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13 - Star Traks 5 - In the Way-Station

A run-in with a not-so-friendly alien race (They never are) leads to big changes for the Secondprize crew. Determined to protect Federation space from this new enemy, Starfleet hastily constructs a new outpost to watch over things and transfers members of the Secondprize crew to man it. Really, too much goes on to describe in a little space like this. Just read it. Also, this story is the jumping off point for the first Star Traks spin-off, STAR TRAKS: WAYSTATION. Head over there to read the adventures of Commander Beck and her crew as they defend the Federation from xenophobic aliens, bizarre plots, and utter boredom.

14 - Commanding Presence

Hoping to lessen his command officers’ workloads, Captain Rydell schedules trainings for some prospective bridge officers. The simulation becomes a nightmare, though, when the Secondprize is really attacked, trapping the command officers in Rydell’s ready room and leaving the fate of the ship in the hands of untried crewman.

15 - Fear Has a Red Nose

After unwittingly setting off an ancient security system, Lieutenant Hawkins is targeted for death by an entity determined to use her worst fear to destroy her. And, believe me, death by clown just isn’t pretty. And this story’s Special Guest Star: The Borg! This story is the jumping off point for the second Star Traks spin-off, STAR TRAKS: THE VEXED GENERATION written by my good friend Anthony Butler. ST:TVG chronicles the adventures of the Starship Aerostar, a Starfleet vessel dedicated to seeking out lost Starfleet property. On their first mission, they go a little off-course, and things just get weirder from there.

16 - Hostage Crisis

A routine trip to an official dinner becomes a bit more of a problem for Captain Rydell and Ensign Carr when their shuttle is hijacked by a lunatic. Now, Commander Dillon and Lieutenant Commander Jaroch must negotiate for their release or kill each other trying.

17 - Beaming There

Having not ever really had a transporter malfunction story, Star Traks leaps into the fray with this tale of missing crewmen and temporal displacement. Transporter tricks may be old, but at least this version is short.

18 - Optimum Interface

Lieutenant Sullivan’s been spending a bit too much time on the computer lately, so much so that the computer thinks Sullivan should become a part of it…permanently. The only person who can rescue her from a future as collection of isolinear chips is her ex-boyfriend, Commander Baird. Can he get over his intense hatred of her long enough to save her life? Will he even bother trying?

19 - Choice Blend

Ensign Andrea Carr has the worst shuttle trip of her short career as she poisons an admiral and has no choice but to fly straight through hostile territory if she’s going to have any hope of getting him back to the Secondprize before he dies. Can she do it? And what does coffee have to do with it?

20 - Cruising for Trouble

Dillon and Hawkins take a vacation on the newly christened S.S. Pomposity. The crew and owner don’t want them there. The passengers look down on them. And Dillon’s parents are on board. Unfortunately, those are the bright points of the trip.

21 - Alone on Christmas

A crash landing leaves Commander Dillon stranded on an uncharted world while the Secondprize heads off to Waystation to celebrate Christmas. Very quickly, Dillon realizes loneliness is the least of his problems. Guest Starring the crew of Waystation (Not that that’s such a big deal since most of them used to be on the Secondprize anyway). Also with a couple of familiar faces (well, names actually since this is a story) from the real Star Trek.

22 - Previous Occupant

Determined to find out what drove her predecessor over the edge, Doctor Beth Aldridge heads to the Federation Funny Farm on Tantalus V to visit Doctor Rebecca Singer. Singer is more unstable than ever and prepared to kill anyone who thinks they’re taking her job on the Secondprize away from her. I guess Aldridge came at a bad time.

23 - Family Counseling

Lieutenant Commander Jaroch’s past lives are getting out of hand. It seems he’s got a problem he won’t talk about with anyone, and the stress of this is bringing his previous incarnations to the surface. Jaroch hopes that a counseling session with Claire Webber will cure him…But under no circumstances must she know what’s really bothering him.

24 - Star Traks VI - The More Things Change...

Building upon everything that has come before, Star Traks 6 sends the crew of the Secondprize across time and space to prevent two escaped mental patients from killing Captain Rydell. It’s big! It’s long! It answers lots of questions! What is going with Jaroch? Whatever happened to Zero, the guy who kidnapped Rydell way back in Star Traks II? Just how nuts is Rebecca Singer? Can Commander Dillon have a mature relationship? What is Yyns really like, anyway? How do starships perform the slingshot timewarp maneuver when they don’t have a super-smart Vulcan stationed on board? When is the crew of Deep Space Nine finally going to get a cameo? It’s all here…I promise. PLUS - More Battles! More Romance! More Jokes! More Pages! Just read, read, read!

25 - Of Gods and First Officers

Starfleet’s First Officer Exchange Program swaps Commander Dillon of the Secondprize and Commander Conway of the USS Explorer. Both men must face new ships, new crews, old grudges, and aliens that aren’t all that happy to see them. Can Conway adjust to the laid back pace of the Secondprize? What secret is Captain Rydell hiding from his crew? Is Dillon the man to handle an alien intruder? Will Captain Baxter ever get over being sent to the Delta Quadrant?

26 - Please Hold For Oblivion

Ten years after Captain Rydell and the crew of the Secondprize manage to narrowly prevent the destruction of the universe, they are called back into service to finish cleaning up the mess they made a decade earlier. But things have changed. Lives have moved on, and grudges have grown. Can the crew pull it back together long enough to stop the end of everything? Or will one of their own send them all to OBLIVION?