surface of 20th century Earth to protect the 20th century Alex Rydell, Sullivan was left in command of the Secondprize. She was forced to fight the stolen USS Defiant, all the while listening to verbal jabs from Scott Baird. Once the Defiant had been disabled thanks to Jaroch's arrival in a runabout, Sullivan confronted Baird in Rydell's ready room. The argument ended in sex and a wedding. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) By Stardate 52014, Sullivan had been promoted to lieutenant commander. Over the next ten years, she gradually moved through the ranks to captain and was given her own command, the USS Invincible. By the time of the Forever incident, Sullivan and Baird lived at the Deneria Dry Dock facility with their dog, Compromise. Sullivan had wanted kids; Baird didn't, so they compromised with Compromise. Admiral Beck would not allow Baird to tell Sullivan that he had to go back to Forever, so she was unaware of the situation until Trinian arrived and filled her in. Sullivan and Trinian took the Invincible to Forever and arrived in time to prevent the Secondprize from being destroyed by the Mitgogae. The ensuing firefight resulted in all three ships being disabled, so Sullivan and Trinian took a raceabout to get Beck and Carr of the Secondprize. Then, all four of them boarded the Mitgogae to stop Morticent and rescue Craig Porter. After the Forever incident, Sullivan learned that Baird had purchased a house for them in the mountains of Altair Four. Sullivan loved the idea. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

SULLIVAN, EMILY (20th Century Version): Emily was Monica Vaughn's roommate at Old Dominion University. She was dating the 20th century Scott Baird, a very dapper fellow who was away for a semester abroad. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])

SUNSHINE OF BORG: Name given to Hawkins when she was assimilated by the Borg group under the control of the Security Entity. The Entity then ordered Sunshine to jump off of a giant, mock burning building at the Borg circus so she would fall to her death. ("Fear Has A Red Nose" [TRK])

SUSQUEHANNA, USS: A runabout serving aboard the USS Explorer, named after a river in the United States' mid-atlantic region. The Susquehanna has been the real workhorse among the Explorer runabouts, doing survey duty ("Friendly Wagers" [VEX]), protecting the universe from the Federation of Fun ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]), and ultimately met its demise on a Kindergarten field trip ("Keep Your Friends Clos" [VEX]).

"SWEET GUTS AND GORE": Andorian musical Beck had the original cast recording of. This album finally provoked Nelson into challenging Beck to combat in the holodeck, as per Counselor Miller's orders. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY])


T'BEK'S "ODE TO GREATNESS NUMBER FOUR": Piece of Yynsian music favored by Lt. Cmdr. Jaroch.

TAGEL, COMMANDER AXIK: Bajoran woman who serves as chief of operations on board the starship Banshee. ("Resistance is Futile, Part One" [BAN]). After being blown up in combat with the Voran warship Triaxis, Axik was returned to her life with the rest of the Banshee's crew. The shock of dying sent her into sort of a Carpe Diem mode, and quickly fell into a relationship with Banshee captain Jad Vorezze. ("The Dark Fleet, Part Two" [BAN]). Axik and Jad soon had a very intense relationship going, often running romantic holodeck simulations, as well as extreme ones. ("Shatterframe" [BAN]). When the crew became stranded on Fornax III, Axik made it a point to look after Jad after he was injured falling of a cliff and slamming into the runabout Indus. Jad then in turn had to look after Axik when she was bitten by Commander Ben Rachow, who had turned into a vampire due to abnormal radiation coming from the planet. ("Until Dawn" [BAN]). In early 2376 was impregnated by Captain Vorezze. ["Collective" [BAN]). Axik was thrown in the brig when the Deimos took control of the Banshee. During her time with Jad in the brig, the two made "the most of their time" before being freed by Dr. Lang's hamster, Zeke. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part Three: Death of Hope" [BAN]). After a severe malfunction of the environmental systems that caused the temperature of the Banshee to jump exponentially, Axik's hormonal level became severely affected. She first became ill, then went on a murderous rampage against the ship's crew. She returned to normal after the ship's temperature was returned to normal. ("Nine Months Too Long" [BAN]). When Q tried to teach Vorezze the responsibilities of parenthood, Axik was reduced to a toddler. She was instrumental, however, in helping Vorezze solve a systems failure problem. ("Q-Tips" [BAN]). Axik went on vacation with the Banshee's crew hiking in the Tanada System, Axik was assaulted by a giant cream cheese croissant while loading the runabout Tiber to flee the planet after the crew was assaulted by a pack of killer donuts. She was freed by Commander Dan Smith, who pulled her from her creamy prison after finding her missing. ("The Ecair Witch Project" [BAN]).

TAPIOCA: An acceptable substitute for slime, mud, muck, or lava, when one is performing the Andorian rite of Jemlatti'Kari ("All in a Day's Work" [VEX]).

TALIRAN SYSTEM: Star system where the USS Banshee was scheduled to make a stop to investigate the reports of an outbreak of Klingon Cooties among the female population of an elementary school there. The Banshee was unable to make the stop, but the reports were evidently false, anyway. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

TALKING FLOWER: Another resident of the moon of Kynax. Claire Webber was able to enlist the flower's help in aiding Jonil by appealing to its lascivious side. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK])

TANTALUS V: Federation mental health facility favored by nutbars everywhere. Both Zero and Rebecca Singer were sent to Tantalus V after going bonkers. Dr. Aldridge went to Tantalus V to visit Rebecca Singer in order to get a better idea of what she could expect from the Secondprize crew. Singer tried to kill her. ("Previous Occupant" [TRK]) Later, Singer, Zero, and Gruver escaped Tantalus V in order to capture Alexander Rydell and kill Beth Aldridge. All three escapees were recaptured and returned to the facility. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) A version of Irma also spent several years at Tantalus V. ("The Best Times We Never Had" [VEX]) Many years later, Travis Dillon was sent to Tantalus V. He spent two years there before recovering from his psychosis. Jaroch commented that people the Secondprize sent to Tantalus V seemed to return for revenge with an alarming frequency. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK]) When Founder and Chairman of the Society for the Pursuit of Truth, Kolem Arigo, went insane after he failed to achieve his lifelong goal of exposing Section 31, he was shipped off to Tantalus V. ("The Truth Is Out There, Part Two" [BAN]).

TEKNAV: Aid to Warlord Sorinak who works in the Great Temple. ("Cupid's Arrow [BAN])

TELSA TECPA J'MER: One of Jaroch's past lives. He was a great tailor on Yyns. Jaroch accessed this past life on Mandicor to design costumes for the Star Fleet super hero force. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

TELVIN: Former Ship's Counselor of the USS Capistrano, the portly Vulcan Telvin was forced to bail off the ship and out of Starfleet when a stray Flarn ship attacked ("Confrontations" [VEX]). He was so rattled he left Starfleet and doubled in weight, going on to become a motivational speaker ("Image is Everything" [VEX]). Telvin later went on to open his own counseling business on Earth, with Counselor Peterman's help ("The Morning After" [VEX]). Reluctantly, Commodore Velara, then-director of the Explorer Project, admitted to Captain Baxter that Telvin was her brother, as, apparently, was Sesil. They make an attractive family. Telvin returned to Starfleet in 2377 when Captain Conway brought him aboard the USS Aerostar-A as Ship's Counselor ("The Best Times We Never Had" [VEX]).

