Season 3

3.1 - Friendship Zero

With K’Eleese defeated, life goes back to normal on Silverado. Right. Normal. Uh-huh. With personal problems popping up left and right, it’s up to Counselor Yvonnokoff to find the source of the problem.

3.2 - Lady in Grey

So what were Sylvia and Jeffery up to while everybody else was getting in touch with their feelings? Visiting exciting new ships, meeting fascinating new crews and being attacked by bounty hunters for the most part. What’s the catch? Read on and find out…

3.3 - Family Circuis

We’ve heard a lot about Stafford’s mother, but what about the rest of his family? Just what kind of people spawned a man that can captain a mad-house like Silverado without resorting to Andorian methods of ritual suicide? The answer to that, along with T’Parief’s favorite snack food, await in ‘Family Circus’!

3.4 - Sex in the Starship

Jeffery and the crew of the USS Stallion return! While bounty hunters across the sector scramble after the Stallion the women on board have only one thing in mind…

3.5 - Dances with Starships

What happens with a group of Stallions meet a group of Silverados? In the 21st Century, it means a lot of horses and pickup trucks. But when the senior staff of the USS Stallion meets the Hazardous Team, it’s no joyride! Meanwhile, Stafford and crew decide it’s time for a nice, peaceful vacation. Until their campground is invaded my a horde of evil invaders!

3.6 - Scattered! - Vengeance of the Vertically Challenged

Welcome to the first Silverado story arc long enough to stand on it’s own! I present: ‘Scattered!’ It’s finally Lord Stalart’s time in the evil spotlight as he does some truly evil things to the Silverado crew. And then they do evil things back. Etc, etc. In the first installment, it’s time for Silverado and Stallion to go their separate ways. Easy enough. But where does Jeffery fit in? And, more importantly, where is Silverado going now? And what does a burning couch have to do with anything? Find out now!

3.7 - Scattered! - Dyer Straights

Things weren’t looking too good for Silverado, now they’ve gone from bad to worse for Jall, T’Parief and Wowryk as they struggle to make their way through a medieval wilderness inhabite and try to figure out just what the hell happened…

3.8 - Scattered! - Short Connections

After escaping Silveado, Stafford, Yanick and Jeffery find themselves flung into Delorea 2’s urban jungle, with Stalart not far behind!

3.9 - Scattered! - Hazardous Pay

There’s far more to a crew than the senior staff, even on a skeleton crew. Stafford and the others may be (reasonably) safe, but some crewmembers are about to find out what it’s like to be thrust into a cultural spotlight! (And if you can’t guess by the name, we’re talking about the Hazardous Team here…)

3.10 - Scattered! - Convergence

With the crew stranded on a weird planet, we’ve followed several different groups of people as they struggle to find their way. As everybody scrambles to find the ship’s wreckage, we finally once again have more than one group of crewmen in a story!

3.11 - Scattered! - Museum Piece - Part 1

With (almost) everybody back together, it’s a good time for the Silverado crew to sit down together, maybe over a pint or two, and figure out WHAT THE HELL HAS BEEN GOING ON!

3.12 - Scattered! - Museum Piece - Part 2

With only Fifebee still missing in action, it’s time to go on the offensive! Stafford and the Hazardous Team are on a hunt for Lord Stalard while Jeffery leads a mission to search for the missing stardrive section. But while all this action abounds, Commander Noonan sets off solo to try to discover the secret of Delorea 2…

3.13 - Earn Your Keep

The crew’s back together, Delorea 2 is back the way it should be, and everything’s looking bright. Except the ship is in two pieces. How do you explain to an Admiral that you broke your ship…again!? Even more terrifying, what’s he going to make you to to make up for it?

3.14 - New Decisions

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the television…oh, sorry. Wrong trailer. Well, I don’t feel like writing a trailer today, so if you want to see just what kind of twist is in store for the Silverado crew you’re just going have to read the darned thing!

3.15 - Interplay

When we last left the Silverado crew, Jeffery and T’Parief had a sudden change of heart. But it turns out they were just a little too late. Now Stafford is stuck with several condidates for the open position. How is going to figure out who to pick? I’ll give you a hint, a Conga line is NOT involved.

3.16 - Choices

5 officers. 1 post. Crewman Gibson with a holocam. Hey, it may not be be a rampaging horde of angry Klingon college students, but it’s still a nasty situation. Who’s going to end up in the second seat? Who’s going to help set Silverado’s future course? Ok, ok, I promise. No more silly questions for this season…since this is it! The end of Season 3!