Senior Officers (Seasons 1 to 3)

Captain Christopher Stafford

Rank: Captain
Age: 32 years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Position: Captain
Origin: Earth
Romantic Situation: Single and lonely.
Voiced by: Brendan Chris

Although Starfleet is a bit…unsure…of whether or not promoting Christopher to captain was a good idea or not, an officer shortage had left them a bit desperate. His initial jubilation at being promoted was crushed by the fact that his ship is a major rust bucket. Still, he’s determined to do the best he can with what he has.

Likes: Trish Yanick, Simon Jeffery, model ships, Sylvia
Dislikes: San Jall, Noel Wowryk, children

First Officer Matthew Noonan

Rank: Commander
Age: 221
Gender: Male
Race: Human (originally)
Position: First Officer
Origin: Montreal, Earth
Romantic Situation: Romance is for the living.
Voiced by: Corey Quintane

Aloof and mysterious, Noonan has the distinction of being the most competent and skilled member of the Silverado crew. Although he’s friendly enough, Noonan spends large seen drinking only the occasional glass of wine. Something is definitely amiss. Tall with dark hair and unnaturally pale skin, Noonan seems to not turn heads everywhere he goes.

Special note: The idea of having Noonan be what he is wasn’t my best, and was stormed up when I only planned to write one or two stories. He’s very secretive about his origins, so far as everybody else knows he’s a member of a pale species that has been classified by Starfleet because of their unique abilities. These abilities include moving very fast, healing almost instantly and mental powers that allow Noonan to influence people into believing he’s a perfectly normal man. Noonan has very strict morals and always works for the good of the crew.

Likes: Living things Dislikes: Boredom

Science Officer Jane Fifebee (5-B)

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Race: Hologram
Position: Science Office
Origin: Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center
Romantic Situation: Romance is irrelevant.
Voiced by: Elsie Kay

Part of a trial program by Starfleet to better integrate sentient holograms into Federation society, Fifebee was created by the renowned Dr. Louis Zimmerman, just in time for him to disown her! Fifebee loves her job on Silverado, except for when it requires her to join an away team. Fifebee has the knowledge of all the Federation’s greatest scientists programmed into her database. Unfortunately, all those personalities sometimes clash!

Likes: Doing her job, telling subordinates how to do theirs. Dislikes: Animals, insects, birds, etc.

CMO Noel Wowryk

Rank: Doctor
Age: 28 years
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Position: Chief Medical Office
Origin: Caanan Colony
Romantic Situation: A very long story.
Voiced by: Laura K

Smart, sexy, beautiful. Everything you’d expect in a nun. Well, OK, she’s not a nun, but when the time came for her to decide being joining a convent and joining Starfleet it was only her desire for adventure that put her into a Starfleet uniform instead of a habit. As a devoted Catholic, Dr. Wowryk loves God. As herself, she really hates sex. And men. And sex. And men! If you’re a man, Dr. Wowyk is best avoided. But don’t get any ideas ladies; she’s straight as a board. Tall, auburn haired and with curves in all the right places!

Likes: God, the Bible, Trish Yanick. Dislikes: Sinners, men, San Jall, Chris Stafford

Chief Engineer Simon Jeffery

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Age: 31 years
Gender: Male
Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Alpha Centurian
Position: Chief Engineer
Origin: New Edinburgh, Alpha Centauri
Romantic Situation: Trying to date Noel Wowryk.
Voiced by: Sir Reginald Benjamin J. Gibson the 3rd

After over 100 years we finally have another Scotsman in the engine room! Jeffery served with Stafford on board the U.S.S. Exeter. When Stafford was promoted he took Jeffery with him. Little did Jeffery know he was in for the challenges of his life: getting Silverado up and running and trying to satisfy Dr. Wowryk!

Likes: Noel Wowryk, tinkering with machinery, Chris Stafford, whiskey, Sylvia Dislikes: Getting yelled at by Noel Wowryk

Tactical Officer T'Parief

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Age: 28 years
Gender: Male
Race: 1/2 Gorn, 1/4 Klingon, 1/4 Andorian (Genetically Engineered)
Position: Tactical Officer
Origin: Nisus Colony
Romantic Situation: Dating Trish Yanick.
Voiced by: Anthony Butler

After over 100 years we finally have another Scotsman in the engine room! Jeffery served with Stafford on board the U.S.S. Exeter. When Stafford was promoted he took Jeffery with him. Little did Jeffery know he was in for the challenges of his life: getting Silverado up and running and trying to satisfy Dr. Wowryk!