TEMPLE OF MI CLANE: The Temple, located in the Yyns capital city of Cageria, is the home to the priests and priestesses responsible for the welfare of the past lives of Yynsians. The Temple itself consists of two giant spires, one ivory and one onyz, stretching over two hundred stories into the air. The spires, which represent existence stretching into infinity, are held up by a structural integrity field and anti-gravity generators. They also get great holovision reception. Jaroch's sister P'Tal is a priestess at the Temple of Mi Claine, and she assisted Jaroch with his Seratch when he returned there with Dr. Aldridge and Counselor Webber. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

TEOL SIX: Location of some particularly lovely kelcite caves. In an attempt to appear nonchalant about being captured, Porter noted that the Mitgogae was most definitely not the kelcite caves of Teol Six. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

"TERMINATOR": James Cameron film loved by both Dillon and Captain Donask of the Klingon Empire. Donask was not aware that the rerelease of 2002 was not the original version of the film. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

TERMINIX: Flagship of Romulan Tal Shiar operative T'Phil; befallen by unfortunate circumstances in the Crebius Cluster during an attempt to return to the Alpha Quadrant ("Process of Elimination, Part III" [VEX])

TERRIS, JAMES: A lieutenant assigned to Starbase 219. He supervised the construction of the original Waystation and the Secondprize refit. Unfortunately, he was also a Romulan spy. After Rydell and Beck discovered this, Terris attempted to kill them by sending them to the surface of Nu Epsilon Twelve. Baird and Dr. Aldridge were able to rescue Rydell and Beck after beating the hell out of Terris, an activity both of them enjoyed immensely. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

TERRYFORMER JR.: Miniature terraforming units Bradley Dillon had in stock in Dillon's Supply Depot. Dillon used several of them to wreak havoc on board the Ferengi ship that kidnapped him. ("Dividends" [WAY])

TERSU: In the Seratch ceremony, the person assigned to the role of Tersu provides comfort and stability to the person experiencing the Seratch. Jaroch asked Webber to serve as his Tersu during his Seratch. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

THEROCARBONITE: Explosive used by the Hinaree to destroy symbiont laboratory on Bracktia Prime. Therocarbonite is capable of completely obliterating both organic and inorganic matter. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

THIRD COSMOS BANK OF ALPHA CENTAURI: Bradley Dillon's bank. He needed their help to trick Gribnob into leaving him alone. ("Dividends" [WAY])

TILLERAN, ARIEL: Most Betazoids train for years to focus their telepathic abilities so they can become useful parts of society and help people. Ariel Tilleran grew up learning how to use it to snoop on people. Tilleran grew up on Betazed, with a uniquely high "psi" rating. She kept humble about her fantastic abilities, but continued to use them to snoop. That snoopiness, and its effect on all her friends on Betazed, naturally led her to Starfleet, specifically, the science division, where her duties categorically included "snooping." She had early on decided to stay out of the Counseling field. Tilleran worked as a junior grade science officer on small cargo vessels, some science ships and starbases, until she recieved a promotion to Chief of Sciences and was transferred to the USS Aerostar. There, she worked mainly in the science department belowdecks until Dan Elton became possessed with godlike powers and tried to take over the ship, during which time she met some of the other senior staff and decided to sit up at the science station on the bridge ("Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things" [VEX]). Later that year, Tilleran was one of few crewmembers unaffected by an evil-infused cloud, and thus had to help save the ship ("Clouded Judgment" [VEX]). In 2375, Tilleran had to rescue a planet, and her away team, from brain eating zombies, and a virus that turns others into brain eating zombies ("If I Only Had a Brain" [VEX]); in the final analysis, it was her telepathic skills that won out. In 2376, Tilleran was visited, surprisingly, by her long-time idol Lwaxana Troi. Troi, her daughter, Deanna, and Lt. Commander Data, had been flung far off-course by a subspace string, along with the Explorer. Tilleran immediately spent extra time with Lwaxana, smothering her like only a mother could, mistakenly picking up on all of the abundant motherly energy rippling off Lwaxana. After Tilleran, with Peterman's help, cat-fought with Deanna, she was able to stabilize hers and Lwaxana's minds and straighten things out, at which point no one involved wanted to be involved with anyone else ("Generation Gap, Parts One and Two" [VEX]). After the Explorer was temporarily de-commissioned and relieved of its senior staff, Tilleran joined J'hana for a vacation on Earth. During that time, the two became psychicly bonded, Imzadi for lack of a better term. This led to an intimate and confusing relationship between the two that baffled most Explorer crew. When they returned to the ship, they continued this relationship until their "dirty laundry" was aired on Alvin Ficker's talk show ("Talk is Cheap" [VEX]).

TILLIS, FRANKLIN, AND CAVEZ: The law firm representing Lucas Mauser. Suzanne Cavaz from this firm brought Bradley Dillon the news that he was now incredibly rich. ("Dividends" [WAY])

TIRIXA: Capital city of the planet Voran and location of the Great Temple. ("The Dark Fleet, Part I" [BAN]).

TITANIC, RMS: Famous ill-fated cruise ship of the early 20th century. Bradley Dillon was fascinated by the ship and took Leximas into a holodeck representation of it. Karyna later transported Bradley and Leximas to the real Titanic in an attempt to kill them. Just to make things more interesting, she placed a Grecin, a practically indestructible alien assassin, on board. Bradley and Leximas both survived the sinking of the ship. The Grecin, however, did not. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY])

T'MAK: Younger brother of J'Ter. Unhappy that J'Ter was destined to inherit the throne of the Cagelands, T'Mak raised an army against his brother. J'Ter's forces quickly defeated those of T'Mak, and T'Mak himself was killed in single combat with J'Ter. Millennia later, T'Mak's personality took control of its host, Truk, and went to the Temple of Mi Clane to kills Jaroch. Jaroch, under the control of J'Ter, beat the living hell out of T'Mak/Truk, who was then taken to the Past Life Sorting Center. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

TOM: Dr. Damien Kyle's research assistant and a member of the archaeological team the Explorer picked up on Bournas Six. ("Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK, VEX])

TRANSFERENCE RAY: Device built by Dr. Robert Tulson under the influence of the Joegonots. The Transference Ray was designed to alter the DNA of any humanoid it hit into that of a Joegonot. Lt. Cmdr. Jaroch of the USS Secondprize modified the device to turn Joegonots into humans. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) Soon after its use on the Joegonot homeworld, the Transference Ray was destroyed in an accident in the Secondprize engine room. Unsatisfied with this explanation, Zero kidnapped Captain Rydell to force him to reveal how the device operated. Rydell had no idea. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) In a parallel timeline created when Captain Rydell accidentally erased his own existence, the Transference Ray was used by Counselor Claire Webber to create the Federation of Fun. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])

TRAVELER, THE: Entity responsible for training Wesley Crusher in the art of manipulating time and space. When one of Wesley's attempts accidentally caused Dillon's runabout to vanish, The Traveler didn't offer any help. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

TRAXIS: Station Traxis was built by an ancient, not extinct, race. Discovered by Traxis following his species assimilation by the Borg, the general configuration is a cylinder 9 kilometers long by 2 kilometers in diameter. Ship docking is either by internal cradles or external spines. The builder race also possessed technology which allowed fine control of the corona of the system's star; Traxis found the weapon to be functional after claiming the freeport. As Traxis' death from old age finally approached, he transferred his mind into the station computer using illegal technologies. He continues to run his station as his personal domain, frying any ship which dares to flaunt his freeport rules ("A Borg of a Different Color" [BRG]).

TRIAXIS: Morixa Class Voran warship. It and it's sistership, the Sivax, served as twin flagships of the Voran Imperium. The Triaxis was destroyed in battle with a fleet of Federation starships when it was hit by several prototype Cataclysm Torpedoes. Another one was later constructed. ["The Dark Fleet", "Dark Horizon" [BAN]) The Triaxis and the Traxis should not be confused, although they sound similar.

