Season 4

4.1 - Choices That Bite Back

So, Jall got his wish. He’s first officer again. Goody for him. No, really, he put a lot of, er, time and irritation into this. But just when you think the hard part is over, some idiot has to ask: Can Jall actually earn the respect of the Silverado crew? Well, probably not. But can he at least get them to shut up and listen to what he’s saying?

4.2 - Day on Nights

While Stafford and the senior staff, including newcomer Lt.Cmdr. Johnson, play down on a somewhat primitive planet, the evening shift, led by Ensign Pye, embarks on an attempt to help one of their own escape the horrors of being a second-string officer.

4.3 - Silver Bells - 2007 Christmas Special!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfect holiday where nothing goes wrong? Sure, it would be. But the odds of that are about zero, as the Silverado crew discovers when their attempt to celebrate the holidays re-awakes a centuries-old evilthat’s been lurking since their last attempt to celebrate a holiday…

4.4 - Backslide

There’s a hint of change in the air for Silverado when the ship is ordered back to Starbase 45. But before you can say ‘Threat of the Week’, things collapse into a disgusting, gelatinous blob. And I do wish that was just hyperbole…

4.5 - Shuffle

A new mission, a new crewmember and a new and fascinating way to bring up your lunch. But having already scared away one potential new colleague, can the Silverado crew clean up their act enough to hold on to this one?

4.6 - Meet Me Half-Way

What mission to Matrian space would be complete without a visit at Waystation? The people are so gosh-darned friendly, the view is fantastic, and people are never kidnapped by aliens. What was that? Oh. According to the brochure, Waystation claims no responsibility for trauma or injuries caused by alien kidnappings. Either they’re being really careful, or something like this has happened before. But can it happen again? Oh, you know it can! And if it’s being mentioned here, it probably will! Read on!

4.7 - The Quest for Vonna's Padd

When they receive…er, ‘intelligence’ that Vonna is planning to humilate a specific crewmember on her show, it’s up to the Hazardous Team to make a mess out of…um, I mean it’s upto them to come charging to the rescue. At the same time, Jall and T’Parief must…uh, ‘work together’ when they begin to suspect that something is seriously wrong with Stafford.

4.8 - Past Imperfect - Part One

The gang once again finds themselves entering Matrian space, only to find a very different situation than the one they left behind over two years ago. Mysterious wreakage, interplanetary politics and a beautiful woman that Stafford REALLY wants to, er, ‘get to know’ all come together. Can Stafford convince Jall to help him out? If you’ve been reading these past three and a half seasons, you already know the answer!

4.9 - Past Imperfect - Part Two

Stafford manages to get a date with Queen Anselia, but he’s going to need Jall’s help to pull it off. Can he convince his First Officer to give him an assist with his attempt to score? Meanwhile, Fifebee, Jeffery and Valtaic stumble upon something that might have been better left unfound…

4.10 - Good Sportsmanship

Even though they’ve just suffered a major crisis and things are still more than a bit shaky, the Matrians have decided that it’s time to get to know the Silverado crew a bit better. Sound like anybody you know?

4.11 - Presently Tense

When Queen Anselia invites Stafford and Wowryk to the planet to observe a Matrian Council Session, it seems innocent enough. But they quickly learn that there’s more going on on Matria Prime than they thought. And when Fifebee unearths a secret buried for decades, things take a turn from bad to worse.

4.12 - White to Move

What happened to Jeffery, Fifebee, T’Parief and Valtaic? Are they dead? Hideously disfigured? Or are they desperatly trying to escape from the mess they’ve gotten themselves into? But with a couple of minor snags aboard Silverado keeping the crew from helping out, whatever they do, they’ve got to do it on their own.

4.13 - Castling

Stafford finds himself in an unexpected position when he learns that Queen Anselia has a few plans of her own for the coming battle against the Qu’Eh. Meanwhile, still trapped underground, the away team continues to probe the secrets of the Old Matrian installation.

4.14 - Poisoned Pawns

And the battle for Matria Prime begins! As Stafford, Jall and Verethi set their plans into motion, plans which puts Wowrykin a place nobody expected to find her, the away team finally learns the secret of the underground installation. Well, one of them, anyway.

4.15 - Sub-terfuge

The battle for Matria Prime continues! Tactics, strategy, and cunning are employed by…well, somebody probably employs them. I mean, you don’t go into a big battle like this with an entire civilization at stake without some kind of plan, right?

4.16 - Turtling

It’s the Silverado Season 4 finale, and it’s so Top Secret that if we tell you anything about it, a platoon of crack Army troops will come crashing through our windows, slit us open, and do nasty things with our entrails. Since we’re fans of our entrails, we’re not saying anything.