Season 1

1.1 - Old Ships, New Beginnings

Introducing the crew of the U.S.S Silverado! Captain Stafford gets a nasty surprise when he takes command of his new ship. Laziness and incompetence reign as this crew of unique officers try to come to terms with their new assignment…and each other! Will they put aside their differences long enough to survive an unexpected trip? Find out in the first Star Traks: Silverado story!

1.2 - Let the Games Begin!

Getting a starship ready for launch is a long, difficult, and stressful process. Fortunately, Captain Stafford and the crew of the USS Silverado have the professionals of Spacedock to assist them…if both groups can just stop attacking each other long enough to get some actual work done.

1.3 - Ship of Dreams? - Part 1

Dreaming about someone else at the same time they are dreaming about you is a bit odd. But what if both of you are having the same dream at the same time? And so is everyone else on your ship? And you can’t wake up?

1.4 - Ship of Dreams? - Part 2

Will Stafford and T’Parief defeat the maniacal Queen Wowryk? Can Fifebee and Noonan save the crew from their bizarre fate? Just how many times can Lieutenant Jall die?? Find out in the twisted conclusion to Star Traks: Silverado - ‘Ship of Dreams?’!

1.5 - Welcome to Hickville

Stafford and his crew finally have their first official mission! All they have to do is recover a derelict ship. But they soon discover that the ship in question is not quite as derelict as they thought.

1.6 - Last-Minute Packing

What do a donut, Toronto, Yanick Farms and redheads have in common? They all turn up somewhere in Silverado 1.6: Last-minute Packing! And if that doesn’t gab you, how about we throw in an explosive decompression, just for kicks?

1.7 - Pit Stops, Pitfalls and Piracy

Silverado is finally ready to make with all that Boldly Going stuff, but they have to make one brief pit stop along the way (Hence the title). Unfortunately, someone is ready to end this mission before it even gets started.

1.8 - Contents Under Pressure

Romances start to warm-up on Silverado as two couples plan their official first dates. But something’s about to rain on their parade and bring the Silverado’s mission to a shuddering halt…again!

1.9 - Fragmentation

An attack by the mysterious Mistresses incapitates the crew. It’s Lieutenant Fifebee to the rescue! We hope…

1.10 - Are We Having Fun Yet?

Silverado has been attacked. The ship is adrift. Enemies are all around. And no one is coming to help. TIME TO PARTY!!!

1.11 - Aftertaste

Regrets, recriminations, and some really awkward moments. Sounds like the day after a party to me!

1.12 - Close Encounters of the Disturbingly Sexy Kind

After withstanding several trying…er…trials, the crew of the Silverado has finally found a beautiful planet teeming with exceptionally attractive and…er…friendly inhabitants. Surely nothing can go wrong here, right? Right? Why are you all laughing at me?

1.13 - Red vs Blue

The crew of the Silverado performs an interpretive dance about the 2004 US Presidential election! Okay. Maybe not. Instead, Captain Stafford decides that it’s high time his crew trains for the coming battle. Time for some old-fashioned war games!

1.14 - You Can Say That Again!

Lieutenant Jall and Dr. Wowryk come down with a severe case of “Same Sht; Different Day.” No seriously. It’s the same sht. Actually, it’s the same day, too.

1.15 - Catfight - Part One

The events of Season 1 come to a head when a distress call comes in from some very sexy old friends. Not old old, just familiar old. They’re actually young. But moving on…check out part one of the Silverado Season 1 Finale!

1.16 - Catfight - Part Two

Wowryk, Stafford and an unexpected ally penetrate the Matrian Dreamland while Noonan works to rescue Jeffery in the Season 1 finale of Star Traks: Silverado!

Book 1 - Intermission

What would you do if you suddenly had to deal with a murder investigation, people who have tried to kill you and body parts you really shouldn’t have? If you’re anything like the Silverado crew, you’d respond with logic, dignity and poise. HAH! I can’t even write that with a straight face!