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Author: Matt Furukawa
Copyright: 2002


“Black Sphere Sinking”

by Matt Furukawa

STARDATE 53796.1


“Personal Log Samantha Dallas, I still don’t have a clue who got me out of Tantalus, and am no closer to discovering that, then I am at proving to my partner that we just missed the opportunity of a lifetime, at least our guest agrees with me.” Agent Dallas paused as she tried to put the events that had recently transpired to her log.

A room Away her partner Agent Batyn was recording a Log of his own. “Personal Log Agent Batyn, While I’m not one to ever agree with my insane loose cannon of a partner, but I do think in this case she may have been right. Whatever that was, it was intelligent.” Batyn swam a couple laps around his tank while he tried putting some rationality to the past occurrences. At least I didn’t take the brunt of it like our guest. He thought to himself as he continued to swim in circles.

Sitting alone with his thoughts in the cockpit, the aforementioned guest picked up his padd, and tried to put his thoughts into words. “Personal Log, Special Agent Nick Kawafura,” he hesitated continuing to sum everything up and then shrugged his shoulders and gave up on that idea, “This week has been the most explosive of my life.”

STARDATE 53331.1


Had there been any observers they would have noticed a large noodle shaped ship come careening through. If they had any type of Standard Starship scanners they would have noticed that the aforementioned noodle ship was building up for a huge plasma overload explosion. Depending on who they were they would either hail the ship to warn them and offer assistance, or pick a good orbit to watch the fireworks.

Of course being as there was no one there, all this is a moot point. The strange starship exploded, separating into two parts, a large black sphere, and the noodle shaped hull. The Hull pushed back from the inertia of the explosion, and forward from its forward velocity came to a drifting halt, where as the sphere given the added velocity was propelled even faster than it had been going, with a slight change it’s heading. A course taking it though 3 small asteroid fields, and a direct collision for a small planet. Of course, at this point the sphere didn’t know that…

STARDATE 53776.1


The end was coming, it could tell. Even without the rest of it’s systems to tell it, it could tell it had entered an atmosphere, and it was only a matter of time until it burst into flames.

The galaxy had other plans for the black sphere, however, and fate intervened. The sphere hit the atmosphere at the perfect angel for an atmospheric entry. While the initial impact was jarring, it slowed the sphere to a speed safe enough to enter without burning to a crisp. Then the sphere encountered a storm, one with strong enough updrafts to seriously slow its initial velocity. By the time it splashed down into the ocean, it was only going the equivalent to 200 miles an hour. Well under tolerances for the sphere’s inner systems.

Of course this made little difference to the Native people who watched as a UFO crashed down in the middle of their 6th starship launch.

A people who had recently acquired Warp drives, a people who originally had wanted nothing to do with Starfleet.

STARDATE 53776.9


“Proconsul, this is a horrifying event, the purity of our planet has been contaminated by this foul… object!”

Proconsul Ness rubbed his throbbing temples as the mass of the UN building erupted in mild panic.

“People, this is not a galactic emergency, it’s a giant sphere that crashed into the middle of the Ocean.” Proconsul Ness took a deep breath before continuing, hating to tell the ruling consul the rest of the information he knew. “However, despite our best efforts we have been unable to raise it from its current resting place, therefore we have decided to call in the Federation. I know that most of you have wanted us to join the Federation for ages but…

Resounding cheers drowned the rest of Proconsul Ness’s statement out, as he wondered where he had put his neural massager.

STARDATE 53376.6


“Looks like my mom’s lasagna,” Captain Alexander Rydell said thoughtfully as he stared at the bizarre lump floating on the viewscreen.

“Only if she made her sauce out of highly-charged plasma,” Commander Jaroch, the Secondprize’s science officer replied as he monitored his scanners. “The object seems to be debris that has been forcefully removed from some larger structure.”

“You mean it blew up,” Rydell replied.

“Possibly. Very likely…most certainly,” Jaroch said finally. “However, the device, whatever its purpose was, is quite advanced.”

“Amazing what people just leave floating around.”

“Start a series of sensor sweeps,” Commander Travis Dillon, the Secondprize’s first officer said. “Jaroch, you and Commander Baird take a shuttle out to survey the item for any…”

“Just grab it and stick it in a cargo bay,” Rydell interrupted wearily.

“But this thing could be dangerous.”

“Only to my sanity if you keep talking about it. I just make deliveries; someone else can handle the work part.”

“Tractoring it in now,” Jaroch reported.

“Good. Now don’t we have a mission or something we’re on?”

“First contact with the Amazon Women of Gelgas Twelve,” Dillon said.

“See. Now that sounds important. Try to get us there in time for dinner, Sullivan.”

“You have a date, sir?” Lieutenant Commander Emily Sullivan asked.

“We’ll see how things go when we get there,” Rydell replied leaning back in his command chair. “Get this puppy going.”

