Starbase 341 is one of those lucky stations that was built by a local population, but than stuff happened, a civilization came to the brink of collapse and wouldn’t ya know it? They wanted a hand running the place. As a result, the city is staffed by a combination of Matrian and Starfleet officers. Good luck.

Elizabeth Simplot

Rank: Captain
Age: Very early thirties. That’s all you need to know.
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Position: Commanding Officer
Origin: Earth
Romantic Situation: Men are like a pair of shoes. You may as well walk over them all you like, because you know you’ll be replacing them soon. Likes: Shopping, coffee, stress-free days at work.
Dislikes: Idiots who don’t do their jobs, boring names and titles, paperwork.

For two years Captain Simplot commanded the USS Stallion, an ancient, obsolete, refurbished ship utterly ignored by Starfleet command. After her ship was destroyed freeing Matria Prime from a hostile invasion force, she wound up in command of the newly established Starbase 341. But more importantly, she’s now posted to a starbase with real shopping opportunities and the chance to have some FUN in her off hours. Sounds like a great change, no?

Myress Abela

Rank: Colonel
Age: 230 years, including time in stasis and a switch to a new body.
Gender: Female
Race: Matrian

Position: First Officer
Origin: Matria Prime
Romantic Situation: Happily married.
Likes: Order, professionalism, Old Matrian values, Haven.
Dislikes: People who insist on renaming things.

Colonel Abela was the Construction Manager for the Matrian orbital city that would become Starbase 341/Haven Unfortunately, when a similar orbital city was destroyed, both Colonel Abela and Haven were buried and hidden away. The city would remain hidden for two centuries, but Abela herself fought in the Gender War for over a decade before returning to Haven and dedicating herself to monitoring and documenting the slow self-destruction of her civilization. Finally, before succumbing to old age, she attempted to transfer her mind to a cloned body using the same technology the Matrians used in their attempt to brainwash their part of the galaxy. The attempt was partially successful; she escaped her dying body but spent decades trapped in the device before being discovered, along with Haven. Colonel Abela jealously guards both Haven and its records of Old Matrian history and deeply resents a certain Starfleet captain who keeps trying to give everything hip, trendy names. Still, she will tolerate Starfleet long enough to get her own commission and thus ensure that Matrian Space is guarded by Matrian officers.

Tyler Virgii

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Position: Director of the Department of Maintenance Operations (D-DoMO)
Origin: Earth, UK
Romantic Situation: Leave me alone, I’m busy.
Likes: Being in charge, predictability, yelling at stupid people.
Dislikes: The unexpected, people who can’t make decisions.

Lt. Cmdr Virgii is one of those few people who started off as a lowly, unremarkable Ensign serving on a ship lost years from home and actually lived…as opposed to being killed off to prove how serious the threat to the senior officers actually was. Despite claims that he’d been aboard the USS Voyager, rumour has it that he was actually aboard the even more ill-fated USS Aerostar. In any event, his experience has left him with a strong need to be in control of the situation at all times, something that is somewhat less than appreciated by those that serve with him. As D-DoMO, Virgii is supposed to be in charge of maintenance and operation of Starbase 341’s systems, especially in the more ‘space station-ish’ portions of the city. But things don’t always work out the way they’re planned.

Janet Annerson

Rank: Doctor/Lieutenant Commander
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Race: Durentian
Position: Director of Department of Health (D-DoH)
Origin: Durenta III
Romantic Situation: Been there, done that.
Likes: Sitting back in front of a roaring fire with a hot cup of cocoa.
Dislikes: Few.

Dr. Annerson is easily the ‘old gal’ of the Starbase 341 crew. That said, she’s also the most experienced and as such the most relaxed. While Durentian culture doesn’t consist of bloody death, an obsession with honour or commitment to logic, the fact that Dr. Annerson can put up with the various hijinx of her coworkers while keeping her sense of humour does seem like in inhuman feat at times. Dr. Annerson’s approach to medicine is fairly simple: if you’re not gushing blood or flat-lining, you can wait. If you are, well then shut up and let me work. Having served previously with Lt. Cmdr Shurgroe she spends much of her time trying to figure out how to get him to take his medication.

Joshua Shurgroe

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Alpha Centaurian
Position: Director of the Department of Shipyards (D-DoS)
Origin: Alpha Centauri
Romantic Situation: Single. Displays a disturbing preference for AI.
Likes: Model building, tea, new gadgets.
Dislikes: His medication, responsibility, being yelled at.

Lt. Shurgroe is one of those guys you just can’t stay made at. So polite, so full of good intentions. Unfortunately, those good intentions have a nasty habit of backfiring horribly. Shurgroe is also one very twitchy individual, requiring regular medication to keep him from stuttering, hiding behind potted plants or cowering under his bed. Shurgroe hates his medication, choosing instead to experiment with various homeopathic alternatives. He’s also an active member of the Cult of Persephone, a fairly benign (if weird) organization that at least gives him an outlet for his excess energy. As D-DoS, he is responsible for supervising Starbase 341’s shipyards and shipbuilding programs.


Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Yynsian
Position: Director of the Department of Dome Operations (D-DoDO)
Origin: Yyns
Romantic Situation: Single. Looking for just right girl…
Likes: Power energy production systems, jogging, long walks by the beach, ballroom dancing.
Dislikes: Pointless work, being ignored.

As an Yynsian, Lt. Wyer is lucky (unlucky?) enough to possess past lives. But while most Yynsians have five or six, he’s managed to find at least 14. Why the strange surplus? He’s not entirely sure, but it seems to have something to do with most of his past lives having died in a spectacularly violent and messy fashion. Despite his nervousness over continuing the trend, Wyer remains one of the more stable and intelligent members of the Starbase 341 crew…with only occasional lapses into past-live induced insanity. As D-DoDO, Wyer is expected to maintain systems related to the artificial biosphere and ecosystem contained within Starbase 341’s domed city.

Cindy Mytim

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Position: Director of the Department of Research & Knowledge(D-DoRK)
Origin: Cotterwood Colony
Romantic Situation: Single, until somebody is willing to put in the appropriate effort.
Likes: Hygiene, creature comforts, silk, decadent foods.
Dislikes: Pointless work, being ignored.

Lt. Mytim wasn’t exactly an eager Starfleet recruit. Sure, poking around the unknown sounds great, but cramped ships? People yelling at you? Rough physical training? Nooo, that doesn’t sound fun at all. That said, since most Starfleet ships are fairly cushy and since Starfleet is supposed to be paramilitary instead of military, Mytim decided to take her chances. After barely tolerating the Academy, Mytim vowed that she would spend the rest of her career on nice, comfortable Galaxy-class ships, or perhaps avail herself of the many comforts and facilities of a full-sized starbase. At least, that’s what she had planned…

Rex Boxer

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Sheppian
Position: Starfleet Intelligence Agent / Department of Research Regulation & Information Security (DoRRIS)
Origin: Sirrius IV
Romantic Situation: Single. Leg humping may be an option.
Likes: Chasing ducks/squirrels, interesting smells, being outdoors.
Dislikes: Cats, rolled-up newspapers, being yelled at.

Being a Sheppian, Lt. Boxer is more than slightly dog-like. Oh sure, he walks on two legs, has a mouth capable of speech and understands that licking himself in public is not acceptable in polite society, but he’s still a big fuzzy puppy at heart. Boxer was recruited out of the Academy and into Starfleet Intelligence, where he’s still getting the hang of being an Agent. One might even question why somebody as honest and loyal as Boxer is working for such a shady group. But on the other hand, he’s more worried about having fun than thinking about the motives of his superiors.

Minn Laarthi

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Caithan
Position: Starfleet Intelligence Agent / Department of Research Regulation & Information Security (DoRRIS)
Origin: Cait
Romantic Situation: Single. Get the hell away from me.
Likes: Trees, flowers, an open sky, being alone.
Dislikes: Dogs, getting wet, heights.

Lt. Laarthi gravitated towards Starfleet Intelligence because it offered her the chance to work alone. On her own, independently, without having to worry about anybody else holding her back. Unfortunately, SI had other plans in store for her. Laarthi is an avid nature-lover, often going to great lengths to brings plants where no plant has been before. She does have a tendency to become slightly unstable under pressure, would could very well explain why SI doesn’t want her working on her own.

Harrison Stoneryder

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Position: Director of Department of Police & External Security (D-DoPES)
Origin: Risa
Romantic Situation: Aw geez, we’re not even going there.
Likes: Girls, weight training, running, water polo, bondage.
Dislikes: Work, prophylactics, the unfit.

Harrison Stoneryder supposedly joined Starfleet in an attempt to better himself. Of course, his idea of bettering himself involves cutting down on his body fat percentage, dropping his 5km run time and meeting more…impressionable young women. He tolerated the other aspects of the Academy long enough to make it through, but his work is definitely low down on his priority list. However, being a security officer and managing to avoid being killed allowed him to skip from Ensign to Lieutenant quickly. But there’s more to this womanizing meat-head’s past that you might expect. And it’s probably a good idea not to think too much about it.


Rank: Doctor/Lieutenant
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Plat’ik’nik
Position: Experimental Drive Specialist
Origin: Plat’ik VI
Romantic Situation: Single. We’re not even sure how his species mates yet.
Likes: His intellect, having minions to do his bidding, working on an interesting problem.
Dislikes: Undergraduate students, being doubted.

Dr. Strobnick is an odd one to look at, when he’s visible. His race has a natural camouflage ability, and while it won’t fool sensors it will fool the naked eye. With dark, chitinous skin and a thick neck holding five distinct spinal cords, he takes a little getting used to. An expert in theoretical propulsion, Dr. Strobnick is reminiscent of a university professor: Smug, overbearing, and utterly convinced of his own intellectual superiority.