Star Traks: The Traks Files

There is a dark underside to the galaxy, a side full of the unexplained, the inexplicable, and the just plain bizarre. Fortunately, Starfleet Intelligence is there to shine the light of truth into the darkness.
Okay, actually Starfleet Intelligence would rather not go anywhere near these situations, but somebody has to deal with them. Starfleet Intelligence also doesn't really want to deal with Agents Dallas and Batyn. Guess who's about to get some new cases to investigate.

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1 - The Cruelest Cut

After sticking her nose someplace she shouldn’t have, Starfleet Intel Agent Samantha Dallas is saddled with a new partner and a case that defies all logic.

2 - For My Next Trick

Dallas and Batyn travel to a remote subspace relay station to investigate a series of disappearances…and reappearances. Is it sabotage? A Dominion plot? Or something more sinister?

3 - My What Big Teeth You Have

Six months earlier, the USS Aerostar vanished in a region of space known as the Bermuda Expanse. Can Dallas and Batyn figure out what happened to the missing ship? Or will they end up running for their lives from a really nasty alien-monster-thing? My money’s on the latter.

4 - Samantha Dallas and the Smudge of England

What appears to be a small problem with one of Starfleet Cartography’s satellites becomes a big problem for Dallas and Batyn when an investigation on the safest planet in the Federation, Earth, takes a turn toward the mystical.

5 - Three Rings of the Condor

Close to a year ago, a run-in with The Crazy Condor Circus got Agent Samantha Dallas assigned to the Traks Files in the first place. Now she’s got a chance for some payback.

6 - Interlude of Insanity

Starfleet Intelligence wants Samantha Dallas to take a nice long rest, but she has other plans. And once again, I provide an exceptionally vague, spoiler-free story description.

7 - Rook Pursues Pawn; Fish Consumes Prawn

For the last eighteen months, Starfleet Intelligence Agent Samantha Dallas has been committed/imprisoned at the Tantalus V Psychiatric Facility by the Condors. Now a mysterious benefactor is giving her a chance to strike back.

9 - Old Guard; New Tricks

An old friend in trouble leads Dallas and Batyn directly into the middle of a bunch of old people behaving oddly. Is something nefarious going on? Or are these folks just REALLY into their Bingo night?

10 - Bringing Down The Big Top - Part One

An anonymous tip about the Crazy Condor Circus has Dallas and Batyn heading deep into Cardassian Space. Is Dallas finally getting close to the truth behind the Condors’ activities?

11 - Bringing Down The Big Top - Part Two

Admiral Earl Wyndham leads Dallas and Batyn into the Condor’s Nest, but does he have a secret agenda of his own? Find out as Dallas races toward her final showdown with the Crazy Condor Circus.

(Series Complete)