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1 - Star Traks 1 - Joegonots!

Captain Rydell and the crew of the Secondprize must face the most disgusting race in the galaxy to save a renown physicist. Can they do it before the captain is forced into a marriage worse than death?

2 - Secret Admirer

Lieutenant Commander Jaroch finds himself pursued by a mysterious woman. Who is she? And will her pursuit of love result in the destruction of the Secondprize?

3 - Belch-O-Rama

A shore leave on the Planet of Obnoxious Belchers turns ugly as Captain Rydell and Commander Dillon struggle to save the planet’s government from being overthrown.

4 - Star Traks 2 - Sorry, Wrong Number

After Captain Rydell mysteriously vanishes from the Secondprize, Commander Dillon and the rest of the Secondprize crew must find him and deal with temporal distortions that are ripping apart time and space. This one’s got psychopaths, gender-swapping, and a homage to a cult 60’s TV series other than Star Trek.

5 - Star Traks 3 - Attitude Adjustment

Captain Rydell finds out that some people consider his little run-in with the Joegonots to be a violation of the Prime Directive. Facing a court martial with Admiral Picard as judge and Will Riker as prosecutor, Rydell’s only hope is Lieutenant Commander Jaroch, assuming of course he doesn’t let J’Ter out and kill everyone. Meanwhile, Dillon is given command of his own ship and sent to deal with some unruly Klingons. If that’s not enough, Commander Baird’s got amnesia, Doctor Singer’s lost her mind, and Trinian must save the Secondprize from a hostile takeover.

6 - Star Traks 4 - Power Trip

A terrorist posing as an ambassador comes to the Secondprize with one thing on his mind: destroying the ship. Soon, he’s stranded Captain Rydell, Commander Baird, and Lieutenant Commander Jaroch on a primitive world, trapped Commander Dillon in the holodeck, thrown Lieutenant Hawkins in the brig, and romanced Lieutenant Sullivan. And if he’s not stopped soon, he’s going to take Sullivan out on a date she won’t live to forget.

7 - Sensitivity 101

A freak accident causes Captain Rydell to swap minds with one of his 20th Century ancestors. Now, Rydell must contend with dating, college classes, and the possible destruction of the Federation unless he can find some way to undo the damage he’s done and get back to his own time.

8 - Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter

After she, Commander Dillon, and Lieutenant Commander Jaroch are captured on an away mission, Counselor Webber must face a creature so hideous that it has a whole tribe of warriors running scared. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like hugs are going to do the job on this one.

10 - Every Dillon Has His Day

The fate of the universe is in Commander Dillon’s hands as a powerful entity comes looking for an item in Dillon’s possession.

12 - Reason to Panic

Word gets out that Dillon is interested in a woman on the Secondprize. This leads to an all-out effort by the female crewmembers to find out who this unfortunate soul is before Dillon has a chance to hit on her.