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Author: Ronan Stafford
Copyright: 2000

Star Traks: The Rediscovered Country

“The Rediscovered Country”

by Ronan Stafford

At a secret base in Ohio, USA.

“You have all worked very hard for this, at least most of you, and now is the moment of truth. When I read your name out stand forward.”

This was it. The big moment. Admiral Wagner started calling out names.

“Archer, T’Pol, Phlox, Tucker…”

My name isn’t out yet!

“…Reed, Sato…”

What were they doing?

“…and Mayweather. Well done. Will you please follow Commander Williams to the briefing room.” The men filed out. They looked happy, and they should be. They’d just been chosen to crew the Enterprise, the first Starfleet ship.

“S***.” McAllister muttered under his breath. The rest of the training group, disillusioned broke up. He headed for the door, bumping into Matthew Gardner, the fat overweight Security officer.

“Sorry sir.” Gardner got out a chocolate bar from his pocket and headed into the changing rooms. McAllister was about to go through the door when he heard his name being called behind him.

“Hey! Wait up Corn!” Corn, he hated the abbreviation. He hated his name. Cornelius Zachary McAllister. What had his parents been thinking when they named him? He turned round, and saw Admiral Wagner coming towards him.

“Look Corn, I know you’re disappointed by not being chosen, but I think there might be a consolation prize.”

“Here she is Corn. The USS Secondprize!”

That didn’t say half of it. The hull was several colours of the rainbow, the nacelles looked like they were about to fall off, and random jolts of electricity jumped off the ship into the air.

“And I’m here to see this because?”

“As you know, the Enterprise’s mission is to go out and explore the final frontier. To find strange new worlds and meet strange new races. But they won’t be able to stay in one place at once. Another ship is being designed to build on the foundations laid out by the Enterprise, but until were finished we need someone else to do the job.”

McAllister looked up at the ship. It was his dream, his life ambition. He couldn’t turn back now.

“I’ll take it.”

Two days later McAllister sat on the sofa in his house, very proud of himself. The next day he would meet his crew, and set off on the biggest adventure of his life. But for now he was satisfied with watching the launch of the Enterprise, the fastest and most powerful ship ever, on the holovision screen. With a beer in one hand and some crisps on the other he smiled. His family had stopped ringing with their congratulations, Ma and Pa had been so proud, and he was starting to get bored. He went to his bedroom and started to read the technical manuals he was supposed to have learned for the officer training.

The next day, McAllister got off the shuttle and for the first time walked on to his ship. It was ugly, it was broken but dammit it was a ship.

“She’s a beauty isn’t she?” Admiral Wagner came out of the shuttle behind him.

“I wouldn’t go that far sir.”

“Oh, she just needs some paint. Come on, let’s get to your bridge.” The two men walked to the nearest turbolift, and after getting stuck in it for 15 minutes decided to get out and use the stairs. When they arrived on the bridge they saw a few crewmembers running around trying to fix what they could, and a Vulcan Admiral and young lady standing in the middle waiting for them.

“Got your man?” asked the Vulcan Admiral.

“Sure is. Here he is. Let me introduce to you Captain Cornelius Zachary McAllister.” A few of the crewmembers sniggered, but stopped after a treating glance from McAllister.

“Good. This is Captain T’Pal.”

The Vulcan female and human male caught onto something. They pointed at each other and shouted:

“A Captain? I’m the Captain!”

Admiral Wagner explained:

“Well you see, we weren’t sure whether who should be Captain, so we each got a candidate and decided that we’d have a match of rock-paper-scissors when we met. We’re going to start the match now.” The two Admirals threw forward their arms and got ready. McAllister turned to the striking Vulcan.

“You want some dinner?”

“Why not?”

The dinner became a reception when the rest of the crew started introducing themselves. McAllister spotted Mathew Gardner over at the food table with the Lt.Cmdr’s strips.

“God no. Not him.” But before he could say hello he was pushed aside.

“Hi gorgeous. And who are you?”

“T’Pal, I’m the Captain remember? And aren’t Vulcan’s supposed to be logical and have no emotions?”

“So? I’ve got a twin sister on the other ship, the Enterprise, T’Pol. She turned out to be the good twin, I’m the evil one. Problem with that?”

“Not at all. Lets get you to your Quarters, you’re drunk.”

The next morning McAllister walked onto the bridge, and saw the two Admirals still at it. He went to the nearest crewman and asked.

“Any change?”

