Season 1

1.1 - City Limits

The Matrians have found a relic from their past, but this one is a wee bit larger than a stone tablet or a shard of pottery. It’s Haven: a space station the size of a city (or really more of a city that’s also a space station), and they want Starfleet to help run it. But for some reason Starfleet seems to be having trouble finding a captain willing to take command of an antique located weeks away from any Federation support. Can’t imagine why. With no good captains or other officers jumping at the chance, Starfleet takes the best of what’s around, but even getting a skeleton crew aboard may be more of a challenge than anyone imagined.

1.2 - Bypass

Sabotage. A long voyage. Squabbling coming from the seats behind you. No, you’re not taking your family to Disney World, you’re Acting Captain Tyler Virgii of the USS Roadrunner and you’re just not having a good day. Of course, things aren’t all that well back in Matrian Space where Captain Simplot and Colonel Abela are just about ready to turn Haven into a war zone. Doesn’t matter if you’re on a planet, aboard a ship or stuck in a city crawling through space, new neighbors can be real pains in the ass.

1.3 - Your Compliments

Part of a long voyage is meeting interesting new races, and hoping they don’t kill you. As the USS Roadrunner prepares for their first new contact in the galactic core, two of their crewmembers are about to remind each other that it isn’t just the unknown races you have to worry about…sometimes the known ones can be just as deadly! Well, OK. Deadly is overstating things. How about obnoxious? Obnoxious is good.

1.4 - Hospitality

Everybody knows one of ‘those’ coworkers. The ones that give the boss grey hair…the ones that don’t really fit the mold…the ones that sometimes you just wish would hurry up and retire already so you wouldn’t have to deal with the horrible stench their microwaved ‘homeopathically healthly’ lunches leave in the breack room. Well, most Traks characters sort of fit that description, but when Captain Simplot finally tracks down her dead-beat Chief of Security, it’s time for the fur to REALLY start flying.

1.5 - Size Matters Not

Lt Mytime and Lt Shurgroe may be thousands of light-years apart, but that doesn’t mean they can’t both have issues with the people around them. For Shurgroe, it’s the small matter of being locked out of his own workplace by his ‘subordinates’. For Mytim, it’s a commanding officer who’s decided that Starfleet just doesn’t have enough rules and that it’s time to make some of his own. But there’s nothing similar to their solutions…Shurgroe sets off a chain of events that leads to a mad scramble around Haven while Mytim gets covered in alien goop. Fun!

1.6 - Off the Leash

Every once in a while, every crew needs a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy a day when they’re not stuck in a tin can. Especially if that tin can is a starship stuck years from home. But when Virgii, in a rare fit of commen sense, allows the Roadrunner to set down on a deserted planet, they soon learn (predictably) that some planets are deserted for a reason…

1.7 - Dance-Off!

Haven is being overrun by Matrian scientists eager to turn the place upside down, and inside out. But damn, they’ve got the moves! No, not like Jagger, I fricken hate that song. But still, they’ve got some pretty sweet moves…and some slightly sinister plans…

1.8 - Trade - Part 1

Starfleet suddenly takes a new interest in Starbase 341, and has decided to send out a boatload of dignitaries. But Simplot & Abelas plans for a good impression are shot to hell when said dignitary dingy goes inexplicably missing…

1.9 - Trade - Part 2

With Simplot and Shurgroe chasing after the hijacked USS Roadrunner, Starbase 341 has only the bomb-thwarting skills of Wyer and Stoneryder to save them as the city ticks towards total destruction! As Boxer, Laarthi and Mytim try to stop the Roadrunner on its race to an unknown fate, a force more twisted than any of them suspects is preparing for the confrontation…

1.10 - The Way We Want To Be

With the unexpected crisis of the week cleared up, it’s time for Simplot and Abela to start worrying about the original crisis that had already popped up before the new crisis came around. Confused yet? Good! That’s their plan exactly…

1.11 - There Goes the Neighborhood

What happened after the Roadrunner was tossed back into unknown space? Surely everybody nodded and understood that a return to the middle of nowhere was in everybody’s best interests. Uh-huh. And if you believe that, there’s this bridge we’d like to sell you. On top of everything else, an old sort-of-ally returns with a definitely dark warning…

1.12 - Shopping Trip

Shopping is never a peaceful experience. You’re either on your own, being hounded by ‘helpful’ salesmen or you’re with your mother being dragged to ‘just one more store’. So when Simplot drags Abela and Shurgroe down to check out the new M’Lady’s store on Matria Prime, it should come as no surprise that something…fishy…is happening.

1.13 - Under the Weather

With a little arm-twisting, new First Officer Cindy Mytim manages to talk Virgii into swinging by a tropical paradise for a little R&R. But when crewmembers start vanishing, it’s up to Mytim to figure out what’s going on, and how it ties in to her mysterious powers. Or maybe it’s up to Boxer. Or Laarthi & Cherri. Honestly, a lot of people want to figure out what the heck is going on…

1.14 - Touching Base

It’s role-swapping week! Colonel Abela takes command of the USS Hummingbird for her first mission outside of Matrian Space. Of course, as soon as she leaves town somebody on Matria Prime needs her help with something, so it’s Captain Simplot to the rescue. Sort of. OK, yeah, somebody on the planet wants Abela dead, and they end up chasing Simplot instead. Fun!

1.15 - RR Phone Home

After months of wandering through the galactic core, the Roadrunner has finally gotten its act together and is ready to try contacting Starfleet Command. But Starfleet isn’t the only one listening to what they have to send…and for that matter, they’re not even listening that closely anyway.

1.16 - You Will Be Infested - Part 1

The Roadrunner has stumbled into the middle of an interstallar war, and both sides are bad news. Familiar bad news. Familiar, deadly bad news. Why has Mytim brought them to this place, and what secrets are just waiting to be uncovered? Read on to find out…

1.17 - You Will Be Infested - Part 2

That day (may have) come. The Borg are (possibly) on Matria Prime’s doorstep, Haven (might) be the only thing standing between them and the Matrian people, and the Roadrunner (could perhaps) have information that (probably) would be of great help. But did anybody think about what the Federation of Fungus had to say about all this? Probably not. And who could blame you? Not me. So…carry on…

1.18 - You Will Be Infested - Part 3

As the Fungaloids and the Borg fight for control, Laarthi and Boxer are joined in their mission by an unexpected guest. Back abord Haven, Simplot and Abela suddenly find themselves dealing with expected guests of their own. Doesn’t it suck when company doesn’t have the decency to call first?