“Aye, sir.” The Secondprize, strange object safely stowed in its hold, shot into warp.

STARDATE 53777.5


“Jeez you’d think that I was never coming back.” Groused Samantha Dallas as she shoved a pile of old files, to access her computer terminal, which was currently raising quite a ruckus.

“We didn’t think you were coming back” retorted her partner, a giant fist, ok technically an Antidean, but he looked like a giant fish.

“I was right about the Flarn wasn’t I?” Snapped Dallas back as she finally reached her terminal.

“Would you please find a new retort, you’ve been using that one since we busted the circus!” snapped Batyn, immediately wishing he could take the words back.

“And I was Right about the circus too.” She added and she switched it on, to find Admiral Gitt on the screen, looking very annoyed, which was his normal state.

“Ah Agent Dallas, is there a problem with your terminal?”

Dallas thought fast, while she had absolutely no love for the man, he was her superior, and directly antagonizing wasn’t exactly good for her personal investigations. “No sir, we just recently returned from our assignment investigating a missing Bajoran Orb, in the Bajoran sector. We left immediately after our case on the Jerry’s Choice. I haven’t had a chance to clean my office out since then.”

Admiral Gitt debated his options, while he hated to have his time wasted, anything that kept Dallas busy, and out of his hair, and away from the Condor was a good thing. “Very Well Agent Dallas, a new issue that needs your special attention has come up, Your contact officer will have your briefing. Go pick him up here are the coordinates, Gitt out.”

Gitt’s picture flashed off the screen followed by a set of coordinates that Dallas downloaded to her padd. Sighing as she surveyed the mess that was her Office, Dallas shrugged and made a mental note to have a cleaning day when they got back from… She glanced at the padd.

“What’s wrong you look like something the Eel dragged in,” said Batyn as he observed her expression.

“Pack your bags partner we’re on our way back to Waystation.”

Batyn’s expression widened out on his face… the Antidean version of going pale.

STARDATE 53777.9


Admiral Wyndham smiled to himself studying the large chessboard he had set up in the room was in.

“My rook has done a good job of hunting those nasty hidden pawns the Condor king is fond of. And she even brought the fish.”

Wyndham giggled a bit to himself as he used the rook to sweep a pawn of the board. And then grew serious.

“The Condor King, has abandoned using some of his hidden pawns with the return of the rook, but his Bishop is keeping my rook to occupied. What we need now…”

Wyndham trailed off as he studied his pieces for moment, before selecting his next piece.

“What the bishop doesn’t know is that by occupying the rook, it is giving the rook a chance to meet her knight. With the Knight and the rook, The Condor’s secret is going to be found soon.” He then picked up another piece. “And my other Rook has been busy chasing the Condor’s feathers. But soon he needs to get busy hunting the condor himself…

Wyndham sighed to himself and tapped some control’s the ship’s terminal. “But the rook won’t just come and follow him, I need to make the rook come to me.” And the ship silently turned towards Cardassian Space as it slid in the night.

STARDATE 53778.2


“Would you like anything else Today sir?” The Clerk in Dillon’s supply Depot asked the man with a large pile of merchandise.

“Not thank you this will do it for today.” The Man replied and paid for his purchases heading out the door, unaware of the man walking behind him.

Who quickly slipped past him, and slightly tossed a small tracking pin into his bags and continued his walk without pausing.

Nick Kawafura could have laughed at the ease of this assignment, but simply smiled in content. As he passed the Andorian Restaurant, the smile almost turned to an ill look, but he managed to not get sick and by passed it heading for Victoria’s. He sighed to himself, and tapped a few notes on his padd. Alerting his superior officers know that his mission was accomplished, and he was now officially off duty until his next assignment.

As the padd beeped acknowledging his transmission, he noted that it also held instructions for his next assignment. He sighed again and read through the dossier. He immediately noticed the athletic attractive woman and her partner a fish, ok Technically an Antidean he told himself but they all sure-as-hell looked like fishes.

“Good Morning Mister Kawafura, I understand you have our briefing? Asked Dallas as She and Batyn picked up their new albeit temporary guest. “Yes, Our mission is rather unique, do either of you have any knowledge of the Procrastiny system?” Asked Kawafura as he led the two into the food court to get something to eat.

“Vaguely, didn’t they just recently acquire warp capabilities?” asked Dallas as she came back from Wok-A-Chodak.

“Yes that’s correct, but at the time they did not want to join the Federation.”

“And things have changed so suddenly?” Asked Batyn, smacking on a wrapped prawn he had picked up at Sandwich or what?

Kawafura spent a few minutes explaining the situation of the mysterious UFO.

“So why send you?” asked Batyn.

“And why send us? There has to be more to this than meets the eye.” Finished Dallas as she chomped down on anther piece of Chodok.

“Well Starfleet sent you two to come with me based on some of your other cases.”

