Captain Andrew Baxter

Captain Andrew Baxter was an inconspicuous low-level officer aboard the USS Secondprize. He worked his way, unnoticed, through the ranks for ten years, accepting the inevitable fact that he wouldn’t amount to much. He has a low self esteem and questionable leadership skills. Baxter is still the captain, only now he has to deal with the issue of fatherhood, and the fact that Commander Conway isn’t around to nitpick his every order–or bail him out when he makes a stupid decision.

First Officer Chris Richards

Commander Christopher Richards isn’t sure how or why he became part of Starfleet. His first love was always art, and most consider him a better artist than engineer. Now that he’s First Officer of the Explorer, all those engineering skills have gone out the window and he has a whole new breed of problems to deal with: command. He has a hard time with emotional relationships, especially when it comes to dealing with his android daughter, Commander Larkin, and the fact that she’s gone off on the Aerostar-A hasn’t done anything to improve the situation. His see-saw relationship with Janice Browning is also a sore spot. But on the bright side, now he can boss people around.

Second Officer Nell Vansen

Lt. Commander Nell Vansen didn’t want to serve on the Explorer. She just wanted to judge its crew unfit for duty and be on her way. But when the Explorer is assigned to the Gamma Quadrant, Nell feels obliged to help, and soon learns to find joy in torturing the crew. Nell pretty much hates everyone, especially those who serve on the Explorer. She’s a sour, unhappy, bossy, absolutely ruthless officer who makes Commander Conway look like Little Mary Sunshine. As you can imagine, she has a couple interpersonal problems with the crew.

Counselor Kelly Peterman

Counselor Kelly Peterman still loves animals, but now those animals have some competition in the form of a tiny little baby. Will she be able to tackle parenthood, and balance that with her duties as Counselor? Keeping Explorer crewpersons sane is a fulltime job, and now she has to add “mommy” to her list of responsibilities. Can she do it?

Chief Tactical Officer/Security Officer J'hana

Chief Tactical/Security officer Lt. Comander J’hana is still obsessed with having an honorable death. One of the few Andorians in Starfleet, she is a very capable warrior who insists on throwing herself in front of phaser fire for a commanding officer every chance she gets. Her ongoing back-and-forths with Lt. Commander Tilleran are a source of angst for her and pure joy for the Explorer crew.

Chief Science Officer Ariel Tilleran

Most Betazoids train for years to focus their telepathic abilities so they can become useful parts of society and help people. Science Officer Lt. Commander Ariel Tilleran just did it because she’s nosey. She always felt like she was a little removed from the rest of the Explorer’s crew, that is until she became emotionally involved with another crewmember. Will that drive her over the edge?

Chief Engineer Megan Hartley

Lt. Commander Megan Hartley has changed more profoundly than any other Explorer crewmember over the years, except maybe for the one who became omnipotent. Now the unchallenged ruler of the engine room, Hartley has found a reason for being, and in doing so has mellowed somewhat. But contradict one of her orders, or flirt with her Maloxian friend, Mirk, and you’ll see she’s the same cranky person she’s always been.

Chief Medical Officer Janice Browning

Janice Browning quit Starfleet in 2378 to dedicate herself fully to her adolescent son Plato and her burgeoning restaurant, Space Tastes (the best place to eat on the whole ship). She really doesn’t regret leaving Starfleet, since she never really got the hang of surgery anyway, and hated having to wake up early from staff meetings. Browning has a short attention span and loves to eat. And interestinlgy enough, she’s always kept a great figure. Will it stay great now that she’s not living a regimented Starfleet life? Well, probably, since it wasn’t that regimented to begin with.

Operations Officer Howard Sefelt

Lieutenant Howard Sefelt is scared of absolutely everything, including being promoted to Ops Chief. Despite a brief rush of pride and satisfaction at his new posting, Howie is still the same old cowardly cretin we’ve all grown to know and love.

