Space, the scary frontier....
Star Traks chronicles the voyages of the truly inept
Their continuing mission: to simply survive
To seek out new life and flee from it
To boldly screw up where none have screwed up before!

Welcome to The Star Traks: Nexus - the hub site of a series of comedic stories set in the Star Trek universe. You will find no Kirks here, nor Picards, Siskos, Janeways, or other good Starfleet captains, crews, and their ships. However, you will find the rejects, the square pegs, the morons and idiots. The Star Traks stories are comedies that not only hold up Star Trek to the twisted mirror of parody in an attempt to enrage all who whole the genre dear, but poke fun at life in general...and who knows, may even have a message to convey about the silliness of real life. Well, perhaps the last is a bit farfetched. Check out the About Traks page for all those burning questions you may harbor.

Latest Stories

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Star Traks: The Vexed Generation - 27.6 - Famous Last Words, Part Six - Anchors Away
Traks Unleashed - Thank the Great Bird They Weren't There - Volume 5
Star Traks: TOSsed - 6 - The Khan Job
Star Traks: Silverado - 6.17 - Reflections

Check back soon for more stories!

Nexus News

Announcing Star Traks: TOSsed!

A New Six Story Mini-Series by Alan Decker

While Kirk and Spock are off galavanting through the galaxy on their five year mission, other folks are out there just trying to make a living. Folks like Mike Harper and his small crew on the SS Clydesdale. It may be an old Tellarite freighter. It may not have any weapons or fancy Starfleet technology. It may not be very fast. But it can…well…it can get your cargo from here to there…most of the time.... [Read More]

Halfway to Haven and Series Themes

Major Changes

There are now multiple themes that can be added. Using different themes is easy. Building a new one is…not that hard, now that I know what I’m doing. The trick is figuring out how to have all the story files use the righ themes without adding a ‘theme’ entry to every single story. I tried a couple of things, with no luck. Will probably just have to have a theme entry for every. Single. Story.... [Read More]
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Website Setup for Multiple Series

Major Changes

Made serious changes to the site structure in an effort to get it setup for multiple sites. Although the current example has a Nexus main page, this setup would also be useful for authors who have more than one series. (I wouldn’t actually put Halfway to Haven on a Nexus menu unless I do another season or two. But I wanted an example of another series page.) [Read More]
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Adaptive News Feeds

Some here, some there

News feeds are setup so that the front page (in this case Nexus) shows ALL posts that have been written. But if you go to a series page, only posts tagged for that series will appear.
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But only if you want them...

Created a sidebar that can be used, if desired. More than that, you can have a different sidebar for each series. The actual contents of the sidebar need to be entered in a file stored in the _data folder, and the sidebar generator page setup to include that sidebar. Then you just stick the sidebar name in the sidebar: field of your page, and boom. [Read More]
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