Both Dallas and Batyn raised their eyebrows at that, well, only Dallas Raised her eyebrows, “And why is that?”

“Well this is supposed to be a simple go in, talk to the world leaders, and then take care of the problem,”

“But?” prompted Dallas

“But for whatever reasons, conventional salvage operation haven’t worked to raise the object, so Starfleet wants us to go take a look at it.”

“And why you?”

“I’m err off official active duty for a little while, so my commanding officer wanted me to go here.”

Dallas and Batyn traded a look the said “Oh great babysitting another one.”

“Exactly why are you off duty right now?” asked Batyn as his he finished his prawn with a sickening crunch.

“Umm… well… I kinda blew some stuff, up that wasn’t supposed to blow up.” Stammered Kawafura pulling at his collar looking rather pink.

“What kind of stuff?” Asked Dallas pointedly

“Umm, a research lab, an experimental android, a shuttle factory, City hall in three different Cities, four national capitals, two spaceports, a replicator factory…” replied Kawafura ticking them off his fingers, before returning his attention back to his lunch. “Not to mention a Section 31 experimental starship, that was attempting to merge a quantum singularity with a conventional warp drive…” he thought to himself “Not that it was my fault the darn thing blew up, I was just in the wrong place for that one. Stupid Admiral Brosnan I’m not a bad Section Member, I just have bad luck…” Kawafura stopped as he noticed his two companions were staring at him, funny.

“Os there something wrong?” he asked starting to feel the panic creep up his neck trying to remember where he put his Forced Latent Synapse Halogen Emitting Temporary Halting Intelligence Neural Generator… more commonly known as the FLASH-E-THING.

“I think you’re lunch is successfully dead.” Remarked Batyn… that was something of an understatement, the hard-shell pontis he had been cracking open with the small wooden mallet was now little else then a smear on the table.

“Hahahahaha, sorry about that,” said Kawafura, smiling unnaturally and relaxing slightly “So shall we get going?”

“Yes, good idea.” Said Dallas as she shared another look with her partner. Before going ahead of him into the shuttle.

“I never though I’d see the Day, but it’s here.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ve finally met someone more insane than you.”

“I’m not insane” snapped Dallas feeling irritation as she remembered her time at Tantalus.

“Sure that’s why you weren’t shipped of the Tantalus V for a while.” Replied Batyn as their guest entered the ship behind them.

“Excuse me but can we get going here? I would like to finish this mission as soon as we can.”

“Oh and why is that?” asked Dallas, a bit more condescending than she wanted to.

“It’s nothing really.” Replied the passenger to quickly and too subdued for either of them to believe him.

“Oh somehow I doubt that” Said Batyn plotting the course in the Pee Dee.

“Promise not to laugh?”

“SPIT IT OUT!” they both snapped.

“Well, I about two years ago I stumbled across some smugglers. One thing led to another and finally I was on the trail of these missing plasma conduits, before one of my umm mishaps… lets see I think that one was ramming a hovercar into and replicator processor plant. Anyway I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think some Circus is helping to smuggle Starfleet equipment and now I’m trying to prove it.”

Batyn Stared at him with mute shock and horror on his face, while Dallas lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Oh great, I’m going to sleep.” Said Batyn quickly retreating to his quarters.

“Two years ago!” Exclaimed Dallas “I found them two years ago!”

“Really what happened?”

“Uh I got attack by the trained poodles, so I had them balance some photon grenades on their nose and…”



“Wow… I’ve never blown up poodle before… what was it like?”

“Messy, and I almost got court-martialed for that one.”

“I’ll say, I mean blowing up a shuttle factory is one thing… but trained poodles? You really lucked out.”

In his room Batyn swam around his pool so agitated he paid no heed to the fact that there was splashing water out of his tank.

“I don’t believe it there are two of them! One was enough but there had to be another one! I must have been a done something horrible as a guppy to deserve this.


STARDATE 53788.2

“There she is boys, Procrastiny Prime, and we’re being hailed by the United Nations council.” Said Dallas as she opened channels, showing a rather tired looking man on screen.

“Good morning, I am Proconsul Ness, of the Procrastiny United Nations. We welcome your assistance in helping us remove this impurity from our planet.” “We are honored Proconsul, please can you direct us to the objects current location and we’ll get to work.”

“Yes please do, I’ll be on site to meet you. Thank you for coming so quickly. Ness out”

The screen blinked out leaving one of the occupants rather confused. “We took almost a week to get here, was he being sarcastic?” Asked Dallas.

“No, the Populous of Procrastiny are known as being some of the most laid back people in the quadrant, they probably would have taken at least another week to get here.” Replied Kawafura tapping a few notes into his Padd.

“You’re joking,” said Dallas in amazement.

“No he’s not” replied Batyn “back before I met you, I had a partner who was originally from here.” “Wait I thought Procrastiny prime wasn’t a part of the federation, and just recently acquired warp capability.”

