Space, the scary frontier....
Star Traks chronicles the voyages of the truly inept
Their continuing mission: to simply survive
To seek out new life and flee from it
To boldly screw up where none have screwed up before!

Welcome to The Star Traks: Nexus - the hub site of a series of comedic stories set in the Star Trek universe. You will find no Kirks here, nor Picards, Siskos, Janeways, or other good Starfleet captains, crews, and their ships. However, you will find the rejects, the square pegs, the morons and idiots. The Star Traks stories are comedies that not only hold up Star Trek to the twisted mirror of parody in an attempt to enrage all who whole the genre dear, but poke fun at life in general...and who knows, may even have a message to convey about the silliness of real life. Well, perhaps the last is a bit farfetched. Check out the About Traks page for all those burning questions you may harbor.

Latest Stories

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