Captain Andrew Baxter

Captain Andrew Baxter was an inconspicuous low-level officer aboard the USS Secondprize. He worked his way, unnoticed, through the ranks for ten years, accepting the inevitable fact that he wouldn’t amount to much. He has a low self esteem and questionable leadership skills. Now that he’s back in the Alpha Quadrant, he’s determined to prove that him and his crew are competent enough to crew a starship.

First Officer David Conway

Commander David Conway is a moody, cranky officer that wants only one thing– power. He’s kissed up to his superior officers to make it to Commander. Becoming Baxter’s X.O. has been something of a road-block, though, since he hates the captain’s guts. He does, however, love coffee, in all its various and splendid forms.

Chief of Operations and Third Officer Kristen Larkin

Lieutenant Kristen Larkin was a helm officer aboard the Secondprize. A clumsily-assembled android with an uncertain past, Lt. Commander Larkin is fascinated with penguins and has a vast database capable of embarrassing her less knowledgeable superiors. She’s recently been made aware that Lt. Commander Chris Richards is her, well, “Mommie,” and though her, uh, “Daddie,” Private Chris Henricks, is back in the Delta Quadrant, she’s got an inkling that she’ll bump into the human Kristen Larkin now that she’s back in the Alpha Quadrant.

Chief Tactical Officer/Security Officer J'hana

Lieutenant J’hana is obsessed with having an honorable death. One of the few Andorians in Starfleet, she is a very capable warrior who insists on throwing herself in front of phaser fire for a commanding officer every chance she gets.

Chief Science Officer Ariel Tilleran

Most Betazoids train for years to focus their telepathic abilities so they can become useful parts of society and help people. Lt. Ariel Tilleran just did it because she’s nosey.

Chief Engineer Christopher Richards

Lt. Commander Christopher Richards isn’t sure how or why he became part of Starfleet. His first love was always art, and most consider him a better artist than engineer. He has a hard time with emotional relationships, especially when it comes to dealing with his android daughter, Lt. Commander Larkin, and the fact that he’s due to be married in a few short months to…

Chief Medical Officer Janice Browning

Doctor Janice Browning really doesn’t have the bedside manner necessary to be a doctor. She’s not a mean person–she tries to be friendly–she just has a short attention span and loves to eat. She’s especially fond of pizza and has the most advanced pizza oven in the quadrant.

Counselor Kelly Peterman

Counselor Kelly Peterman loves animals. She loves them so much she keeps a whole zoo-ful of them in her quarters, much to the chagrin of the Explorer’s crew. Probably the only thing that keeps her pets from being shoved out an airlock is that she’s the Captain’s wife. Counselor Peterman’s dog Charlie is a menace to humankind and the only thing J’hana fears. If Charlie sets his sights on you, just watch out!

Conn Officer Zachary Ford

Helmsman Lt. Zachary Ford thinks he has a way with women. Most people would disagree.

Transporter Chief Megan Hartley

Lazy, crabby, and hard to motivate, Lt. Megan Hartley is considered one of the less friendly members of the Explorer. But people usually give her a wide berth, since she can spread their atoms in an instant with the transporter.

Lounge Manager Mirk

Mr. Mirk is a blossoming telepath with darn good drink making skills. He’s in charge of “The Constellation Cafe,” the Explorer’s crew lounge.