Star Traks: Unleashed!

Welcome to the world of the bizarre. More bizarre than usual Traks. This is the world of Star Traks: Unleashed, where anything can happen, even if it really shouldn't. This is the place your Traks authors have dedicated for putting their not quite normal works, those works which don't necessarily conform to continuity or make sense.
Some of these works aren't necessarily part of Traks as you know it. Some are stories that never happened. Some are stories that shouldn't have happened.
All have been shuffled to this back corner of the Traks domain, for your enjoyment.


Thank the Great Bird They Weren't There - Volume 5

By Anthony Butler, Alan Decker, Brendan Chris

There’s been a lot of Trek produced since we last did one of these. Let’s see what the Traks characters have to say about the new kids in the galaxy…even if some of those kids are close to a decade old now.

ST:WAY - Hard Corps

By Alan Decker

Alan - ‘I originally ended Waystation with a cliffhanger of sorts. The Federation Marines had left the station and moved to a mysterious alien structure called the Space Lodge. At the end of the series, the Space Lodge vanished. I thought that I would follow up the disappearance in a final Waystation book, but I realized that I’d really said everything that I needed to say about the main characters. So instead I wrote a one-off to deal with the Marines. That didn’t feel right either. So now Waystation ends without the Marines disappearance. This story is that one-off. It’s been just over a year since Colonel Martin Lazlo removed his marines from Waystation. A lot can change in that amount of time. Let’s check in and see how things are going, shall we?’

Thank the Great Bird They Weren't There - Volume 4

By Anthony Butler, Alan Decker, Brad Dusen, Maija Meneks, Brendan Shust

Just in time for the holidays (If you happen to be reading this in December 2011 when it was posted (and happen to be celebrating a holiday)), the Star Traks authors have gathered together to bring you a collection of TV shows, movies, and video games lovingly ruined by the presence of their various Star Traks crews. Think of them like carolers…only with much less singing…for which we’re all grateful.

Hootenanny 2 - Groza's Day

By Mark Stockman

Following up where the round robin left off, Mark Stockman brings us the second tale of the crew of the USS Hootenanny. After the events of the first story, Commander Groza has been a bit under the weather (or broken into many many pieces really), so the crew takes it upon themselves to cheer him up. Considering that the only thing the crew to do to accomplish this is die horribly and painfully, this is not likely to go well.

Hootenanny 1 - Chips and Dips

By Star Traks Forum Contributors

Welcome to the first (and possibly last) adventure of the USS Hootenanny. This story is the product of a round robin writing project by members of the Star Traks Forum. Wait! Before you run away in terror, this story is actually coherent. Mostly. We promise!

Thank the Great Bird They Weren't There - Volume 3

By Anthony Butler, Alan Decker, Brad Dusen, Brendan Shust

The time has come once again for our intrepid writing staff to offer some humble suggestions to a few TV shows of ways they might be enhanced by the addition of the Star Traks crews. One show gets a particularly large bit of the attention, and for that we apologize. We just kind of LOST our heads.

ST:TVG - Deleted Scenes - Vol. 1

By Anthony Butler, Andy Baxter

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Unleashed page, we unearth more Traksy goodness from days gone by. Here, posted online for the first time, are deleted scenes from Years 1-4 of The Vexed Generation. Some scenes just didn’t work, some made no sense, some were OK but didn’t fit. Whatever the case, they were nixed, and nwo they’re here. Also included in this once-in-a-lifetime gift set, is narration from me and Captain Andy Baxter, along with a preview of Year Eight. I’m so excited I could cough. Enjoy!

Once More With Starships

By Alan Decker, Anthony Butler

What happens when you smash a classic Star Trek film into “Once More With Feeling,” the musical episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? You may not want to know. But just in case you do, the answer is in “ONCE MORE WITH STARSHIPS”!

Thank the Great Bird They Weren't There - Volume 2

By Alan Decker, Anthony Butler

In the first Thank The Great Bird, the Star Traks crews took on classic Trek scenes. Now see what happens when they broaden their horizons to some of the other shows cluttering the air waves…or cable…or satellite…or whatever medium of television delivery you happen to be using. Oh never mind.

ST:TVG - Who You Leave Behind

By Anthony Butler

Ever wondered what happened to Mirk and Hartley after “All’s Well That Ends?” No? FINE! Be that way! Just kidding. Anyway, this story picks up shortly after that book. Without giving much away to those who haven’t read Ends, I’ll say this story is not exactly a laugh riot. As such, and because it’s sort of a story I don’t have the guts to release as “canon” (even though it may as well be) it gets shoved off to Unleashed. But it absolutely had to be written, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you haven’t already, check out All’s Well that Ends. As always,let me know what you think of the story!

Thank the Great Bird They Weren't There - Volume 1

By Alan Decker, Anthony Butler

Generally, the crews of the Secondprize, Waystation, and the Explorer tackle missions that are a bit off-kilter to begin with, but what happens when their crews are put into some real Star Trek situations from the various series?

ST:TVG - The Bright Side of Death

By Anthony Butler

Relatively early in my Traks writing career I decided I needed to do a ghost story, in the tradition of the TNG show “Out of Phase” and about a million different sitcom episodes. I’m not sure I’m happy with what resulted, and that’s why it’s ended up here. There are some character moments I like, but all-in-all I think death is just too damn hard to get jokes out of. Its one redeeming quality is we get to revisit a whole slew of people I killed off in Year One. Did anyone else notice how many crew bit the dust during that year? Anyways, let me know what you think of this one!

Q'S How to Captain Effectively

By Alan Decker, Corinne Simpson

While attacking a problem with their usual level of expertise, the crew of U.S.S. Voyager receive a few helpful hints from Q and some surprise guests. This one’s in the same format as the preceding story. In fact, make sure you read that one first.


By Alan Decker, Corinne Simpson

The Enterprise crew and the Secondprize crew join forces in order to prevent the destruction of the Enterprise by a powerful entity with an ax to grind. This one’s sort of a script…sort of not. I can’t really explain it. Just read it, all right!

ST:TOS - A Serious Case of the Stupids - THE SCRIPT

By Alan Decker

This is the script for the unfortunately unfilmed (or fortunately considering how bad the first one was) second Star Traks movie. As the title suggests, this script is based on the story ‘A Serious Case of the Stupids,’ but the movie version has substantial differences.

ST:TOS - Refresher Course - The Movie

By Alan Decker

This is the script for the Star Traks movie that was filmed in the Fall of 1994 around Old Dominion University. The movie, if it can even be called that, was shot on video and had a budget of approximately seventy cents. In deference to the modesty and good taste of those involved, I can’t post any pics from the flick. The story is based on Sensitivity 101, written by myself and Tasha Campagnola, but, as with most film adaptations, there are substantial differences in the movie. Enjoy.