Traks Not Taken

The Traks writers have collectively produced a lot of stories over the years. Not all of them ended up on the main sites for various reasons. Characters changed, storylines didn't work, or, in some cases, the idea just wasn't very good in the first place. We have collected these assorted mistaken directions here.

1 - The Mad Booter

By Alan Decker

Lieutenant Hawkins must stop a crazed lunatic (that’s a bit redundant) who’s running around the Secondprize kicking people in the head. This story owes its existence to a comedy team, the Frantics, that does a ‘boot to the head’ routine. This one goes a bit past homage to just outright stealing their gag.

2 - Penguins On the Brain

By Alan Decker

The crew of the Secondprize worries that Ensign Larkin may be losing her positronic mind when she starts seeing penguins all over the ship. Is there a rational explanation, or does she just have a short in her neural net?

3 - Problems and Solutions

By Alan Decker

Trinian considers helping out her crew-mates as part of running the Seven Backward lounge, but trained counselors would probably frown upon her methods.

4 - Transporter Wars

By Alan Decker

When transporter chiefs from different starships get together, most of them just want to sit around and talk about anything except beaming stuff. Some transporter chiefs, however, have a different mind set entirely.

5 - Contract Negotiations

By Alan Decker

This story takes place in an alternate universe where Star Traks is just a TV show and the crew are actors. How’s that for an explanation? When Lisa Beck goes in to renegotiate her contract, she wants a few changes on the show. We’ll see how far she gets with her dramatic ideas.

6 - Prologue

By Alan Decker

Continuing on from the events of Contract Negotiations, this fragment explains how Lisa Beck convinced the network to give her a series. This whole idea was insane. At one point, I was contemplating writing an entire behind-the-scenes book for a show that didn’t exist. Not my best idea. I’m glad it only got this far.

7 - Starfleet Red

By Anthony Butler

For those of you attempting to establish a chronology, this story takes place right after Hostage Crisis. Commander Dillon is offered the chance to be the spokesmodel for Starfleet Red cologne. Being the humble guy he is, Dillon leaps at the idea. But everything is not quite what it seems.

8 - The Human Condition

By Alan Decker

I originally wrote this story for Anthony Butler’s series, Star Traks: The Vexed Generation, and, well…what can I say? You can’t win them all. On to the plot…J’hana and Larkin are both seriously injured in a freak accident on board the Aerostar, the results of which are…unique.