TRINIAN: Trinian is a Seatellan, an exceptionally long-lived species along the same lines as the El-Aurians. In her youth, Trinian spent several years on Earth masquerading as Trina Smith, a student at Old Dominion University. There she met and fell in love with that century's Alexander Rydell. After graduation, the two married and had two kids, a girl and a boy. Soon after the birth of their second child, Trina disappeared without a trace. She never told Alex about her real identity. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK], "The Way We Were" [WAY]) Like most Seatellans, Trinian joined Guardian Control when she was older. For eons, the Seatellans had worked side-by-side with the Guardians of Forever to protect time and space throughout the universe. She was eventually assigned to join the crew of the USS Secondprize and keep an eye on Captain Alexander Rydell, who was actually her own great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson...give or take a great or two. Another Seatellan, Morticent, opposed this posting due to Trinian's connection to Rydell, but Guardian Control felt this connection would give her further impetus to make sure he didn't come to any harm. Guardian Control was concerned about Rydell since their research had shown that sometime in the future he would very likely cause the destruction of the universe. Trinian easily got a job running the Secondprize's lounge, Seven Backward. No one else even applied. She didn't particularly enjoy listening to the ramblings of the Secondprize crew, but she found herself becoming more involved with them than she thought she would. Conversely, the crew came to appreciate her acerbic style of bartending. She went so far as to retake the ship single-handedly when Rebecca Singer became convinced she was James T. Kirk and attempted to steal the Secondprize from Spacedock. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) After Rydell swapped bodies with the 20th century Alex Rydell, Trinian revealed her relationship to him. Her knowledge of that time period also helped Rydell pin down when Singer would arrive in the 20th century in her insane attempt to capture 20th century Alex. ("Sensitivity 101," "Star Traks 6" [TRK]) Throughout all of this, she also offered relationship advice to Hawkins, career advice to Beck, and insults to whoever annoyed her. After over four years straight of being on the ship, Trinian finally decided to take a short vacation on Betazed. Of course, that was the week Rydell found Forever and started the countdown to destroy the universe. With only ten years left to live, Trinian set out to see as many of the wonders of the universe as she could. Ten years later, Guardian Control ordered her to get to Forever and help Rydell, since there was a chance he could stop the destruction of the universe. Trinian got a ship from Bradley Dillon, made her way to Deneria Dry Dock, and convinced Captain Emily Sullivan to take her to Forever. Their ship, the Invincible, arrived in time to prevent Morticent from completely destroying the Secondprize. All three ships were eventually disabled, and Trinian boarded Morticent's ship with Beck, Carr, and Sullivan to stop Morticent. After Rydell stopped Forever, Trinian took Morticent and Guardian #492 back to face Guardian Control. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

TRINA: Human identity taken by Trinian during her time on Earth in the 20th century. She married that century's Alex Rydell and gave birth to a boy and girl before vanishing without a trace. ("Sensitivity 101," "Star Traks 6" [TRK], " The Way We Were" [WAY])

T'RIX: Father of J'Ter and T'Mak and king of the Cagelands on Yyns. He was saddened by the fact that his sons just couldn't get along. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

TRUK: Employee at Yyns Docking Control and the current holder of the life force of T'Mak, J'Ter's disgruntled younger brother. After learning that Jaroch was on Yyns, T'Mak took control of Truk and used him to attempt to kill Jaroch, thus avenging his defeat millennia earlier at the hands of J'Ter. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

TRUMAN, USS: Starship Carr was to ferry Admiral Cooper to after his visit to the Secondprize. ("Choice Blend" [TRK]) (Most of the names in this story are in some way from "Twin Peaks," one of Alan Decker's favorite shows.)

T'SAN: One of the many ships clamoring for a parking space outside Waystation. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

TULSON, DR. ROBERT: A professor at Starfleet Academy and inventor of the Transference Ray. One of his students was Alexander Rydell. Tulson was kidnapped by the Joegonots, prompting the Secondprize to mount a rescue attempt. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) Soon after his rescue, Tulson was called before the Federation Council to explain the destruction of the Transference Ray in a mishap in the Secondprize engine room. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

TUMSERSA: Planet involved in a war with the neighboring world of Alkaxis Prime. The Tumsersan leader died at a diiner on Alkaxis Prime. The official cause was severe indigestion, but the Tumsersans decided to declare war anyway. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

TUMSERSANS: Inhabitants of Tumsersa. After their leader died at a dinner on Alkaxis Prime, the Tumsersans went to war. The USS Secondprize was able to help negotiate an end to that conflict. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])

TUTTLE: One of the first four Federation Marines to resign in order to follow Leximas. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY])

T'WER: Acolyte of the Temple of Mi Clane. He and his colleague, P'Guk, picked Jaroch, Aldridge and Webber up at the Cageria docking facility and, after placing Jaroch in stasis, took Aldridge and Webber to lunch. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

TWILIGHT ZONE, THE: Primary crew lounge on board the USS Banshee. Originally referred to simply as "The Lounge," the name was chosen to reflect both the atmosphere of perpetual twilight as well as the patrons who attend it. The bar of The Twilight Zone is tended by Peter Stefanski and the head waiter is a Vulcan named Siruk. The Twilight Zone also offers fine dining options, including booths lining the walls. ("Travelers" [BAN]). When Peter took a vacation to Mordor in 2376, Siruk was left in charge of the bar. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread, Part One" [BAN]). The Twilight Zone was selected well into Star Traks: Banshee's first season because the author felt a name was appropriate. The Twilight Zone is a different room than the reception hall seen in Star Trek: Insurrection, and is also different from the Ten Forward lounge. The group sketch of the crew on the Banshee website has them sitting across two tables in The Twilight Zone.

"TWIN PLANETS": Travis Dillon's favorite holovision show. He tried to use it as an excuse to leave the bridge during a Joegonot attack. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

TWINKIES: Delectable foodstuff that is golden sponge-cake filled with whipped cream. Dr. Janice Browning, while serving aboard the USS Aerostar, once brought Twinkies along in place of a medical kit. ("Birds of a Feather" [VEX]). She also ate them while en route to Playstation. ("Words Apart" [VEX]). In 2376, Dr. Elizabeth Lang, on board the USS Banshee created a Twinkie so delicious that it would cause the head of whoever ate it to explode from the taste overload. For safety reasons she kept it in a containment tank so that it wasn't accidentally consumed. Shortly thereafter, it wound up in The Twilight Zone during lunchtime and reportedly created a rather big mess. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

279 OF 300: Borg crewmember on Borg Cube #347. 279 of 300 had a certain obsession with fire that caused Captain great concern. Captain was attempting to deal with 279 of 300 when he was drawn into The Reject's Table. The drone's behavior remained on Captain's mind for the majority of his visit. ("Prologue" [REJ], "Captain's Tale" [REJ]).


UGILIOUS: Home planet of the Joegonots. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

UHYDEL: Rydell's assistant manager at The Suburb Cottages and Spa. Uhydel monitored the resort from the control center in the Green Dome. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

ULK: Ulk is a Xenig, a type of mech. He and his chassis are one, similar to a mind being an integral part of a body. However, the personality can switch to a new chassis "body" if one is available. Ulk's current chassis looks like a pencil with an oversized eraser. Ulk's desire for a gross of yellow rubber ducks prompts him to hang around and watch the action between Cube #347, Second Federation, and Hive. He eventually gets his rubber ducks ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]).

ULSTER, HEDAN: The mayor of the city of Felsten. He provided Rydell and crew a place to stay when they were stranded on Mandicor. Mayor Ulster was powerless to stop the attacks of Logash's thugs against his town. ("Star Traks 4" [TRK])

UNLOGI: The drug which maintains the symbiosis between Dr. Nelson and Midon. Russell tried to confiscate Nelson's supply shortly after her arrival on Waystation. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Nelson's parents, believing that she had become a drug addict, hid her unlogi, causing her to collapse at their anniversary dinner. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY])

USED SPACESHIP ALLEY: Used spacecraft dealership on Alpha Centauri owned by Bradley Dillon before coming to Waystation. He was forced to close up shop after a problem with a disgruntled customer. ("Star Traks 4," "Star Traks 5" [TRK])

USTLER, LAUREN: Private in the Federation Marines on Waystation. She delivered her resignation to Lazlo in person after deciding to follow Leximas. Sergeant Kyle felt she was very nice. ("This is Only a Test" [WAY])

UURRP: Capital city of the Obnoxious Belchers of Kilma Omega IV. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK]).


VADAX PRIME: Colony visited by the USS Secondprize shortly after Rydell was taken hostage by a would-be-chef. ("Hostage Crisis" [TRK]) Dillon was recruited to be the spokesman for Starfleet Red cologne while at the colony. ("Starfleet Red" [TRK])

VALLA: Extremely attractive native of the Delta Quadrant world of Beldana.. Although most Beldanans had no attraction or need for males, Valla certainly did, especially for a certain male captain of a certain Starfleet ship trapped in the Delta Quadrant ("Diplomatic Relations" [VEX]).

