Star Traks: Howlers

What happens when Traks authors have nightmares? Well most of the time, nothing more than screams that annoy a spouse or terrify a beloved family pet. But sometimes nightmares get lodged in the brain and ferment into strange and bizarre new shapes. Which brings us to Star Traks: Howlers!
What do you do if you discover that some of your people have been infected with a terrifing, incurable virus that changes them into unstoppable killing-machines? Well, if you're a secretive shadow organization, you round them up, weaponize them, and point them at the nearest bad guy. And a few experiments doesn't hurt, either. Well, OK, they might hurt. But it's all in the name of science!
Whether they're taking down Andorian crime-lords, rescuing captured slaves or enduring the latest round of wild tests the lab boys thought up, the Howlers are in it for the good of the Federation! Whether they like it, or not...

Howlers 1 - Loupapalooza

Join Ensign Greg Mayle as he finds himself on a top-secret ship, suffering from a strange disease that nobody understands, nobody can cure, but that some people have found the perfect way to exploit!

Howlers 2 - Heads or Tails

Snarling, people-eating, tree-humping beasts to the left, mad scientists (and Vulcans) to the right, a snarling cat to the rear and Andorian assassins to the front. It’s times like these that Ensign Greg Mayle wishes he’d done something safe. Like shark-wrestling. Or alligator taunting. Or anything OTHER than Liaison Officer for the most bizarre yet deadly assault team in Starfleet history.

Howlers 3 - Pack Mentality

Friction is growing between the Alpha and Beta Howler teams, leading Mayle to wonder if there’s more to the tension than simple intra-pack rivalry. The Howlers need a way to blow off some steam or this situation is going to get really ugly.

Howlers 4 - Up the Heat

When a Starfleet surveillance team disappears on an unfamiliar world, the Howlers are sent to pick up the…um…scent. But due to a very personal condition affecting one of the team, Mayle has to head into the field. Will his inexperience turn out to be an asset or a liability? We’re going to go out on a limb and say liability.

Howlers 5 - What's the Frequency?

The sound you are now hearing is trouble as the Howlers come up against a force even they can’t deal with. The search for answers leads to more questions that they may not want to be asking.

Howlers 6 - Pieces

Another day, another mission, another bad-guy to brutally eviscerate, and another brutal attack by a cute but angry kitty-cat. But when Lt Commander Travs’ ‘happy’ little surprise turns out to be a ticking time-bomb, it’s a race to figure out just what to do with the darned thing.


Howlers 7 - Holidays of Yesteryear

Counsellor Tomillo decides that maybe the Howlers have been under a little bit too much pressure, and a cancelled mission provides the perfectly opportunity for them to sit back, catch their breath…and maybe do some long-overdue reflection…