“There was a breakthrough halfway through the night when Wagner’s scissors beat the Vulcan’s paper, but it’s the best out of five so they’re still at it.”

“Ok.” T’Pal then walked onto the bridge in her underwear.

“T’Pal, you forgot your jumpsuit.” She looked down at herself and turned round muttering to herself.

“Stupid human alcohol…”

Just then there was a sound on the bridge.

“Spacedock to Secondprize, you are clear to go.”

He looked around, but seeing that Wagner and the Vulcan Admiral didn’t answer he took it upon himself.

“Thank you Spacedock. Helm, take us out. Ohhhhh! That felt good. Lets say it again. Helm, take us out.”

The Secondprize screeched and squealed as she moved into the emptiness of space. McAllister just then thought of something important.

“Anyone have any ideas what our orders are?” He met the gaze of blank faces all around him.

T’Pal, once again in full clothing said, “In Wagner’s pocket.” McAllister went up to him, and found a PADD in his left pocket. He read the orders, and passed them to the Vulcan captain.

“Seems easy enough. Helm, set a course for Nausicaa, maximum speed.” Mark Raine, the helmsman just stared back at him.

“Nausicaa…isn’t that where the Nausicaans are…”

“Yes ensign. That’s where the Nausicaans are. I know they tortured and killed the last ship that visited them, and I know that they blew up the next ship that came near their space, but we’ll be fine. We’re going to pick up our Doctor.”

Raine continued to stare at him.


“Yes. Now lets get moving. T’Pal, in my ready room.”

The Vulcan stood firmly.

“Actually its my ready room, because I’m the Captain and you’re my first officer.”

“Now wait there. I was told I’m the captain and you’re the first officer.”

They looked at the Admirals standing in the middle of the bridge. They were getting nowhere fast.

“Ok. Lets go to our ready room.”


When they got in they turned to face each other and squared off.

“I’m the Captain and that’s it.”

“No its not. Its my ship, my command.”

“There should be one person in command.”


“What do we do then?”

“Dinner, you’re place, eight o’clock.”


The two Captains walked out. McAllister went and sat in the centre chair and T’Pal went to Engineering to check on the Warp core.

“Sir, we’re coming up on Nausicaa, we’re being hailed.”

“On screen.” Said T’Pal and McAllister at the same time.

The face of a large Nausicaan appeared on screen. His face was yellow with long black hair, he had sharp rugged features, and scared the living daylights out of several of the bridge crew.

“What do you want?”

“We’re here to…ahhhh…pick up some new crewmembers for my,” T’Pal nudged him. “I mean our ship. Please.”

“Very well. You may transport him aboard, when he has finished his experiments.”

McAllister was interested.

“What experiments?”

“I believe he is testing his equipment on someone called Harrison.”

“Err…I believe Harrison is my science officer. Would you tell him not to kill him in the next five minutes?”

The Vulcan and the human then headed to the transporter room. When they got in McAllister saw his Transporter chief, Todd Hall leaning over the desk. No, he wasn’t leaning, he was more like hunched over it. When they entered he let out a squeaky evil laugh, showing a set of crooked teeth.

“Transporter ready sir.” There went the laugh again. He reminded McAllister of a mix between the evil sidekick of a mad professor and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

“Maybe we should tell them to use a shuttle…”

“Agreed.” T’Pol marched out of the transporter room and McAllister followed her to the shuttlebay. When they got there McAllister went to a panel on the wall and hit the comm button.

“Bridge, this is the Captain. Tell them to use a shuttle.” Gardners pompous voice answered.

“Use a shuttle, aye sir.” Minutes later an old shuttlepod landed in the bay. When the door to the shuttle opened McAllister went towards it.

“Welcome aboard the Secondprize…”

“Get him away from. He’s a madman!” Harrison ran and hid behind McAllister, leaving the Nausicaan doctor standing stupefied inside the shuttle.

“I needed to know if the things worked!”

“Well test them on your…mother. I’m out of here!” Harrison came out of hiding and ran out the doors. T’Pal was confused.

“What’s his problem?”

“No idea. Welcome aboard doctor…”

“Hjfawqinvjsaopna, but my friends call me Fawqin.”

“Ok. I’ll show you to sickbay.” Fawqin followed McAllister out. When they got to sickbay they found a medic with a tricorder over Harrison.

“Oh no…” Fawqin moved into his job.

“What’s his problem nurse?”

“He twisted his ankle coming here.”

“Twisted ankle? What a pity. Get me the big saw, we’ll have to amputate.”

