Alternate Traks

AKA: Let Somebody Else Write For A Change!

In our minds, one of the greatest compliments that a writer can receive is other writers wanting to play in his or her universe. Star Traks started as Alan's warped version of playing in Gene Roddenberry's creation. Now here are a few people's versions of his world!

2 - The Rediscovered Country

By Ronan Stafford

Captain McAllister and the crew of the 22nd century Secondprize once again get stuck with the assignment nobody wants when they’re ordered to return a wayward targ to the Klingon Homeworld.

3 - Rediscovered Country - Broken Arrow

By Ronan Stafford

Ronan Stafford brings a look at a USS Secondprize for the early years of Starfleet. While Captain Jonathan Archer and the USS Enterprise were out blazing a trail, these guys…well…weren’t.

4 - The Traks Files - Black Sphere Sinking

By Matt Furukawa

When a mysterious black sphere crashes into the ocean of planet Procrastiny, Agents Dallas and Batyn are sent in to investigate. And this time they’re bringing along a little extra help.

8 - Secondprize: The New Adventures - Lars Landing

By Don Rae

Shore leave provides the crew of the USS Secondprize with a needed escape from Commander Dillon’s maintenance schedule. Commander Baird attempts to enjoy his time at the casino resort ‘paradise’, while dealing with a little bit more than he bargained for. With all the excitement, Captain Rydell really needs to take a nap.

23 - Star Trek: Specter - Just Add Water

By B.J. Babcock

This story is a crossover between the Secondprize and B.J. Babcock’s ‘Star Trek: Specter series’. What happens when a normal crew has to clean up after the Secondprize? And just what have the Joegonots been up to since Rydell messed with their planet? Find out here.