Likes: Noel Wowryk, tinkering with machinery, Chris Stafford, whiskey, Sylvia Dislikes: Getting yelled at by Noel Wowryk, poutporri lizards

Operations Officer San Jall

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 29 years
Gender: Male
Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Trill
Position: Operations Officer
Origin: Mediterranean Region, Earth
Romantic Situation: Single and loving it!
Voiced by: Hussein Jalloul

Smart and competent…when he wants to be anyway. Jall was demoted from the position of First Officer on the U.S.S. Sutherland for insubordination. Tall and slim with a handsome Mediterranean look. If you’re looking for a good attitude and friendly disposition, look somewhere else. There was a reason he was demoted for subordination y’know! Jall’s one of the lazier members of the crew and tries to do as little as possible.

Likes: Trish Yanick, annoying Chris Stafford, dressing fashionably Dislikes: Working

Conn Officer Trish Yanick

Rank: Ensign
Age: 29 years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Position: Operations Officer
Origin: Rural North American, Earth
Romantic Situation: Dating T’Parief.
Voiced by: Trish V

A charming farm girl and an able pilot. She can’t help the occasional…blond moment. It’s easy for a lot of people to forget that she really does have a brain and can be very clever when she’s not distracted by magazines, boys, conversations, people talking, plants, shiny objects, carpet, bright lights, tables, flowers, her boyfriend, her friends…need I go on? Yanick’s on the short side with long blond hair and an ever-present smile. The complete opposite of Lieutenant Jall, Yanick always has a friendly smile and warm welcome for everybody.

Likes: Everybody. Poutporri lizards, horses, magazines, talking and flying the ship Dislikes: Mean people

Minor Characters

Hazardous Team

Lieutenant Stern: Towering over other humans (but short to T’Parief and Dar’ugal) Stern is T’Parief’s Deputy Security Chief and the Hazardous Team’s sharpshooter.

Ensign Dar’ugal: Member of the Bruda species. Night shift security officer. About 6’5” and totally covered in long red fur. The Bruda are one of the few species with no recognizable heads; their eyes, nose and mouth are on their chest.

Ensign Rengs Aris: Bajoran security officer assigned to Silverado after the Body-Swap Incident. Serves as the Energy Munitions Expert. Firm believer in the Bajoran Prophets, he and Dr. Wowryk are mortal enemies. Rengs was assigned to Silverado straight from the Academy and was expecting a proper, professional Starfleet crew. Boy, was he surprised! 5’11” or so.

Ensign Simmons: Short and stocky, dark haired and reasonably good-looking, Simmons considers himself something of a ladies man. The ladies consider him something of a pig. An ‘expert’ in explosive munitions, Simmons’ poor aim with plasma and photon grenades earned the security team its nickname.

Ensign Marsden: Tall, blond and a bit strange, Marsden is the hostage negotiator for Silverado’s security team. Although his services are rarely in demand, on the rare cases when they are needed Marsden has usually already been blasted unconscious. The girls drool over him, but he’s often not sharp enough to notice.

Crewman Kreklor: Another Klingon in Starfleet. Kreklor wasn’t quite bright enough to get into the Academy program, opting instead to take the enlisted man’s route. A stereotypical Klingon, he has a true enthusiasm for hand-to-hand combat.

Around the Ship

Counselor Eva Yvonnokoff: A great, great, great, great (etc) grandniece of Freud, Eva is one of those annoying shrinks that just has to psyco-analyze everything and everybody. Accompanied by her ever-present padd she’s a constantly delving into the depths of everybody’s minds. Fortunately her vid-talk-show, ‘The Vonna Show’, keeps her distracted.