“No!!!! I feel much better now. I can walk see?” Harrison tried to get up and walk, but fell to the floor. “See. I’m fine. I’ll go to my quarters now. Harrison ran out again, deeply in pain. McAllister just shrugged this off and quickly showed Fawqin around sickbay.

“That’s your office, there’s some biobeds, there’s some equipment and there’s the replicators. Well have fun, and I’ll be off.”

McAllister went to the bridge where he saw T’Pal barking out orders, with the accompanying insults.

“You, big nose, get me some coffee. Helm, move your butt and set course for Earth. Tactical, stop being lazy and scan behind us. Bridge to engineering, get me Warp drive now or I’ll come down there and smack you.”

“Nice command style.”

“It works.”

“What are our orders now?”

“We’re supposed to go back to Earth to pick up some more crew.”

“Okey-dokey. I’ll be in my quarters.”

“Fine. You, get your hands out of there and…” T’Pal was off again at some innocent crewman. McAllister went to the turbolift and headed for his quarters.

Two hours later McAllister heard the door chime.


The door opened revealing T’Pal in a rather revealing dress, if there was enough material on her to call it that.

“Well you look nice.”

“Thank you. Can I now come in?”

“Sure. This way.”

McAllister led T’Pal to a table set for two. T’Pal gracefully sat down as McAllister fumbled with the Champagne. T’Pal started the conversation.

“I’ve been intrigued by human sports. Do you like Wrestling?”

“Yeah. Sometimes it’s good.”

“Good.” T’Pal then stood up and lunged at him. She then proceeded to kicking him in the stomach, with a few jabs to his face.

“So much for a romantic dinner.” McAllister began to fight back. He started with a failed blow to her chest, which instead ripped open her dress, revealing something that she normally wouldn’t show people. Undisturbed, she got up and dealt a low blow to McAllister. He put his hands down and fell back.

“Uhhhhh. That hurts. Uhhh, uhhhh!” To T’Pal this seemed normal.

“It appears that I have hit you rather hard in the genitals. Do you require medical assistance?”

“Uhhhh god. Uhhhhh god.”

“T’Pal to sickbay.”

“Fawqin here Captain.”

“You are needed in Captain McAllister’s quarters.”

“On my way.”

T’Pal then just stood there, nearly as naked as the day she was born, waiting for the Doctor. When the Doctor did come in, the door opened and got stuck, allowing passing crewmembers to see two Captains: one with no clothes on, and one with his pants down being treated by a Doctor.

“That should be it. Captain McAllister, unless you have any erections in the next few days you’ll heal perfectly.”

“Uhhh…yes. Thanks Doc.”

“No problem.”

A crowd of crewmen and gathered outside the door. Undisturbed T’Pal shed what was left of her clothing and walked out. Harrison whistled.

“Shut it Harrison or I’ll make you do sickbay duty.”

“No!!!” Harrison turned white, and again did a runner. “Not him! He’s a madman!”

The commotion over several of the crewmen went on their ways, with mainly a few females leaving last in whispers and giggles.

The next morning McAllister walked onto the bridge, with a really bad sensation in his now numb balls. He struggled over to the command chair where T’Pal was commanding the ship.

“So what are we doing?”

“We are on course for Earth. We will arrive there in two hours. At the moment we are passing a big nebula.”

“Oh fun. Lets go investigate.”

“But we’d have to stop and go off course.”

“We’re a couple hours early anyway. We’ll make it.”

“Oh all right. Helm, get us to that stupid nebula thing, maximum speed.”

“Half impulse aye.”

The Secondprize proceeded into the nebula. The viewscreen started to go fuzzy, and then you couldn’t see anything.

“Sir, we’ve lost shields, most sensors and visual.”

“Try and get them on now!” turning to McAllister T’Pal barked out. “Well done cowboy. Now you’ve gotten us in this damn nebula and nothing works.”

“Nothing worked anyway.”

“But still.”

“Calm down. Helm, turn us around and get us out of here.”

“Okey-dokey Cap’”

Matthew Gardner, at the Tactical systems shouted to him. “Captain, I’m picking up a green fuzzy thing to our left.”

“Would you mind being more specific with ‘Green fuzzy thing’?”

“The sensors aren’t working now so I can’t.”

“Let’s just call it a Quantum Nebulae life form. What is it doing?”

“Let’s just call it Bob. Easier to remember. It is getting closer to us, and I detect some strange radiation coming out of it.”


Harrison looked up, then back down at his console.

