All images of Silverado were created with 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop. I retain copyright on all images.
Hardly the youngest girl at the ball, the U.S.S.Silverado was commissioned in 2314, decades before the adventures of all our favorite Star Traks captains. After suffering severe structural and systems failures on her maiden voyage she was officially ‘discarded’ by Starfleet and used as a garbage hauler in the asteroid belt. She then spent several decades as part of the Starfleet Academy Engineering Training Facility - as a perfect example of how NOT to maintain a starship!
Now, in the late 24th century she’s become the flagship of “Operation Salvage”, a plan concocted by Federation President Bradly Dillion in an effort to save a few bucks. The Silverado was completely renovated and refitted in an effort to make her a ship of the line. Her crew is still working on that…
Silverado is an Ambassador-class ship, approximatly 525 meters long with 36 decks and a crew of about 600 (plus families and mission specialists). The Ambassador-class was designed in the early 24th century to be used as front line exploratory vessels. Ambassador-class ships were the pride of the fleet until they were replaced by the Galaxy-class ships like the Enterprise 1701-D in The Next Generation. (The Galaxy-class was later replaced by Sovereign-class ships like the Enterprise 1701-E in First Contact)
During the refit meant to bring her up to current standards, Silverado was outfit with a variety of technologies that had not been available during her original construction. These include holodecks, holo-emitters, a more powerful and efficient drive system, upgraded computer hardware, a new bridge module, upgraded sensors, shields and weapon systems. She was also equipped with a single pulse phaser cannon salvaged from a Defient-class cruiser.
Great you say. So what’s the problem? Well, in an effort to get her into service as soon as possible not all the repairs and upgrades could be completed. As a result many systems on the ship just aren’t working right yet. Oh yeah, and the corridors on various decks don’t match, the computer core software is about 50 years out of date, the ship hasn’t had a paint job since she was first built, and the toilet in the captain’s ready room won’t stop flushing!

USS Silverado Layout

Deck 1: Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Lounge
Deck 3: Senior Officer’s Quarters
Deck 4: Shuttlebay 1 (rear saucer), Captain’s Private Dining Room (forward saucer)
Deck 5: Human Resources, Junior Officers Quarter’s
Deck 8: Sickbay
Deck 11: Computer Core Control
Deck 12 (mislabeled): Crew Lounge (rear saucer rim) Mess Hall (starboard saucer rim)
Deck 16: Impulse Engineering
Deck 27: Shuttlebay 2 (rear engineering section)
Deck 29: Main Engineering, Maintenance
Deck 36: Antimatter Storage Pods, The Den

A few notes…