Crewman Bartholomew Gibson: The technician/producer for ‘The Vonna Show’, Gibson was turned down from Starfleet Academy. He was just a bit too weird. He didn’t mind, the enlisted man’s route allowed him to keep his nose, ear, eyebrow and tongue rings, along with the rest of his body jewelry (don’t ask). Gibson is often seen in the company of Crewman Shwaluk, the two of them usually giggling insanely and stinking of smoke. Gibson also shares Crewman Roscoe’s obsession with monkey’s.

Crewman Seth Shwaluk: Poor guy. The single most accident-prone member of the crew. Devastated by the death of his pet hamster, he sought comfort in the arms of Nurse Kerry, only to be horribly tortured by her in the Matrian Dreamworld. Shwaluk was lucky enough to win Dr. Wowryk’s underwear in the Silverado Karoke Contest, but was severely injured trying to get it off the good doctor. He recovered just in time to see his secret marijuana farm on Deck 26 obliterated during a Matrian attack.

Crewman Keith Roscoe: A pal of Shwaluk and Gibson, Roscoe lives on Deck 26 with his pet monkey, Bosco. Born and raised in the Alpha Centauri B system.

Ensign Travis Pye: Night shift helmsman. Pye is a chipper little fellow, except that he doesn’t talk much.

Ensign Craig Burke: Night shift science officer. While he is reasonably skilled at his job, Burke endures a constant stream of ‘advice’ from Lieutenant Fifebee. Second only to Yanick in the blond department, Burke has the largest pornography collection on Silverado.

Ensign Day: Day runs the Operations station during the evenings, taking the place of Lieutenant Jall. Silverado’s resident Deltan, Day represents the single most highly skilled person when it comes to the art of love-making. Sadly, as sex with a Deltan is sufficient to melt the brain of any other race, Day has a large amount of unreleased tension and pressure.

Lieutenant Quintane: Curt Quintaine is the lead officer of the night shift and is essentially in command of the ship, provided Stafford, Noonan or some other senior officer doesn’t decide they’d rather run the ship for the evening. Quintaine’s biggest challenge is cleaning all the popcorn out of the bridge carpeting before the day shift shows up.

Madame Schoonbaert: A true Renaissance woman, Schoonbaert is Silverado’s schoolteacher, dance guru, drama instructor and synchronized swimming genius.

Rengs Meris: Bajoran, wife of Rengs Aris. Meris was brought in to help Madame Schoonbaert by taking over teaching the high school level children. Originally hesitant about living on Silverado with her husband, Meris quickly found her niche and settled right in.

Lounge Staff

Bartender Steve Stieger: He may not have superpowers, or live for hundreds upon hundreds of years, but he can still make a mean martini! Friendly and polite behind the counter, but catch him on his off-time and his true colours show.

Mary: The sensible waitress. Mary is always will to offer advice, although unlike Guinanco, she’ll at least wait until you ask for it.

Becky: The stereotypical gum-chomping, blond waitress. Her goal is to provide excellent customer service, inside or outside the lounge.

Samantha: Calmer and cooler than her co-workers, Samantha is one of those women that just isn’t afraid to go after what she wants


U.S.S. Silverado NCC-135060: An Ambassador-class ship of…advanced…years, the Silverado was decommissioned after failing numerous safety inspections and sold to an asteroid mining company. After a brief stint as a garbage hauler she was used as a training vessel for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. On how NOT to maintain a starship. Still feeling a bit of a financial crunch the Arial Black decided to renovate the old girl and push her back into service. Still, Starfleet is a little worried about the condition of the Silverado and so all airlocks, transporter rooms and shuttle bays must include at least one “This vessel is NOT covered under the FedAssure Insurance Policy: Travel at your own risk” to avoid any possibility of lawsuit.

U.S.S. Asessippi: Primary runabout assigned to Silverado.

U.S.S. Niagra: Civilian runabout given to Silverado in return for Yvonnokoff’s services. As a holovision counselor! Sicko! Upgraded to Starfleet standards, the Niagra has the largest entertainment database of any support craft know to man.

Durango: Typ-9 shuttle assigned to Silverado to replace the shuttlecraft Avalanch

Charger: Type-9 shuttle assigned to Silverado.

Camero: Type-9 shuttle assigned to Silverado.

Avalanch: Type-9 shuttle assigned to Silverado. Destroyed by the Matrians on Stardate 56407.5