VARBARA II: Planet whose entire population apparently disappeared ("Quandary" [VEX])

VAUGHN, MICHAEL: Male version of Monica Vaughn from the universe immediately following ours. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK])

VAUGHN, MONICA: Lieutenant Vaughn was first assigned to the USS Secondprize as the ship's transporter chief. She also quickly gained a reputation as being something of a seductress. Most of the desirable single men on the ship fell under her spell at one time or another. She and Emily Sullivan were close friends and somewhat competitive at times. Both women tried, unsuccessfully, to learn the identity of the Secondprize crewwoman Dillon had formed a romantic interest in. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) The primary object of Vaughn's lust was Captain Rydell. Despite their flirtatious exchanges, Rydell continually avoided her advances. ("Star Traks 1," "Of Gods and First Officers" [TRK]) Vaughn was instrumental in helping Hawkins locate Captain Rydell after he'd been transported off of the ship by Zero. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) She also played a vital part in Scott Baird's revenge scheme after he learned that Sullivan, Beck, and Webber had tried to reprogram his brain. Vaughn pretended to be Gretchen Koppra, a terrorist, and she took great pleasure in humiliating Sullivan, Beck, and Webber before revealing her true identity. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Vaughn's skill at the transporter also saved the lives of Jaroch and Dillon after a transporter malfunction sent the duo hurtling through time and space. ("Beaming There" [TRK]) Several years later, after Scott Baird accepted the position of Supervising Refit and Repair Officer at the Deneria Dry Dock, Vaughn, now a commander, was promoted to chief engineer of the Secondprize. She also married a Nuphelian, a species known for their males' get the idea. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK])

VAUGHN, MONICA (20th Century Version): Student at Old Dominion University who was attempting to seduce the 20th century Alexander Rydell when he exchanged minds with Captain Rydell. Monica was roommates with the 20th century Emily Sullivan. ("Sensitivity 101" [TRK])

VELARA: In 2376, Commander Velara was in charge of Starfleet Inventory's field division, commanding the Inventory flagship Greenspan. That ship, however, was unfortunately eradicated by the Borg ("You Will be Inventoried" [VEX]). Velara went on to command the Greenspan-A, a significantly smaller vessel. That ship, too, was blown apart, this time by the Starshine Kids ("If They Could See Me Now" [VEX]). Deciding not to risk giving Velara another vessel, Starfleet made her Commodore and director of the Explorer project, where she served with consternation until late in Stardate 2377 when she decided she'd had enough and turned the reigns over to Admiral Harlan Baxter, fresh off a brief but disastrous retirement ("This Item Earth" [VEX]).

VELOUR, USS: Oberth-class ship that transported Judge Judy to Waystation to handle Bradley Dillon's lawsuit against Starfleet. ("While You Were Out" [WAY])

VENDREGAD: Flarn warship carrying humanoid refugees. Attacked by the Borg in late 2374 ("Process of Elimination, Part I" [VEX]), and crashed, after interference by Starshine cult leader Sesil, on the Alpha Quadrant world of Xavier ("The Honeymoon's Over" [VEX]).

VEROLAS ASTEROID BELT: Asteroid belt located near The Suburb. Zero kept an emergency ship, the Centrum, here in case he ever needed to leave The Suburb in a hurry. Zero, Singer, and Gruver took the Lokaloc to the Verolas Asteroid Belt to retrieve the Centrum and ditch their stolen ship. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

VICTORIA'S: A British-style pub located in Starfleet Square Mall. Porter asked Nelson to have dinner with him there. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Porter took Jaraan there for their date as well. ("Relationship Jitters" [WAY]) While eating in Victoria's with Bradley Dillon, Leximas first sensed the presence of the Critics and their hold over Russell. ("Lip Service" [WAY])

VINNZ: First officer of the Andorian Freighter Hvark. He was not at all comfortable with Captain Zzzk'Varrnix's tactics, which involved attacking other ships and crashing into Waystation all in the name of delivering fresh spleen pie. Vinnz was more than willing to hand his captain over to Russell for arrest. Vinnz was later the captain of the Hvark II, which, unbeknownst to him, transported a group of Starshine Kids onto the renovated Waystation. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

VIRGO, USS: Oberth Class Federation registry number NCC-4563. The Virgo was used as a freighter by 2374 when it was destroyed (presumably) by the Vorans just after it sent a distress call. ("The Dark Fleet, Part I" [BAN]).

VOIDMIESTER: Voidmeister appears as an octagonal shaft, one end flat and the other tapering to a sharp nose. It has stubby wings which act as foci for the shielding system. Two double rows of strip nacelles are located on the dorsal and ventral surfaces. Most recently Voidmeister was part of a clan convoy which was taken and crews subverted during a ruse by Luplup to gain space-faring technologies. The ship was later outfitted as a trap and sent to find Cube #347 so that Luplup might take revenge on the "Bad-Mans". Voidmister was eventually destroyed by Cube #347 ( "Dog Days of Summer" [BRG])

VONK: Vulcan ejected from the Andorian restaurant in order to make room for Beck. He and his colleague, Sputnik, then visited Dillon's Supply Depot where they ended up in a spat with some Nausicaans. Vonk accidentally rammed his plomeek soup on a stick into one of the Nausicaans, who then threw him across the store. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

VOOLEZ: President of Bytellus III and one of the many victims of the stupidity virus. ("A Serious Case of the Stupids" [TRK])

VORAN: Planet located deep in the Beta Quadrant. 1000 years ago, the planet was settled by a faction of Species 8472 who later called themselves Vorans and named their homeworld after them. ("The Lesser of Two Evils" [BAN]). Voran is surrounded by a network of space stations that forms a visible glowing grid in the night sky. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN]). The capital city of Voran is Tirixa. ("The Dark Fleet, Part I" [BAN]).

VORAN IMPERIUM: Large and at times excessively powerful government occupying a large portion of the Beta and part of the Delta Quadrant. ("The Dark Fleet, Part I" [BAN]). The Voran Imperium was founded in the 1370's by a faction of Species 8472 who wished to leave Fluidic Space and explore the galaxy. Much of the Voran Imperium's hostility to non-Voran peoples stems from the poor treatment they received by others during their initial exploration based solely on physical appearance, much like the Founders of the Dominion. ("The Lesser of Two Evils" [BAN]). In 2374, the Voran Imperium, under the rule of Warlord Sorinak, began a conflict with the Federation and many other Alpha Quadrant powers, including the Klingons and the Cardassians. This prompted Section 31 to attempt to make first contact with them, but the experience proved to be less than successful when the Vorans declared an all out war on the Federation. Aided by a Federation/Klingon task force, Section 31 flagship, the USS Banshee went to Voran and destroyed their spacedocks and the Deomis, prototype for an ultra powerful warship. This brought the war to a stalemate. ("The Dark Fleet" [BAN]). By late 2375, the Vorans sought a way to destroy the Federation, so they went back to Species 8472 for help. Under the guise of enemies, the two lured the Federation into a conflict by trying to ask for help. ("The Lesser of Two Evils" [BAN]). When the plot was exposed, the Banshee went to fetch the resident expert on Vorans, Seven of Nine. With her help, the Federation sealed off Species 8472 from the Vorans, thus cutting off major support for them. ("Dark Horizon" [BAN]) The Vorans were first seen in "The Dark Fleet" trilogy. Oddly enough, Star Trek: Insurrection mentions a Goran system. Aside from sounding like Vorans, Gorans are also rock people from "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," although the name Voran was thought up of before both.

VORANS: Spindly barely humanoid aliens. Identified by the Borg as Species 8472, Vorans are a faction that left fluidic space to explore the galaxy. They settled on the planet Voran in the Beta Quadrant. Years of mocking and torment led made them bitter and caused them to create a powerful, ruthless Imperium that spread terror throughout the galaxy. ("The Dark Fleet, The Lesser of Two Evils" [BAN]). Vorans are nonetheless capable of considerable affection towards outsiders. One example is Warlord Sorinak, who fell in love with Starship Banshee head scientist Dr. Elizabeth Lang over a subspace chat service. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN]). Other Vorans believe that they should not continue to torment others and that they should no longer seek the conquest of the galaxy. One such person is Captain Jevon of the warship Sivax, who destroyed his ship and himself with it to stop the Vorans from taking over the Federation. ("Dark Horizon" [BAN]). Vorans are carnivorous and feast mainly of insects. A delicacy of theirs is Flarn, cooked a number of different ways. Flarn are a ruthless Delta Quadrant species who ironically eat Humans. ("The Dark Fleet Part II" [BAN], "The Road to Nowhere, Part II" [VEX]).

