All images of the Roadrunner were created with 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop. I retain copyright on all images.

USS Roadrunner

Class: Hummingbird
Category: Experimental Tug
Decks: 4
Crew: 21
Max Speed: Warp 9.98
Weapons: Photon torpedos, phasers
Landing capability: Yes
Other: Experimental Quantum Slipstream Drive
Yup. It took a while, but somebody finally figured out that if you’re going to strap a brand new, experimental drive system onto a ship it’s probably better if it’s a small ship with a small crew. Less paperwork, fewer lawsuits from grieving relatives, and less costly to replace.
The first of three experimental Hummingbird-class ships to be certified for flight, the Roadrunner is a fairly standard ship for the most part. Warp and impulse drive for flying around, weapons and shields for defence and of course sensors for figuring out just what the heck that big space blob is. But such a small ship doesn’t have room for luxuries. Quarters are more like university dorms than apartments, there’s no room for a holodeck, meals are only available in the mess and odds are you’ll be sharing your bathroom with at least one neighbor. Shuttlebay? What shuttlebay? A single shuttle docked at the aft of the ship is the only support craft available, other than a few lifeboats.
What makes the Roadrunner different is its experimental Quantum Slipstrem drive, which is housed in the ships ring nacelle. In theory, a QS drive allows a ship to travel hundreds of times faster than warp speed by tunneling through the fabric of the universe. In reality, disruptions in the slipstream have a nasty habit of randomly kicking ships out of the slipstream and into planets, moons or stars (at best) or tearing them apart (at worse). The larger the ship, the bigger the troubles.
Until the Federation can build a computer powerful enough to adjust for these little problems, the plan is to use small ships like the Roadrunner to scout out and map the disruptions in the slipstream. But slipstream travel is dangerous even for a small ship, and so the Roadrunner relies on Slipstream Stabilizers, devices that sends out a burst of energy that (temporarily) reduces the disruptions in the slipstream long enough for the ship to map them. Sounds like a lot of trouble just to cut down on travel time, doesn’t it?