Conn Officer Susan Madera

Lt. Susan Madera is the Chief Helmsman of the Explorer. Along with following longtime crush Commander Richards around like a puppydog, Madera is an expert at the harp. Those finger-placement skills come in handy when she’s asked to maneuver the Explorer around in tight situations, or crawl into a Jefferies tube to catch Peterman’s cat

Lounge Manager Mirk

Mr. Mirk is a blossoming telepath with darn good drink making skills. He’s in charge of “The Constellation Club,” the Explorer’s jammin’ night club and weekend rave headquarters. His powers are growing by the minute, and he’ll end up having to make some decisions as to how he uses them, with Captain Baxter constantly begging him for help.

<h3>USS Aerostar-A</h3>

Captain David Conway

Captain Conway has sucked up to Starfleet brass for his entire career, just waiting for the chance to be the captain of a starship. Now that he’s gotten his wish, having been given command of the USS Aerostar-A, will he be up to the task of leading a ship? He’ll find that being in command is a lot harder than criticizing a commanding officer. And his crew isn’t going to make the task any easier for him.

Commander Kristen Larkin

Commander Kristen Larkin is an android. Recently, she’s aquired emotions. Since her promotion to commander and first officer of the Aerostar-A, those emotions will be put to the test. Can she stand up to Captain Conway when it really counts? And can she figure out exactly what all these bizarre emotions are really for?

Chief Science Officer Dr. Alexa Lanham

Dr. Alexa Lanham isn’t in Starfleet, but Captain Conway brought her on as Chief Science officer, because he trusts her opinions and knows her well. He was also married to her for several months many years ago, and that only serves to make her posting all the more awkward. Will she fit in with a Starfleet crew, and a captain who may still have lingering feelings for her? More importantly, would she even want to fit in?

Conn Officer Zachary Ford

When Lt. Commander Ford was aboard the Explorer, he didn’t get much respect. Not much has changed, even though he’s now third in command of the Aerostar-A. He’s still got the same lame jokes and pathetic come-on’s he’s been known for. But now he has an extra pip on his collar. Which, on this ship, basically means nothing.

Tactical Officer/Security Chief Brian Gellar

Lt. Gellar was mostly known on the Explorer for his dry wit, caustic remarks, and ability to blow things up. He brings all these skills to the Aerostar-A, in addition to the ability to immediately size up a tactical situation and offer a number of valid options to the command staff. He’s also got an excellent head of hair.

Operations Officer Saral

One of the more petite Vulcans, the svelte Lt. Saral brings to the table poise under pressure, great comprehension and critical thinking skills, and a Vulcan lute. As one of the more normal members of the bridge crew, it’s up to her to provide the voice of reason, on more than one occasion, and she’s more than capable of doing that,

Chief Engineer Kamtezen

One of the few Bewhal in Starfleet, Lt. Kamtezen is proud of their heritage, including the fact that they occasionally change genders, resulting in some surprising situations aboard ship.

Counselor Telvin

Another of Aerostar-A’s non-Starfleet staff, Telvin Abramowitz is most known for his relation to maniacal ex-cult leader Sesil. In addition to his infamous brother, this half-human, half-Vulcan is related to Commodore Velara, former head of the Explorer project. None of these impressive family genes have been inherited by Telvin, however, who barely does a good enough job as Counselor to keep his job. He is doing much better at this than his previous gigs, which include private practice and a brief tour as a motivational speaker.

Doctor Benzra

Dr. Benzra, who is not Starfleet either, not from the Alpha Quadrant, and barely humanoid, is the Aerostar-A’s Chief Medical Officer. She was granted an emergency M.D. due to a shortage of doctors several years ago, and served briefly as Explorer’s CMO. Her Flarn ancestory, and knowledge of preparing humans as a supreme delicacy, convinced Starfleet Medical that she could convert those skills over to the operating room. So far, Benzra hasn’t disappointed. Plus, her nearly indestructible exoskeleton makes her a great asset on away teams. If anyone’s wondering, she doesn’t eat humans. She’s no humanitarian.