VOREZZE, CAPTAIN JAD: Betazoid captain of the USS Banshee. Born in 2347 on Betazed, Jad had been blind since birth. Thanks to a revolutionary method of optical surgery that can only be performed at infancy, though, he was able to see normally, though he had to wear glasses. ("Travelers" [BAN]). At an early age, Captain Vorezze honed his mental powers by going to telepathy college. At the time, he was considered a nerd, especially by fellow classmate Ariel Tilleran, but even Tilleran admits that Vorezze has come a long way. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One" [VEX]). Vorezze proved to be promising throughout his days at Starfleet Academy and the impression he left on his superiors led to him being positioned on the Enterprise-D as an ensign. It as during that time that he developed a great respect and admiration for Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He keeps a photograph of himself posing next to him in his ready room to this day. ("Upstarts" [BAN]). Command was forced onto the captain very early in his career. At the age of 26, he was the first officer of the USS Rameses. When the Rameses crashed in late 2373, killing Captain Kate Copeland, Vorezze was left as the commanding officer. In gratitude for getting most of his crew away from danger, Starfleet promoted him to Captain and given command of the USS Banshee. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]). As a Betazoid, Vorezze found himself to have extreme mental prowess, even occasionally having the ability to control one's mind and actions. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). Though he had these powers, he often tunes them out to stop himself from listening in on some discomforting thoughts the crew has. ("Shatterframe" [BAN]). Captain Vorezze was killed in 2374 in combat with the Voran warship Triaxis. He and the rest of the command crew were brought back to life when the afterlife rejected them from admission. ("The Dark Fleet, Part II" [BAN]). Immediately afterwards, he began to have a romantic relationship with Commander Tagel Axik. ("The Dark Fleet, Part III [BAN]). During the Banshee's month long repair project, Vorezze piloted a fighter to the location of the Banshee's derelict bridge module to recover various mementos that were important to him, including his high school and Starfleet Academy yearbooks and a picture of him taken with Captain Picard. ("Upstarts" [BAN]). On stardate 52499, Vorezze was mortally wounded by a rather unpleasant alien creature that got loose on the Banshee. He was later rescued by a search party from the Explorer consisting of Conway and J'Hana and healed by the EMH. ("Things That Go Bump in the Night" [BAN]) The rivalry between Vorezze and Vorta administrator Hanock grew over the course of two years. In late 2375, Vorezze was almost killed when a computer virus designed by Hanock sent an army of hockey mask clad chainsaw warriors after Vorezze and Axik during a holodeck skydiving expedition. ("Shatterframe" [BAN]). In early 2376, Vorezze was shocked but very happy to learn that Axik was pregnant with his child (he presumes). They eventually decide to name it Enim, the Betazoid word for miracle. ("Collective" [BAN]). Vorezze's life was again dramatically changed after the Deimos took over the Banshee. During the siege, Vorezze was shot in the head and the shock reactivated his optical nerves, enabling him to see without glasses. ("Where Angels Fear to Tread Part Three: Death of Hope" [BAN]). In order to save Commander Ashley Donovan from the hands of the Society of the Pursuit of Truth, Vorezze had to allow himself and two others to be captured by the SPT. ("The Truth is Out There" [BAN]). Vorezze again had to come to the aid of Commander Ashley Donovan when she was "assimilated" by the Starshine Kids. Unable to save her alone, he went to the USS Explorer, not only because they had the most experience with the Starshine Kids but because the captain of the Explorer, Andy Baxter, was extremely close to Donovan. His handling of the Starshine crisis led to Section 31 to have more faith in his command abilities. ("Shine On You Crazy Cult" [VEX]).

VOREZZE, JAD (MIRROR): Mirror universe prisoner of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and boytoy-on-a-leash to Charlotte Burns (mirror). The mirror Jad was taken to our universe by Charlotte (mirror) when she attempted to commandeer the USS Banshee and replace their real universe counterparts. Tired of living his life on a leash and being beaten by the mirror Charlotte's whip, Jad used the overheard authorization codes of his real universe counterparts to trap the mirror rebels. He and the other rebels were transported back to the mirror universe. ("Two of a Kind" [BAN]).

VULCAN JAZZ BAND: The main entertainment at the Waystation Christmas party. ("Alone on Christmas" [TRK])

VULCAN SCIENCE ACADEMY JOURNAL: Publication which raved about Dr. Richard Dillon's much as Vulcans rave about anything anyway. ("Cruising for Trouble" [TRK])


WAGNER, DEBBIE: Sister of Admiral Thomas Wagner and creator of the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. Debbie's gardens were shut down after the residents of the garden attempted to kill Dillon, Hawkins, and Jaroch. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK])

WAGNER, THOMAS: Starfleet admiral assigned the unenviable task of dealing with the Secondprize. He ordered the Secondprize to rescue Dr. Robert Tulson from the Joegonots and later served on the inquest panel investigating Rydell's actions during that mission. ("Star Traks 1," "Star Traks 3" [TRK]) After the incident with the Klingons on Gulax Four, Wagner was sent to the Klingon homeworld to deliver a gentle reminder about what an alliance means. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) After his return from Quonos, Wagner headed up the Waystation project, which quickly install a Federation presence near Mutlek space after an unsuccessful first contact was made with that species by the Secondprize. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) Admiral Wagner also attended the opening of the renovated Waystation where he, along with Commander Lisa Beck and two other Federation officials, were taken hostage by the Starshine Kids. ("Critical Mass," "Lip Lock" [WAY])

"WAKE UP WITH KELLY": A talk show begun by Counselor Peterman to combat the so-called filth of Mirk's talk show, which met with limited positive audience response ("Alternative Programming" [VEX]).

WALKER, ADMIRAL RAYMOND: Perhaps the most feared admiral in Starfleet. Towering at 6'5" and 350 pounds, Walker can bring even Captain Picard to his knees with fear. In 2376, following the death of Admiral Jared Newman, Walker assumed position as the head of Section 31. Later that year, he had to testify before the Federation Council when crewmembers of the USS Banshee were sighted and various crewmembers captured by members of the Society for the Pursuit of Truth. Walker denied any links to Section 31 and refused to help the Banshee crew. When the SPT was disbanded shortly thereafter when chairman Arigo Kolem was sent off to Tantalus V, Walker gave Captain Vorezze, Captain Velorn and Commander Burns medals for their work in preserving Section 31's secrecy. ("The Truth Is Out There" [BAN]).

WARPIN' 3.1: A computer program designed to automatically make time warp calculations for slingshot maneuvers, etc. in the event that the science officer is incapacitated. Carr used the program to calculate the trajectory needed to follow the Defiant back in time to the 20th century. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

WASHITA, USS: Named after a river in the western U.S., the Washita was assigned to the USS Aerostar. The Washita's life was short-lived. She was used for Ensign Fresca's piloting lessons in early 2374 ("Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things" [VEX]), then a few months later was blown to pieces by a Federation starship under Maloxian control, with Hartley, Mirk, and Ford aboard ("The Salad of Vengeance, Part Two" [VEX]).

