The Mission

The Explorer has been chosen by Admiral Frank McGrath to explore the far reaches because she was the first vessel up for grabs in Starfleet’s hasty construction efforts. He chose her crew because they basically didn’t have anything better to do. Regardless, Captain Andy Baxter’s valiant, if a little neurotic, crew set off into the unknown, bent on proving to anyone who cares to listen that they’re not as incompetent as everyone thinks they are. Not surprisingly, they don’t have an incredible amount of luck.

USS Explorer
Starfleet Registry NCC 87968
Launched from Earth Station Mckinley on Stardate 52005
"Life is so strange when you don't know your Destination..."

The USS Explorer is something of a dying breed in this day and age. Starfleet’s fleet is now made up of faster, more maneuverable ships like the Sovereign and Akira-class. In a world where the Galaxy-class ship seems an low-priced commodity, the Explorer’s designers set out to prove that this class still has, well, class.

The Explorer is equipped with every possible amenity, just in case she has to make first contact with a race of impressionable and sensitive aliens. There are jacuzzis, a bowling alley, a discotheque, four swimming pools, posh presidential suites, and an arboretum that’s made of real rainforest supplanted directly from the Earth. Oh, and incidentally, Explorer also comes packed with quantum torpedoes and ablative armor as well, just in case some of these new species turn their nose up at the peeing cupid statue.

Crew Complement: Round about 485


  • Dual rapid-fire Defiant-type phaserbanks
  • Quantum torpedoes
  • Tri-cobalt explosives for those hard-to-reach areas
  • Saucer separation capability standard
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Rear-window de-foggers

  • Runabout complement:

  • USS Algonquin
  • USS Chicamacomico
  • USS Rio de Janeiro
  • USS Susquehanna

  • Assorted shuttlecraft:

  • Cartier
  • De Gama
  • De Soto
  • Hemingway
  • Marco Polo
  • Pizarro
  • USS Escort
    Modified Peregrine-class...escort vessel?

    The Escort was added to the Explorer project as a companion vessel–a ship that can scout ahead into dangerous regions while the Explorer remains behind in relative safety. It’s also used by the captain and crew for personal jaunts and escapades.

  • Four decks
  • Ablative Armor
  • Sensor-reflective shields
  • Dual rapid-fire phaser banks
  • Dual quantum torpedo launchers
  • Atmospheric maneuvering/landing capability
  • The Constellation Cafe/Constellation Club

    A fully-stocked eating establishment complete with quirky, wisecracking alien:

  • Fully-stocked bar
  • Foose-ball/holotable
  • Full-sized booths
  • Big-screen viewscreen