“To tell you the truth I have no bloody idea what Bob is sir. I’m having trouble getting my console to work here.”

McAllister walked over and knelt down. “It’s because it isn’t plugged in. Try now.” The console lit up.

“Oh. Fine now sir. I can tell you that Bob is not a Quantum Nebulae life form, but a temporal vortex and were being pulled into it.”

“Crap. All engines, full reverse.”

“Sir, were not moving away fast enough.”

“Bridge to Engineering, give us more power now.”

No one answered. McAllister turned to T’Pal.

“The engineering crew?”


“Ok. You and Harrison get down there. I’ll ruin things from up here.” The two officers dashed to the turbolift McAllister went and sat down. He turned to Gardner.

“Any more on Bob?”

“Not much really. We’ll be sucked into it in about thirty minutes.”

“Well that’s just great isn’t it?”

“Engineering to Bridge. T’Pal here. We’re trying to get you more power.”

Suddenly there was a small explosion heard, and the ship rocked. T’Pal came back on the screen.

“Sir, I suggest you never put lipstick into the dilithium chamber. I’m out of ideas.”

“Perfect, just perfect. Anyone for a game of cards till we get sucked in?”

Commander Travis Dillon of the USS Secondprize moved over in his bed. On the other side was Lt. Patricia Hawkins. Suddenly the red alert lights and klaxons went off, and Captain Rydell’s voice came on over the comm. Systems.

“All personnel to battle stations.”

Dillon woke Hawkins up and started to climb out of bed. Hawkins took his arm and held on to him.

“I’m sure the ship will be fine without us.”

“Starfleet Regulation 7, paragraph 4 section B, all personnel will report to their battle stations when red alert goes off.”

“Can’t we stay?”


The two officers eventually got dressed and headed off to the bridge. When Dillon arrived he said, “Report?”

“J’Ter sees ship come out of green fuzzy thing nearby.”

“Isn’t your name Jaroch?

“No. I am J’Ter. I will kill everyone.” On his chair Rydell sighed. J’Ter/Jaroch jumped across the room, knocked Lt. Hawkins down and went up to the tactical station.

“J’Ter kill unidentified ship.”

“Oh I’ve had enough of this. Dillon, get him.” Dillon advanced, and Jaroch/J’Ter turned white and started backing away.

“J’Ter cannot stand Dillon. J’Ter surrender.” Suddenly the angry frustrated face left him and was replaced with Jaroch’s normal passive look.

“Captain, I am now in control. But I’m afraid J’Ter got off a shot before we stopped him.”

“Damn. Another first contact down the drain. Hail the weird ship.”

“On screen.”

“This is Captain Rydell of the USS Secondprize. I’m sorry about that shot, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Secondprize? I’m the Captain of the Secondprize.”

McAllister had a pair of Aces. He decided to bluff.

“I see Gardner’s 12 big ones and raise by 5 more.”

“I’m out.” Harrison sighed and went back to his station. McAllister looked at Lt Raine, but he just dropped his cards and went back to the helm. This left McAllister against Gardner. After several moments of staring the two men were interrupted by Ensign Harrison.

“Sir, we’re just passed through Bob. I better get down to Engineering.” Harrison went out past the tactical and went down the turbolift. Gardner and McAllister got up. Gardner turned round and asked.

“What did you have?”

“Pair of Aces.”

“Uh. Good bluff. I had two threes.” McAllister stared at the man and went to his chair. And he thought he had a dangerous bluff. Suddenly the ship jolted.

“What was that?”

“I think the other ship fired at us. I can’t tell ‘cause that hit took out all of the sensors. Wait sir, they’re hailing.”

“On screen.”

“This is Captain Rydell of the USS Secondprize. I’m sorry about that shot, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Secondprize? I’m the Captain of the Secondprize.”

“No you’re not. I’m the Captain of the Secondprize.”

“No, I am.”

“I am.”

“I am.”

“I am.”

“I am.”

“I am.”

“I am.” Each time the phrase grew in volume till Rydell stopped it.

“This is getting nowhere. Tell me who you are and what you’re doing here.”

“I am Captain Cornelius McAllister of the Earth Space fleet ship USS Secondprize, NX-02.”

It took Rydell seconds to realise what was happening. “McAllister? The McAllister? Wow! Sir, can I get your autograph or something. Better can I come aboard. Oh that would be great!”

At his right Dillon shuffled a bit. Rydell noticed this and turned to him. “Yes Dillon?”

