Year 2

00 - A Prologue To Year Two

Check out the Year Two Prologue to see what the crew’s been up to since they got back to the Alpha Quadrant…

2.2 - Today's Episode

Lt. Commander Richards realizes that television plays an important part in people’s lives, when he gets caught up in a strange, alternate, television world.

2.3 - Jabobo

The Captain creates an assistant in his laboratory, and the assistant, named Jabobo, wreaks havoc around the ship.

2.4 - Healthy Competition

Dr. Browning must battle the Emergency Medical Hologram for supremacy over the ship’s medical practice.

2.5 - Land Ho

The Explorer becomes uncomfortably embedded in a planet’s surface, a planet that seemingly appeared from out of nowhere.

2.6 - A Stitch in Time

The Explorer crew is assigned to take care of Admiral Leonard McCoy while he recovers from a hip injury, and he’s not exactly accomodating with them, to say the least.

2.7 - The Punchline

While on shoreleave, Captain Baxter mistakenly heckles a Klingon comedian, which results in a life and death battle for honor. Also, Ensign Ford accidentally joins a cult.

2.8 - Sibling Rivalry, Part One

A small family squabble erupts when J’hana discovers that her brother is now the member of an insane faction of Andorians bent on making war with the Federation.

2.9 - Sibling Rivalry, Part Two

It’s every Andorian for himself as Conway and Ford come up against a pair of sexy Andorian sisters who bear no resemblance whatsoever to Lhursa and B’etor.

2.10 - Bent Into Shape

When the crew revives a 20th century fitness guru, he gives them a deal they most certainly can refuse.

2.11 - Happily Ever Altered

The Explorer is overcome by a wave of tranforming Disney-energy that transforms it magically into a fairy-tale themepark that threatens to kill Conway, Peterman, and Larkin.

2.12 - Dog Gone

Charlie is kidnapped by a fiendish new enemy, and Baxter must go to the ends of the galaxy to find him.

2.13 - A New Direction

The Directors return, only to decide that the Federation is best left on the cutting room floor.

2.14 - At Times They Even Talk Alike

The Explorer runs into Larkin’s namesake, who is now a freighter captain, with a personality slightly different than the android’s. Will Larkin defect to the other Larkin’s freighter?

2.15 - Symbiotic Relationship

While negotiating a dispute with the Trill on the Tellarite homeworld, Commander Conway learns that not all relationships are what they seem…or what he wants them to be.

2.16 - If I Only Had a Brain

Tilleran, Hartley, Gellar and Ford go to investigate a Federation colony that is overrun by brain-eating zombies.

2.17 - The Pudding of Boredom

A horrifyingly boring assignment starts a fight between Baxter and Peterman and Richards and Browning. It also drives Lt. Hartley mad, and she creates a cure for boredom on the holodeck. Will the crew survive Hartley’s cure for boredom? Will Hartley survive this temporary insanity? Will Ensign Saral lose control over her emotions? Will Dean Wilcox ever learn that phasers are not funny? Is Captain Picard really the Explorer’s Chief of Inventory in another universe? Well, the answers to all your questions are in the story, so START READING!!!

2.18 - Friendly Wagers

Captain Baxter runs into a rival of his that convinces him to enter the Explorer in a high stakes wager that may be more than he bargained for.

2.19 - It's a Dawg's Life

While on a routine scanning mission, the Explorer encounters a race of cyberneticly-enhanced animals called the Dawg that assimilate Conway and J’hana and take a very willing Counselor Peterman and Charlie, threatening to assimilate the entire ship.

2.20 - Image is Everything

When Dr. Louis Zimmerman visits the Explorer to test out his Emergency Command Hologram, the crew is inspired to make holograms of their own out of pure laziness. Also, Counselor Peterman joins a support group for assimilation victims.

2.21 - The Best to You Each Morning

The Explorer is plagued by a “cereal” killer whose targets include anyone who chances to eat breakfast. Will Conway and J’hana find the killer, or will the insanity spread to other mealtimes, like lunch and dinner???

2.22 - Quid Pro Q

Q’s wife gives a gift to the men aboard the Explorer that they won’t soon forget.

2.23 - Prior Engagements

As the time of Browning and Richards’ marraige nears, the Starshine Kids resurface, Bradley Dillon visits, and things altogether start to go topsy-turvey, as Year Two of ST:TVG concludes. I guarantee some large-ish surprises with this one!