Season 2

2.1 - 15 Minutes of Shame

While Silverado limps back to Federation space, several crewmembers find wholesome, family-friendly new ways to entertain themselves. Featuring segments by Alan Decker and Anthony Butler!

2.2 - Back in Sight

Silverado pays another visit to Waystation to try to undue some of the damage they’ve done to Starfleet’s public image. Of course, everybody on Waystation is just THRILLED to see them. Did that sound sarcastic? Yeah, just a little bit.

2.3 - Service with a Smile

Things are finally looking up for the crew of the Silverado. They’re back in Federation space, back in their own bodies and are FINALLY schedualed for much needed repairs. Now they just need to sit back and relax while the ship is fixed by the caring, helpful and dedicated staff of the Deneria Dry Dock. You are sensing the sarcasm here, right? GUEST WRITTEN BY ALAN DECKER!

2.4 - Welcome Aboard

Time to switch tracks and take a look at how other Starfleet officers see Silverado. Standard Starfleet vessel, or lunatic asylum? Right, that is a stupid question. But join Ensign Rengs and see for yourself!

2.5 - Probably Doomed

Silverado is chosen to be the first to test out an exciting, brand new piece of technology. Naturally things go horribly wrong….

2.6 - Creative Coaching

It’s fun and good times all around when the Silverado crew is summarily shipped of to the Tantalus V, the Federation Funny Farm for Seriously Deranged Minds!

2.7 - Captive Audience

Counselor Yvonnokoff takes off for a few weeks, leaving some large, well-polished Starfleet boots to fill. Hey, where the heck did she go, anyway??

2.8 - Jigsaw Reunion

T’Parief and Yanick go on vacation, Stafford gets into a sticky situation and terrible things happen to Lieutenant Jall. Hmmmm. My mood has improved already!

2.9 - Operation: Ops Hunt

With Jall and Porter in the hands of a twisted nemesis, T’Parief rushes…well, reluctantly rushes to find them. Meanwhile, Jeffery explores the depths of his devotion to Dr. Wowryk.

2.10 - Birthing Pains

While everybody else prepares to welcome a beautiful new bundle of joy onto the ship, Dr. Wowryk has other thoughts in mind. What does a gigantic tic-tac have to do with anything? Read on to find out!

2.11 - Rise of the Machine

A freak accident sticks Stafford shipside while Noonan gets to have fun on a new planet. Of course, maybe this is the story where the evil alien is on the ship, and Noonan is safer on the planet. Or maybe the planet really is dangerous, and Stafford really is lucky to be on the ship. Confused yet? Hell, I lost track of what I was talking about 5 minutes ago!

2.12 - Drink Sometime?

When Steven Steiger takes a vacation it’s up to Stafford and Noonan to find a replacement. Unfortunatly, somebody beat them to it. Meanwhile, Steven learns that the faster you chase something, the more difficult it can be to catch.

2.13 - A New Thrall

It’s a holodeck Double Feature! Jeffery learns why some things are better left in the past. Meanwhile, the Hazardous Team finds themselves taking the place of Earth’s greatest Super Genius!

2.14 - Security Strikes Back

With things screwed up beyond recognition, it’s up to Lieutenant Stern and the Hazardous Team to answer the age-old question: ‘What the f**k??’

2.15 - Nobody's Perfect - Part 1

A dead reptile lies in Sickbay, an Admiral is on the way and a new mission is about to begin. Everybody’s busy in this first part of the Star Traks Silverado Season 2 finale!

2.16 - Nobody's Perfect - Part 2

One small step closer to K’Eleese, one giant leap through the looking glass. But not the evil looking glass, or the happy looking glass. Now we have a whole new funhouse mirror to play with! Er, right, Enough with the FunHouse, on to Silverado: ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, Part Two!

2.17 - Nobody's Perfect - Part 3

Things start to heat up as Silverado and Silverado-2 find K’Eleese’s hidden base. What will they find? What vile plot has K’Eleese come up with? What’s Noonan going to do stuck in a runabout with a lovely young woman? Ick, that’s disgusting! They have the same name for crying out loud!

2.18 - Nobody's Perfect - Part 4

With Silverado in retreat and T’Parief trapped on Ecstacy Base, K’Eleese and Slezar hold the upper hand. Time to see where all the cards fall in the FINAL part of the Star Traks Silverado Season 2 finale!