WASHMAN, DR. KEVIN: A psychiatrist at the Tantalus V facility. He introduced Dr. Aldridge to Rebecca Singer and served as her therapist for a time. ("Previous Occupant" [TRK])

WATSON, MARY: One of Waystation's security officers. Ensign Watson was arrested by Compucop for purchasing a Romulan necklace from Bradley Dillon. ("House Arrest" [WAY])

WAYSTATION: The decision to establish Waystation was made after the USS Secondprize encountered the Multeks on Stardate 50218. Starfleet quickly wanted to establish a presence near the Multek Enclave to serve as a stopover point for ships heading into the unexplored reaches of the Beta Quadrant and to protect any colonies that were established in that sector. The first Waystation was quickly constructed at Starbase 219 and consisted of two Constitution Refit class saucer sections joined by a connecting tube. The new station, under the command of Commander Lisa Beck, was towed into position by the Secondprize and officially opened for business on Stardate 50241. Very soon thereafter, the station found itself embroiled in a battle with both the Multeks and the Romulans. The station suffered minor damage, but the research Starfleet's engineers had done on Multek weaponry had made Waystation's shields and weapons much more effective against the Multeks. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK]) For the most part, life on the station was quiet for the next several months with the only real excitement being Russell's invention of Compucop, the arrival of the station's battalion of Federation Marines, and the kidnapping of Yeoman Jones by the Happy Universe. ("House Arrest," "Send the Marines," "Close to Home" [WAY]) The quiet ended with the arrival of Karyna, a member of Waystation's resident guru, Leximas', species who had been given the power of the Q. With Morales off the station and Beck and Russell taken by Karyna, Colonel Lazlo of the Federation Marines snatched the opportunity to take over the station, throwing Porter and Dr. Nelson in the brig. With the help of a Q, Beck was able to stop Karyna and reclaim the station. Due to severe misconduct by everyone concerned, though, all records of the incident were erased. ("That Sinking Feeling" [WAY]) Over the next several months, Waystation's popularity grew to the point that the station's two tiny saucers just couldn't handle the crowds. Ships were stacked up around the station waiting to dock while the interior was stuffed to the hull plates with people. A chain of disastrous events led to the station being sliced in half and wrecked beyond repair. ("Gridlock" [WAY]) Beck appealed to Starfleet for a new station, and a renovation project was begun. The Waystation crew was moved into Waystation Village, a connected series of cargo modules converted to house people, while the work was done. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY]) Two Ambassador class saucers, formerly from the USS Exeter and Cheever, were brought in to serve as the base of the new saucers. From here, the renovation team of the Zenedron Construction Group built outward to enlarge Waystation to 100 decks in the saucers alone plus the large engineering area in the connecting tube. The construction was not without its problems, though. The Exeter saucer had a madman running around in it, the Zenedron Construction Group went on strike briefly, and, once the renovations were complete, the Starshine Kids took over the new station. ("That's the Spirit," "While You Were Out," "Critical Mass" [WAY]) The Starshine takeover forced the Waystation crew to attack their new station and to trick the Multeks into helping them. The station was retaken and opened for business on Stardate 51991, only moments before the missing USS Aerostar emerged from the nearby Bermuda Expanse. ("Lip Lock" [WAY]) While the renovated station was open, its weapon systems were still not quite fully operation after the beating they'd taken during the Starshine Kids battle, which allowed the Flarn to get by them with very little effort. ("Confrontations" [VEX]) The former crew of the Aerostar, now assigned to the USS Explorer, visited the station several month later at which time another USS Aerostar, this one from the Happy Universe, emerged from the Bermuda Expanse. ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]) Waystation is home to the corporate offices of Dillon Enterprises and Starfleet Square Mall, the largest shopping mall in the sector.

WAYSTATION VILLAGE: A series of cargo containers set up to house the inhabitants of Waystation during the renovation of the station. The accommodations were cramped and people were forced to share modules leading to a lot of tension. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY]) The majority of the containers were used as make-shift battering rams in the attack against the renovated station which had been taken over by the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

WEATHER MODIFICATION NET: System in place on Earth and many other Federation worlds to control and stop the outbreak of severe weather and or droughts. When the Borg assimilated a few buildings in Starfleet Headquarters on Earth ("Resistance is Fultile Part Two [BAN]), the weather modification network was affected and shortly thereafter backwashed much of the bad weather it had contained onto the planet. ("Natural Disaster" [BAN]).

WEAPON, THE: Massive spiderlike robot of Dominion designed that Hanock tried unsuccessfully to use to destroy the USS Rameses. ("Tolkien III" [REJ]).

WEAPONS, 45 OF 300: Former member of Species #8319, 45 of 300 was born Micah, on Relax of the Nion system in the Beta Quadrant ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). Micah entered the priesthood of the Brotherhood of Galactic Love, rising in the ranks to be a Very Important Person ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). As the Ijexian Empire had interdicted the Nion system to stop the spread of the Brotherhood and their mind-warping Flowers, Micah volunteered himself to slip beyond the weapon platforms and search for a way to release the planet's populace ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). Micah was successful in his escape, traveling to a freeport ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). Once there, in order to evade detection from the authorities, he purposefully fractured his personality, producing Pilgrim Ghydin of a peaceful wandering religious sect ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). Pilgrim Gyndin hitchhiked around the quadrant for the next several years, unaware of his real past while the hidden Micah personality watched ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). Approximately 28 years prior to the current assignment, Gyndin's freighter was captured by Borg and himself subsequently assimilated ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). During the assimliation process, 45 of 300's personality was built through a breaking of Pilgrim Ghydin's quasi-mind and behind-the-scenes manipulation by Micah, producing a paranoid, destructive construct ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]). 45 of 300 was delivered to Cube #347 at the same time as Captain ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]). The Weapons position is supposed to be a lottery among the weapon hierarchy, but upon awakening for the first time, 45 of 300 claimed the spot and has refused to relinquish it ever since ("Captain's Tale" [REJ]; "This is Borg?" [BRG]). He does not get along well with Delta, and much to her disgust, enjoys Klingon opera ("In Space, No One Can Hear You Panic" [BRG]). His bloodthirsty attitude has led to him destroying objects unnecessarily when he isn't foiled by the current Captain or Second. For instance, he has blown up a colony ship ("This is Borg" [BRG]), accidentally "slipped" in the case of a species #8511 ship ("This is Borg" [BRG]), produced excessive damage during battle simulations ("Borg vs. Borg" [BRG]), tried to take on a Xenig mech ("The Check Is In the Mail" [BRG]), and used miscellaneous satelites as target practice ("A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" [BRG]). The lust for destruction has risen beyond the BorgCraft dataspace-only battle simulator ("Borg vs. Borg" [BRG]), turning into a holographic version installed throughout most of Cube #347 ("Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency"; "Brotherly Love"; "Me, Myself, and I" [BRG]). Weapons firmly believes the "ends justify the means" ("Borg vs. Borg"; "Brotherly Love" [BRG]) Amazingly, Weapons' quest to turn everything into small pieces of debris has not led to his personal injury. He sole serious contest for control of the weapons hierarchy was by new drone 89 of 300 ("Borg vs. Borg" [BRG]). The rivalry rose exponentially when the pair was kidnapped by Bob, a noncorporeal being from a black hole, as linear test subjects ("Borg vs. Borg" [BRG]). Weapons was returned to Cube #347 because of his unsuitable, paranoid tendencies ("Borg vs. Borg" [BRG]). Weapons has also had his body taken over by his birth personality, Micah; with help from the Pilgrim Ghydin contruct, Micah was beaten back and erased ("Brotherly Love" [BRG]).

