Star Traks: Crash Course

Space, the place we want to work someday,
These are the voyages of Brute Squad,
Their ongoing mission: To survival tyrannic mid-classmen,
To seek out new punisment forms, and strange new traditions,
To boldy be yelled at where thousands have been yelled at before!

Welcome to Star Traks: Crash Course! Yet another of the many Star Traks series spreading like weeds across the Internet, Crash Course follows the exploits of a group of young new Cadets as they encounter overbearing Team Leaders, increadibly annoyed professors, decrepit, run-down buildings and all the other 'special joys' an institution like Starfleet Academy has to offer...

1.1 - Year One - New Arrivals

Meet Marc Malespere, Steven Veksai, Akavarti Kumari, Archie Bahred and Dylan Baxter; brand new Recruits at Starfleet Academy. With new cadets arriving from across the quadrant, this goup of young people find themselves in a new place, surrounded by new people, and wondering just what exactly is this SNAP thing they keep hearing about?

1.2 - SNAP To It!

SNAP has begun, leaving Malespere, Veksai and the rest of Brute Squad trapped right between three rocks and hard places. Toss in a key piece of Klingon Opera and a band of EMH-1s just looking for an excuse to cause some misery, and some of them are going to start wondering just what the heck they’ve gotten themselves into…

1.3 - First Lap

Classes have began, but SNAP hasn’t stopped. What happens when the SNAP staff decides that Brute Squad isn’t living up to their expectations? You can bet it won’t be pretty!

1.4 - Checkpoint

It’s the last week of SNAP, and things are quickly drawing to a close for Brute squad. But before they can end SNAP and become full members of the Academy, they have to make it through the Survival Challenge, not to mention a special training session from a Traks guest-star!

1.5 - Aftermath

SNAP is over, so it’s time now for Brute Squad to settle into the calm, quiet routine of Academy life. Unfortunately, they’re about to find out that life at the Academy is anything but calm, quiet or routine!

1.6 - Cool Down

A rest, a vacation, a little bit of time off. Yes, the winter holidays provided all of that. Now,however, it’s time for Brute Squad to come tackle the second half of their first Academy Year.

2.1 - New Arrivals - Round Two

Gell Gallium and the rest of the Antares junior-classmen figured they were done with SNAP. But when a new crop of lower-classmen arrive, they find that leaving well enough alone sometimes just doesn’t work.

2.3 - Baby Steps

What happens when certain cadets have a bit too much free time on their hands? Well, depends on the cadet I suppose. But when Gallium starts poking around in Lt. Wellington’s private business, he finds something he just can’t ignore…

2.4 - Assembly

As junior year heads into the homestretch the former Brute Squad cadets find themselves fighting to see just who will be King of the SNAP Hill. Throw in a minor morale issue and a beer explosion and you know it’s Antares Sector you’re dealing with…

3.1 - Year Three - Inter-Mission

Nothing bad ever happens to cadets, right? But when Kumari, M’kr’gr, Gallium and Veksai are sent off on a minor training cruise, they find themselves in a situation they never expected to face. Who’s crashing the training party, and why does the whole situation seem so…familiar?

3.2 - As the Tables Turn

It’s back to the Academy for another year of fun & frolic. Verone, M’Kr’gr, Bahred and Veksai are now mid-classmen, ready to show the ropes to a fresh group of lower-classmen. But they’re about to find that things at the Academy have started to…change.

3.3 - Downhill

Verone, Veksai, M’Kr’gr and Bahred work to get their Brute Squad lowers through the last of SNAP, just in time for real life at the Academy to come crashing down in the conclusion of Year 3 of Star Traks: Crash Course.

4.1 - Year Four - Homestretch

It’s the beginning of the end…or the end of the middle part. Either way, with less than a year left before graduation the new senior-classmen have a ticking time-bomb…get everything finished, or fail to graduate. And not everybody is on track…

4.2 - Final Sprint

The final semester has arrived. Really, there isn’t much to say. It’s finally time to take a look around, think about what’s been accomplished…then say goodbye.