“They are, He hitchhiked on a merchant ship, and found his way to a federation planet, where he somehow managed to join the Federation Intelligence Service. I was partnered to him on a joint operation that must been 15 years ago or so.”

“What happened to him?”

“I have no idea, it was a one mission deal, after we finished our assignment, he disappeared like Athovian Jellyfish.”

“Odd, usually FIS agents are usually easy to keep track of, And the also usually like to keep tabs on us SI agents.”

“Well, maybe he was more like his kinsmen then he let on.”

“Or maybe he was a plant by some overshadowing organization trying to win your trust!”

Dallas and Batyn stared at Kawafura for a minute not quite sure how to respond to that.

“Uhh… I think you’ve been reading way to many of those Federation Daily Star News reports there,” said Dallas politely trying to laugh as Batyn swirled his finger around his forward audio holes*.

“Uh we’re in position now,” said Kawafura happy to change the subject.

“The Proconsul is hailing us,” replied Batyn taking his position next to Dallas in the front of the runabouts cockpit.

Proconsul Ness’s form appeared on the screen. “The object in question is directly below you about 500 meters, all attempts to salvage it thus far have failed” He said taking about 5 minutes to finally deliver the information.

“Very well proconsul. We’ll take it from here, Starfleet out.” Kawafura closed the channel and sighed.

“I take it you don’t like your information to go bad while it’s delivered,” Commented Dallas as she piloted the Pee Dee into a better position.

“No, and I’d like for the object to still be at 500 meters, by the time he tells me it’s at 500 meters” replied Kawafura.

“Scanning complete, Sensors show that the object is a perfect sphere, with currently no radioactive, or energy readings coming from it.” Batyn informed his two nutcases wondering how they would take the information.

“A perfect sphere? That must mean that it was created by some kind of intelligence, this is a wonderful opportunity to study some alien technology.”

“Please,” sighed Batyn wishing he had stayed in his tank that morning, “It was probably shaped into a sphere by it’s gyro-rotational movements, caused by it’s reentry, and spin. The cooling of the water would have hardened it instantly.

“What do you think?” Asked Dallas rounding on Kawafura who up to this point had remained silent through the exchange.

“I think, that if it is an alien artifact we as Starfleet officers should examine it, however, if that sphere nailed the water straight from reentry without slowing, then I think it’s highly unlikely anything of value survived. Still I think we ought at least take a look at it whatever it is.”

“And just how do you propose we do that?” Asked Batyn.

“Hey, you’re a giant fish aren’t you?”

“I’m an Antidean!”

“Close enough, time do go for a dive.”

“There’s no point in sending Agent Batyn, its not like there’s anything eh could do when he gets down there” Interrupted Dallas.

“Hmm you’re right, Never mind Agent Batyn.”

“Thank the great sea slug!” sighed Batyn in partial relief, while neither swimming or breathing underwater was a problem for him, he honestly didn’t want to go down by himself. He’d been on far too many unusual cases for him to be so reckless.

Speaking of reckless, that’s exactly what word could be used to describe both of his current partners. Well, had Batyn been paying attention to their conversation he would have clued them in to their behavior, unfortunately, he’d been preoccupied being glad he didn’t’ have to go down there he didn’t realize what they were doing until…

SPLOOSH! The runabout slipped under the crashing waves.

“I don’t even want to know” sighed Batyn, as Dallas and Kawafura piloted the runabout/sub through the depths.

“I’ve got a huge amount of interference around here, conventional sensors won’t work down here”.

“Odd that they would work above the surface, which raises the question, if sensors don’t work now, DID they work above the surface or were the reading off?”

“Doesn’t matter at the moment, how do you two geniuses plan to navigate down here without crashing into anything?” Asked Batyn.

“I figured we’d just keep our eyes open, and take it slow.”

Batyn’s eye widened in horror before he realized that Kawafura was joking, Dallas’s rolling off her seat laughing was the dead give away on that one.

“Computer begin Sound Echo Location System.”

“Acknowledged” followed by a loud ping, that echoed throughout the runabout. A minute later the computer projected the image on screen of what lie below them, a series of underwater canyons, channels, some large objects floating above them, and finally the sphere at about 500 meters, resting at the top of one of the canyons.

“That’s our baby” Smiled Kawafura as he looked at the read out.

“So what are these?” asked Batyn.

“Not sure lets take a look.” Said Dallas, as she tapped some commands into the runabout.

The runabout slowly turned, and began it’s decent.

“Can’t this thing go any faster?” Asked Kawafura impatiently.

“The Pee-Dee is a ship designed for interstellar travel, it was not designed to be taken deep underwater where there’s enough pressure to crush PLASTEEL, especially when we turn off the standard deflector, and electrical shielding. To use this Sound Location system of yours.”