WEBBER, CLAIRE: As the counselor assigned to the USS Secondprize, Webber was always ready with a shoulder to cry on or a bone-shattering bear hug. Webber was able to successfully open negotiations between the Kynaxins and the Oloni, and save the life of Commander Dillon, when she gained the respect of the violent Oloni by facing the feared Stuyluppo. The Stuyluppo, whose howling the Oloni feared so greatly, turned out to be an injured, space-dwelling life form who had crashed on the moon of Kynax where the Oloni lived. ("Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter" [TRK]) Webber also stepped in to help learn the identity of the unfortunate woman Dillon had taken a liking to on the Secondprize and to console her once her identity was revealed. ("Reason to Panic" [TRK]) On Stardate 49805, Counselor Webber was left in command of the Secondprize while Rydell, Dillon, and Jaroch beamed down to the Joegonot homeworld of Ugilious. She used this opportunity to make the ship "happier" by ordering bunnies painted in the corridors and instituting and hourly hug time. Webber relinquished command to Lieutenant Beck when she realized that the approaching Joegonot ship had pretty much ruined her chances of a happy ship. After this event, Rydell decided never to leave Webber in command again. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK]) After Commander Baird was struck with amnesia on Stardate 49830, Webber attempted to retrain him to be friendlier. On the suggestion of Baird's girlfriend, Emily Sullivan, this training was expanded to totally reform Baird into the boyfriend Sullivan had always wanted. For her part in this, Webber was a victim of the same joke Baird pulled on Sullivan and Lisa Beck when he regained his memory. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK]) Approximately two years later, Jaroch sought Webber's help in dealing with an argument occurring between his past lives. With her assistance, he was able to temporarily silence the voices. ("Family Counseling" [TRK]) However, by Stardate 51543, the situation had worsened to the point that Jaroch's health was in danger. Webber, along with Dr. Aldridge, accompanied Jaroch back to Yyns to participate in his Seratch. Jaroch asked Webber to serve as his Tersu during this ceremony. He also later confided in her about his feelings for Hawkins, noting that he had come to value his relationship with Webber. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) When she was not on the Secondprize, Webber maintained a residence on Rigel. ("Star Traks 3" [TRK])

WEGAN FIELD: A vast plain in the Cagelands of ancient Yyns and site of the final battle between J'Ter and T'Mak's armies. The modern city of Cageria is built on the site. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

WHISKERS, MR.: Cat belonging to Peter Stefanski while he tended the bar on a resort colony on Kashrikk III. When Peter convinced the wife of Warlord Sorinak that it was best that she sought new partners, Sorinak had Mr. Whiskers killed and served on the buffet. Peter has held a grudge ever since. ("Cupid's Arrow" [BAN]).

WHITE, ENSIGN: Member of the rescue team lead by Lieutenant Russell sent to rescue Rydell and the other Secondprize officers from the Joegonots. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

WICOMICO, USS: An Aerostar runabout, loaned to Dwanok and James Stevens ("Finders Keepers" [VEX]), only to be found one year later crashed on the alpha quadrant planet of Xavier ("Prior Engagements" and "The Honeymoon's Over" [VEX]).

WILCOX, DEAN: Possibly the Federation's sharpest intellect, Dean unfortunately fell down the warp core on the Aerostar's maiden voyage and incurred severe brain damage (Road to Nowhere, Part Two" [VEX]). Browning shot him up with a hypospray and sent him on his way. Almost a year later, he showed up at the door to sickbay, none the worse for wear but still very much braindead. Nurse Holly Carter agreed to be his caretaker/girlfriend ("All in a Day's Work" [VEX]). The fact that he can function at all, even though he does function with the mind of a two-year-old, is nothing short of amazing. The Federation Social Service tried to take him away in 2376, but he married Nurse Holly Carter instead and she took full guardianship responsibilities ("Not Without My Dean" [VEX]). He briefly regained his intellect and discovered a new layer of space, then promptly fell down the warp core again and returned to stupidity ("Of Two Minds" [VEX]).

WILLIAMS, CHRISTY: One of the Secondprize's elementary school teachers. Williams tested for bridge duty and managed to save the ship from a Pakled attack when she gave them a stern talking to. ("Commanding Presence" [TRK])

WILLIAMS, JIM: Alias used by Commander Dillon when visiting the 20th century. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

WILLIE-NILLIE: Will Riker's counterpart in the Happy Universe ("Happy to See You" [VEX]). Transference ray problems give him the equivalent of a frontal lobotomy ("Worlds Apart" [VEX]).

WILSON, IRMA: Mild-mannered, though slightly unstable, Trekkie and resident of Hampton Roads, VA, Irma's life was thrown topsy-turvey when she stopped taking her medication, went ga-ga-goinnng, paired up with some nasty Flarn in 1996, ("Out of Time" [VEX]), tried to kill Aerostar's Captain Baxter and several of his officers, got committed to a mental institution, escaped ("Irma's Fury" [VEX]), got...influenced by godlike beings known as the Critics and set on a path to destroy one Mr. Mirk ("The Wrath of Irma" [VEX]). Irma ran with Starshine Cult leader Sesil for quite some time, until she became unstuck in time and attempted to sabotage the Explorer's crew's entire existence ("The Best Time We Never Had" [VEX]).

"WIN OR ELSE!": A Klingon game show hosted by Krinok in which contestants must use a combination of brains and dexterity to win. Games include Name that Scream, Fish or Die, and Answer or Suffer. The winner gets absolutely nothing except the honor of winning, while the loser gets a lovely parting gift, usually along the lines of an all-expenses paid trip to Rura Penthe. Sean Russell was the first human contestant on the show during a vacation he took to Quonos. ("Win or Else!" [WAY])

WINDSTAR: An Aerostar shuttlecraft which crashed on a planet of angry goo ("Nantucket Sleighride" [VEX])

WINTERS, BUCK: Head of the Zenedron Construction Group crew that renovated Waystation. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY]) He and the other workers packed up and went home when he felt that Morales wasn't giving them the respect they deserved. Only a substantial bribe from Bradley Dillon brought them back. ("While You Were Out" [WAY]) Morales and Lazlo deputized Winters and his men so they would help them retake Waystation from the Starshine Kids. Winters threw himself into the task with gusto. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

WOGELIA SYSTEM: Solar system Beck and Porter were surveying when they were attacked by a Multek ship. ("Field Trip" [WAY])

WOK-A-CHODOK: An eatery in Starfleet Square Mall. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

WOODALL, JACK: Captain of the USS Orleans. Woodall and Nelson had a relationship at one point that ended badly, so neither of them was very pleased to see the other when the Orleans arrived at Waystation for the reopening ceremony. Woodall commanded the Orleans in the battle to retake Waystation from the Starshine Kids. Woodall was known for his take-charge, get-it-done attitude, but Morales would not let him take over control of the attempt to rescue Beck and the other hostages. Woodall was injured during the battle, forcing Porter to take command. ("Critical Mass," "Lip Lock" [WAY])

WOODVILLE, BILL: Second string operations officer on board the USS Secondprize. He took over the ops console when Carr took the helm during times when Sullivan was left in command. As an ensign, Woodville handled ops during the Secondprize's first battle with the Mitgogae. Ten years later, he'd been promoted to lieutenant commander and was the Secondprize's Astrometrics officer. He was left in command after the Secondprize was disabled by the Mitgogae. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])

WORKHORSE: Severely damaged, and later destroyed, when caught inside shield of newly awoken Cube #347 ("Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Part I-III" [BRG]). 

WUDDLE: Multek captain in command of the cruise ship that first encountered the USS Secondprize. Like the rest of his species, Wuddle had been taught to believe that there were no other intelligent life forms in the universe. After encountering the Secondprize and making his report to Frequoq Juletz, Wuddle was made captain of a military vessel assigned to deal with the "imaginary" Federation threat. By this time, Wuddle had come to believe that the Federations were indeed real and had himself beamed over to Waystation. When the Romulans arrived and began attacking everyone, Wuddle felt that he was walked into an ambush. He fled ops hotly pursued by Russell, who wanted to calm him down, and Lazlo, who wanted to kill him. Beck and Russell prevailed and convinced Wuddle that they weren't trying to kill him. He then went home to the Multek Enclave. ("Star Traks 5" [TRK}) After this incident, Wuddle was promoted to admiral in an effort by Frequoq Juletz to prevent him from talking too much about the imaginaries. When it became clear to Wuddle that the Multek government had no interest in ever investigating the possibility of aliens, he decided to take matters into his own hands. ("The Way We Were" [WAY])

WYNDHAM, EARL: Starfleet admiral in charge of assigning personnel to the Secondprize. Rydell's first assignment as captain of the Secondprize was to take Wyndham to a ceremony on Lodgibax. During the trip, Wyndham went nuts, stole a shuttle, and took it to a secret research base hidden inside an asteroid field. Rydell and Hawkins followed and found themselves trapped in a reality designed by Wyndham's diseased mind. Rydell and Hawkins managed to escape, but Wyndham had disappeared. In his ramblings, Wyndham often spoke of condors. ("The Hawkins Incident" [REJ]) (NOTE: Admiral Wyndham's name is yet another "Twin Peaks" reference.)


