When I was a high-school student…many years ago…I absolutely hated writing. But I guess it’s one of those things where it sucks when you’re forced to do it, but sort of fun when you decide to do it on your own!

I grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba, the part of Canada that really DOES get cold in the winter. After finishing college, I moved to Toronto Ontario where I settled into a job training new employees at a tech support center. Man, am I glad that’s over! Currently working in a more professional job working with fun, nerdy technology.

It was about two years after I started reading Traks that I thought I’d try writing my own. I always hated English class, and the only writing I really did was work-related. So I was pretty amazed when I finished one story…then two…then three. Next thing I know, I’ve got a series! (And now I’ve got two…) Thanks to everybody who sent in their positive feedback, Silverado wouldn’t have gone from story to series without it.

You can shoot me an email using the link below, or post on the Star Traks Facebook page for all us authors to see!