Kawafura waved his hand. “That’s what the Structure integrity field is for.”

At which point every electrical system in the Pee Dee shorted out, leaving the two Starfleet Intelligence officers, and their Contact officer in complete Darkness.


The sphere felt the pulse, and it’s hope for rescue were suddenly raised, it let out the standard Response for a ship of his type, A Neutronic Energy Pulse. Neutronic energy is extremely rare, and never naturally occurring, it’s one of the easiest ways to mark the location, of a ship in distress. However Neutronic pulses also carry a slight side effect, very similar to the Electrical Magnetic Pulse back in the 20th Century. In space, a Starships standard shields prevent damage from that effect. Unfortunately…

“What just happened?” Asked Kawafura trying hard not to panic.

“I have no Idea I can’t see anything.”

Before Kawafura could say anything, to Batyn, or Dallas, he heard a sound that made him sick to his core.




“Uh I don’t want to panic anyone but.”

“I know!” Snapped Dallas, “I can hear it too.”

Batyn pulled out his phaser and dialed the setting down as far as it would go. While most phasers only went down to light stun, due to the nature of his and Agent Dallas work, and their occasional need to get attention, his phaser had been modified, for sound and light effects only, turning the phaser into a noisy but harmless flashlight.

Of course, their guest had no knowledge of that. “AGH!” Shouted Kawafura as he heard the sound and saw a red beam impact his chest. Followed a minute later by “What the hell?”

“It’s made to frighten off bystanders without having to risk hurting anyone. It’s worked before in the past,” explained Dallas.

Kawafura whipped out his phaser. “Ok Agent Batyn, find that leak”

“That’s easy enough.” Replied Batyn and shined the light right up to the ceiling where a slight patch was visible.

Kawafura fired his phaser rewelding the piece better, and then turned back to Dallas and Batyn.

“Ok, so uh what’s the plan?”

“First we need to find out what happened, and get life support back online so we don’t suffocate.”

“Second we need to the Structure integrity field back online. Everything else comes after those two.”

“Do you two have any environmental suits in here?” asked Kawafura.

“Two, one cut to fit me, and one cut to fit Batyn.”

“Ok, put yours on, that way I’ll be the only one sucking our quickly dwindling air supply, Agent Batyn, can you head outside, and monitor how deep we’re getting?”

Batyn sighed, and walked to the and moved a panel revealing the manual switch to the airlock. Kawafura walked over to the it and after Batyn got it to open and stepped inside, and then cranked it shut and rapped on the door to indicate to Batyn that he was good to go.

Batyn Cranked open the door on the outside slowly, letting the water ease it’s way in instead of slamming into him. He pushed out of the docking bay, and swam around the runabout slowly.

“I have good news and bad news,” Said Special Agent Nick Kawafura as Dallas made her way to the back of the quarters section.

“What’s the good news?”

“Whatever happened to the ships didn’t effect the warp, or impulse drives we have a source of power.”

“And the bad news”

“That means the problem is in the conduits, and jefferies tubes.”

“Oh wonderful,” replied Dallas as she pulled her Enviro-suit off of Batyn’s, and begin stripping off her uniform, to keep the fit looser.

Outside the runabout Agent Batyn swam slowly taking note of how fast he was descending and how much darker the surroundings were getting. Not that they had been bright to begin with, but as he plunged down through the twilight layers, he noticed a shadow above him. A large shadow above him. A Large hungry looking shadow above him. Inside of the runabout Samantha Dallas cursed again as she failed to seal her Environmental suit’s pants in the darkness.

“Are you all right?”

“No, I can’t seal the stupid suit.”

“Here let me help,” replied Kawafura walking over to where Dallas had disappeared.

“STOP!” She yelled, causing him to halt in his tracks.

Dallas sighed in relief as she heard the movement stop in the darkness.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kawafura searching for something he could light the area with.

Dallas said nothing, but blushed deep red in the darkness, unable to see, she hadn’t put her top on wanting to get the pants closed first. “Stupid Batyn, taking the only modified phaser with him,” she mumbled to herself. As she hastily threw the top on.

She struggled for another minute before giving up in vain. The gloves on the suits top made everything even more difficult. “Ok I give, can you help me out for a second?”

Kawafura slowly made his way back, after tripping on two crates of unknown materials. “What do you need?”

Dallas blushed again despite herself, “I can’t see anything, can you find some kind of light?”

“If I had anything, other then a phaser, I’d be happy too, and I dropped it somewhere back there.” Said Kawafura as he started to walk back to find where he had dropped it. “and I don’t mean to panic you, but without life-support, the air supply in here is really starting to go fast.”

“Damn it, help me seal the suit!” Shouted Dallas, more embarrassed then angry at the run of events.

The response, was a pat on the shoulder, followed by the words “Shoulder?”


