Season 6

6.1 - Served to Go

Once upon a time the crew of the USS Silverado saved Matria from the Qu’Eh. Since then, others have come along and had their stories told, but what of Captain Stafford and his officers? They were doing…some stuff, too. And now that stuff can finally be told, too. Or will finally be told. The author just had to get around to it. HEY! Life’s been busy!

6.2 - Standby

With the arrival of the new Haven command crew it’s time for the Silverado crew to conduct a thorough handover and work hard with their new collegues to ensure the city is run in a calm, orderly and professional manner. Wait, no, that’s some other, competent crew we were thinking. This story is actually about the Silverado crew being told to stay the f//k away from the Haven crew, mind their own business, and try to enjoy the fact that they’re still stuck on this backwater of a planet.

6.3 - Star of the Show

It’s not easy being famous. Especially if you’re Dr. Noel Wowryk, saviour of Matria Prime, the woman who brought the Matrian society back from the brink of evil, and the sole voice of reason in the Silverado crew. (Not saying the rest agree with her on that.) Throw in a best friend about to be a mother, and you’ve got a recipe for strife. Well, emotional strife. Nobody killed anybody over being famous, right?

6.4 - Life of the Party

It’s party time! As if the title didn’t give that away. But between the possible hatching of an egg, the possible kidnapping and/or assault of Dr. Wowryk from said party and the distinct possibility that somebody might get set on fire, it’s probably best not to think of this party as an actual party. Death-trap might be more precise. Or at least ‘event of malfeasance’. Whatever.

6.5 - Sweet Escapes

It’s been months since the Silverado crew arrived in the Matrian system. Months and months and months. After going through Matrian politics, Qu’Eh attacks, a full out Qu’Eh invasion and all the joy it entailed, you’d think that would be it. But no. Now they’ve got to deal with over-eager fans, mountains of paperwork, furious Admirals and scheming reporters. Oh, also in this story: Why T’Parief isn’t allowed to have Neopolitan ice cream.

6.6 - Incognito

Finally! A mission! An escape! A chance to seek out new life, and all that fun stuff. On the other hand, maybe seeking out new life while flying an enemy ship isn’t all that great an idea. On the other hand, it’s easy enough to send a heads-up in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Or at least you would think so…

6.7 - Unplanned Consequences

Everybody’s rushing. Stafford and crew are rushing to figure out how to cross friendly territory in an enemy ship without being blown to pieces, and Sylvia is trying to figure out whether or not her small army of construction bots is about to embark on quest of galactic domination…or just a quest to drive her out of her mind. Like any typical children.

6.8 - Distractions - Part One

Kallar IV was supposed to be a nice, easy mission. Drop off a captured enemy ship, take a quick look around, then leave. Of course, finding a big, hidden and decently armed fleet does tend to put a damper on one’s plans. But something’s not right on Kallar IV…of course.

6.9 - Distractions - Part Two

Something’s fishy on Kallar IV. The Hazardous Team sets out to solve the mystery of the big giant fleet parked in the middle of nowhere, the Beta Shift is off looking for addictions help groups…not for themselves, although some of them need it, and Stafford and the senior staff dive into the question of just what the heck is going on with these screwed up people. The Kallars, not their subordintes. Well, them too.

6.10 - Parental Guidance

Sylvia never planned to be a mother. Oh, she may play mother to most of the crew, but when one is an artificial intelligence with a multi-million tonne body, one does not plan for parenthood. But with Haven’s robotic shipbuilders in near revolt, it’s time for Sylvia to put her foot down. Nacelle. Whatever.

6.11 - Side Dish

It’s crisis of the season! Except, well…it’s somebody else’s crisis, and somebody else’s season. But you already know that when the Matrian system is attacked by the combined Borg and Fungaloid forces, the Silverado crew can’t just sit in their lounge with a nice cocktail. Not saying that what they do is necessarily helping…but they definitely get involved. Most of them…somebody is having second thoughts…

6.12 - That Single Life

Ever notice how single people are sometimes a bit less…together…when it comes to their personal space? Especially younger single people? Jall sure does, but he normally doesn’t care enough to worry about it. But when a freak accident pits him against Jeffery in a war of wills, it’s the single members of the crew that get caught in the crossfire!

6.13 - In the Depths

It’s been a busy season, what with the Borg attack, the mission to Kallar IV, and the disaster that was Jall & Jeffery on their own respective warpaths. So it’s time to relax and calm down, with a nice trip to a new Matrian city that definitly doesn’t resemble anything from a popular 21st-Century video game. And people definitely don’t get kidnapped. Or chased. Also, we may need to send a few people to AA after this one…

6.14 - Short-Changed

Stafford may have missed the trip to Matria Prime, but that doens’t mean he’s off the hook. A theft, a chase, and an oppurtunity for Hazardous-Team mayhem combine to thoroughly spoil his weekend.

6.15 - On the Road Again

Yes! Finally! After being stuck on Matria Prime for over a year (and for a good two seasons) the USS Silverado is back in space! Time to go out and explore the unknown! By which we mean turning around and heading back to the nearest Federation outpost: Waystation.

6.16 - Split Views

Having graciously volunteered to handle a routine experiment, the Silverado crew is reminded yet again that ‘routine’ just isn’t their thing. In their defense, this time it’s not their fault. Dr Cadela’s experiment is only the beginning…and someone high up in Starfleet is pulling strings and positioning surprise pieces for an end-game that Stafford and crew can’t grasp…but that they know probably won’t be good news.

6.17 - Reflections

With the original plan (which frankly nobody on Silverado really agreed to) in shambles, it’s time for the Silverado crew to re-asses and re-evaluate options. This of course means high-tailing it to Waystation and abruptly being captured and detained by the combined crews of Waystation and the USS Explorer. Now they have to convince Baxter and Beck that they’re not evil, find those meddlesome troublemakers that Starfleet saddled them with and somehow make it back to where they belong in the Season 6 finale!