Season 5

5.1 - We All Fall Down

Matria Prime has fallen, the Qu’Eh are in control and most of the Silverado crew is hiding in a strange underground bunker. Stafford is pushing to tear the place apart, Jeffery is trying to get Sylvia back together and Queen Anselia of Matria is pretty much preventing anybody from doing anything. And there’s stil that strange Matrian guy that’s been running around since he escaped from his stasis pod…

5.2 - In the Hands of Middle Management

Jall, Wowryk and the Beta Shift officers find themselves captured and in the hands of the enemy. But what do the Qu’Eh have in store for them? Pain? Agony? Or torture of a totally different kind?

5.3 - Restraining Order

Yanick and T’Parief take off for a relaxing vacation. In an abandonded underground installation. Raise your hand if you think this is a good idea that’s going to lead to rest and relaxation. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

5.4 - Resistance to Change

As the Qu’Eh corporate machine continues to grind down on Jall and the rest of the captured crew, nerves begin to fray. But down on Matria Prime, seeds of dissent are starting to take hold. All it takes is the right person in the right place to set things into motion…

5.5 - Work Hazards

While Admiral Tunney and his new ally work to find a way to send reinforcements to Matrian Space, the Hazardous Team finds themselves pulled into a fresh new Qu’Eh hell. What could be worse than living in a dirty cavern under a conquered city? And who’s the mystery crew that’s may end up charging to the rescue! My lips are sealed.

5.6 - Conflict of Interest

Life underground is finally starting to look up. The Silverado refugees have found food, comfortable places to sleep and even the control knob for the air conditioning. But when Wowryk and the HT make contact with Stafford and the Matrian Council, Stafford and Anselia must decide if helping out is worth risking their perfect little hide-out.

5.7 - Action Plan

Tired of hanging around an old bunker, Stafford and Jeffery take off on a dangerous mission to retrieve Dr. Wowryk and the Hazardous Team. But neither Wowryk or the Qu’Eh are ready to make things easy!

5.8 - Attacko of the Little Titans

As the crew of the USS Banshee leads the relief fleet on their trek to Matrian Space, suspicions begin to rise that perhaps the Banshee, or USS Medusa, as they are know to the fleet, aren’t what they appear to be. Featuring the crews of the USS Banshee and the USS Stallion!

5.9 - Crossing Lines

The Qu’Eh have moved against the Matrian Rebellion, forcing Dr. Wowryk and her allies to retreat for the safety of Haven Base. But when Wowryk brings news that the Qu’Eh have started experimenting with new ways of extracting information from prisoners, her return becomes only the beginning for Simon Jeffery and the Hazardous Team. We also included some random singing, just for the hell of it.

5.10 - Extraction

OK, I made a mistake. The random singing is actually in THIS story. Oh, we also have the Hazardous Team coming to Jall’s rescue, while Chairman P’tarek decides that it’s time to take some aggressive action of his own.

5.11 - Under-Current

The Qu’Eh have taken a minor setback and Chairman P’tarek is now more than a little pissed. Still trapped underground, Valtaic, Fifebee and Sylvia begin digging deeper into the mystery of Haven while Stafford and Yvonnokoff try to figure out just why Craigan’s been hearing voices…and whether they’re important or just the signs of minor freezer burn.

5.12 - Paid Vacation

Stranded on a jungle island, Jall, Jeffery, Yanick and the Hazardous Team quickly find themselves in the middle of a beautiful beach with bright sunshine, a warm ocean to swim in and even a nice, relaxing campfire. Hmm. Not exactly your average ‘threat-of-the-week’, is it? Nope! At least, not until the natives show up the spoil everybody’s day…

5.13 - Unprofessional Development

Jall and the HT finally return to Haven. Yanick’s in trouble, Craigan’s trapped in a virtual world and the Qu’Eh are still a looming threat. It’s Dr. Wowryk to the rescue! At least that was her original plan. Things don’t turn out to be quite as easy as she’d hoped.

5.14 - Termination - Part One

The Silverado crew has been reunited, the arrival of the Federation fleet is imminent and the Matrians are on the verge of full rebellion. But only Colonel Abela knows the secrets of Haven, and they’re secrets she won’t reveal lightly. And even with all this happenening, there’s still something the Silverado crew has missed…something that can tip the scales of the entire conflict.

5.15 - Termination - Part Two

It’s the final showdown with the Qu’Eh: We’ve got clashing fleets, invading armies, a mystery to be unveiled and a cunning plan that Dr. Wowryk can only hope will send the Qu’Eh packing, once and for all!

5.16 - TGIF

When is a finale not a finale? Well, probably when all the action, all the excitement and all the answers to season-long questions were answered in the second last story. Like ‘Unending’, for the SG-1 fans. But I digress. With the heat of battle behind them, the Silverado crew find themselves asking ‘what next?’. The ship is crippled, the bad-guys have been dealt with, and new career oppurtunities are turning up. But why is Noonan suddenly so uncomfortable around his former collegues, and why is there there suddenly the sense that, once again, somebody is playing games with our quasi-intrepid crew