The Lost Years

Welcome to Star Traks: The Lost Years, a series of twenty stories chronicling the events between the end of Of Gods and First Officers and Captain Rydell’s retirement as mentioned in Please Hold For Oblivion. Don’t worry, though, you don’t need to have read Oblivion or Of Gods and First Officers to understand them. And if that did worry you, maybe consider relaxing a little bit. Perhaps drink a nice herbal tea or get a massage.

1 - It's Good to Be King

The Secondprize is out on a routing mapping assignment when…well, you’re just going to have to read it.

2 - A Chip Off the Old Corpse

Dr. Aldridge’s patient turns out not to be quite as dead as she had originally thought…and that’s all I’m saying about it.

3 - Show Me the Way to Go Home

Commander Baird’s missing. Starfleet considers him dead. And considering the situation he’s found himself in, Baird wishes Starfleet was right.

4 - Doggerel

Lieutenant Carr’s life really starts to go to the dogs.

5 - The Next Item Up For Bid...

Karina Durham finds herself in a whole lot of trouble when she gets mixed up with a piece of top-secret Dillon Enterprises technology.

6 - So Happy Together

Jaroch must venture into the belly of the beast when Counselor Webber is kidnapped by denizens of the Happy Universe. What do they want? Will the Happy Universe saga ever end?

7 - Tricks of the Trade

Is Lieutenant Vaughn experiencing a bout of job dissatisfaction? Can Emily Sullivan snap her out of it? Why do I ask so many questions?

8 - Head Case

An away mission gone awry leaves Dillon with a rather persistent hat. Will Guinanco make an exception to their dress code and let him eat in Seven Backward?

9 - The Old Man and the Conspiracy

Captain Rydell’s past returns to haunt him as the crew of the USS Secondprize finds themselves dealing with someone even more insane than they are…and no it’s not Rebecca Singer. The title says ‘Old Man.’ She’s not even old, much less a man. Jeeze, people, pay attention.

12 - Reality Breach

What do you do when the fabric of the universe itself turns against you? I don’t know either. That’s why I asked you. Well, somebody on the Secondprize better figure out an answer soon, or they could be in big trouble.

13 - Early Check Out

Determined to put a stop to the Next Federation once and for all, Captain Rydell and the Secondprize crew track its leader across the quadrant. Is it time for the huge final battle? Or will less violent more annoying methods be in order?

14 - The Replacement Captains

With Captain Rydell taking leave for a month, Commander Dillon sees his big chance to prove his command abilities. But there are others travelling the road to the center seat. Is he doomed to never command? And are there worse things for the rest of the crew than having to obey Dillon for a month?

15 - Now You See It...

A death warrant, a missing shuttle, and an asteroid barrelling toward a heavily-populated world are all on Captain Rydell’s agenda for the day. But they may all be child’s play as he prepares to take on the biggest challenge of his life.

16 - And the Children Shall Lead?

Starfleet’s given Lieutenant Commander Emily Sullivan one chance to prove that she has what it takes to command a starship. All she has to do is straighten out a ship full of teenagers. And she even has Captain Andy Baxter along to help. Anyone else think she’s doomed?

17 - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Captain Rydell’s past comes back to haunt him as the USS Secondprize is sent on a diplomatic mission to the planet Rydell would least like to revisit. Can he get over the past long enough to fulfil his duty, or will someone else take the decision out of his hands?

18 - For Every Action...

Picking up where ‘Lost Years #17’ left off. The crew of the USS Secondprize has arrived at their destination, only to find a hero’s welcome awating them. So how could that be a bad thing? Snicker. I loooooove questions like that.

19 - Quit While You're Ahead

It looks like everybody’s in trouble now. Of course, #18 wouldn’t have been much of a cliffhanger if they weren’t. Is it time for me to start cleaning up the mess, or am I going to make you wait until Lost Years #20? Only one way to find out. Start reading!