She felt the hand slowly move down to her waist almost sensually, trying too suppress the shudder “Hey what are you…” she started to ask when she felt the bottom of the environmental suit seal. The hand then moved up to her shoulder and then forward to…

WHAM Dallas slammed a right cross into Kawafura that knocked him back into one of the crates.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Watch your hands!” she snapped irritated.

Nick was glad for the Darkness, so she couldn’t see his blush, that was embarrassing, what kind of fricking Section 31 officer, can’t seal an environmental suit properly. “Sorry, sorry I can’t see either. That’s why I’m moving so slow.”

The hand went back to her shoulder, and this time, after lingering for a moment the suit activated correctly , including the wrist lights.

“It’s good to see again” remarked Kawafura as he turned his face away and reached down and picked up her helmet. “Here”

“Thanks,” said Dallas and then turned away just as quickly so he couldn’t see her blush.


“What was that?”

“Look by the forward window.”

The two went forward to see Batyn hugging the window and banging in the clear sided aluminum.

Batyn was waving his hands, and stretching them out and then turning them into a circle.

“What’s he trying to say?” asked Kawafura.

“I don’t know lets see here, big… is there something big out there?”

Batyn looked at her face and then nodded.

“And you want in?”

Batyn shook his head so hard, it looked like it was going to come off.

“Ok, get to the door, and close it.” Said Kawafura who hadn’t been looking at Batyn but behind him, his eyes getting big.

“What are you doing? That’s going to let the water in there in here.”

“That’s why” Said Nick pointing up to where there was enough light to make out a silhouette… of something that was easily twice the size of the runabout, and even in the diminishing light, there was enough shine from the front, to make out teeth as big as his arm.

Batyn swam over, and as fast as he could in the water close the main door. As soon as he banged on the front door Kawafura wheeled it open, and Batyn along with about 40 gallons of water rushed in.

“What was that thing?”

“What the heck kept you two, I’ve been trying to stay away for it for five minutes.”

“We were trying to get the systems up.”

“Oh you did such a good job” Snapped Batyn indicating the still closed jefferies tubes.

“Don’t complain you if hadn’t taken our only source of light till we could get this suit to work. How deep our we?” Snapped Dallas, trying to avoid what happened in the back room.

“We’re about 90 meters, but due to all the air in here, we’re only going sinking about a 4 meters a minute.”

“What do you think our crush depth is?”

“Unless we get the SI field back on, I’d say the runabout will crush at about 200 meters. So we’ve got about 45 minutes.” Replied Dallas doing the figures in her head.

“Ok Then I think we need to get that field back on fast.” Replied Kawafura as he walked over to a jefferies tube, and opened it revealing….

“Well I guess one of you two will have to do the actual repair work” he said he opened the tubes to reveal them half flooded.

“Fine,” Dallas walked over and slipped down, and then slid underwater with a tricorder. She emerged a minute later.


“I hope you’re handy welding wires together Mister Kawafura.”

“What happened?”

“Something hit us with a Neutronic pulse, had we had our shields…”

“Understood, but why do our local electronics work? Your life suit, My phaser, the tricorder?” asked Batyn.

“We were probably shielded since the outlying electronics absorbed the brunt of the pulse.”

“The question” Interrupted Batyn, “Is what caused it.”

“The sphere!” said Kawafura in surprise.

“Don’t be crazy, how would a sphere be able to…” Dallas’ voice trailed off as she realized what Kawafura meant.

“A rescue pulse, of course, every time it felt a rescue attempt was coming it pulsed, that’s why none of the salvage operations worked, the pulse would short them out. And the Procatinist, wouldn’t have any experience with it, they haven’t been in space long enough.”

“Ok, first SI field, then Shields, Life support will have to wait until later.” Said Kawafura.

“Wait, you don’t have a life support suit, how long till the air runs out?”

“With only me breathing, probably 30 minutes…”

“Batyn go get your suit on!” shouted Dallas in surprise as she slipped underwater again, and then came back up with some parts. “Here these are some of the boards from the shield plasma conduit, can you start on this while I get to the SI field generator.”

“There’s a slight problem here.” Said Batyn absolutely deadpan.


Batyn held up his suit and his the activate button. Nothing happened.

“My suit was closer to the hull then Agent Dallas’ was,” he replied.

“Than go swimming and take the phaser with you. Kawafura needs the air.”

“Oh fine, make the fish go play with the giant sea monster.”


“Do I get a say in this?” asked Kawafura.

“NO! Batyn Get”

“Fine, I’d rather be out there with the giant man eating thing then in here with you two loonies anyway!” He shouted stomping over to the airlock, and waiting for Kawafura to seal the door.

“Hang on here,” Said Kawafura handing him a commbadge. “We can talk through this.”

“Will it work?”