“Sir, Starfleet regulation 86, section A paragraph C, all personnel will minimise contact with people from alternate timelines. We’ve got to stop talking to them and help them get home.”

“But it’s the Secondprize. The original. It’s famous! Nelson, Napoleon, Cochrane, Surak of Vulcan, Jonathan Archer, McAllister and Kirk. This is history before our eyes!” Dillon looked up to Hawkins for help.

“Dillon’s right sir. We’ve got to minimise contact and get them the hell out of here.”

“Ok. Their ship’s damaged. Lets take it to the nearest Starbase for repairs and then we’ll get them on their way. What’s then nearest Station?”

“Waystation sir.”

“Good. We can visit Beck for a while. And Dillon can get to see his brother. Get the other Secondprize in tow.”

“Yes sir.”

Soon T’Pal came up from Engineering.

“So what’s up?”

“Bob transported us to the future, and we’ve been met by a futuristic version of the Secondprize. She’s got us in tow and is taking us to a Starbase, Waystation I think he called it.”

“Acceptable. How are you for dinner tonight?” Several of the crew looked at them and giggled.

“No thanks. We’ll reach that Starbase of theirs before dinner and I expect we’ll be dining with them.”

“Very well. I’m going to get some sleep.”

Commander Lisa Beck was tired. She rubbed her already tired eyes and nearly fell on top of Yeoman Jones.

“Wake up Commander. What did you do last night?” Lt.Cmdr Morales turned bright red and turned away. Then his console started beeping.

“Commander, we’re receiving a hail from the Secondprize.” Off the hook Beck tried to stand up right and ordered.

“Ok. On screen.”

“Morning Commander Beck.”

“Good morning Captain. To what do I own this pleasure.”

“Yes. It appears that we’ve had a little accident and we’re towing the Secondprize to you.”

“Oh. Who’s bringing you?”

“We’re bringing the Secondprize.”

“But I though you said the Secondprize had a tractor beam on her?”

“She does.”

“Now you’re just confusing me. Lets talk about it when you get here. Waystation out.” She turned to Russell. “Can you scan them from here?”

“Sure thing, boss. It appears to be the Secondprize.”

“I know it’s the Secondprize. I mean is there another ship with her?”

“That’s it Commander. It is the Secondprize. The first one.”

Captain Baxter went to his quarters, changed into some looser clothes and headed to the holodecks. It was good to finally be on vacation. He went down through the promenade passing a shop named “Dillon’s” something or other, pass some alien restaurant and into the holodecks. He turned on a beach program, laid down in the sand and started to relax. Then his communicator chirped.

“Baxter. What do you want?”

“Beck here. I want loads of money and a house in Risa but I ain’t got it. The Secondprize will be docking soon. I need you to meet me at docking ring 7.”

“Can’t this wait?”

“I’m afraid not. Now get moving.” Another vacation down the drain. Baxter was really annoyed. Boy he’d give that Commander Beck a good verbal spanking when he saw her.

“Sir, we’ve docked.” McAllister woke up in the command chair.

“Ok. T’Pal, Gardner and Fawqin, you’re with me. Harrison, you’ve got engineering. Raine, the conn is yours.”

The four officers met at the airlock and went through. When they got to the other side they didn’t’ see anything but a large corridor and a few people waiting for them.

“I’m Commander Lisa Beck, this is my first officer Lt.Cmdr Morales. This is Captain Baxter, he’s here on vacation. Captain Rydell and Commander Dillon will be transporting down shortly.”

“Hello. Good to see some normal faces. I’m Captain McAllister, USS Secondprize. This is the other captain of the ship, T’Pal, my Chief medical officer Fawqin and my Security officer Lt.Cmdr Gardner. Now could you get us the hell home?” There was a brief hum as a transporter operated and standing right beside them suddenly stood Captain Rydell and Dillon.

“I suggest we all get somewhere to sit, because my butt always hurts after being transported in.” With Rydell leading the way the group went to Waystation’s main conference room.

Rydell started speaking. “It appears that Captain McAllister and his ship were transported here from the past. We need to get them home.”

Baxter quickly piped up, “Well you won’t be needing me for that…”

Dillon just reached the doorway as Baxter jumped from his seat.

“Oh no you don’t sir.”

“I’m on holiday. No uniform, no orders. I’m out of here!” Baxter pushed Dillon outside and ran past him.

“So much for his help. So how we going to get them home?” Beck wanted to know why she’d been brought into all of this.