XANARBIS. DR.: Doctor on Delfor Colony who saved Nelson's life when she collapsed from unlogi withdrawl. ("Gut Feelings" [WAY])

XERXES, USS: Ambassador Class Federation starship, registry number NCC-14332. The Xerxes, along with the Longfellow and the Banshee were sent to intercept a Borg cube headed for Earth in early 2375. The Xerxes was destroyed in the first battle the mini fleet fought. ("Resistance Is Futile, Part I [BAN]) (The Xerxes was named for a Persian despot who attempted to take over Greece.)

XI, USS: Danube Class runabout attached to the Banshee. When all the runabouts on the Banshee received cloaking devices, the Xi was the last to have one installed. ("Hellion" [BAN]). Carn took the Xi to the Annual Androids Convention in 2375. While en route home, the Xi was hit by an ion storm and crash landed on Perint IV. The Xi was deemed damaged beyond repair and left there. ("Prophecy Fulfilled" [BAN]). (The Xi was named after a river in southern China and is pronounced "Chi." The real reason the Xi was destroyed is because it's name was difficult to pronounce.)

XURON TWELVE: Planet of the testicle nibblers. Ouch. ("Please Hold For Oblivion" [TRK])


YADKIN, USS: Runabout assigned to Waystation. The Yadkin assisted in the rescue of the Federation Marines from Ridalis Four. ("Send the Marines" [WAY]) Beck and Porter were surveying the Wogelia system in the Yadkin when they were attacked by the Multeks. ("Field Trip" [WAY]) Porter and Jones used the Yadkin in their survey of the new saucers brought in for the Waystation renovation. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY]) Porter and Beck took the Yakin to Asneris Colony to bail out Lazlo and his marines once again, but it turned out that Lazlo was able to resolve the situation without them. ("The Corps of the Matter" [WAY]) The Yadkin was destroyed by the Starshine Kids in the battle to retake Waystation. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

YATES, CMDR: First Officer of the USS Orleans. She was killed during the battle to retake Waystation when the rest room she was in exploded. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

YAXIX LUNG: One of the specialties of the Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian restaurant on Waystation. ("Gridlock" [WAY])

YOLEK THE GASEOUS: First leader of the Obnoxious Belchers. He defeated Unel the Bloated in a duel of burps. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

YOLEK THE FOURTEENTH: Leader of the Obnoxious Belchers. Two of her subordinates attempted to discredit her relations with the Federation and have her removed from office. ("Belch-O-Rama" [TRK])

YYNS: Home planet of Jaroch and a Federation member world. Yynsian society is based around past lives. Yynsians believe that their life force has resided in many others before them. Each Yynsian is, over time, able to access the personalities of those who held their life force in earlier existences. The capital city of Yyns is Cageria, a large metropolis dominated by two structures. The city's parking facility reaches over two hundred stories into the air, but it is still almost impossible to find a space. Spaces were allocated years ago to the residents of Yyns alive when the structure was built. Those spaces are passed down to the next person to hold the life force of one of the fortunate Yynsians who had a space. Jaroch's pat life, Jarl, had a space in the parking facility. The other main structure is the Temple of Mi Clane. The temple's two spires, one ivory and one onyx, also stretch approximately two hundred stories into the air, symbolizing Yynsian existence stretching toward infinity through past lives. The towers also get great holovision reception. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

YYNSIANS: Inhabitants of Yyns. Yynsian society is based around past lives. Yynsians believe that their life force has resided in many others before them. Each Yynsian is, over time, able to access the personalities of those who held their life force in earlier existences. These existences make themselves known through a ceremony called the Seratch, which is performed by the priests and priestesses of the Temple of Mi Clane, located in Yyns' capital city of Cageria. The Temple is the center of Yynsian spiritual life and a great deal of ceremony takes place when Yynsians encounter those who reside at the Temple. However, once the ceremony aspect is over, the Temple dwellers are treated like anyone else. The Yynsians believe in a very sharp distinction between the spiritual and social aspects of their society. Jaroch is the first Yynsian on record to have a past life from another world. Many Yynsians serve in Starfleet; however, the unpredictability of their past lives can cause certain difficulties. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK]) This unpredictability can be alleviated through training at the temple, though. With proper concentration, the various past lives can be kept under control and summoned at will. ("Please Hold for Oblivion" [TRK]) Physically, Yynsians resemble humans; however, Yynsians do possess rudimentary infra-red vision capabilities. ("Star Traks 1" [TRK])

YYNS SPACE CONTROL: All vessels approaching Yyns must clear their landing with Yyns Space Control. They also tell vessels where they can park. Parking is at a premium on Yyns and people whose past lives reserved a parking space years ago are really the only ones with a prayer of parking anywhere near civilization. Fortunately for Jaroch, his past life, Jarl, had a parking space in Cageria, so Yyns Space Control allowed the Runabout Hudson to land. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])


Z'ARKBELST: Deity worshipped by an Andorian cult. They believed Joel Hodges was the next incarnation of this deity and tried to take him back to Andor so they could worship him. When he was old enough, he went of his own volition. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

Z'ASSY: Leader of the Andorian cult that believed Joel Hodges was the Z'arkbelst and tried to take him to Andor. ("Trials of Youth" [REJ])

ZEKE: Teddy bear hamster belonging to Dr. Elizabeth Lang. ("Resistance is Futile, Part I" [BAN]). Zeke is often used as a target for people wishing to hurt Liz. ("Nine Months Too Long" [BAN]). When the command crew was "killed" by the destruction of the Banshee's bridge, Zeke was left in the care of Commander David Riley. Things went well, but when Dave returned to his quarters, he found that the hamster had ransacked the place. He chased Zeke from his quarters with an axe. ["The Dark Fleet, Part Two [BAN]). Liz recovered Zeke afterwards. When the Deimos took over the ship in 2376, Zeke was instrumental in freeing Captain Vorezze and Commander Tagel from the brig by crawling into the cell's circuitry and deactivating the force field, much to the amazement of Commander Riley. A short time later, Zeke was behaving strangely after visiting the Fire Temple on planet Menda III. It took an exorcism performed by Commander Dan Smith to get him back to normal. ("The Petzorcist" [BAN]).

ZENEDRON CONSTRUCTION GROUP: The firm hired by Starfleet to renovate Waystation. ("That's the Spirit" [WAY]) Dealings with the Zenedron group were a bit bumpy at first, but Morales, thanks to some help from Bradley Dillon's wallet, was able to smooth things over. ("While You Were Out" [WAY]) Several of the Zenedron employees were brainwashed by Sesil into joining the Starshine Kids. The Zenedron ships and remaining personnel helped the Waystation crew try to retake the renovated station from the Starshine Kids. ("Lip Lock" [WAY])

ZERO: Warden of The Suburb. In an effort to learn the secret of the Transference Ray, Zero used the incredible technology at his disposal to kidnap Alexander Rydell. He was stopped by the Secondprize crew and sent to Tantalus V for rehabilitation. ("Star Traks 2" [TRK]) At Tantalus V, his obsession with revenge against Rydell helped him immediate bond with Rebecca Singer. They escaped Tantalus V together and, while Singer used the stolen USS Defiant to attempt to capture Rydell, Zero went to Yyns to kill Dr. Beth Aldridge, which he had agreed to do in order to enlist Singer's help with his plan. Zero was ultimately captured and returned to Tantalus V. ("Star Traks 6" [TRK])

ZION, USS: Ambassador Class Section 31 vessel, registry number NCC-49662. The Zion picked up the escape pods from the USS Banshee when it was evacuated in 2375. ("Things That Go Bump In the Night" [BAN]) (The information on the Zion is from the story "Prophecy Fulfilled.")

ZOEY: Secondprize Ensign Amanda Carpel's pet Tarkalian razorbeast. Captain Andy Baxter, while working as an inventory lieutenant aboard the Secondprize, was attacked by Zoey. He did not press charges. ("Road to Nowhere, Part One" [VEX]).

ZZZK'VARRNIX: Captain of the Andorian Freighter Hvark. His determination to get a shipment of fresh spleen pie to the Andorian restaurant on Waystation indirectly led to Waystation being sliced in two. His first officer, Vinnz, was more than happy to hand him over to Russell so he could be arrested. ("Gridlock" [WAY])