“It should it was with my phaser, and that works.” Said Kawafura “Not to mention it’s completely shielding in every possible way,” he thought, as are all Section 31 sanctioned equipment, which is the only real reason why his phaser worked. And then only reason why Dallas’ suit worked was because while he kept her attention busy with his wandering hand, he had been swapping chips out of her control panels and switching them with a few from his now nonfunctioning FLASH-E-THING.

Batyn took it and tapped it, when it chirped, he nodded, and Kawafura finished sealing the door.

“Ok, You big fish, I may be a small prawn compared to you, but it’s time to show me teeth.”

Kawafura began the slow process of phaser welding the shield back to working, occasionally, pulling out a part that didn’t work, to replace it with something from his quickly dwindling supply of Section 31 equipment.

10 minutes later

Kawafura tapped his commbadge, “Agent Dallas, I think I’ve got the shield panel operational again, ready when you are.”

“That was fast she remarked stopping her attempt to slide the SI panel out from under the conduit, with not traction.

“It’s amazing what the fear of death can do to you, but I was only able to fix radiation shielding, I couldn’t fix the deflector” he remarked as her head slowly began to come into view. “here” he said handing her the panel. “How is it goin’ under there?”

“I can’t get any traction underwater. The magnetic lock in my boots doesn’t seem to be working.”

“Let me take a look at that.” He said and grabbed her leg.

“Crap, I missed a chip, and I can’t go back and replace it without…No, I can’t reveal the Section, especially not to an SI Agent.” He thought to himself.

“Are you going to do anything or are you just planning on holding my foot for a while?” asked Dallas with a slight grin in her voice.

“Sorry, I was admiring your legs, you must be very athletic.”

Samantha Dallas blushed completely to her roots at that, not aware that Kawafura had also blushed, when he realized he had actually said that out loud.

“I don’t think I can fix that, Just try to use your legs to stretch out in the Jeffries tube for leverage.”

“Ok, I’ll try to hurry.”



“Kawafura to Batyn please report.”

“There’s more then one of them out here, if you want to do something useful you could come out here and help.”

“Keep up the good work Agent Batyn, Kawafura out.” Replied Nick, quickly cutting off the channel as Dallas returned back to work. A minute later, he could here her grunt, and heard a dull thud.

“I’ve got it!”

“Great get it up here, and start working on the life support system!” he said with a smile. As she handed him the board with about 40 fired circuits.

Dallas didn’t waste any time with words, but dove back into the Jeffries tube.

Outside the runabout Batyn had swam back to the Runabout and was holding onto the mounted weapons module as he watched the feeding frenzy above them.

“Merciful Marianas. They’re like animals!” he said as the giant beasts began attacking each other as they fought over the carcass of the one He had managed to shoot when it came to close to him.

Meanwhile inside the Pee-Dee Dallas was racing to restore life support before their guest died of suffocation. Though technically he wouldn’t suffocate, there was no lack of air, only a lack of oxygen, so that would be Asphyxiation. Not that it mattered to him, dead was dead after all and…


Both Dallas and Kawafura heard the sound and checked there chronometers. 24 minutes had elapsed, Dallas tapped her commbadge “Dallas to Kawafura, how are you doing on that SI board?”

“I need another five more minutes.”


“I hate to rush you but we may not have another 5 minutes.” She blew a strand of hair that had fallen in front of her face and continued to rewire the Life support board.

Five minutes later

“How’s it going down there?” asked Kawafura, trying to breath as little as possible, The air had taken on a stale smell, and he knew that there couldn’t be much breathable oxygen left.

“I’m almost finished down here.”

“Good because…”


“Is it just me or is that getting louder?”

“Batyn how deep are we?”

“About 210, I can’t go any further though, I’m inside the airlock, and it’s sealed from the outside as well.

“Very good then, Dallas!”

“Almost got it…”

“Forget it I’ve finished with the SI board, hurry up and get it in and …” THUMP

“Kawafura? KAWAFURA?”

“Dallas, this is Batyn I can see him through the door, he’s not dead, but it looks like he blackened out from lack of Oxygen.


“I heard a crack…”

“I see it it’s on the front window.”

“Crap Clear sided Aluminum isn’t as strong as I thought it was. Hang on…”

Dallas, finished desoddering her wire in place, and then pushed as hard as she could to get to the top and grabbed the SI board from where Kawafura had left it. And practically dove back down to install it.

“Got it!”

“Turn the power on!”

“Right… Dallas ran up and hit the control on the warp core restoring power back to the systems… nothing happened…

And then suddenly everything whirred back to life, and she heard the sound of the air refreshers kick an, and heard the water being beamed out, and the slight creaks and cracks she had heard for the last hour fell silent.

She pulled of her helmet and sucked in a breath of air before walking over to the airlock to let her partner back in.

“Are you all right?” she asked Kawafura and she pulled him up.

“Never better,” re replied truthfully. As she handed him a cup of coffee.

“Where’s you get the coffee?”