“We need to get it to go through the same temporal distortion than it went through before, but to survive it we need to repair it a bit. It’s a long story, but let’s just say that J’Ter paid us a visit.”

“Ok. McAllister, your men and go around the Starbase as much as they like. I’ll get repairs going on the Secondprize.”

“Thanks.” McAllister hit his comnbadge. “McAllister to Secondprize.”

“Harrison here.”

“Where’s Raine?”

“He went to take a piss.”

“Ok. How are things up there?”

“All hunky-dory sir.”

“Good. Authorise shore leave for everyone. McAllister out.”

“He’s so handsome in person. Much more than in the pictures.”

“Who, McAllister? He did have the reputation of being a lady’s man.”

“Not him, Fawqin. Those eyes, the saliva oozing from his mouth, all those grunts and big muscles. Isn’t he the man of your dreams?”

“I think you need your head checked. Lets get you to sickbay.” Doctor Nelson led Yeoman Tina Jones down the promenade and grabbed for a medical tricorder.

Up in Ops, Lt. Russell was nearly falling asleep.

“What a boring day. Why does nothing exiting ever happen here?” He was about to nod off when his console started beeping like a madman. “What’s this…Commander Beck to Ops.”

Beck walked out of her office and up to Russell. “What is it?”

“I’ve detected a Borg cube heading our way. ETA 4 minutes.”

“Crap. Red alert. All hands to battle stations. Inform the Secondprize of what’s happening.”

“Which one?”


“Message sent. Sir, the Borg cube is hailing us.”

“We are the Borg. People of Earth, you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

“Answer them. I demand to speak to a representative of theirs.”

“I am 4 of 8. What do you wish to talk about.”

“You’ve got it all wrong mate. This is Waystation.”

“Oh. Sorry. Where is Earth then?”

“It’s the third star on the left.”

“Thank you. Sorry for the misunderstanding.” The screen went off and the Borg cube warped off in the right direction this time.

“Commander Beck, Rydell’s Secondprize is hailing us. He wants to know what happened.”

“Tell him that they had a misunderstanding. And you better tell Earth that they’ve got a Borg cube on the way.”

“Done sir.”

“Good. When will the repairs be done?”

“By this afternoon Commander.”

“Okey dokey. I’ll be in my Quarters.”

T’Pal was confused. She did not understand this technology.

“I want a glass of water.”

“Please specify: Cold, still, bubbly, hot, medium, mineral…”

“Cold Mineral.”

“Please specify: From Earth, from Antara, from Vulcan, from Betazed…”

“From Earth.”

“Please specify: From Canada, from Britain, from the Alps, from the Pacific.”

“From Britain please.”

“Please specify: From the Pennines, from the Thames, from the Tees, from the Tyne.”

“Oh I give up. I want some orange juice.”

“Please specify…” Sparks came out as T’Pal kicked the replicators.

“Die you stupid repli…”

“Please specify: Dead, hurt, bleeding, in a coma…” The replicator disintegrated, as T’Pal had crapped a phaser. Suddenly alarms went off all over the Station. In a few seconds Lt.Russel was there with Security.

“Bloody hell!”

“Are we ready to go?”

“Yes Captain. Were clear from the Station, and the Engines are all ready.” McAllister breathed in. Then he choked.

“Get us to Bob. I’ll be in Sickbay.” The human Captain went into the turbolift and headed down, leaving T’Pal in charge of the ship. When he walked into Sickbay Fawqin was dissecting a rabbit.

“That looks like fun. What are you doing?”

“Hello Captain. I am using this dead rabbit to create a culture of Anthrax, in case we meet some angry Klingons.”

“Very good. Shouldn’t the rabbit be quarantined behind a force field?”

“No, no. I’m told that Anthrax is quite harmless to humans.”

“Ohh. Good. You don’t have anything for a cough do you?”

“I think I got some monkey teeth from some Chinese guy some time ago. That should help.”

“I think I’ve got some cough medicine in my quarters. Thanks anyway, Doctor.” McAllister hurried out and headed back to the bridge. He’d have to live with the cough till they got back.

“Captain T’Pal, were in range of Bob.”

“On screen.”

“Err…. Captain, you sold the Viewscreen to that Bradley Dillon guy for a glass of water.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot. Just head for the thing then.” The Secondprize shook as it came near the temporal anomaly, until finally they went through it. Seconds later they were on the other side.

“Well that was easy enough. Lets get home, maximum speed.” The Secondprize turned towards Earth, and headed back to its own time, and its own destiny.

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