“From the replicator.”

“When did you fix that?”

“The computer rerouted everything automatically once we were able to get life support, up and running again, that’s all a function of it.”

“Can it make me a shielded pressure suit?”

“Sure but why would you want one…” Dallas’s voice trailed off as she realized what he was thinking.

“This is the chance of a life time, and it was my assignment in the first place,” said Kawafura, “Beside I need to run some tests for the Section that I can’t either of you see.” He thought to himself.

“One Pressure suit coming up.” Said Batyn, just grateful he wasn’t the one going out to see it.

“Thanks,” replied Kawafura as the runabout, now running with power, and Structural Integrity fields, made the final part of it’s trip in less than 15 minutes.

500 meters below the surface of Lazy Ocean, Procrastiny Prime.

Section 31 Special Agent (suspended duty) Nick Kawafura slowly made his way to the resting sphere noting at once that in addition to being at an incredible depth, it was also buried under a good sized pile of debris.

He walked up to it and placed his face plate to it. “Is anybody in there?” he asked?

About 20 meters above him, Starfleet Intelligence Agents Samantha Dallas, and Batyn, watched, Kawafura had cut off all communications with them saying he didn’t want to risk any interference from the sphere, but neither of them could shake the feeling that he was hiding something.

Not getting a response from the He took his hand and rapped on the surface of the sphere, a faint light appeared and washed over him. He smiled and realized what is was, pulling gout his tricorder he began to take all sorts of separate readings and gaped in surprise. The object wasn’t just a back sphere, with a sophisticated Artificial Brain, it WAS a brain. An Actual biological Brain.

“Can you hear me?” he shouted again to it.

“Can you help me?” the reply was so faint he could barely hear it.

“Yes I’m trying to now…”

“I need to get out of here, I late for…” Nick lost the rest of the statement, but patted the sphere in a comforting manner.

“My name is Nick Kawafura, do you understand me, can you take an explosion?”

“Cabral… I am Cabral… yes I think I can.”

“Ok I’m going to try to blow you out of there, are you ready?”

Kawafura moved away and failed to hear any response from Cabral. As he set his charges. Swimming back to the runabout he saw a dark shadow start to eclipse him and he turned in time to see one of the giant sea monsters heading straight towards him, He moved his hand to alert the Pee Dee for Assistance, and accidentally set off his explosives, sending him rolling over and over into the depths.

The explosion also broke loose the rocks, surrounding Cabral who had been straining on an YUP vector in vain for the last week. Freed from his burden he shot up like a rocket, and burst from the surface of the ocean, without hesitating, and started a long journey toward Breen Space… 400 Light years away.

500 meters below that Agents Batyn and Dallas managed to locate the unconscious drifting Kawafura, and beamed him onboard.

STARDATE 53796.2


“Are you all right?” Asked Dallas as she walked up to the cockpit.

“Yeah I’m ok.” Replied Kawafura slipping his padd underneath another one in his hands casually.

“You want to tell me what happened down there?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Replied Kawafura, wondering if his superiors would or not.

“Try me.”

“Remember how we thought it might have an intelligence?”

“Yeah, it sent out a neutronic pulse after all.”

“Well what if I told you that it was not just intelligent, but sentient, and it’s name was Cabral.”

“Well, If I was anyone else, including my partner I’d say that you rolled on to many times from that explosion, but I’ve seen things, most people wouldn’t believe, so I’d be willing to give you the benefit of a doubt.”

“The benefit of the doubt eh? I guess I should be grateful for that.”

“One other thing,” said Dallas, as he got up to get some sleep in one of the cabins.


“Thanks, for risking your life to save us.”

“It’s part of my job,” he replied and walked out the door, leaving Dallas alone with her thoughts as she piloted the runabout at 1/4 impulse to dock with the USS Explorer which would be taking them back to the shipyards where the PEEDEE would undergo and extensive refit.

Batyn walked in interrupting her thoughts, and sat down. “We just got this from Admiral Gitt.” He said handing her a padd.

To: Starfleet Intelligence Agents Samantha Dallas and Batyn,

From: Rear Admiral Gitt

Ref: Assignment since communications in the normal means is not possible.


Lying on his bed Nick Kawafura hit send on his padd shooting out an extremely encrypted message on tightband direct to a section 31 satellite. His current assignment finished he rolled over for a nap.






Unbeknownst to Kawafura, a single of one of his explosives had failed to go off as planned, it slipped into one of the deep sea canyons, where it was picked up by currents and carried over to shallower waters. It finally ended up in one of the middle of a tour route for a small local tropical tour company. When the explosion went off, it rocked the SS. Minnow which was in the middle of it’s daily three hour tour forcing them to maroon themselves onto an island. But that’s a completely different story, and a seemingly unrelated one, and one that Kawafura had he known about it, would have opted to not mention in his report.

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